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2004 Jeep Liberty is a piece of JUNK!!! So many recalls and now mine wont go into drive, breaks lock up on their own, goes in reverse but will not go forward. I have yet to find a mechanic that can figure out what is wrong with it. I am reading reviews and complaints about the same problem and the manufacture will not recall this vehicle to repair it and someone is going to get killed!!! I would never ever purchase a Jeep again! Then I am reading the Jeep Cherokee is even WORSE!!!! People if you already own a 2004 Jeep Liberty and have experienced this same problem and found someone that knew and did fix it PLEASE e-mail me at and tell me how they fixed it. I am so very upset about this for I paid $32000 for this piece of junk.
I have a 2002 jeep liberty with 185,110 miles. I've driven this car for many years. I am the second owner of this jeep. When I first got the car I can't remember how many miles where on there. but I immediately replaced all the fluids with Royal Purple. flushed the radiator, replaced the trans,engine,front/rear axel oil, power box, front rear drive oil. added purple ice to a 20/80 mix antifreeze/water. got new tires. I've not done anything mechanical to the jeep since I bought it. I've sadly neglected it but have no issues and constantly getting 18mpg average. I'm not able to afford to get another car for a few more years as I've just now paid off the jeep. I'm in a conundrum of fixing it or financing another car which I'm only willing to do if its new however my credit is shot ;( Last year the Ac went out at 150,000 miles. I have almost bald tires. the rear windshield motor went out. I believe my fuel pump is about to go out. I estimate the repairs cost will be about $4300 to replace everything. Now that I don't have a car payment if I took that money each month and used it to repair the vehicle It would take me almost 2 years to finish all the repairs. provided that I don't have any more issues.
We bought out 2011 Liberty used in 2013. We wanted a decent winter rig for our snowy area. We did a bunch of research on it and it seemed like a solid choice. Come to find out we were very wrong. We maintained the vehicle well as we have all of our cars and never had issues. The interior is very plastic which we liked because it makes cleaning easy and doesn't hold weird smells. The liberty drives like a truck which didn't bother us at all but did some of our passengers. Within the first few months our rear shocks started going out, there was a whistle coming from the windshield which apparently there is an issues with the windshields needing replaced regularly turns out that the replacement had been set in wrong. We paid to have that fixed. Then our brakes went from being fine to metal on metal with no warning because the sqealer broke off that was while we were out of town. Then not long after our water pump went bad we replaced that pretty easy. Figured no big deal things happen. Then while we were out of town again the car starts howling and shaking turns out we had a bad wheel bearing. Again we fixed the issue and figured it was something we had done. Then 3 days ago we were on the highway through town switched lanes and the car starts to shake like it's going to shake apart. We pulled off the road came to a stop and the car died. We took it for a diagnostics test that showed misfires and a faulty coil. Changed the spark plugs wires and coils with no luck. Had it towed to Toyota as we don't like the Jeep dealer in town. Turns out to be a bad valve. $3000 repair. 74,085 miles on it. Had it for 15 months. Needless to say we are no proud owners of a brand new Toyota.
Bought 2002 Jeep Liberty used in 2004 with 40,000 miles on it. Oil changes every 3,000 miles and now it has close to 400,000 miles.We are going to have to start spending money on it now, upper and lower ball joints.
My 2002 Limited has 121,000 miles. I bought it new. The first9 or 10 years, only normal maintenance, brakes,sensors, battery, tires. Since then I've replaced another battery, ECM (computer module), hood support lifts, rear hatch lifts, driver seat splash guard, the seat recliner mechanism broke (expensive repair) driver's leather seat splitting, check engine light on for major evap leak, fan resistor module stopped working (replace it) then the blower motor went (replaced it). The stainless steel exhaust lasted about 10 years. Will be putting my third muffler in 4 years and tailpipe. I noticed the heat shield has rusted and is laying on the muffler. The biggest issue is rust. Front doors , at the top of windshield, both sides of third brake light, hatch lift support rusted off. To fix that you have to replace the entire rear window. The clamp is moulded into the glass $400 to $500 for privacy glass. Not counting labor.
I have a 2005 Renegade. I like the flat hood design on these off-road versions of the Liberty. Here's more proof the Liberty Jeep Renegade is practically perfect:

Front-to-Rear locking differential; Jeep-worthy 4wd capability; True low range gearing; Tow bar compatible (you can disengage all four wheels from the engine by placing the x-fer case in "neutral"); Factory tow package; Light bar (creates your own personal daylight); Fog lights; Independent front suspension; 16 gear configuration choices ("2W-lo" in "OD" ; "4W-Hi" in "Drive", etc.); and the #1 reason the 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade approaches perfection: Movie Theater Style Dome Light Dim Sequence!

