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Mercedes-Benz E320 (42 Reviews)
Paid 2500 for it. I've had it almost three years all I've had down is replacement of lower front control arm and bought a battery. Love it rides great. Air condition didn't work when I got it but the heat is a beast and the ride is so smooth even at 120 mph
I have owned my wagon for exactly 13 months. I bought it with 104,000 miles, and I have put over 50,000 miles in that time. Most reliable car that I've ever had. Changed the oil every 7,000 mi (synthetic). Changed the brake pads once (routine maintenance). No expenditures at all. Still looks new. Will eventually put money into it and restore it completely (perhaps in a couple of years or so). Never want to get rid of it. Will be my son's first car. Just Love it !!!!
Bought this 1997 E-320 only 67 K always covered excellent condition
Somehow it has a short that burns the fuse when trying to put it in gear. The fuse that controls the dash gages (gas,speedometer, engin idle,etc) and it says CHECK ENGIN.
The radio and the A.C. work and it rides good other than all the gages out.
My mechanic has no clue
Is it the transmission sensor?
Any clues?
I have owned this car since 2000 and I am very happy with the experience. I purchased it as a two year old lease return. I have garaged it since purchase and maintained it annually. I also have it detailed after each winter inside and out. Feeding the leather annually has kept the leather supple and like new. I live in a non-snow/road salt area so there's no rust. At 16 years old the car still looks new. That said my only gripe is with the transmission and rear window regulators. I've had the transmission replaced once, after owning the car ten years, with an updated version and the rear window regulators replaced three times. The rear regulators are poorly designed in my opinion.

I've gotten very good wear, and non of the dust problems, with ceramic brake pads. And have only replaced the rotors once. Prior to the switch I was taking the car in for brakes almost on an annual basis. The engine is bullet proof in my opinion and at 136,000 miles it still feels peppy and strong. Using Mobil-1 synthetic motor oil it's entire life has protected the engine and kept it running very smooth and quiet. I feel very safe in this car. The body feels like a tank. Overall I will buy this model again if I find that Daimler has kept up the quality control on this model.
My 1999 Mercedes engine will not turn over, battery is good where is the starter on this engine, E320 matic
I bought my e320 in 2006 it had been repoed and it had poor maintenance,but I replaced everything under the hood,including all plugs,,wires,,converters,,the whole ball of wax,,this car as a whole,,is awesome .It rides and drives great,,,i just repainted it two months ago, and no major issues,,All in all this is an awesome car and looks good,,and the stereo is killer Ha,
Love this Vehicle. I purchased this vehicle brand new. It is a very
reliable car. I agree, I too have experienced failure on the LED
display on instrument panel (very annoying)-Mercedes should issue a
recall on that. Also, my biggest issue, IS THE RUST on the door.
REALLY???This vehicle has a HIGH PRICE tag and holds the Mercedes
Brand, yet the Manufacture will not stand by their product. Ugh!!!!

Eventually a class action suit will be filed on this vehicle. I
am happy with its strong engine, it is a very spacious vehicle, has
a nice large trunk (which was able to hold baby items), really like
the round lights in front. They should also design a stronger mirror
closure on the visor.

