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Nissan Altima (95 Reviews)
I purchased my Nissan Altima 2002 new in 2001 and now have 189563 miles. I have the 3.5L engine and once put 87 octane gas in the car. The car does not like any gas except for the 93 octane recommended. Never had any problems with this car until now. It runs great but stalls unexpectantly without warning.

I suspect one of the sensors on the vehicle is causing a hick-up in the main control computer that controls the vehicle.

Will take it to the local Nissan dealer tomorrow and have them take a look. the quality of the interior and exterior of this car is amazing after all these years. Sure feel I got my monies worth.
We have (2 Altima's) my wife has the coupe and I drive the sedan. Luckily we are Nissan PPL my Altima is a 2008 with 140K miles while wife's has 60K miles a 2011 SR coupe. Been getting Nissans for last 20 years drove Nissan truck to a Sentra now my wife is looking in purchasing another we both are trading off the '08 Altima for a Maxima its looking good as well too though we don't like the styling of new Altima we want an upscale full luxury car as 2016 Maxima. Great gas mileages, reliable, less expensive in maintenance and last a long time we might both get a Maxima at same time will stay with the Nissan family. Believe never take care of your vehicle will have tons of problems also drive a 2007 Pathfinder with 165K miles no problems with tranny and radiator issues have all my Nissans serviced at dealership no problems. I am looking as my next purchase getting the new Maxima its looking gorgeous than ever my wife and I both liking the car very much as the 8th Nissan we are get ready purchasing.
Worst car ever. It is nothing but junk and waste of money.
Despite regular maintenance I had a blown head gasket, replaced two catalytic converters, the AC never really blew cold after 50K miles. The heater is a joke on cold day if you drive slower than 60mph. The engine constantly burnes oil keep at least 2qts in the trunk. I’m at 230K miles and the catalytic converter and O2 sensor is out again plus the engine is over heating after I drive it 30 minutes. With a state vehicle inspection coming up soon it looks like $4000 just to get it to pass. Never really a good car, stylish.
Car drinks oil like a fish drinks water! Gear shifter locks whenever it wants to! I HATE THIS CAR!!
This car is horrible
my 2012 2.5s has been a great car.36,000 mi. and not one mechanical problem.plenty of pickup,rides great but,as mentioned, doesn't like cross winds. my only complaint is the paint on black hood is chipping alot even with several coats of mothers wax.can'rate the paint highly. otherwise,love the car.
Good car looks bad but won't die. It originally have 296K miles reliable but vibrates and jerks a lot believe transmission giving out. I can't complain bought this car in March 1998 in Missouri see has lasting a long time I believe time comes want find a car like my 1994 Nissan Altima XE - Thank you Nissan!
I got this car in 2010 from a man who took great care of it I have GLE equipped model first bought had 145k now since drive commutes to Cincinnati has 240k very low maintenance requires. Have standard transmission seems as clutch getting weak but within past almost 5 years this car has never gave me a problem. Love wood grain dash panel includes digital climate control and CD/Cassette player factory keyless entry alarm. Overall believe this car might last me 400k doing scheduled maintenance plus tire rotations etc. Great dependable car I have ever owned.
love my Altima. got this car used in '03 now has 367,000 miles it is in great running condition. Gets good gas mileage no expensive repairs I did get 3 struts replaced and changed spark plugs twice. It is a good New England car does excellent in city driving very smooth handling believe last me another 60,000 miles as doing all low maintenance Nissan made an dependable ever in 1998 would highly recommend looking at this car being cheap to maintained.
This will make the 2nd Nissan I owned a Sentra never had any mechanical problems. We purchased the Altima in September 2012 has 48K miles its an nice looking car to say its the 2.5s Limited Edition drives good. Gets 32mpg highway has couple features very comfortable audio sounds great no we don't have the (Bose) but seems that way. The Altima very roomy has lots of spacious with my husband being 6'2'' he is comfortable in driver's seat. It handles perfect plus snows in the Midwest this car VDC/TCS helps drive through snow with slipping or going off the road. Love our Altima think its a cute car looking sporty with rr spoiler and fog lights that were available runs like new. I highly recommend this car very reliable and economical was built to last my last Nissan was a 1998 Sentra never gave us a problem this Altima is a good car.
