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need a real low cost to rebuilt my motor on my 1998 bmw740il i got a v8 4.4engine i need it rebuilt for a low cost how much
Lots of people buy bad cars and good cars of EVERY make and model. Bad reviews from angry people mean they bought the wrong car, didn't have a mechanic check it out (Used Car Buying for Dummies === GET A MECHANIC!) or fell in love with something cute. I've had my used 2001 BMW 740iL for 6 years and it is a great car. Just clocked 175K miles and she's running like a charm. Yes, some repairs are expensive, but most are not. Yes, it's a beast on the road and commands huge respect. Yes, it is the Ultimate Driving Machine, but more it is the Ultimate Road Car. Taking a long trip in anything else is unthinkable. Replacing a window motor is painful, but so are car payments on a new car that is worth 40% less the minute you drive off the dealer lot. Use your heads, girls! Get a good and experienced BMW mechanic to check out ANY used BMW you're going to buy. The rest is up to you, i,e, maintenance, the KEY to a car's long life.
Having owned several Beemers and 2-740iL's; I am biased in this writing. These are real head turners and expect to receive compliments! Now then, things to keep an eye or ear on, relative to these E38's:

- Timing Chain Guides: They have a definite service life. Sounds can range from 'ticking' to a Diesel like sounding engine. Also may sound like a failing water pump in its early stages of decline.

- Valley Pan Oil Gaskets/Valve Cover Gaskets: must be tighten to spec and absolutely cleaned before replacement.

- Brake Lines: High operating pressures leads to leaks/failures. (hot arid climates are culprits)

- Headliners seem to sag

- Lower portion of Dashboard 'bubbles' out at front corners where front doors meet cabin.

- Change ALL fluids regularly! Oil, Transmission Fluid, Break Fluid, Coolant, Power Steering Fluid. ADD Fuel Treatment every 10th fuel fill up. (Techron, STP or =) look for "complete fuel system cleaner"

Over all, the 740's are an absolute blast to drive! You will love the whole Ultimate Driving experience!! And your passengers in the iL version will love the luxurious leg room!!!
I have read some of these reviews and maybe I lucked out. See this is my girlfriends car. Some of the comments are on the money but this car has been a trooper! We've had brake light issues like everyone but so far so good. The paint has not faded, repairs are pretty easy to fix, parts prices are reasonable. We get most of our parts from Pelican and Salvage yards. But gas is the big factor for us ,cost to fill up is $90.00. Love the body style, power and ride but old BMWs still costly to maintain.
We have had our car for almost 3 years. We bought it from someone who took very good care of it. The one problem we are having a second time is the exhaust. We love it more than I can tell you. It drives great & runs great. But don't buy one if you can't afford the upkeep. By the way it had 105,000 miles on it when we got it. It still has less than 120,000
I absolutely love this car. I purchased this car from a dealer in Holly, Michigan. It looks and drives like new. I paid 4,500 for it with 79K miles on it. I love the cockpit and the suspension handles great. My sister owned one in 1999 and I loved it then and now. I would recommend anybody to buy this car. Let the customizing begin..(turning heads)Thank you BMW for making this car. I consider this my first old school car.

