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I rate it so high because a few years ago like in 2011 my dad was driving this car with me and my mom there was a big cargo truck in front of us. My dad is a "Rush" Guy, so he use to drive fast and sometimes cross red lights he never got a ticket. so he hit the cargo truck with his lexus es 300 1999 and the truck went flying and crashed.we go away with it because after my dad took us home. so this shows the cars strength. I mean its a sedan that beated a cargo van. The more funny part is he buyed the car used and its still stronger than a truck. He gave it away :(
I've owned my 2004 LS430 for about 10 days. I needed something to give my wife a comfortable ride on trips. Wow, did I find it. The plus for me is it's a joy to drive. I'm the second owner, it has 150,000 miles, and is in pretty much perfect condition inside and out. I hope to put another 150K on the odometer.
I have 150,000 miles on the car. I do regularly scheduled work and that has been the only service I have ever needed. I am getting an average 23 MPG. It's quiet, smooth, has excellent acceleration, very comfortable seats and plenty of trunk space.
This is the best Lexus ever. When we bought it, it had 198,000 miles on it. It now has 240,000. We have had no major issues. We replaced the radiator, power steering hoses, and the pump. Usual maintenance on brakes. It is a comfortable car that has great acceleration and has been an extreme joy to drive. We're interested in looking for a newer model Lexus at this point, but I kind of hate to give this one up. When we first bought it 3 years ago, we read some reviews that indicated that people were getting an average of 350,000 on the engines. I have a feeling that this car will be getting the same. Fast, powerful, comfortable, roomy, reliable.
240,000 still running strong. Replaced auto transmission due to bad input shaft seal leak, but wouldn't drive anything else! The luxuries of this car for a '98 are so amazing! Recommend this car to everyone!
Great car!
What can you say about a car that is 16yrs old and has never had a spark plug change? My '99 GS 400 has 215,000 miles and has hardly ever had a problem. I'm convinced it will run forever. I've replaced more parts that wear out like the tires and brakes than anything having to do with the motor and transmission. They are solid. Never an electronic or computer issue. I've thought about trading it in at 100,000 and again at 200,000 but think why? This car just runs. KBB says this car is worth about $5k (it was $46k new) but it doesn't matter because it's not for sale. Even if I get another vehicle one day - which will almost certainly be a Lexus - I'm keep this one in the garage. If you can find a low mileage one, buy it.
Car like new with all bells and now only 11,000 miles
Bought my 2009 LS 460 new and still own it. I'm extremely pleased with it. I have not had a single repair and only routine maintenance since I've owned it. Amazing car - it's certainly not sporty but it is extremely luxurious, comfortable and surprisingly fast as well.
Awesome car!!! Bought it with 85,000 miles on it in 2006 and now have 322,000 miles on it and aside from scheduled timing belt replacements it has, basically, been only brakes, wipers, a couple of headlights and tires, It has all original equipment except radiator as my mechanic saw some bits of rust so I just had him replace it. Original alternator, ignition, transmission, steering etc. Have used Plus (87) gas and every 3 months treat it to a premium (93) and it runs great.

I put about 25k per year on it and looking forward to 400k in about 3 years or so.