All in all, very happy, except for the BODY RUST.
After 210,000 miles the car started showing signs of mechanical problems.
When I stop at stop sign or give way. my car doesn't move when its time to go. It takes a couple of seconds despite hitting the accelerator all the way down.
I bought my 2004 E320 wagon in 2010 w/79k on odometer. This is a great car. Very utilitarian. Great gas mileage for a car of it's size. Downside? Lots of expensive repairs. Upside? This car will last a long time and still looks great. 03/13. JJB1895
I have owned the car for since 2004. Have 110,000 miles and it drives great. Am having rust problems which will cost about $3,500 to fix. The problem I have regarding the electrical is the headlights/fog lights keep burning out. Have replaced the harnesses but it still happens, just less often.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I love my car it now has 143,000 and it drives well a such a beautiful car but it is now starting to have small issues everytime i look but guess that comes with age but neer anything major couple hundred here and there every few months.
My repair man said it would cost $1500 to install a new catalystic convertor for mu 2001 e320 mercedes, is this a good deal?
it is my dream car love it
I have to say; ever since I purchased my 1994 e-320 mercedes ,over 1 year now, I have been nothing but happy with the car, it's performance, along with the beautiful style of that year and make. I have heard they call this car the million mile beauty. I now truly believe this. Mine has 398,000 miles, and she runs like a dream. I have to give the Germans their well earned right as very well engineers of these fine cars. I only drive to the college and back on a daily basis; however I have driven her to Vegas, Utah,and Arizona. E DeVeau
Purchased used E320 with 110k miles with known maintenance history. Transmission locked up into limp home mode due to faulty ECM inside transmission, which I learn later is a common fault with this particular transmission. Find repair procedures online and replace faulty component which fixes problem, but confidence in car lost, as any hickup in electronic sensors associated with transmission locks trans into 2nd gear, making for a long drive home at 25 MPH. Wish they had a manual over ride. Also, the little console control switches break easily.
What should it cost to replace ac condenser unit in a 1997 E320 Mercedes-Benz?
I purchased my car from a person who had meticoules record keeping on repairs and kept the car immaculate. I purchased it in 2008 with only 70,000 mi. So far I've only changed to AMG rims with Nittos 255x40x18 performance tires. Other than regular maintenance this AC evaporator temp sensor has been the only problem so far.I took it to the shop and they couldnt figure it and was going to do a electrical check because the compressor wasnt kicking in. But me being a nut about googling and researching found how to read the error codes and figured it out. Knock on wood. lol My next purchase will be in the E series again.

Absolutely love this care. It's quick, great fuel mileage and fun to drive.
This car is built to a high quality standard. The only problem with the E320 is that sometimes it feels underpowered for the weight of the car and the suspension is a little mushy, but that is also what gives this car such it's smooth ride. The larger E430 does allow the car to move a little quicker, but once your up to speed you can't beat the gas mileage of the smaller engine. Overall this car is a workhorse, but also looks good pulling up to dinner at a nice restaurant.
I purchased my E320 with 120000 miles for $7500 great car but don't take it to the dealer. I found a great German mechanic in Manchester Tenn.
It was pure luck hubby found this car especially for the price he paid. We aquired the car at 186000 miles. I've had it for 5 months now and will not trade it for anything else. I don't even know where to start. Parts, decent price. repair fairly easy for a mechanic to work on. drives beautifully. My family loves it!!
I love my Mercedes Benz 2001 E320. It's a great car. There's a little problem. It has this rough sound when I start it and get going, then, once I'm on the road at a set speed it drives very smooth. One mechanic said it was the motor mount then another said it was the air flow in the engine. What to do, what to do?
We have 1997 E320 wtih 300+K miles. Very happy, as it is one of the best and most dependable car.
Basic maintance:
1) Change oil (Castrol 10W-30 or 10W-40) + Bosch oil filter every 10,000 miles.
2) Clean K&S air filter very 20K or as needed
3) Replace differential oil - Castrol 85W90 every 50K
4) Replace Bosch fuel filter every 25K-50K
5) Brake flush with Castrol Dot 4 - 50K
6) Radiator/collant flush 50K
7) Transmission oil/filter - 100K
8) Replaced Flex disc on drive line at 300K


I love my car but this model has some nagging issues. Common problems with the E series are failure of the climate control LCD panel, failure of the LED displays in the instrument cluster, squeaky steering wheel, and failure of the auto dimming drivers side mirror. Mine has experienced all of theses. The instrument cluster and climate control are so common I feel Mercedes should issue a recall.
I own 320 in 1999 gasoline. Great car by all accounts a strong reliable and elegant. Very reasonable fuel consumption 1:11 wake road. Maintenance does not happen at all. You can obtain spare parts for cheap and high availability. A lot more new European equal. Car monster.
Bought this car new so I thought. Found out the the car had been wrecked just 2 months before we bought it from Regal Mercedes. Sales managers wife backed her SUV into the front of it when he drove it home for lunch one day. $2900 in damage. The headlights cloud up worse than any other car on the street. Just count them as you pass by.I would not recommend this car to anyone. The ABC system has failed once and been repaired and now the suspension is sqeaking AGAIN. Money pit!!
Best car on the road bar none.
have a "99 e320-4matic purchased new now with 111k miles. minor repairs but overall a great car-excellent handling/ride 30 mpg hwy. great in the snow. window regulators all have been replaced both rears 2x each. hade to fight with the local dealer to replace 2nd time out of warr.
Had since fall of 1995, Over 235,000 miles now. uto wonderful, repairs have been in line with expected cost. A/C could be better.