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Bought this car 5 months ago with 89k miles on it. Now has almost 94k miles. This car drives amazing, and driving became such an enjoyable thing ever since I had it. Maintenance and repair cost are pretty expensive. I have changed alternator and drive belt for $1k, changed blower motor (~$150) by myself, installed LED angel eyes by myself, throughly cleaned intake manifold + changed intake manifold gaskets + replaced MAF sensor + replaced all spark plugs by a repair shop (cost me another grand), replaced oil filter housing gasket ($15) by myself. The front brake pads and rotors are also at the end of their lives. Owning this car with 100k miles is really not a cheap thing to do. All these issues are common but they are ridiculously expensive to fix, and that's why I started to do the job by myself. In a word, I haven't regretted buying this car yet. It looks like a dream and it drives like a dream. MPG after cleaning intake manifold and replacing MAF sensor is much better than before. I'm getting around 25 in mixed driving.
Bought this as a used car. It has been a nightmare of repairs, even parts that have been changed out they break again. Save your money and do not buy a used 325i.
These are good cars...until they aren't. I bought mine in 2013. Drove great for a several months. Then the transmission blew. Apparently this is an incredibly common problem on the automatic transmission version. An auto transmission blowing at under 150,000 miles with a $5,000+ price tag for a rebuilt? There is no used luxury car worth this expense of trouble. I will never buy another used BMW again. These cars are nice but not necessarily durable. Your mileage (and luck) may vary.
Expensive to own and maintain. BMW can NOT build an interior that holds together to save its corporate life. Can't drive the car past the repair place without leaving it there for a couple of days and writing a check for $1,000+. Have owned three and this is the story on used BMWs. If you think you're smart about money don't get a used BMW. It will bleed you dry. The trick with BMWs is to buy NEW, then get rid of the car after two or three years before the problems start and the car gets expensive to own.
This car is an absolute nightmare of repairs. You constantly fear something is going to go wrong. Not worth the logo. Thousands of dollars in repairs from putting on under 15k.
I've owned my BMW 1994 325i convertible for four years it had 165,000 miles when I bought it. It had a few cosmetic issues, mostly plastic items,which is to be expected but the engine runs like a clock.I've been replacing parts as I can and now I am at a point where I am very happy. There is 184,000 miles on it now and a problem has started to occur periodically, the dashboard lights all come on and the speed and odometer needles will jump back and forth then the lights all go dark and the needoes drop to zero. All the while the car is running smooth just purring down the road.I love this car! My son will inherent this car when I die but the dash lights are a little aggravating. I hope it's an easy fix.
Purchased new in 2006 and has handled beautifully during the time I've had it. several problems that are quite annoying but not critical to the operation of the car: Radio lights never work!!! I remember this issue from literally decades ago, Very surprised that the issue persists. so you have to guess the stations. Cup holders do not last long and the repair or replacement is ridiculously expensive, so no liquids in car since. engine wise the transmission had a slight knock every time I came to a full stop at around 75k, didn't think anything of it until it got worse at 100k when the transmission blew. looking at @$4000 to have a rebuilt transmission installed. not what I was expecting since the car has only been serviced by BMW and the maintenance has been kept religiosly. any repair regrettably is very expensive.
We have a troublesome situation with our 2002 BMW 325i (E46). We recently discovered that each of the rear door stanchions has an orange sticker affixed to it stating "side airbag not operational" with an ID code of "7 008 026". We don't know who or where the stickers were put on the car but believe it was done at the factory in Munich. We had purchased the car in July 2002 while living overseas and had taken delivery at the factory after which BMW arranged for it to be shipped to us upon our return to the USA. Has anyone had a similar experience with this type of sticker or does anyone have any explanation for why the stickers were required ???
