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I own a 2005 Hyundai XG350L. It is a nice car. EXCEPT it is DEATH trap, Hyundai KNOWS it but ADAMENTLY refuses to make a simple repair. I think this is a problem with MANY 2003 to 2009 multi-model Hyundais. The SRS electrical harness under the drivers seat is too short to accommodate the engineered seat travel. The harness connection gets stressed or completely disconnected when the driver's seat is moved forward, thus defeating the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS, air bags) and the "seat belt" light stays on all the time, steady. Do a quick Google search on Hyundai XG350 air bag light, you will find a thousand complaints and reports. Hyundai is certainly aware of the issue!! My dealer tells me there is no fix, no recall, and no shop directive. Hyundai NA Customer Relations tells me the same thing. A simple 6" electrical "pigtail" using the same type of connectors would completely resolve the problem. They could have the pigtails made up, and send out shop directives to dealers on exactly how to fix the problem-------unplug existing connection, plug in the pigtail - DONE! I really just want to warn people in my situation of the danger and to also let those people there is NO "official" solution coming. Don't bother looking for a solution, it's a waste if your time. People can make up their own mind on buying a Hyundai, I sure have, but this issue goes to the state-of-mind of the whole Corporation. They.....don'
A week after I bought it from a dealer, with a 50/50 for 30 days, the clutch went out totally. I would be at a stop light, with my foot on the brakes, and the car would take off. If I happened to start it when the shifter was in reverse...yep the car would take off even before I took my foot off the clutch. He never answered the phone and had the dealership locked up. It cost over $3000 to make it safe to drive and that's been over 18 months ago.
While trying to make home from my mother's, 75 miles on back roads, the car would go 35 for a few miles and then take off to 85 no matter what I did. I didn't know until the next day, that my granddaughter was texting her mom telling her how much she loved her and how sorry she was for anything bad she had ever done. When we got to her house she told her mom that she thought we were going to die.
Brought the 2006 Santa Fe 2.7L on 11/19/2015 with 98k from original owner, she did most of the regular scheduled maintenance on the car and was in good shape. This is one of the best cars I ever owned! Now with 107K miles on it, of course it's starting to need things like: front axles, brakes and rotors, spark plugs and wires, struts and shocks, wheel bearings, fuel pressure regulator, radiator and hoses. No big deal, between rock auto and eBay most of these parts are fairly inexpensive, that's one of the best features of this car. All of the above have been replaced and most have lifetime warranties with the parts, I save the boxes. Car is over 10 years old, what would you need if you were a car and drove day after day, especially on hard pavement with bumps and potholes and some people who don't know how to drive? Hey Hyundai, great job putting a good Suv together and for the affordable price. Just a suggestion peeps, they call this scheduled maintenance for a reason! Rock On America and remember, DO MORE TO HELP OTHERS...
Not very good at engine broke down its a 2.4 litter at 140.000 miles
For the record....BEWARE!!! We purchased this LEMON OF a car in 2013. It was out of commission for 2 stinking years, beginning 2 months after purchase. Engine problems...seriously dangerous...just plunking out in the middle of busy traffic. Out mechanic tinkered with it for 1 year plus....he had a stroke. To another friend mechanic...he had another Santa Fe pulled apart...piece by piece...mirrored our problem. Thought it was it dies in traffic. AGAIN. POS....Money pit!!! Someone working on third shift, and drunk put this LEMON together...NEVER EVER WANT TO LOOK A A HYUNDAI EVER AGAIN.
I bought my 2004 V6 2.7 in 2011 at 80,000 mi. It now has 167,700. Not positive if I am the second owner. I love my Santa Fe and will purchase a newer model when I'm done with this one. I have maintained regular maintenance and up till now no serious . Only issue was tail light burninig out frequently. It appears to have had some body work before only noticed when i took the light off to replace the bulb. Light compartment itself seems to not seal properly and will hold water after a hard rain or car washing. Now the radiator has a leak and seems the fan doesn't kick on. But other than that I replaced the ac condensor at 135,000 and berings at 166,000. Still the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Great gas mileage. Definitely plan to be a Santa fe driver for a long time.
I bought my 2009 Hyundai Sonata in 2010. It was a great car and never had any issues with it. Have driven it cross country round trip 3 times. Until I had to have the timing chain replaced and took it to a 'certified' shop near me who failed to clean out the oil pan when they replace the chain and gears. The metal pieces from those old gears got into the oil pump and caused it to fail which caused the lack of oil to the engine to egg the crankshaft so now the engine is scrap. But I won't blame the car for the negligence of a lousy mechanic.
