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Acura TL (83 Reviews)
I purchased my 2008 Acura TL Type S (Auto) in January 2008 and have enjoyed it tremendously for its performance, reliability and technology. Having owned a 2004 Acura TL (Auto), I can say that the performance upgrade and subtle styling improvements were worth the difference. The '04 TL was a great value and an enjoyable daily driver with all the reliability Acura/Honda was known for. However, the '08 TL Type S is more fun as a daily driver with great performance for the opportunities to push its limits. The car has been very reliable with few shortcomings after seven years. The battery drained twice where the car wouldn't start, the first time was within the two years of ownership and then at the beginning of year 2014; I was told that it was likely due to the bluetooth system the first time and the installation of a remote starter the last time. My other complaint has nothing to do with the performance of the car but is specific to the bluetooth as I intermittently experience issues where it is difficult for the other party to hear me regardless of the cellular signal strength. Otherwise, I've enjoyed my TL Type S for 130,000 miles with nothing more than scheduled maintenance and tire replacement.
I had a 2004 Acura TL bought used in '07. On 10th of July was in a crashed State police and OHIO State troopers couldn't even believed had made it out the car safe. Just purchased a used TL from a owner in NY I know owner and his wife the car has 62,000 miles these old Acura cars are more bulletproof I do plan to driving my second TL for 200,000 miles or up.
my 96 tl just decided it did not want to start anymore. after process of going into every possible cause, discovered that the fuel pump relay went bad( the relay thats up at the top but behind the fuse panel on the drivers side, very hard to find- the relay had cold solder joint cracking, and I just desoldered 4 spots, and resoldered the 4 points, put it back together, reinstalled it behind the fuse panel(where they hid it so you couldn't find it) and the car started right up and has been running great, again, and will for another 320k miles, I am sure (Yes, thats 320 thousand miles on the odometer, and she is not ever hinting of a rebuild, yet. When that time comes, I will rebuild the engine, and keep this car until the end of time! its been the best running, most reliable, and still damn fast, (she will STILL squalk the tires when it shifts getting on the freeway) and although I have been a firm Chevy owner for the past35 years, this Acura is every bit as reliable as all my Chevys were,(which is very reliable). so if you have an '96 Acura Tl 3.2, keep it, you will not find another vehicle that will take care of you like these, and I wouldn't chance it on another vehicle unless you have another transportation vehicle back up. And, my Black '96 Tl 3.2 is the best looking of all the years, all the newer ones just look like all the other cars on the road, but the '96 has that mean but nice look to its front end.
Bought TL-S in 2010 with 100k miles for my high school twins. I have put in 5 transmsission for which I paid for 2. Very important to get cooler for the transmission fluid. Handles like a dream very quite, wonderful sound system. m just paid $180 to get a HID headlight buld replaced. MPG is about 18 which is tuff with $4/Gal premium, better now. My son does not trust it for relability and will prbably sell after college graduation. Or I might keep it.
Good strong 4 Door 1997 Acura 3.2 TL V6 with 195,500 miles on it. Little rust. Leather interior. Power locks, seats, heated seats, and powered windows. Windows bout at 20-30% tinted. Runs excellent overall!
What a great car! Mine is a Crystal Black Pearl, SH-AWD Tech. Comfortable, fast, beautiful, dependable, great dealer network. Couldn't be happier!
I've owned 5 Acuras and my 2010 TL SH-AWD Tech is the best yet.
Very disgusted with my Acura TL. First, had no idea that it was a car needing PREMIUM gas when I bought it - list price was 36,225. 6 hours into a trip from Western NY to southern Indiana on 4-11-14, the dashboard lights began flashing with several messages, including something about the stability control. Within 5 minutes the engine power failed and we had to pull off to the side on Highway 71 South near Columbus, Ohio. After getting towed to Lindsay Acura in Columbus, we were told that the coolant had run out and the radiator and engine were "fried". They wanted $5200.00 and counting to repair this car. We asked what they would pay for the car and negotiated from $5000.00 to 5200.00. Basically, we gave our car away----This should never have happened - the car had less than 60,000 miles on it. I see them selling for $18,000 to 22,000 for that same model, same year. The car had nav. system, leather, sun roof, etc. Now, with my $5200.00 I am car shopping again and will NEVER buy another Acura. BTW - I really hated getting in and out of that car because it was too low, and the huge and heavy door kept shutting on me and pushing me back into the car BUT I did want my trade in value from the car and got next to nothing due to this engine problem.
Had no problems at all. Excellent car!
Absolutely love this car. 2010 TL SH-AWD w/ Tech. Best car I've owned.
I have Acura TL, 2012 FWD. I do not know if anybody else have the same problem as me, but would like to find out. I think Acura has a serious problem with leather. Yes, leather on the seats.It is bulging up in no time. It is depressing to see-mostly on the driver seat since it is used most, and I am not overweight.
Got my 2000 TL with 80K miles. Put in new transmission at 100K but has been trouble free since...have 230K now. I love the power and handling of this car. Wish I could find one garaged with 0 miles.