Great car!
We purchased our '07 GX 470 with 26,000 miles on it. It was a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, and in immaculate condition. We hadn't had any problems with it until recently. Our alternator went out. The vehicle now has 63K miles. Initial estimate we were given to fix it was $1,100, but I challenged that after seeing that the parts are $370 for an OEM alternator. Got them down to $850, installed, which seemed fair after seeing all the parts they had to remove to access it. So, we've had the vehicle for 4+ years and that's the ONLY cost we have had. Pretty darn good, and this suv is solid! Powerful, comfortable, quiet, and it even tows 3,500! lbs with ease. I highly recommend it.
Love the car, bout used with about 27,000 miles on it. They replace the brakes and tires before we bought it. Hoping they both last longer that that!
Love this car although purchased a Honda Civic recently to get better gas mileage the Lexus SC is best car ever owned. I moved here to California in 1998 purchased my Lexus when lived in St, Louis bought used of '94 with 18k miles. Car is very excellent no issues or problems ever had out of it. Comfortable, smooth ride and nice still no paint rust got regular oil changes and routine maintenance. I am currently driving this car at now 200k miles runs flawless great sound system with original 12 disc CD changer and more. This was the best Lexus automobile ever owned love this sporty car fun driving in El Cajon and Los Angeles some of the options are very nice for a nice old used Lexus as this one.
I've owned my 430 for almost three years; I'm the second owner. I change the oil routinely as recommended. I bought it with 51K, I now have 75K. I've replaced the brakes and tires, but nothing else. Changed from run-flats (430 has no spare tire in trunk) to regular tires - the look is not noticeable enough to warrant the $1000 cost difference, but the ride is much much smoother without the run-flats. Save your money and enjoy a smoother ride, use traditional tires. Run-flats I had leaked and tripped the indicator light once a week - once I switched to traditional tires, no more problems.

Nice car for two people. It's fun to drive and it's been a joy to own. This baby's got get up and go! Gets about 18mpg avg city/hwy.

Give what I know now, based on my mileage and experience with the 430, I WOULD definitely buy this car again.
Purchasing this car is one of the best decisions I have made. I purchased it new and absolutely love it.
I have roughly 215,000 miles and it still has a great ride.
The only ongoing problem has been noise over bumps which started 1 year ago. It sounds like suspension but checks out ok. My service technician placed it on lifters and sprayed underneath(not sure where) and solved the problem. It has to be repeated occasionally. I notice it more when Houston experiences lots of water on the streets. It's my belief that the underbody car wash contributes to this problem.
This car is probably good for another 3 years so I definitely recommend it and plan to purchase another Lexus.
Car runs forever this is the best car ever. I purchased it new has 90,000 miles fully serviced very comfortable and looks luxury all inside got everything except nav. System overall love my LS430 such an beautiful car.
Need to have a zero reliability, I would give a zero.
2001 Lexus rx300 bought it used in 2010 with 94k miles, has been back and forth to Tampa from the northern Va. area many times hauling a trailer and packed to the gills, now it has 191k miles and runs great! all wheel drive is surprising in the snow, never had it off road, best used car I've ever owned! We also own a 2008 rx 350, I think the 300 it built better :) it's my daily driver, everything works perfect! Thank you Lexus, I'd really be reluctant to buy anything that's not a Toyota product, been that way for 30 years!
I have over 112,000 miles on the car and have replaced the radiator. I had the right headlight housing replaced under recall extended warranty because of condensation. The low tire pressure light was on for almost a year until someone told me it was my spare tire activating the light, even though the spare was in the trunk. I added air to the spare and the light went off, never to return. I wish I had known. Overall, I have never had a car more reliable and fun to drive.
I purchased this car new and now have 208000 plus miles on it. My wife and I made many trips of over 3000 miles over the years in it,and we never had a single problem. The only money spent on this car has been for normal maintenance and for things that are subject to wearing out, such as batteries, timing belts (2) alignments. and a very few lights. This has been by far the best riding and most reliable car I have ever owned, which included Jaguar, Buick Electra, and miscellaneous Fords, Chevrolets,and Hondas. I expect it to keep running well for the rest of my life.
160,000 miles and going strong...headliner to be replaced under warranty....cosmetic only...will drive another 80,000 miles and decide what to do
That isn't an '06 in the picture.
This is a fantastic car. I have owned mine since 2009. Great handling, a phenomenal ride that is like floating when you drive at high speed on the highway, tons of trunk space and leg room in the backseat for an actual adult. The LS also has a first-class engine. Tons of power, very fast even with four people, and an engine that has vehicles with over 1 million miles on the road. JD Powers best in class for more than 15 years ! It was also rated "best vehicle ever made for north America" on one major site. And the best yet, is that they are very reasonably priced used for a vehicle you could easily drive for 10 years and not be bored. Still gets looks when I drive it. Most foreign luxury cars have slipped on quality since mid-2000's, so this car is even more valuable. Good Luck, really can't go wrong here.
The car is just so comfortable to drive, sharp body style, full of luxury features. I'm planning on keeping it for a long time.
bought the car at 100K and now it has 225K. Change oil and fluids, brake pads and regular maintenance and that's all. I know I should change plugs but car still has the same MPG and acceleration. Only problem is with starter! It simply lasts too long!
Gear and small gear
Purchased a certified Lexus in 2005 my baby has 134,000 miles I take care of all the services at Lexus dealer. The ES has great handling like the quality of it while doing me well with no major problems to list runs good. Overall has an better ride than a 2008 test drove as being pre owned very quiet automobile love it. I would never trade of get rid of this car all maintenance turns out low with nothing putting expensive in the book it's a decent car being top of the line to say it is over 12 years old but a joy driving it.
What a great car! I purchased this car while rebuilding my finances post recession. I've put approximately 75,000 miles on it since purchase, including pulling a heavily loaded trailer from CA to MI in 2013. I still average 24mpg on road trips, and 22 mpg on my daily commute.

