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I purchased my 2008 Acura TL Type S (Auto) in January 2008 and have enjoyed it tremendously for its performance, reliability and technology. Having owned a 2004 Acura TL (Auto), I can say that the performance upgrade and subtle styling improvements were worth the difference. The '04 TL was a great value and an enjoyable daily driver with all the reliability Acura/Honda was known for. However, the '08 TL Type S is more fun as a daily driver with great performance for the opportunities to push its limits. The car has been very reliable with few shortcomings after seven years. The battery drained twice where the car wouldn't start, the first time was within the two years of ownership and then at the beginning of year 2014; I was told that it was likely due to the bluetooth system the first time and the installation of a remote starter the last time. My other complaint has nothing to do with the performance of the car but is specific to the bluetooth as I intermittently experience issues where it is difficult for the other party to hear me regardless of the cellular signal strength. Otherwise, I've enjoyed my TL Type S for 130,000 miles with nothing more than scheduled maintenance and tire replacement.
I just got rid of my 2010 acura mdx at 140K miles. For the last 2 years I have had to spend $4K a year in repairs. Recently I noticed that the transmission lost 2 quarts of fluid in less than 40K miles and the engine oil level went down 2 quarts in less than 4K miles. I couldn't wait to get rid of this. It was a money pit. I thought this would last at least 200K miles. I could have/should have purchased a ram 1500 or ford truck. I would have gotten at least as good if not better gas mileage and had a more durable vehicle. On top of that the luxury levels for the price of the truck vs the acura mdx would have been very close... Lesson learned though... I will NEVER EVER buy another Acura again. Even the Acura dealership, where I always got it serviced at, said it was only worth $2K to $4K. What a joke... Also I had to upgrade the high beams to HID because they were not bright enough. IF you only plan on keeping it for less than 80K miles then there is no issue...if you plan on keeping it for longer then you better have a large cash savings to pay for the repair bills. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that the engine was knocking hard...either a piston or rod was failing in the engine. I could understand this if I didn't maintain it properly...I did take it to the Acura dealership for all services.
I am a proud owner of my 1999 Acura 3.5RL (White) with Navigation. I acquired the vehicle when i was in College as my previous Acura (Integra) was totaled in 2006. The 3.5RL had about 128,000 from one owner and now i have little over 492,000 and still running strong. I work as a consultant so i choose to drive every where with my RL. In my family we have owned other vehicles like Audi A6 4.2 but i still preferred driving the RL. Have not had any major issue, these are the things I perform as Maintenance: Oil change every 4K (that is about every month for me), ATF change with filter, power steering flush, brake fluid flush and front gear oil (that is every 3rd oil change), Coolant every year and timing belt every 75K. I do all these my self that is why i am doing some way before recommended time. I use all Acura/Honda genuine parts/fluid but i save on labor. The car can still go another few 100k miles. I have to get the rear main seal replaced that i cannot do as i don't have a lift but other than that absolutely nothing else was required. In think this particular generation of 3.5RL were made bullet proof. Message me if you have any questions or need help with repair.
I had a 2004 Acura TL bought used in '07. On 10th of July was in a crashed State police and OHIO State troopers couldn't even believed had made it out the car safe. Just purchased a used TL from a owner in NY I know owner and his wife the car has 62,000 miles these old Acura cars are more bulletproof I do plan to driving my second TL for 200,000 miles or up.
Bought a 9.5+ condition '03 RL w 47,000 miles on it last fall. Looks just like the one in the picture above. These cars are made in Japan and bulletproof.
Plenty of room in the cabin and the trunk, very comfortable and easy to drive. Great ergonomics! The CD stereo in my '03 totally rocks, AC is freezing.
Not hot rods, per se, but totally reliable luxo-cruisers. If you can find a clean one with low miles, grab it!
I had a white pearl '96 that I drove to 189,000 miles(!) with zero issues, don't know now why I got rid of it....
my 96 tl just decided it did not want to start anymore. after process of going into every possible cause, discovered that the fuel pump relay went bad( the relay thats up at the top but behind the fuse panel on the drivers side, very hard to find- the relay had cold solder joint cracking, and I just desoldered 4 spots, and resoldered the 4 points, put it back together, reinstalled it behind the fuse panel(where they hid it so you couldn't find it) and the car started right up and has been running great, again, and will for another 320k miles, I am sure (Yes, thats 320 thousand miles on the odometer, and she is not ever hinting of a rebuild, yet. When that time comes, I will rebuild the engine, and keep this car until the end of time! its been the best running, most reliable, and still damn fast, (she will STILL squalk the tires when it shifts getting on the freeway) and although I have been a firm Chevy owner for the past35 years, this Acura is every bit as reliable as all my Chevys were,(which is very reliable). so if you have an '96 Acura Tl 3.2, keep it, you will not find another vehicle that will take care of you like these, and I wouldn't chance it on another vehicle unless you have another transportation vehicle back up. And, my Black '96 Tl 3.2 is the best looking of all the years, all the newer ones just look like all the other cars on the road, but the '96 has that mean but nice look to its front end.
Bought TL-S in 2010 with 100k miles for my high school twins. I have put in 5 transmsission for which I paid for 2. Very important to get cooler for the transmission fluid. Handles like a dream very quite, wonderful sound system. m just paid $180 to get a HID headlight buld replaced. MPG is about 18 which is tuff with $4/Gal premium, better now. My son does not trust it for relability and will prbably sell after college graduation. Or I might keep it.
I bought a 2000 Acura RL with 90.000 mi 4 years ago. Now it has reached 100.000 mi. I went one time on a longer trip (6.000 km in 2 weeks, the car was driven up to its maximum through Germany and elsewhere), for the rest the car is used very seldom (my main car is Volvo 940). Shame to say I did not do absolutely any maintenance on the car, except changing 2 tyres. Not even the motor oil or any filter, as I em reluctant to give it to any local workshop, and always postpone to do it myself. The car still has its original timing belt, which can cost it its life as a repair would be impossible to undertake if the timing belt breaks or slips (I live in Holland, but I guess anywhere else if the timing belt fails it would be the end of the engine).