Comfortable ride, a bit noisy with a/c, lots of electronic sensor and other mechanical issues that I experienced and read about but Hyundai has not been responsive to recall or covering under warranty. Buyer beware unless you know a certified mechanic, a backyard mechanic may be ill equipped to diagnose the various computer technological issues with this vehicle.
Battery keeps dying, I guess I have to replace it and I need a relay switch to the fan for the radiator. I go on line to ROCK AUTO PARTS. COM.
I SHOPPED ON LINE AND COMPARED PRICED, ILL NEVER BUY PARTS FROM AUTO ZONE OR O'REILYS AGAIN. VERY REASONABLY LOW PRICED PARTS. I'm on a fixed income so I really have to be fruggle. You should visit this place.
Had 2013 Venetian Red auto Elantra, which is such a fine performer, we also bought a 2016 Venetian Red manual Elantra. Both cars love 100% ethanol-free gasoline(E0), averaging 35-39mpg with 25%-15% city driving, with highs of 43 & 46mpg. The 2016 unadvertised improvements include better paint, better electric steering, quieter interior, smoother, much quieter engine, better lights, & better suspension. Altho fairly noisy driving on regular pavements, both cars are very quiet on the new quiet pavements(hope your new pavements are quiet, too). The standard Hankook tires wore out quickly on the 2013(changed to Goodyear at 31,000 miles), altho alignment & balance was good & with careful featherfooting(as the mpg attest). Sure hope the Goodyears will last, at least twice as long. The Goodyears act like the Hankooks, with good stability ON-CENTER. During off-center steering, the Goodyears have better tracking. Bought the Elantra so 3 adults could sit in the back without being jammed like sardines. However, its best with smaller adults & the center rear seat is an abomination!!! The exterior design of the Elantra makes for rear seat head bumping for taller people. I'm only 5feet 9 inches, but with a longer torso, I bump my head often, specially in that center position. Both cars have the 1.8 liter engine & only 130-131 lbs-feet of torque. The 2016 manual tranny accelerates better than the 2013 auto tranny, but glad both have 6-speed transmissions. The manual is good climbing steep hills.... if you gear down BEFORE ascending hills. Don't get caught in too high a gear, specially on high altitude mountain slopes, for sure! Use some of the small torque BEFORE you need it.... so you won't need more torque, that the engine doesn't have.
I bought my 08 accent used at 123,000 km and let me tell you.....this car is the worlds biggest piece of shit!

I am now at 234,000km and everything and I mean EVERYTHING is failing! I have done all the maintenance, replaced all my coils 4 times! My alternator, ball joints wheel bearings (the first replacement they didnt even last 10,000km). The heat doesn't even get warm in the winter ( I live in Canada) it handles like a loose sloppy whore even with snow tires, and now my power steering is gone..... now I know it sounds like 234,000km is alot.....not really I have a Plymouth voyager last me 750,000km! I do my own work, ive been around cars my whole life, every nut and bolt is replace properly and tourqed to spec, so its not my workmanship it is just a serious piss poor product. Hyundia can serious take this car and shove it up their collective asses! Im going back to Ford!
I am disappointed with the 2013 Santa Fe with the life of the rotors and pads so far as I know just the front end. I noticed a low growling sound when I would apply the brakes at speeds over 35 MPH so I took it to my mechanic iv'e been with and trust for 18 years, and he tells me that my front rotors and pads need replaced. The issue I have is there is only 20,000 miles on my car. I took it to the dealer and they said that no way are my rotors shot that whoever said this was trying to make money on me. When I told them how long I had been with this mechanic and that he had taken the time to show me the specs for the rotors in the book and then showed me the measurement on the rotors he said that there must have been a defect in the rotor material for them to fail so I said so this will be covered under Hyundais wonderful warranty and he said, of no, brakes fall under normal wear and tear. I said didn't you just contradict what you just said before when you told me there must be a defect in the material of the rotors so that would not be normal wear and tear and he said, without looking up from his screen, sorry but it falls under normal wear and tear. Obviously I can't wait to fight hyundai over the issue because they need done yesterday, but I am going to take it up with the Manager and if he says it's not covered then I will open a complaint with Hyundai Corporate. I should have just kept my 2010 Santa Fe but with the body and interior restyling I couldn't resist. Live and learn
I purchased my '11 Accent new, from the dealership, in October 2010. In the almost-five years (and 68,000 miles) that I've owned this car, I've had the fuel pump and charcoal canister replaced (under warranty, at about 20K miles), and the ignition coil has gone out five times. Most recently, the ignition coil went *again* after being replaced four thousand miles ago. This time, it was while I was seven hundred miles from home! I'm glad I had the foresight to pack spark plugs and my socket wrench set, because I didn't fancy finding a reputable shop or limping home on three cylinders to my mechanic.