Great Car and able to maintain affordable once you get rid of OEM parts.A new aftermarket part is as much a 70% less than a part from the dealer. My Car is a 1995 has 240,000 miles and runs awesome, I will put it up against any new car. Still gets 22 mpg on highway. That said I live in Texas. The car glues and rubbers were not meant to handle the extreme heat we get down here. Many problems with the interior coming unglued in some areas.. and problem with many of the rubber and plastics just rotting away... guess can be expected with the age of the car...the electronics, wiring, harnasses and such break way to easy. Makes working on it frightful to find the replacement harnasses is tough. The A/C does not cool the car in the high heats and in city driving. Need to do some of your own maintenance on this car to keep it affordable...which is fine with me a hobby. But the E-38 Chasis is probably one of the best BMW's ever made. The technology is common now and is much easier to maintain then any of the newer BMW's or Mercedes. Easy to repair on most items and is affordable. The clear coat does not hold up in Texas heat either. That said I love the e-38. One of the most beautiful sedans ever made..a true pc. of industrial art. Just have to understand one thing about these Cars...they are designed by Germans. So figure that climate and their nature. Which is meticulous and not disposable. So they will work on their cars and do the easy maintenance themselves.
I love the car have had for 5 years the only thing went bad is water pump
58.00 dollars new on e bay replace myself in less than 2 hours,and a small heater hose burst $ 15.00.It gets 26 miles mpg on highway,runs like new and fun to drive,it is a 98 740il gave 6200.00 5 years ago.
I truly love this car. My '98 740IL is in very light green metallic with chrome factory wheels and is in top shape. I look forward to driving this car. As old as it is, it still turns heads and strikes up conversations with many. Simply one of the best purchases I've made. Love the silky smooth powertrain, the mating of the engine & transmission is excellent. I paid $4,500 for mine 2 years ago with 107K miles. Today it has 127+K and never fails. No leaks, no smoke, runs so smooth. This thing rules the road. The controls on the steering wheel are great. I love the ability to change the suspension from soft to sport at the touch of a button. Audio system is great with 6-disk changer, and I really like the power rear window screen and side window screens. The dual-paned windows muffle outside noises well. My only complaints are the drivers power seat controls are fragile, the glove box lock and handle are fragile. Other than general maintenance, I've had to replace the front oxygen sensors, the outside condenser fan motor for the A/C and both struts that hold up the trunk. The previous owner of my 740IL was an airline pilot and he kept this thing clean and garaged. Super SWEET car. I have no regrets.
Can anyone tell me what to do about my 1999 740 iL. It was running just fine. Started great. No issues. Drove it the other day, parked it over night and the next morning I cant even get it to turn over or click. Put a new battery in it and still the same thing. Called BMW dealer and he said to change the battery. I said I did. Then he said to smack the starter motor with a hammer. It might be stuck. I did and still nothing. I have all lights, computer, everything works but when you turn the key to start it I get nothing. Not a sound. Does anyone out there have an idea how I can get this issue fixed? Please help. Thanks, Kevin from Arizona. HELP!!!!
i dont no y they make them so hard to work on
I would like to know if anyone has knowledge of how to release the emergency break on a 1995 740 series.
Bought this beauty a couple of years ago. Currently has 138500 miles.
Still looks and runs great. I've only had to replace the battery and one tie rod end, and replace the two front tires which it needed when I bought the car.
I love this car. Bought it from an owner more than a year ago by just test drive on freeway and I did not check anything. Fortunately, everything works. Just had to replace cats 3 months ago. Found after market and all cost just over $ 400. Very smooth, very fast acceleration. Just close the windows, turn on aircon and drive it on the freeway,I feel like I am a president.
To those who wrote (POS)? Obviously your experience is based on how well you take care of your own car or how much abuse it will take from you. If you bought a BMW Used and not certified or thoroughly reviewed and checked out, then who is the POS? You simply bought someone Else's abused headache.

The E38 is one of the best cars ever built. I owned 3 bimmers in my life and all different models. I like to maintain what I can and know when I can't. The ingenuity of this car can not be beat. Anyone who compares the nightmare of a Mercedes to a BMW, obviously does not know much about cars. I had a Benz, and never again. Fuse system based on left side and right side? Ludicrous! What is up with the gap in the gas pedal? Do they still do that?

Here are some facts on my (E38) BMW 740iL, which is not garage kept at 220,000 miles and 15 years on the east coast of winter cold and summer hot sun.

Original parts still with me: no dashboard or leather seat cracks, complete muffler system, engine, paint, BMW rims, interior, drive shaft, transmission, power windows, audio system, power seats & heating units in seats & mirrors, never had a tune up and no squeaks. All running well, awesome idle and smooth riding. There is a ton I didn't mention..

Parts that were changed: radiator, valley Pan, 3 sets of tires, oil at least 3-4 times a year, cabin filters under hood and under dash twice, oil air filter 3 times, brakes front and rear 4 times, air conditioner second fan, idler arms, ball joints, water pump & serpentine belt.

I'd like to see your car at 220k.. You can find my Black Beauty on most Bimmer Boards..
i bought this 2001 BMW 740il this year i enjoyed this car. i always get a lot of attention on my beauty. i have over 130,000 miles on it and drives like a new car. i was lucky to get this one because the interior inside is practically brand new. only thing that was broke inside the car was the cup holder i will never use anyway. (too pretty inside to drink in my car)and the driver side controls to move your seat up and back. im talking about the panel is broke not the controls okay! thats minor right. im telling you it's a beauty.the engine compartment is so clean under the hood. i dont what anybody checking my car out because they might touch something wrong. the only thing is that i wanna know where should i get my oil change from. i went to that damn JIFFY LUBE and the didn't know how to open up the hood. can someone tell me where is the best place to get 1 done?
Best driving car ever BUT. You shouldn't defend a
manufacturer that can't make a reliable car. Have spent tons on starters, new radiator, lots more. Eats batteries like popcorn. Don't ever buy this car. If you want one, lease and release and then never more that 36 months. Brakes, tires all are outrageous. Go with a Japanese vehicle. NEVER buy one of these.

On a positive note..everytime you repair it you want to kill yourself. But when you drive into a tree you come out unharmed. :)
I have the 740i and absolutely love the car. Granted,I've put a good amount of money into it but I've never regretted spending one single dime. The Basket Weave Wheeels were gone 2 weeks after I bought it and replaced with 19" Style 95 spokes from a 96' 7 Series. I get compliments every where I go and a few offers to buy it on the spot. I bought it with 102,000 miles on it and fully expected to have some issues. The Radiator and expansion tank were replaced at 150K along with the alternator, water pump and drive belts. Next were the Power Steering Hoses. The timing chains (elective) were done at 164K along with the trans (slipping)- both at the same time for $6000. Front Suspension (elective) at 168K, Fuel Filter and OSV @ 170,000. I've ungraded the Nav to the MKIV (save your money on that one).