03 Nissan Altima- 83,000 Runs Rough Missfireing Replace Plugs Coils, 87,000 Catalytic Converter Failure substrate goes into engine replace cat. Car begens to burn oil eventualy a quart and a half a week. Dealer adv bad engine miss fire bad cat blown head gasket. I had alway compained the car let in to much heat from the engine compartment as if the heater was on when vent fan was used nissan said its was exceptable. They covered up a poorly design engine that ran hot eventualy leading to head gasket failure wich weakenes the catalytic converter eventually causing its failure and the exhaust design allows the engine killings material go flow back into the engine and destroy it from the inside. Nissan adv the dealers if catfailure replace engine. If your out of warranty they aint doing nothing for you, 6k later new engine just turned 70k on replacement engine its starting to run rough and consume collant. Cranks sensors failing, AC hose leaks every problem with this car is a known issue and Nissan just let the consumer suffer and sucked major money out of us to maintain what is a poor investment of a car, Shame on Nissan.. thats why you dont see this model year on the streets its just reached 10yrs old and there all dead already I would not invest in any nissan again. Cant trust there engineers to make good decisions to not pass along substandard designs in parts and engine systems. I almost lost my job and had to take a personal loan to replace the engine when nissan refused to help in any way. Shame on you!
I have owned 2 Sentra's and now an Altima(2.5S Tn usa CVT trans 132k miles 23 mpg). By far the worst has been the Altima. The driver seat and seat position are most uncomfortable, (I am avg build 6ft) Tint band on windsheild is dangerous at night as it is so dark, it is hard to see out. Seat has manual adjust and is extremely hard along edges. Steering, although sporty is neutral and can lead to handling problems quickly if you are not constantly attentive. Reliability has been much worse than either older Sentra. Coil packs, motor mounts,fan blower motor,rear sway bar. CVT transmission is okay so far but I wonder based on other reviews. More inside room and better fuel mileage with Sentra's(1996 Tn 1.8Gte 5 speed 38-42 mpg 300k miles) (2001Mexico 1.8 auto 200k miles 30-35 mpg). I have had my last Nissan product.
Updating another review of my 2007 Nissan Altima. This is far the best car I have ever owned at now 103,000 miles notice took off a lower when out of town but became normal don't know if a CVT issue or a common problem otherwise I love my beautiful Altima SL. I finally got the 100,000 mile schedule maintenance and changed spark plugs so car can last me a while. It is still comfortable and has an impressive sound system includes Bose sound and navigation system. This car feels more like a luxurious car I like the styling better on this model than the newer Altima's. It gets good gas mileage average 30 mpg with 4 cylinder has agile handling and purrs every time taking off its a equipped car in great condition no problems at this time. I am planning to drive this car until all four wheels comes off. Believe that this car has lots of life left in her she is a beauty and my best friend. Thank God blessing me with a great dependable car I bought in June 2007 when 18 years of age now am 25 still own this workhorse. I did get minor repairs done so far have all records proving on getting nothing but low maintenance on this car. Overall hope this car can make to 200,000 miles without no issues as long it's well maintained have nothing to complain about it. These cars are the best ever hope mines last me until next 15 years Pray to God at this time 7 years old a reliable car I have ever owned.

Probably several thousand dollars overpriced but aren't all cards. I would say it's one of the best cars ever owned and ride is excellent on a good set of tires. Regular gas is what it drinks, so that's a money saver. Seats seem a bit too stiff and V4 engine power at low speeds seems almost dead. Great on gas and once on 70 mph its a grand cruiser. You want be racing any one in this car, if you want Haul Arse speed opt for the V6. I had the 2 door coupe V6 Altima before and the HA factor is amazing. V6 will need premium gas not to ping. On both cars, ground effects can be caught on the parking blocks.
the odometer not working, RPM going up and down on stop either light or sign,gas consumption is too much, the body is rotten,gas line leaking, power stirring reservoir leaking as well.
How much do a brake line repair cost ?
how do i go by fixing the engine on my altima that has locked up i think...?
I purchased my 2008 Altima in June of 2008. This car is much like any other car, you take care of it, it will take care of you. The car has ~120,000 miles on it now and still drives like new. I change the oil every 3000 miles and have maintenance completed as the manufacturer recommends.

The only mechanical problem I had with the car was with one of the master calibers. Fortunately the part was covered by warranty and cost me nothing to repair. The part failed at about 60,000 miles. The dealer I use is excellent "Lee's Summit" Nissan. I would have no qualms with purchasing a Nissan again. This car is a great car and I plan to drive it until it can go no more.