I love this car. I have 113000 miles on it, replaced tires once. I have air whistling through the drivers side door but dealer says they are not sure what it is so I did not try to get it fixed. The interior passenger side rear door handle leather is pulling away (it looks like it is coming unglued). The drivers seat has a few small tears where the seat belt buckle hits it. The trim around the outside of the windows is rippling(it has already been replaced once) and my paint is showing wear. The gear shift light on the console is out. Other than the above I have not had any major problems with this vehicle.
Purchased 2002 Acura. I asked the dealership about issues I had read about with transmission problems and was assured these few incidents were operator errors and not an Acura problem. Two replaced transmissions later was a costly error to realize I was duped into purchasing an overpriced piece of metal.
Have the 12 acura TL tech. and love it. This car will do everything, and when you think your done knowing it all, something else happens that you didn't know it could do. HAHA! Love this car, and it hauls the mail too!!! Great car for people in snow country with the front or all wheel drive. The white pearl color is great and not an extra charge like all the other car companies charge. Come on, white is $400 or $500 more? Not Acura.
I bought her with 52k in 2008 for a 40k a year job,and now she has 212K leaks power steering fluid, new rotors, pads and tires times 2 and thats it, best car I've ever owned.
what a car ! bought it new in 1996 - still runs great with 240,000 miles on it; oil changes, brakes and tire replacements only to date.
I bought the "05 in October of '04. It currently has 62,000+ miles. I am on my second replacement battery, my first set of replacement tires and it needs a door lock actuator replaced along with the hood struts. I am taking thr TL in this week to have an engine mis-fire checked out that happened recently under heavy acceleration and did the same about 3 years ago -- was told at that time that it probably just needed the soot blown out of it. My only complaint is the drivers side door has always had a slight wind leak and the selling dealer ststed they could not find it?? Car is hardly ever parked outside so no issues with paint fade or interior dash cracks, etc. It is black with black leather interior and I still get compliments on what a beautiful car it is. Performance is great and gas mileage is exceptional except when my foot gets heavy.
I am a "car guy". At first, I wasn't crazy about the front grill, but it really has grown on me. The ride quality is fantastic- the Nav system is first rate. I compared several cars in this price range used- 08 G35X, 09 TSX, IS250 awd, VWcc Mazdas, fords ect.. If you like the look, the decision is really easy as this is the most car you can buy for the money. Forget BMW, Audi or MB- even if they drive as well, the cost of ownership will kill you in the long run. The lexus comes close, but I couldn't find the color/ equipment combination at my price. I love the tl- No problems so far!
I have had my Acura TL now for 5yrs now i had the transmission replaced at 75,000 miles by the dealership. so far no problems just paid it off. now i have 140,300k working on getting the timming belt and water pump change so i see if i can put another 140k on it.
This is my first AND last Acura! So tired of the transmission problems that I will not buy another. Heck, at least Hyundai stands behind their transmission to 100K miles and it would be a heck of a lot cheaper!
my check engine light came on i took it to the shop where they discovered two codes reading that i have misfires on cly 1&3 i changed everything on cly 1&3 sparkplug,coilpacks;and the cly its self and can you believe that the engine light is still on i dont know where else to look,and the shop doesnt know neither? please any input from anyone is highly appreicated,
We bought our 2003 TL in early 2002 and it has operated trouble free (with the exception of rotors) for 150,000 miles. The transmission had the recommended recall work performed.

What experience have others had with high mileage TLs? Is transmission replacement expected at 200,000 miles?

Thank you.
honda and acura automatic tranny are pure junk. i've a 2005 acura tl and the tranny just went out in it @ 85000 miles. i thought honda had gotten the tranny issues fixed in later models. bunch of BS...will never buy another automatic honda or acura again!!!
My car has 217000 miles on it and I am just now replacing the transmission. I hope to get over 350K. I drive about 40,000 miles per year.
Love my TL, its a smooth ride and sounds great. I recommend it to anyone who wants a sporty look along with a lot of comfort.
I love this car. Bought new in 2010 and it's been awesome.
Body has some paint discoloring. Needs tranny rebuild/replace again, check engine is repeatedly coming back on after corrections made, car gives good heat in winter and excellent a/c in summer, exhaust and emissions are ok so far, it has a serious right pull in the suspension. Getting ready to pull tranny for a trip to Georgia so my brother can do a complete rebuild.
Excellent car! Apparently Acura has not heard enough about the doors swinging back at you when getting out of the car - still happens in 2007. (Did not happen in 2003). The right window sticks sometimes ... in the Winter ... brrr! Gas mileage is good - 28-29mpg. Buerkle Acura in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is the very best for sales and service! (no relatives work there)
Purchased a used 05 TL @ 8 months ago & put @ 20k on it so far. I really like this car! It rides nice & I have not had any major issues with it. Love the handling, the style, and the acceleration & power are super-fly! The interior.....I have noticed a rattling noise coming from the back of the car while driving. Sounds as if I am constanlty driving around with an egg carton in the back seat. I don't care for the doors either.... When exiting the car they tend to come right back @ me & slam me in the leg. Silly complaints for now, but overall it's a nice car!