The Liberty is very capable off-road. And despite Consumer Reports findings to the contrary, the Liberty exhibits a fairly quiet cabin with only moderate-low wind and road noise. If it wasn't for window regulator failures I have experienced (six window regulator failures across three windows!), or the need to remove a stuck CD from the radio, and to perform routine, pre-paid maintenance, I could have avoided Folsom Lake Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep's service dept all together.

While the road has been bumpy at times (hey, isn't that why I got a Jeep in the first place?), and despite all we've been through, (or directly attributable to, thereof), I can honestly say I love My Jeep!

I bought my 2003 Jeep Liberty when it was 3 years old and had 40K miles on it - I've driven it every single day and I dearly love it - it is just a tough little car. Only expensive repair had to replace the water pump, $450, rest has been windshield wipers, tires, sensors, and things that are just gonna wear out. I know it won't last forever, but sure don't know what I'd ever replace it with???
Great car all around. A few wrinkles, though. Over 100K, the valve covers tend to leak a bit meaning burned oil smell sucked in through heating into cabin. Look especially at the right rear most gasket for a leak. My Lib ended up with seat-belt/airbag fault codes from my seat belts which needed replacing. That's a first for me in any car. Airconditioner is great but heater core tends to clog and block leading to failure of heater. The Libby needs HOAT coolant fluid, not just any coolant. Make sure you insist on this at your local garage. At 100K+ miles the Lib's springs tend to sag resulting in body sag anywhere between an inch or two. Buying replacements will cost only $60-90/spring + labor. Common for balljoints to fail at 100K miles. My oxygen sensors all needed replacing at 120K. KBB value for good condition is just under $5K. At some point it costs more to keep the Lib in good condition than the book value justifies. On the other hand, given a great body, suspension, etc, there are a million second hand 3.7L motors available. A reconditioned 3.7L can be had for $1K and up. With labor, not a bad investment for what ends up being essentially a rock solid car.
have 06 liberty rear main seal gone front drive shaft bearings gone plus allthe windows had to fix plus front oil seal what could be next
Only had my 2012 liberty for 15k miles and the engine seazed due to a loose oil filter. Warranty would not cover it. Jeep dealer that did the last change would not claim responsibility and my insurance did not cover it. I'm out over $8000 that I had to burry into a new car loan
I have 2012 jeep liberty. I have had it two weeks. Oil drains from crankshaft makes a good size pool on the garage floor, Dealership could not find a problem, Now What? I f I travel am I safe? Sides of the windows gather ice and will not thaw.
I have this jeep, so far I have had to replace rear window assembly, all new rotors and brakes, struts rear shocks, new a/c compressor, gas milage sucks, but power still there at 145,000 miles. The only problem i have now is steering. When im driving and turn rigt or left it sounds like its scraping, like when you go over a bump the front end sounds like a carriage, that needs to be oiled. Still havent figured out what it is yet any suggestions?
I finally got my jeep back for my oil leak and they say the oil filter is loose. They have tightened it over 7 times min 2 months and it keeps getting loose. No one and even the MFG can answer why it keeps getting loose. Does anyone know or have the same problem....I never owned a Jeep before and never had a oil filter become loose so much.........
I bought my Liberty renegade new 2010. I had the ac/heat blend door box go bad. They had to take out the entire dash to replace it. I had the blower motor burn out twice. I had the rear brakes wear out on the rear at 12000. The dealer charged me $400 as brake pads and rotors are my problem. I complained to the MFG and they wrote me a check for the whole amount. The dealer would do nothing. I hope they don`t wear out again in 12000 miles. I have 13500 miles now. At cold starts I hear piston slap. I brought it in and they told me normal. They all make noise at cold strats. I use to be a mechanic when I was young for 12 years and I know piston slap when I hear it. I brought it 2 other times and they hear it but said nothing they can do until it stays all the time. It quiets down when warm. The alum. pistons expand and fills in the cylinders to stop the slap sounds. it is not normal yet they won`t do repairs until it is busted. Most of all the v6 3.7 have engine piston slap as the engine is a poor design. I am lucky I got 7 years 100000 miles service contract as I hear excess valve train and lower block parts noise all the time, specially when cold. They won`t do anything until it breaks more or blows up they told me. I would never buy another one I can tell you that for sure.....I paid cash so I am stuck with this pc of crap.....
I own the Common Rail Diesel (CRD) Version of this vehicle and I have only had this in the shop twice, both times for factory recalls.
I tow a utility trailer often with this vehicle with often over 4000 lbs of cargo. I hope to keep this vehicle a long time and am very happy with it.
I posted this video to find out what the problem was and to assist others that are having the same problem. puerrodurango1001 who posted below is correct. Evidently the dealer mechanic was not aware of the proper diagnosis and it didn't help that it never developed while at the dealership. Cudos to you purodurango1001!!!!! The "Tip Start" is what was happening and the fuel pump was the culprit!