I was living on cloud nine with my 2005 Altima I was thinking I would probably replace it with another when the time came. However, at 41,000 miles my alternator failed. Left me stranded. To replace it was $718.15. Not happy about that. Garage kept, no dents, and only 41,000 being an 8 years old and I have to put out that kind of money burned me up. Not sure what to do now because I don't know why a part like that failed. 10/07/13
I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. I have nothing but good things to say about Nissan. My Altima runs perfectly. With minor problems. My check engine light comes on occasionally, but other than that there is not anything wrong with my car :)
I owned my most reliable and well built 2007 Altima 2.5 SL since June 2007. The dealership i purchased my little six year old daughter from Leglue Nissan in Alexandria LA was a great experienced still own this car. This is my baby i love this car with all my heart don't know what i do without her. Never had any problems at all thanks to God for letting it serve me well after six years i won't be getting another vehicle anytime soon after she looks like flintstone car and says Yeba Delba Doooooo!!!!!. This little Altima is comfortable and very smooth ride on the roads after six years still looks great just liked rode off assembly line. Done oil changes and maintenance at my dealer like supposed to serviced at still a great car with low mileage on odometer. Everything is easy to control from power/windows, doors, seats, mirrors. Its very sporty and very beautiful car i love love love my Altima this is my child for right she's part of the family and i hope she last me PRAY TO GOD much longer than my old 97 Altima or even longer. Nissan is a great car brand my cousin owned two from the 80s he never had one major problem out of his they been the best like ours now driving a 2012 Maxima its reliable too. Thanks Nissan that is why i love your product.
I have never owned a car before that had so many issues until I got my Altima. We have replaced all 4 wheel bearings, we have replaced the top catalytic converter, we have replaced the air compressor, we have replaced the a/c lines, the vehicle burns through brakes, we have replaced two oxygen sensors the camshaft sensor, the buttons on the radio quit working so we had to replace the radio, we have replaced all the shocks and struts. This car has been a never-ending hassle. This was my first Nissan and it will surely be my last. its like as soon as we get one problem fixed something else breaks. I feel like I have bought my car twice. unless you're in the mood to blow some money then buying a Nissan is not the way to go.
Just hit 125,000 miles, and I must admit I am very satisfied. The Altima was purchased used in 2008, don't remember the mileage at the time. We have had zero problems with this car. The only maintenance done has been fluid changes. The car operates flawlessly. Handling is starting to get a little on the sloppy side (going to be fixing that real soon.), but considering the mileage that makes sense. We have driven this vehicle all over the country and had no issues. Absolutely love the 2007 Nissan Altima.
we have a nissan altima car,american system,having a troubleshoot in the immobolizer,we are unable to program it,so how can we cancel its work?
I bought this car new in 2006 and it burns as much oil as my 1995 Nissan pickup and it has 450,000 miles on it. I was notified that it was built with bad rings in the engine about a week after we bought the car. It uses about 2 quarts between oil changes. It only has 120,000 miles on it. I will never buy another Nissian Altima. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Beware of Nissans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has been the worse car as far as maintenace i've ever owned.I feel like i've paided for it twice.Can't wait to trade in in!( Brakes,motor mount,struts,lifter,air conditioner,throttle body sensor,ect!!!!!!!!!!!
Have had this car for one yr now (2.5), just took it on a 6 hr trip with 5 people,luggage,etc. Car was flawless, drove 360 miles on less than one tank of gas! Very respectable, especially with all the added weight.
I am having problems starting my car. I press the brake and press the start button but nothing. The intelligent warning light is on and the radio dont even come on. Do anyone know how to get it started before I take it to the shop and get charged $1,000 for it?
65,000 miles on the car..mostly highway driving in its car life. Just replaced tires at 63K, triet to stretch the origional conti tires to 70,000 but not quite. Ifnition stop switch bad at 38,000 miles, I hear this is a common problem. Habe a 4 dr. and the rear weather striping has been bad t/o the life of the vehicle, the center glove box is loose and had benn since 35, 000 miles. Hgwy gas mileage is 32 plus and combined usually 0ver 25 mpg up to 29 mpg. Hoping to get reliability from here to 200K miles...hope that's not a pipe dream, as its my first Nissan experience. Oil has been changed every 3-6.5 K miles and will continue on this schedule, bassically by season and not milage. Oh, yes Serpentine Belt at 62,000 mi. and it needed replcing w/divots missing and dry rot cracking noted on origional belt. Hope timing belt does well.