I have had so many problems with this car and I can speak to owning from the show room floor until now about 10 years so far. I have reached my last breaking point for us. It is so high maintenance lately that even things seem to break while it's parked. It started with transmission problems and had it in the shop 3 times in the first 6 months. First two times were said to be computer problems. The third time, being Florida has a 3 time lemon law, they kept it about a week and called in the engineers. I wish today that they couldn't fix it the third time and I could have walked back in and handed them the key and parted ways. However, I like the looks, sound, all that stuff and waivered on. Every time I turn around there's another engine light coming on for something. Had to replace the radiator, multiple valves, head gaskets, fuel pumps, you name it. Now the computer is bad and it'll cost around $1800.00 to fix. That's it will be cheaper for me to give this away than let it set in my garage.
I have had the cable break on the driver's front window 3 times also 2 times on the front passenger side and 1 time on the left back window.
I wrote a review here in Oct 2012, Well I'm happy to report the 325i is still running great! I did have to replace the fuel pump at 175k and the injectors, but after that its been like having a new car. I've since replaced my 325es and 330 convertible with a Mini Cooper convertible aka tiny race car BMW as my 3 year old calls it and a 2007 jeep Grand Cherokee, which was free. The 325 is still the best ride out there. I'll report back at 250k
Bought 2006 BMW 325i in 2010 with 60K miles. Bought extended warranty that covered a few issues. It covered both rear window regulators, small tranny leak and coolant leak.
Worked great until it hit 100K miles. Since then, I replaced water pump at 115K mile and starter at 125K miles. Everything else runs great. Rear drive axle just cracked due to terrible roads in Massachusetts cost me $475.
Other than that, it now has 137K miles and I plan on keeping until it hits 200K or my daughter wants it in a few years.
I have a 2003 325I ,with 90,000 miles. My aunt bought it new and had all the scheduled work done by dealer.She gave me the car with 39,000 miles. I have spent about 5,000.00 dollars in repair ,since i am not mechanical inclined,no repair is ever less than 500.Currently only one power window works,dealer wants 2500. to repair. The engine overheats if driven more than 10 miles. The car is beautiful inside and out,but just a nice looking pile of crap.If someone ever offers me a free BMW I will run the other way.
I bought the car in late 2005 always having problem with rear windows on both side they won't go up even after dealer fixed them and the cup holder for driver side won't open for the last 2 years every time I fill up the gas and park in the garage there a strong smell of gas for few days and the trim on the door always pup out event I keep changing the screws
what do you do if you changed the pvc valve hoses and the car was running but won't stop now what s the problem Anthony of Houston texas
security system battery has gone dead security system will not allow me to start car .what can i do to over-ride the security system to start my car I bought the car second hand and it does not have the original radio and would that be a problem
in the car of middle has leak ,smell like gas , when it stop the car , after about hour half it was stop leak. use start the car that it happen again why... what happen..
I love my car but it has had minor fix that have been pricie! Until I recently,I found this cite called The only problem is my seat is stuck all the back and dont know what to replace!
I have a 2002 BMW 325i and its great 185000 and just breaking it in. I just have this recent problem, I was for a drive and out of no were my radio just turned off and since then I haven't been able to turn it on since its now going on for three days now. I've checked the fuses and there are fine. Has anyone had this problem and if so what is the problem and how to fix it?
I bought my 2003 325i in April 2008 with 40K. Today with 165K, I have had to replace: 3 water pumps, 2 radiators, 2 cooling expansion tanks, one window regulator, 2 front bushings, 1 cooling fan, 1 gas pump, 1 alternator, 2 brake pads, and 1 battery . The cost of maintenance including oil changes, and repairs is close to $0.08/mile. Otherwise the car is a joy to drive, and it's very economical 25 MPG average on regular gas (Do not use premium). My last repair was caused because the cooling fan exploded and damaged the radiator, expansion tank, water pump, etc, and cut the hood ($600.00 for patching and painting). When I got the car I discovered it was a Demo (never, never get one), and a CPO, which wasn't very useful. I took the car to the dealer 6 straight times to fix a coolant leak, they couldn't. After my CPO warranty expired I had to replace my first water pump ($850).
What does it mean when your 325i bmw rear right weel locks up and does not let the car go in drive or reverse
I purchased my 2002 325i new in Dec of 02. Been driving it like a maniac ever since (now 2013). 242,000+ miles. I am getting a 2011 328i next week (company car..what can i say).