It is kept in a garage so it keeps its nice look. There is no rust anywhere, and the paint finish is excellent. I find the interior made in a very quality manner and extremely user friendly. The sound of the factory installed hi-fi unit (Bose) is superb, and its controls are greatly designed. The car does not have too many and unnecessary gadgets or steering wheel switches, what it has is just enough for highly ergonomic use. Bad remark can be made to the fact that (at least on my car, and that is very strange to me) there is no light on the A/C control unit switches, so in the night it is not easy to choose the settings.

I am planning to overhaul the brakes (rotors are causing vibrations at higher speed sharper braking, which considering the mileage I find normal and part of regular maintenance) and replace oil, ATF, cooling liquid etc and all filters. Also to somehow inspect the alternator for brushes wear, and replace all the belts, and timing belt and tensioners.

Car behaves excellent on the road and is very easy to drive. I gave it all maximum ratings as I never experienced any problem, and it is obviously not perfectly maintained at all. Another minus point would be the design of the upper edge of the inside door panel (upholstery). This can probably understand only drivers of Volvo 700/900 series, as the design on the Volvo is unmatched by any car I drove earlier (possibly older Mercedeses can be compared to Volvo). The Acura inside door panel is at the "wrong" height (too high) and it is rounded (while the Volvo design is rectangular and wide enough so that the complete lower arm can be rested on it (with the window closed). There is an armrest on the Acura RL door panel, but it is too low and not suitable for me.

I've had and driven many cars, and my belief is that Acura RL can be a very long lasting car if maintained used correctly.
Good strong 4 Door 1997 Acura 3.2 TL V6 with 195,500 miles on it. Little rust. Leather interior. Power locks, seats, heated seats, and powered windows. Windows bout at 20-30% tinted. Runs excellent overall!
Srs indcator light stay on why
I had a leased Acura RX and loved it Then I bought a used 2006 Acura TL around 4 years ago.
These are the things I had or have to fix:
1. air conditioning - fixed 2 times - last time around 10 months ago after been over a year with broken a/c
2. motor mounts - need to fix - bad for a very long time - incredible for an expensive car
3. battery problems - have the problem right now
4. trunk - paint is peeling. Looks terrible
5. glove compartment - the front cover looks melted and bubbly, Looks ugly.
6. had to fix the front lights
I thought an expensive car will last longer... mainly because is an Acura.
What a great car! Mine is a Crystal Black Pearl, SH-AWD Tech. Comfortable, fast, beautiful, dependable, great dealer network. Couldn't be happier!
I've owned 5 Acuras and my 2010 TL SH-AWD Tech is the best yet.
I bought my 1997 Acura CL in 2000 with less than 30,000 miles. I love this car. I had to have the air conditioner compressor replaced last year and the clutch replaced this year (with over 265,000 miles on the original clutch). Other than that, it's been routine wear and tear stuff - brakes, tires ,etc.