Otherwise, this is a great car for the price. It's perfect for one- or two-person road trips! I usually average 40-something mpg on the highway, so it can go a while before you need to stop for gas. The trunk is big enough to fit suitcases or coolers. The suspension is pretty stiff, so you'll feel every bump and pothole you go over, but it turns on a dime. It's a very light car, so it tends to skim over ice in the winter; I recommend putting a bag or two of salt (sand, cat litter, whatever) in the trunk to help weigh it down a smidge. The heat and AC work quickly at adjusting the temp to what you need!

There are big enough gaps in the plastic interior, so it rattles in several places just driving down the road. It's a rather loud car in general, even when you're inside of it. Honestly, it's louder than it has any right to be, since it's only got 110 hp. Speaking of 110 hp, this car does *not* like going uphill, and it complains a lot when driving in the mountains.

It's a reliable car in that it's usually just the same thing breaking over and over again, and it's a very easy (and cheap!) fix. Just don't leave town without some spark plugs and socket wrenches, and you're fine.

My fiancé wants me to add that this car isn't really built for anyone taller than six feet. I'm 5'4", and I fit just fine in this car. He's 6'6", and has to fold himself into and out of the car. Even with the seat all the way back, his knees rest against the interior on either side of the glove compartment (or on either side below the steering wheel, if he's driving). It's still more spacious than it looks, though!
I bought a gently used 2004 Santa Fe in April 2006. It had 30,000 miles and 1 previous owner. It has been the best car I ever bought. It now has 144,000 miles, and I only now had to replace the original brakes, which is really astonishing. I maintain it properly, change the oil when appropriate, and generally pamper it. The first 4 years I owned it I drove mostly highway miles, but since 2010 I have driven mostly city miles. There is a problem with the paint (black) peeling off the hood and roof, but I lived in Louisiana for 4 years where the sun is pretty hard on car paint, which explains a lot. I have never had any serious mechanical issues. One of the rear tail lights fell off when a small plastic clip broke, and the seat belt alarm goes off when I turn right in below freezing weather while my purse is sitting on the passenger seat (kinda weird) and the driver's door won't lock with the remote any more, and the window tinting peeled off, and the rear hatch struts are starting to lose their hydraulic power (will be replaced next year) and the rear hatch cover broke and was not replaced because a new one is way too expensive and I could not find a used one, but these are insignificant issues. It runs like a dream and is the most comfortable car I ever drove. I would buy the exact same car again if I could.
I'm just replying to those with coil replacement problem. Watch this tube the job is DYI and no more than 5 mins a coil. All you need is 10 mm sock and wrench and new coil from ebay/amazon. Don't waste your money on dealers
05 Santa Fe 3.5L is not a good SUV. No codes showing initially but all of the sudden, car just started idling dangerously high when I started it, when I put in reverse to back up it jerked and was idling so high, it left tire marks when I switched from reverse to drive. It felt like I had it floored even though foot was on the brake and I wasnt giving it any gas AT ALL. I had to drive home with my hand on the emergency brake because it felt like I had no control over the speed. It got a litle better when I got into second gear. Parked, tried to start again that night and same thing. My regular mechanic(who is amazing and has never let me down) spent 2 wks trying to figure out why this car is idling so high and he couldn't figure it out, but he did replace throttle position sensor and it helped a little. He told me to take it to dealership but I don't have the $115 per hour for the dealer to look at it and then charge me an arm & a leg to (possibly) fix it. So I took to another mechanic who wouldn't charge me to diagnose it and he said he got the idle down low enough to drive it. It was fine for about 3 miles, then the car jerked, sounded like it didn't want to change gears or someting, and the check engine light is on now and something is now leaking underneath, looks like coolant or oil, not sure. I don't know anything about cars but I have spent so much money on this piece of crap and it's not even close to being paid off. I will never buy another Hyundai. Any idea on what is wrong please leave in the review section!!! Hey Hyundai ,maybe you could actually start doing recalls on some of these idling/unintended acceleration issues that alot of people are having!
original owner: 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe AWD -V6/2.7 engine. Prior 100,000 miles, warranty everything possible. Short horn, short driver door lock, short hitch connection, struts/springs needed replacing -causing premature/uneven wear on tires. More serious at 140,000 miles - AC compressor - twice froze, AC condenser, power steering pump, windshield washer motor, cam gear inner fell apart/broke?