The 325i though has been a fantastic car. Replaced the valve cover once, that's the farthest I've had to go in the engine. Other than that, replaced the alternator once, battery once, and all of the window regulators at least once (my only gripe). Also replaced the blower motor resistor numerous times (well I guess I had two gripes).

Tires every 40,000, brakes every 40,000. Full synthetic every change. Nothing but high test.

If I could find one with low mileage, I'd buy it in a heart beat. I love this car.
I absolutely LOVE this car! Sure, it has every problem common to this year model, but I was expecting it. Repairs [can] be expensive - even outrageous - if you are not comfortable with DIY. An example: power steering pump went out (known issue) and the dealer wanted $1070 to fix. I bought an improved pump that addressed the problem for $350 and installed it in about 2 hours. This fix was even easier than a GM. Yes, known problems with relatively inexpensive and quick fixes IF you are remotely competent with tools. I love everything about the car - performance, style and even making repairs. It truly is the "Ultimate driving machine."
I bought my 2001 Bmw 325i and it is amazing I tested a race with my 2011 Honda Accord Ex-L 3.5 v6 and the 325i beat it big time and it only has a 2.5 V6.

Purchased a new 2006 325i in 2006. Factory warranty great til it runs out. The car has had nothing but problems: Interior-cup holders will not come out, stuck in closed position. Tried to get replacements at dealer, the replacements parts are no match for the originals according to the dealership. Engine: water pump goes out with less than 100k miles, cost $1200. Note: I have a 2001 Chevy suburban with 231k miles and I just replaced the 1st water pump at 221k. Electrical-both left and right blinkers went out due to faulty headlight assembly-repair cost $800. Both rear window regulars go out at the same time as the water pump, rear windows stuck in open position,(Note: the rear windows have never been rolled down), cost to replace windows regulars $1300. This car has not been abused it driven to and from work and some trips out of town, all service has been preformed at the dealership where we purchased the car. All of these repairs happened with in a 6 month period with a car with less than 100k miles. "Ultimate Driving Machine" I think not. One of the worst cars we have ever owned. This was our 1st BMW and it will be our last, we will go back a GM vehicle. Ken/Texas
I have a light vibration that starts around 25 MPH the dramatically increases as I accelerate. The car pulls out into a smoot run around 33 MPH then no more problems. Feel nothing as I decrease the speen so I know that its in the drive line but I took a look underneath the car and my God the driveshaft is located under the exhaust under a fire wall so before I tear into it I'd like to have a little conformation that the U-joint connecting the transmission from the driveshaft is the culprit. HELPPP
I bought my 325i brand new. I have also owned a 325es and a 330 convertible. However my 325i check engine light came on while on the freeway and I immediately pulled over. I had it towed to the dealership where they claim the engine lost compression due to a crack or warping. They claimed it was also the colling system. so after $2500 for an all new cooling system nothing worked and the thats when the claim that the engine block had craked or warped arose. BMW wanted $15,000 at the time to replace the engine. I lost my mind over that. So I searched online for a used motor. I found one with les mileage and a shop that would install it. So far its running great, a little louder that the original engine but we are looking into that. Also because I let the car sit for a year all passeneger regulators went bad. I had to replace those as well as all of the brake rotors and pads. Next is to get the rear lights fixed hopefully via the recall that I just happened to see on this site. Even with these issues I'd still recommend the BMW. The 325 had over 300,000 mile before my daughter totaled it and I'm sure I could of got another 300,000 if I kept it. The 330i had a head gasket issue but once fixed it was awesome. Nothing rides better than a BMW and having one repaired even to 60% of its value in this economy is a lot cheaper than buying a new one or even a used one.
Purchased 2002 325i with 150k on it in 08. Since then I have put 70k miles on it and have had only minor problems since. What REALLY matters in purchasing a used vehicle (BMW) or otherwise is if the previous owner took care of the car.

There are always occasional lemons for every make and model. Overall this has been "Anne" excellent vehicle. I have no complaints. Cheers!
I'm the original owner of a 1994 alpine white 325i. It's getting close to 150,000 miles, but still running the original exhaust (has been slowly going for 10 years) and clutch. How radical is that? Still no leaks whatsoever. Time is just beginning to deteriorate some items that weren't meant to last for 18 years. Still servicing it when the computer indicates, and installing a new set of tires every 55,000 miles. This car is amazing!
Contrary to other reviews this car has been extremely reliable. It has only needed oil, fluids and bushings. The power from the 184hp engine is amazing and transmission is as smooth as silk. The AC is surprisingly very cold and all electronics work great. The steering is tight and the car handles like a dream. The styling is timeless. All in all an excellent car.