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Isuzu Rodeo (22 Reviews)
excelente the only problem i have is vibration from the compressor or ac.
Love my Isuzu. Have taken very good care of it and it has paid me back as an outstanding vehicle.
I have had this Isuzu since November of1991 it has been real good suv it has 300002 it now getting weak now but I'm still driving
I got the same problem with my rodeo has 170k miles and runs like a champ still ,but sometimes the power reduce light comes on and im not able run more than 5 miles it goes very slow but ones I turn the motor off and then on the car runs perfect again..we already change all the sensor's and nothing ,we check all the wires and hoses and nothing,some mechanic told me that was the tottle body but now after paying money and time im prefferd that somebody who realy know can assist me ..please let me know ..tks
i have a 1992 rodeo and it has 289,950 miles on it and still doesn't burn a drop of oil. Two problems with it though electric winds are falty and powr steering pumps needs to be eplaced , over all i give this car an A+ for dependabity.
Bought this car in 2005. It came from a car rental place. It had high miles on it. It is now 2012, and has over 130,000 miles on it. It still runs and looks fantastic. Other than regular maintenance, I have only had to replace the starter. I would recommend this vehicle!
I've spent about a grand on trying to get it to run right. It only has 70K on it but has the lifter tick that you hear from most of them. Also the intermitent rough idle issue that I hear everyone bitching about. This little nigga is driving me crazy, sometimes I wish someone would piledrive me(or the Rodeo)and put one or both of us out of our misery. LOL
Piece of Junk!!!!
bought my Isuzu from a friend six years ago with 164,000 miles ...after first oil change it sounded like lifter chatter ...drove it now and then always runs great but always has 181,000 miles love the vechile but embarassed with the chatter at any engine speed under 2000 rpms .. have tried all kinds of fixes outside of taking engine apart...I love the size , room and road feel driving gets over 20 mpg with the 3.2 v6 , uses next to no oil ..been excellent outside of being a noisy driver, excellent freeway driver ..until you stop at a light ..LOL..would love to replace engine but its not worth it ?
I purchased my 2002 Isuzu new. It is a money pit and with all the costly repairs I could be driving a really nice car. At this point I have put so much money in it I just have to pray that it might get me thru a little longer. Don't buy is the worst car I have ever owned. I have always taken very good car of my cars and the upkeep but this one is about to put me in the poor house. DON'T BUY AN ISUZU!
great car, heavy on motor oil about 6 quarts every so often, okay on gas, wheel carrier is helpful for rear end accidents, overall it is a good car
I love my 2001 Rodeo, 38,000 miles on it. Inherited from my Dad, drives great!
So far this is the the worst thing i have driven since a ford, stay with the domestics.
my 2001 isuzu rodeo has 117 000 miles on it
Since 2006 or so, the check engine light started turn it on and then while i was driving the redcued power light came on too and the truck came to a limp mode or so. The car had no power and coul not accelerate. I've been visiting almost every auto shop to find a solution. One guy told me to replace the computer, but i have not been able to find one, and since I am not sure that this is the solution, I do not wanna wate money. I did replace the throthle body for one i got in a junkyard, but no luck (maybe that body was not working neither). Another guy told me to replace all the wiring. I HAVE checked a LOT of times, with experts, the wiring, and all wires seem to be ok, not damaged. The battery is kind of old and there is some green substance on the terminals (especially the negative one). I have done a lot of research for the past, 4 years, but i haven ´t had any luck, plus i live in mexico, so there arent many experts to know whats the problem with my truck. I bought this trucl on Southern California, on 2005, and I really need help!!!
I have had my 2000 Rodeo LS for 2 years it has 90,000 on it now, 2010,I love it.
Glad i baught it not a Toy.
I bought this truck used at 60,100 miles. The fit and finish is beautiful, with clean body lines and a muscular stance. The interior is a little on the cheap side with way too much inferior plastic material; the cloth is typical long wearing nylon. Options are nice for this base "S" model: PW, PL, A/C, Inter Wipers, FM /Cassette.
Power is good from the 3.2 litre V6. It has plenty of power when needed, but has to be pushed hard if carrying 4 passengers.
he suspension is nice and firm without being too harsh; you can tell its a truck. There is a little too much body roll however when cornering.
Oddly this truck has rear Drum brakes which makes it a lot less response than a vehicle with rear Disc brakes, esp. a vehicle of 4000+ pounds.
Overall I am very pleased. it is easy to work on and inexpensive to maintain.
This has been a great low maintenance vehicle and a real workhorse. I have had absolutely no problems at all. The truck has 114,000 on it. I put synthetic lubricants in the engine, trans, and differential and expect it will go to 200,000 with a problem. The only downside to this truck is that it drives and handles like one.

I am looking for another one for my daughter.
Great Reliable vehicle! Easy to Maintain! Would recomend to other buyers!
Low maintenace 4 wheel drive... gotta love Japanese made vehicles as they really perform the best long term. I've had mine for 100k miles and have had no problems other than regular maintenace. Honestly, I would buy another at 200k miles if they still made them.
I bought my 2001 Rodeo brand new and it now has 200,000+ miles on it. I love this car! It has been very reliable and has needed no major repairs. After time, the power window switch went out and the AC needed to be replaced - very understandable that these things needed replacing. It has been very reliable and a joy to drive. The exterior paint has held up remarkably well considering this car has never been kept in a garage. I'm sad that the Rodeo is no longer available in the US for purchase.
This is a terrific car. It's a well engineered, robust truck that is easy to work on and maintain. The ride is excellent, and the handling precise. I get about 19MPG freeway, 17 around town. If you have a chance to pick up one of these cars, and they are reasonably inexpensive these days, by all means do it.
16 yrs old and still reliable. Trustworthy 4 wheeling capabilities.