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Jaguar S-Type (26 Reviews)
I bought this beautiful gunite black car brand new in problems until 6 or so years later...every time I go to service it's $1,000 or so more and other problems...only have 76,000 miles on it (they say I should drive it more) owner, a woman, and it is garaged every me...what to do?...almost perfect condition and it's been dead in my garage for months...battery 2nd one in 2 years)...
ask about the windows and the ball joints and the oil leaks
My module is out on the car and it's not reading thew key which is causing it not to turn over. The light on the dash board doesn't light up so therefore I think the module is out. How much will it cost to repair it. Please give me a call at 682 552 5544 if you need additional information....Thanks
I experienced involuntry acceleration in my 2003 jag s/type. When I went to apply the brake at a stop sign, the car accelerated at a high speed on to traffic. With both feet on the brake the car continued out of control. You could hear the car reving. in order to avoid hitting others I steered the car toward a high curb hoping this would stop the car. The car incurred damage to the rt. front wheel/tire and the undercarriage of the car. This did stop the rpm but did not stop the damage to my nerves. I will never drive a Jag. again. This is a safety issue that needs to be addressed by Jaguar. I am not the only one that has experienced this terrifying incident.I contacted the NHTS administration and they told me that they have had similar complaints. Be Careful...don't buy a jag.
Beautiful looking Car and great looking interior with a really impressive motor - thats where it ends. Cheap bushing that doesn't last and cheap bits such as the expansion tank which is prone to cracking causing the engine to overheat. The transmission (auto) is rubbish and the Achilles heel of the car. The interior plastic cannot take the climate (desert) or UV and cracks easily. Jaguar reeks of style and quality thats why this car does not deserve the badge - it is shameful and I am a Brit who has owned many XJs and XJs. Please walk away from this car at all costs.
My 2000 8 cyl S type was a lot of fun to drive; unfortunately, the high cost of repairs took all the fun out of it. Every month or so, there would be another $1,000+ bill; the best thing I ever did was sell it and buy a Honda.
My 4.2 is a Dream car. I have had a few little things go wrong. ( Throttle Body replaced. Water pump Replacement. Driver side rear Axle went out), then the things you knew would go wrong, things like, the Brakes I Did not change the Plugs for 109,000,and it never missed a beat. Great Fuel car. The Brakes last longer than any car I have owned. You also have to take care of it. Run Good Fuel Mid- Grade, 76, Standard, Snoco when I was back east. You still have the best looking Jaguar on the street. But I also have 113,679 on it also,all mine. There is some front end work I hear now, up front maybe bushings I will replace all 8 of them front and rear, the noise is from the passenger front side. We brought it in Detriot. Troy Michgan and had it shipped to California. Its pretty good to us. I really like the new Supercharged Jaguar. I'm thing about buying another one. So you people that are not happy. You should buy an new one and you will be happy with your investment.
need to know what is piece that your br=eak light fit into need
to order another one
Like other reviewers, my car has been in the shop so many times for heating and a/c related events. The biggest problem I see is the shop doesn't check out all the issues at once. They know that one issue will cause a problem for another, but they only fix the immediate issue......and hope you come back the very next month or sooner to fix the other issue(s). It's called labor $ per hour, they will gladly take your car apart again for 8-10 hours at $125/hr. Make sure to ask them to look at ALL items affected by one part leaking or going bad... if you don't ask, they will not look.
I own a 2003 Jaguar that I can NOT say enough horrible things regarding the maintenance nightmare that sits in my garage. In 2010 I paid almost $8000 in car repairs. In 2011 my car was in the shop 5 times not to mention the fact the last repair was
$900.00 There has to be a serious problem with service departments that offer financing programs!! Now my key remote controls don't work and the engine malfunction light just
lit up.... This is more than a LEMON it is CRIMINAL that
a car's maintenance costs more than the value of the car. I have issues giving this car ANY star for quality and reliability!
My 2000 S-Type 4.0, car was purchase used, bank repo in 2005 with 48k. Soon as it hit 100k in 2010, the problems bgain. The same issues tention rods and timing. This is going to be the 3rd engine for this vehicle. This vehicle will be sold or trade in by the first of the year.
I have a 2000 S type that has been relatively trouble free for for the past 10 yrs. I bought the off lease with 25K miles on it. Recently had to replace the passenger window assembly, and the odometer has not worked for the ast two years. The only fix for this is to replace the instrument cluster, and it seems that I must go to a Jag dealer to get this repaired. I have to drive 80 miles round trip to find a dealer. Sucks! I really want to keep the car but I'm pissed that I can't find someone else to fix my ride.
AC flaky, sensors for interior temp failed, AC cuts out and full heat comes on in mid summer, have to set max cold or turn off system for 10 minutes or more to get it to work again. Power window track broke on passenger side front, coolant hose plastic assembly failed prematurely and sprang leak, and finally, (another leak) same leak in coolant reservoir hose connector as indicated by another poster. If not for the poor quality, it would be a great car.
I have had my jag for 7 years a 2003 I love iot now i am told I need a torque converter that will cost me 2800 the car is only worth 10000 blue book, not worth it
I've owned this car for the last few years (Bought used, was a bank-repo) and so far I really can't complain about it too much. The engine has been flawless, no leaks of oil or coolant. The transmission has never produced a leak of any type either. The fit and finish of the exterior is wonderful. NOTHING rattles or is showing any signs of wear. The interior is also great, still tight after 9 years of driving with my only complaint being the one cup holder for the two front passengers and the drivers seat wearing on the outer bolster from getting in and out of the car. Nothing has ripped, cracked or come apart and ALL electrical options still function as they did when first new.