The Body integrity, exterior and interior fit and finish are flawless and it's a dream on the highway. While I don't have a car payment and average out the repair cost per year, it's about $120.00 per month to own - Tell me what new car of this quality that you can buy today for that little. Keep in mind, the car is 12 years old - I'd buy another one in a city minute.
I really like this car. I have owned it for 2 years and while it has not been trouble free, I have a good BMW mechanic and I order my own parts from ebay and the cost to maintain the car hasn't been to bad. I get 18-25 MPG, the car runs so smooth that I have had people put their hand on the running engine and swear they couldn't feel it. I have replaced all the normal wear items, Battery, plugs, tires, etc along with a power steering pump, power steering Hose, OSV (PCV VALVE) and gaskets.

Nothing I haven't done on any other used car with over 140K.

Car is a joy to drive on the open road and it is whisper quiet.

It is a 12 year old car and as long as I keep it up, I think it will run forever.

Car does have little thigs that can get on your nerves, like window regulators that go bad, and they all do. Had to replace all four. I don't use the cup holders because they are pretty fragile and I don't trust them. If you change the oil and use the recomended fluids, these cars wil go on & on without any major problems. Let BMW tell you you don't have to service your transmission and you will be replacing it.

I Love the car and recommend it to someone who wants a really nice car and who will take the time to take care if it and not think that because it is a BMW you don't need to do anything.

It will take you to the poor house if you don't stay on top of maintenance.

They look great and I always have people say how they like the style even at the dealership, they are amazed at how nice the car runs and looks for it's age. You just have to take care of the car and it will take car of you.
I own a 1997 740IL. I purchased it in 2006. The car is a great piece of machinery, but when it is time to cost $$$! I have since changed my entire suspension (struts, mounts, rubbers, ball joints, centerlink, etc) front & rear. I've also changed my entire power steering system, (hoses & lines), replaced my radiator, replaced EWS, and a brand new ignition with a full key set. The car is running lovely!! I have 2 things left to repair. Catalytic Converters and an oil leak from my Timing Cover gasket. After these 2 things are done, the car will be practically brand new! I figure I'll change the timing chain and spark plugs, when getting the oil leak repaired. All in all, the money spent is worth it! My car will last another 10 yrs! BMW is definitely the Ultimate Driving Machine!!!!
Love this Machine,willing to sell for$6500 or Barter for what ever you got to exchange. iam a pilot so even airplanes work.
i have a 1996 BMW 740IL the trunk is stuck and a key will turn completely around failing to catch or even attempt to open the trunk...I would like to know what will I need to get this trunk open? Thanks...
My 1998bmw740il kills at idle after being driven for about 15 minutes. Starts back up. Runs great on the open road.The crankshaft engine sensor & thermostat sensor have both been replaced. Also the mass air flow sensor.What could be the problem?
Its a BMW..... What are you bitches all crying about? Its a BWM.... It WILL Be expensive to fix and Maintain! Hello???? Its a BMW not a kia...... They are expensive and cost money!!
interior how to replace a door window like to do it my self to save $ i love this car very confortable and has the best sound system ever hear on a car, any help will be apreciatred thanks
how much it cost to get the ECU installed
I purchased a 97 740IL in August of "2010" all I can tell you is I put 8k in repairs sensors, power steering, radiator, hoses,a.c. etc. I thought I had it licked. Then leaving the gym I cracked my motor oil spilled all out in the street. I spent $4500 3months ago and put a new motor in my car thought I had this thing licked. Well last month I dropped my drive line $900 repair. Listen and listen good this is a incredible car to drive and the looks are stunning. But, most of the pictures I have of my car are of it in the shop point blank period. I own a dodge 1500 that happens to be a "97" also that drives circles around my bmw and is cheap to repair. I once owned the worst car ever made the Audi 5000s and Im starting to see a lot of the same similarities. Be warned by this car if you like to spend time and money on repairs and head aches. Nate. C
I bought this car off ebay and thought it was god deal. Boy was i wrong. i have already put 3k into the car just with the steering issues. I mean not for nothing, it has 169k miles on it. So it has been around the block. But you know what, i love it. If you do not have the money and the patience to put into this car, then DO NOT BOTHER. SAVE YOUR SELF THE AGGRAVATION. I have no qualms. This is a project car for me. The tranny and other issues are endless. But after it's all done, this car is a beast and easy on the eyes. Faggoudaboutit!! As i said, live within your means. if you dont have the cash, this one is not for you!!
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