Please give input - why cam gear broken inside timing belt area....
I wrote a review awhile back with my 1990 model. Bought my '15 Limited two months later their no words expressing but WAY TO GO HYUNDAI!!! Just love this car definitely worth excellent value than most vehicles I have put 4,000 miles on it already very careful since more top of the line with great options ever in its class. Its more technology with everything even available panoramic moon roof am getting 35 mpg lots of room very smooth on rough Indianapolis roads includes blind spot warning its too much of a car. I still have my 1990 use as a daily commute at times but really love my '15 Sonata its a great car ever no problems with a thing. Overall glad bought this car was worth $$$ spending getting this new Sonata hope rubs 350,000 miles like my 1990 did but has almost 372,000 miles without breaking down. HYUNDAI RULES!!!
Well I wish we had as much luck as these people who got tremendous mileage and few problems. Our 2005 Hyundai sonata was used we brought it at 55k miles on it, it had a "slight Front end collision" prior we got a great price on the car then about $5600 we paid, looked nice and shiney then. My daughter had a slight fender bender in it, then had to get left light fixed. Then a suirel chewed the wires , of course pep boys in syracuse ny couldn't just check the code and fix the speed sensor for us, no they had to rip us off for the $90 extra plus the after market cost of the part! typical for us females to get ripped off no matter what I try to tell them .. we are surrounded by rip off artist here! The of course we have the tire that's already bad that cost $97 and had a 75k mileage warrenty on it but only got 20k miles, do you think pep boys ever honors there refund replacement policy? NO THEY NEVER DO! They want to charge an additional $65 for a new tire again! and othe rrproblems like Sears liars, and the battery failing 2x, etc etc.. Well just try the highway rip off fir a car any car, here or anywhere, esp if female! The engine is sort of weak, the airconditioniong was replaced for $104, 5k miles later, hot again and no A?C .. (of course we no longer live there).. Then the trim and rubber interior parts keep falling apart.. been glued repeatedly in several areas.. then the computer wiring was messes up for no reason that was another $100 abt, then the wiper blade practically fell off for no reason.. Its ok but the ride is not very comfortable and the car is hot, and cheap, and poor acceleration etc weaker type cheap engine.. its ok for the money but I wouldn't waste too much on it and I doubt it willreally get these great mileages, of course its only a 4 cylinder gl.
After 2 years driving elantra, in early 2015, the airbag light started to lit on even after the engine was running. Checked at the service centre, they detected that the airbag at the driver's seat was malfunctioning. Since the car is still under warranty,Hyundai has done a good job by replacing a new one.

Zin, KL, Malaysia
loved my car when I first got it but over the past three years I have had many issues with my engine, electrical, and it shutting down randomly. The curse control buttons broke within the first year that I had bought the car (2009). The dashboard lights never stay on. The window control panel on the divers door doesn't always work all the windows. And the other control panels sometimes don't work too. Engine wise, I am not sure the real reason why it breaks down and has a hard time getting up to speed sometimes but its becoming more frequent.
My 2009 Sante Fe started acting up - when starting it, it would not fire up. Ist time - it finally clicked in after 3 tries, the next time (2 days later)it didn't . It just made those gear noises and wouldn't fire. Called the Hyundai dealership, said to tow it in so they could have a look. We called CAA to tow it. After explaining the problem to the guy who came, he first wanted to take a look under the hood before towing it. As soon as he did he shook his head and asked who sold it to us as there were two wires attached to the battery for rust prevention. He said having that hook up is one of the reasons the battery level was low - it used up too much juice. Advised me to detach these wires as they cause more trouble than they're worth. He also told me if it happens again, to press the lock and the unlock buttons on the key at the same time. This will reset the system and the car will run. It worked. Never have I been told about these wires and this "firing problem" and how to solve it at the dealership. That CAA guy was worth his weight in gold!