My biggest problem is with the exhaust system. I've had to have 4 new exhausts in 6 or 7 years - not sure why.

Love, love, love this car - I hope it goes for another 250,000 miles!
Very disgusted with my Acura TL. First, had no idea that it was a car needing PREMIUM gas when I bought it - list price was 36,225. 6 hours into a trip from Western NY to southern Indiana on 4-11-14, the dashboard lights began flashing with several messages, including something about the stability control. Within 5 minutes the engine power failed and we had to pull off to the side on Highway 71 South near Columbus, Ohio. After getting towed to Lindsay Acura in Columbus, we were told that the coolant had run out and the radiator and engine were "fried". They wanted $5200.00 and counting to repair this car. We asked what they would pay for the car and negotiated from $5000.00 to 5200.00. Basically, we gave our car away----This should never have happened - the car had less than 60,000 miles on it. I see them selling for $18,000 to 22,000 for that same model, same year. The car had nav. system, leather, sun roof, etc. Now, with my $5200.00 I am car shopping again and will NEVER buy another Acura. BTW - I really hated getting in and out of that car because it was too low, and the huge and heavy door kept shutting on me and pushing me back into the car BUT I did want my trade in value from the car and got next to nothing due to this engine problem.
Had no problems at all. Excellent car!
Absolutely love this car. 2010 TL SH-AWD w/ Tech. Best car I've owned.
I have Acura TL, 2012 FWD. I do not know if anybody else have the same problem as me, but would like to find out. I think Acura has a serious problem with leather. Yes, leather on the seats.It is bulging up in no time. It is depressing to see-mostly on the driver seat since it is used most, and I am not overweight.
Overall a great car....but, the engine management system creates a very annoying vibration when the car reaches "cruising speed" whether it's 25 or 30 or 70 mph. If they don't fix it my next buy will be Lexus.
411K and still rolling strong.Rear main seal leaks but 1 quart a week maybe if I drive it alot. Had mormal maintenance done changed the oil every 7k used Full synthetic after 100k and still use it. Never changed the transmission fluid or any service. There are several recalls that I will take advatage of and didnt even know about until I came to this site today. Some are money saver like Ball Joints etc. I read the last guys response and have to say he got a lemon because this car has another 200k left
is it so that you have to change timing belt on the motor every 75000 miles.
have a 2000 mdx, is it so that you have to change timing belt every 75000 miles.
I Love my 2005 TSX however like everything the car has its wear and tear problems. For the most part, Arcua in Pembroke Pines are great! A little pricee but the service is top notch. I had to replace my air conditioning system about 3 years after i purchase the car but i thank God for my extended warranty. I paid a $100 for the repairs. The air flows great and never had any problems thereafter. I also needed to replace the motor in one of my window which I thought that was ridiculous but guess what, it was under the warranty as well.

I replaced my timing belt chain but that wasn't so bad because Service Department worked with me and give me a good price.
This is my second Acura and i am a loyal and long time customer. I'm a single young lady therefore I trust Acura with my Car but i don't know about there pricing, at times. With that being said i believe that the Company should take that into consideration when you have supported the Dealership as a value customer. There should be a little more discounts at the cash register for loyal and dedicated customers!!

Overall, I appreciate the Service Department and how they provide good customer service with such professionalize. My Service Rep (Jean Louis) is great!! He is a professional all day, everyday!! he is very knowledgeable and very patience. And I really appreciate all of his efforts when explaining whats and whys of the repairs process.

He is consider to be a great asset to the Arcua Dealership in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Thanks again to Jean and his team at Arcua.

Ms. Byrd

This is the best car ive ever owned. I love it.
my 1997 acura tcs and abs lights are on I would like to know why my car stalls to accelerate when the tcs system is engaged but when its off it runs fine
what is happen when you put on the ac of acura mdx it would trip off the engine?
Got my 2000 TL with 80K miles. Put in new transmission at 100K but has been trouble free since...have 230K now. I love the power and handling of this car. Wish I could find one garaged with 0 miles.
overall a solid car. I have chased the oil leak at the distributor, repaired the exhaust, replaced water pump/tires/oil/-not too much more . Car will be 20 this year. 156k miles, paid 1200 two years ago. Handy-mans car, needs attention on accession, mine has always started and run.(granted not perfectly, but if you want that bust out with 40,000.00 for a second car, then you can expect a little more!)
My engine is overheating, i have changed radiator and change gasket and even top cylinder grinding.the thermostat have been removed and the fans are ok, wot else could be causing an overheating in this engine? i dnt want to change this car. The water pump is working fine. pls i need a help.