My only major complaint is that I have a transmission issue that I can't seem to diagnose??? "Transmission Fault Warning" shows in the odometer area, but the car drives fine??? The brakes have always been spongy but it stops well. Never had to panic stop with it and I don't look forward to having to! Besides that and usual routine preventative repairs (water pump, hoses & belts) nothing has gone wrong under the hood...Period! Currently at 98,000 miles and still going strong... but I figure something will go eventually and I'm sure it will be expensive when it does.

I get compliments on mine daily (No B.S.) and its not my favorite car, but its comfortable, handles well and is a great HIGHWAY car with exceptional gas mileage for a heavy sedan (26+ average MPG on the highway at 85mph). I would recommend this car to anyone with the means to maintain it. As we all know Jaguar makes a visually beautiful car that can be bothersome at times and very costly when something major does go wrong, but with routine work done, mine has been running and driving well with the exception of the few issues mentioned before.
Bought the 2006 Jaguar S-Type in August 2010 at 42,000 miles. It has zip and street appeal. People are always coming up to me saying, "I love your car." I Love it! I recently replaced the wiper blades ($69/dealer) and replaced left rear brake lamp ($9/dealer). All in all I love this car. Great response and road handling. Though it is not good in the snow. (rear wheel drive and low profile tires don't help) . Best car I have ever owned. A really fun automobile to drive.
Going on 8 months with my 2006 S Type. There was an initial problem with the fuel pressure regulator that led to replacing the catalytic converter, but it was all warranty work. My dealer suggested a transmission flush at 30K. I later found out that these are sealed units and that simply isn't procedure unless there is a leak or a shifting problem. Love the car.
Have about 78,000 miles on mine (3rd S-Type I have owned) and love it. Did have one significant ignition problem, but it was covered by the warranty. Problem caused by a faulty fuel float. Only other problem I have had, and I am working on it now, is that the coolant reservoir was replaced and there is a 'small' leak I discovered this morning on the upper hose at the clamp level.

While I hate to boast, my 4.2 gets between 30 and 34 mpg on the highway and 22 - 24 in town.

I have loved all my S-type and am sorry to see the style gone!
Not sure how the rating was a 3.5 but it really should be a 2.0 or less from Parkville MD. Just wrote the previous review. The other things work fine but the transmission is a joke.Never again I tell all not to get Jag between 2001 to 2003 not worth a penny!
I bought my 2003 Jaguar S-Type in 2006 and have not had a SINGLE problem with her. The Nissan Maxima I owned before her always had brake problems - they screamed noisily even when new and working fine - and, I it required a new transmission before 90k miles. I would purchase another Jaguar in a heartbeat. I love driving around in the one I currently own.
Not only expensive to service, but dealer keeps suggesting unneeded items, such as a transmission flush at 3,543 miles at a cost of arounf $500.
My 2003 Jag S-Type has almost 72,000 miles. I'm continually making repairs on it, which are very costly. They are beautiful cars, but have too many repair problems compared to other luxury vehicles I've owned (e.g., problems with power windows, power door locks, air conditioner/condenser, sensors, and windshield washer). I do not recommend purchase of the 2003 S-Type.
this is a fine car. it is our 2nd jag and my wife feels like a million bucks in it. the only think i dont like is its not easy to change the oil. panels in the way and the like. buy them slightly used under warranty for about 22k. and you cant go wrong.
Not particularly impressed
This is the best car I ever owned and I intend to keep it as long as I can. I have no major expenses just maintenance upkeep, a very reliable car for either long or short distance.
When I'm driving my wife's Jag around the vineyards of Sonoma it makes the high price of upkeep worth it. This is a luxurious vehicle that exudes class, something I need much more than my wife! It's a fortune every time I take it in to the shop, but that isn't a surprise. I've owned Audi's, Porsche's and Mercedes and they all seem to have their share of problems.