I purchased my 93 LS400 with 185000 miles in Dec 2011 for $900. It was blowing white smoke, the previous owner had been told it was a blown head gasket. It turned out to be the power steering pump leaking into the exhaust manifold. I had the heads machined anyway just for piece of mind.

Intial road worthiness preparation: Machine heads, replace battery, belts, hoses, power steering pump, tires, lightbulbs, timing belt, and water pump using work from home mechanic = $1100.00
Dec 2011 Repaired steering wheel adjustment mechanism =- used a zip tie on the adjusting mechanism - found the repair on youtube. $1.00
2012 Replaced catalytic converters - used universal cats from an independent muffler shop = $500.00
2012 Replaced Engine computer- sourced it on ebay and sent it in for rebuild. Installed it myself - $150.00.
2013 Replaced water pump - Autozone unit failed. Used work from home mechanic - $300.00
2013 Power amp on stero malfuncioned computer failed. Never repaired.
2013 repaired washer fluid pump - $100
2013 replaced thermostat - used a shop $300.00
2014 lower Tie rods, upper control arms and ball joints, front brakes. Again used a work from home mechanic - parts and labor $500

Total repairs over 3 years including initial rehab of car and normal wear and tear items such as brakes and tires - approximately $2900.

Overall, including the cost of the car, I've spent a total of $3800 over three years. Since it's initial road worthiness preparation of $1100.00, I've spent only $1800.00 including brakes and tires. That is only $600.00 per year! With Oil changes and wiper blades, I'm probably closer to $700.00 per year in maintenance costs. Had I used a Lexus dealer for repairs - it would have been in the vicinity of $6500.00 in repairs. Had I used an inexpensive shop, repairs would have run around $3500.00.

It's an extremely reliable car, but to keep costs of ownership in check, research your repair issues, get a good diagnosis, shop on line for parts, and find a certified back yard mechanic for your labor.
New transmission at 90k. Rough ride! Bad gas mileage! Bad sound insulation! No leg room! Would NEVER buy another Lexus EVER again!
I've had less trouble with my other two cars: '90 Accord and '02 Chrysler Voyager. Honda made it 300k before breaking down and Chrysler Voyager 180k before transmission went out! Go figure!
I purchased my 1998 Lexus ES300 in 2000 as a lease return with 50,000 miles on it and have had a wonderful experience with this car. I still have the original engine and transmission with 455,000 miles on them. I even have the original spark plugs still. I recently replaced the valve cover gaskets but am still experiencing a leak. I plan on driving this car until it drops.
My '99 GS400 is now 15 years old with 210,000 miles with nary a problem. Reliable, fast, and smooth. Other than normal maintenance it has never had an issue. A friend has an '01 LX470 (same motor) with 300,000 miles and I plan on getting at least that much out of mine. I have no plans on ever selling it. Fantastic car!