Ottawa, ONT 20 April 2015
i have a 95 hyaundai and ive done everything in that car that ive ever done to any 4wd i know these are very reliable cars
I bought a 2011 in late 2010--Hyundai Sonata and it was a big mistake to buy the first model year. With less than 48,000 miles it's been in the shop at least eight times for (thankfully) warranty work (poor quality manufacturing). The car looks nice inside and out but it gets poor gas mileage and has tons of electrical problems. I bought and drove Hondas for 30 years and will return to them after I get rid of this Sonata.
The Veracruz seems to be a beefed up version of the Santa Fe. It has a 3rd row seat and heavy duty suspension, so the car feels almost truck like. Uses large tires and has an overall look of a solid SUV. This results in a slightly rough ride and some road noise. The V6 engine is strong, but I suspect the transmission is barely adequate, because the car shifts often when extra power is needed. The heater is very powerful, but it does not work well until the car is completely warm-- a process that requires about 10 minutes of driving. The interior is spectacular and rivals much more expensive cars with all sort of lighting and gadgets including rear lighting and heating controls. This car cost $29K when new and I paid about $18 when 2 years old. At that price, it was a bargain.
I've been relatively happy up until now. Car is starting to show the use of cheap materials as it ages, 140,000 miles. Replacing Air Bag "clock spring" today. The "tubing" that aligns the door frame is pulling away and I was told this is somewhat common on my age vehicle. $500 to replace.....sorry, but that's BS.

Interior noise is bad and becomes horrible with back windows open.

I've never had these types problems with Honda or Isuzu in the past....and will not be looking at Hyundai for future purchases at this point......
Our 2008 Santa Fe was purchased Jan, 2012 used thru Carmaz Used Car Dealership with 62,000 miles. No coverage from Hyundai so opted for Carmax's Maxcare. Paid cash for vehicle and Carmax did their due diligence with background check on vehicle. Found nothing suspicious. First year we had nothing unusual and kept up with all maintenance and service. Second year and 75,000 it all started. We paid $18,327.58 drive off lot. At this time (March, 2015) we have spent $18,252.58 in service, repairs and maintenance on this money pit. Am addressing with Hyundai Motor America, but is a long, ridiculous process with more run arounds to break us down so we don't continue forward. Worst problem (of all the $9,753.42 that has actually been spent for odd repairs we have not experienced with any vehicles as a whole picture in our 40+ years of ownership)while I was driving, the PCM failed instantly. Lost everything and was miraculous to be entering our subdivision and not where I had been the prior hours...very high speed major highways in Houston. This has become a nightmare and we wanted to purchase a new Santa Fe, BUT if Hyundai cannot honor what they say as customers being their primary concern, we will get out of this somehow and into something else. NEVER try filing a complaint and hoping for action thru their Consumer Affairs Dept. We are at 6 weeks and barely getting any contact from them. Extremely disillusioned by this Company!
I bought used with about 40,000 mi. I know you're all having coil trouble and you keep paying for coil replacement. I have what sounds like the same trouble about every 4000-8000 miles. I've just been changing the plugs and that seems to do the trick. There must be a deeper problem that's causing the issue. If anyone knows more, please let me know. The only other problem is that the spring to help the gasoline door to pop open when you pull the lever is missing so sometimes it won't open unless you help it. I do everything I can to get good fuel mileage. In the cold Minnesota winter, I get from 25-30 mpg. In the summer, I get about 27-36.
Lights dim when decelerating. Dealer replaced alternator, batter and + and - cables still happening. Out of factory warranty and dealer wants to charge me for an ongoing issue that was never fixed. Good-bye Hyundai!
Brake sensor, rear brakes at 20K miles, cam sensor, serpentine tensioner and 4 recalls. The vehicle has 46K miles on it. I'm kicking myself for not paying $1500 for the extended warranty. Didn't think I'd need it. I was WRONG. Gotta last 1 more year so I can pay off my wife's van. Then it's gone and I won't be returning.
We got this car from my grandpa. It might look like junk but a dependable car wish photo could be available love this car a bunch has over 350,000 miles on original engine. I did put money on some repairs but the car is flawless for a 1990 Sonata the V6 engine is strong gets 30mpg including interstate driving am looking for a 2015 model while will keep this older model as the timeline of history when this generation first came out in 1989 to U.S as a Korean car. LOVE MY SONATA will never sell or get rid of this car just won't die though beat this car all up still never gave me a problem while blowing up with our kids in back (LOL).