After dealing with this problem for over a year the dealer finally hit on something that was illogical to me but worked to repair the problem. The mechanic ran tests on the Jeep and found that the fuel pump was loosing pressure. It was bleeding down more than specifications allowed. When I was told this information I said there was no way this was causing the starter to continue cranking with my hand off of the ignition switch. Made no sense. If the fuel pump is failing it would result in longer cranking time to start the engine but not cause the starter to continue cranking on its own.

I finally approved the fuel pump replacement. Since then, the starting problem has not happened at all. Somehow the fuel pump must send a signal to the computer to make the starter continue to crank even though the key is in the run position.

If you are having this problem I would recommend that you have the fuel pump pressure tested. If its bleeding down outside of specification, replace the fuel pump.

We have a 2012 Jeep Liberty with just over 12k miles. We just started noticing a big leak of green fluid. It was parked over night and the puddle was about 2 feet in diameter. Our mechanic looked at it and said that the oil filter was barely on. We have only had our Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler dealer do the oil changes/anything else on it. We took it to our dealer and they said it is normal for the Liberty that the oil filter becomes loose. There is no reason this should ever happen. If it is normal, there should be a recall to make sure it doesn't happen. But I haven't seen anything about the 2012 Liberty
I have 08' liberty jeep and I have over three years and had no problems and now I have a bump starter problem it will not disengage until I shut it off and restart it is fine and it does not matter if it is hot or cold it will still do it and the dealership here in Pahrump say it is the nature of the beast when they came out with the bump start and will not fix it they say there is nothing they can do HELP ME PLEASE
I have a 2003 jeep liberty and I love the truck great in so many ways,it is a 5spd manual 4dr 4x4, The problem I am having only when I back up or the truck is cold it makes a grinding sound like something under the truck wants to or is going to snap in half I have had the ball joints replaced and no I am trying to find out if anyone is having or has had the same problem and could somehow point me to what this could be.It almost sounds like it could be something to do with the axle but I am not sure and I know that something like that will probably run me alot of money so any suggestions or help would be greatly appericated. Thank you very much
I have a 2008 jeep liberty sport and it feels like am driving it
in 4wd. and is on 2wd.
power stering hose replcement 2 be found in ak ,located one in nebraska...wateing for 3 weeks for delivery. must be someplace in space
Look, 2004, 3.7L, 120K miles, hwy, streets, off-road, fantastic vehicle! One noisy lifter at startup but Lucas cured that. Othewise, radio repair once (don't recommend replacement), and starter once (tricky to remove). No tunups, same mileage (20mpg). Trick is 1) reg. oil chg - synthetic - and occasional additive, 2) keep up brakes, 3) bosch platinum plugs (75K so far), 4) Get the highest cranking power battery you can find (still under $100), 5) Firestone Destination A/T tires (one size up) - you won't believe the difference in these tires vs. something else! Quiet, grip slickrock, wet or dry, snow, etc. (re: tirerack). Interior lighting is average. I'd bye another of same year with low mileage!
I have owned this jeep since it was new in 01. Regular oil changes. tires and brakes are the only issues which are issues with all vehicles. Great vehicle in the snow.
Reliable and easy to repair. I have had two Jeeps, both saved me, after minor collisions. Had 2002, then 2003 which I still have. I expect this one to last awhile, I have no desire to get a new car,because a person never knows what the robots may have forgotten.
I've had the 03 Liberty since new ....90K miles on it . Most reliable vehicle I ever had .
Only needed oli changes and brakes . Got rear ended when stopped once by F 150 .
... Rear mounted Spare tire bounced the Jeep nicely forward.... no dents ; no damage .

F 150 could not be driven ....crumple zone crumpled nicely .

The Liberty is a real beast in the Michigan snow with good winter tires on it . Selec-Trac transfer case with full time 4X4 option is a must .
Best Jeep makes
My Limited has 160,000 miles showing on the odometer, and another 125,000 or so towed miles behind motorhomes. I've replaced the air conditioner system once, and the radiator a few months ago. Other than wishing it got better fuel mileage, I've had no problems.
I have had my jeep since October of 2006. Bought it with 10,000 miles now has 108,000 and not a single problem with this vehicle. Being frequent travelers across the country alot of it is highway miles. Today I have to go and replace my battery. All I do is normal oil change every 8-10 thousand miles. I will say out of all the cars I have owned Jeep has the best quality made cars. As long as you take care of your car you wont have a problem with the Jeep liberty.
At 85k miles, my a/c just went out. It's also not a very smooth ride, but then again it is a Jeep. All in all, other than a few minor things, it's been a dependable car.
Note: The Power Control Module fails in this vehicle although not acknowledged by Chrysler. Initial start of problem mimicks transmission failure in shifting and possible lack of passing gear engaging. The NHTSA has forced a recall for Power Train Transmission issues. Chrysler claims only a small percentage of these models are affected. If you have this problem, keep your documentation of all repair visits for future lawsuit.