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Purchased a used 2005 Toyota forerunner V6 with 76,000 miles based on Consumer Reports and reviews. Other than a new battery and a starter, we've had no issues for several years. At 133,000 however, dash panel light and computer code revealed misfire in # 6 cylinder. After some research, I discovered "head gasket," and # 6 cylinder issues are quite common in high mileage Toyota forerunners. See or google: 2005 toyota forerunner "head gasket" and you will discover as I did, that Toyota has lot's of # 6 cylinder & head gasket issues on high mileage Toyota's. So much for low maintenance costs! $4, costs are nothing to sneeze at my friend.
My 2010 Dodge Journey needed a complete transmission rebuild or replacement with just 67000 miles on it.
I bought my 2005 kia sedona in February of 2016. I gentleman had it sitting in his Yard because of a bad wheel bearing ($25 part) I gave him $700. The van only had 102,000 miles on it. Clean interior and exterior and ran quiet and smooth besides a small creaking noise on bumpy roads which turned out to be the top motor mount on the passenger side I paid $35 for it and replaced it myself. As far as brakes? I only changed them once so far and hasn't gave me an issue. I replaced the A/C compressor just because I wanted better A/C the old one worked ok but weak ($65 + $15 in Freon) other then that no issues. Turns really smooth in both Hot and cold weather stopped or moving, not a powerhouse but it does have some get up and go for a heavy van, no electrical issues what so ever. Transmission shifts smoothly. All in all its a great vehicle.its 3x cheaper then the competitors (Dodge, Toyota and Honda) it's affordable. Kinda petty that people on here dis the vehicle because they obviously don't take care of it. I keep up on regular maintenance. Check everything all the time. That's how you make a car last. Grow up and take responsibility.
I've been running my 2003 Liberty for around 3 years now and covered 25,000 miles in that time. It's a 4x4 Limited with auto transmission and is at its best during the snow season, where it climbs out over small drifts like no other 4x4 I've driven.
Overall it's a decent truck, it's comfortable (albeit a little basic) and it's never had a problem starting. I've had issues and needed to replace 3 window regulators (don't get me started on this), the rotors all round, a new radiator, AC condenser, battery, alternator, transmission solenoids, O2 sensor and windscreen washer pump. Including the oil changes, which I'd recommend every 3,000 miles, I'm into around $5k in repairs on this car in 3 years. Sounds like a lot, and it is, but am hopeful that the next 3 years will be a little easier on me. My mechanic heard a light rumbling in the rear diff, but only with a stethoscope and I know the rear shocks need replacing this year.
At this age and mileage I've read that $1500/year isn't uncommon for repairs and maintenance on 8k-10k miles per year. For me that's still better than a car payment on a replacement, which could also be expensive.
I'm planning to run it up to around 160k miles and expecting to budget $120 per month on repairs. Overall, that seems to be a fair running cost for a 14 year old truck.
The bodywork is in great condition, although the clear coat has recently peeled on the roof. The alloy wheels are pitted, but I'm not planning to make pretty on the cosmetics of this truck so happy to live with it. The gas mileage is terrible, but with low gas prices and low mileage I'm not too worried about that.
In general I think it's a lot of fun, great in the snow with 4WD engaged (not so great in the wet with normal 2WD) and it's got plenty of space for hauling things around. I think I'd still take on a road trip of 1000 miles without much hesitation.
I put my truck in park. All the free shift lights came on. When I killed it and started back up, it wouldn't shift. Only way to get home was to unhook the battery, and reboot. Any clues what's going on?
We bought our Versa in July 2013. It is now July 2017. I LOVE this car! I am 58 years old and have owned many cars. It is the best car I have ever owned. Believe it or not...we have never had a problem with it. It has always started up and ran like a champ! All we have done is routine maintenance Oil and filter changes every 4 months. It gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable, it handles well, I love the look of it, the hatchback has a lot of room. There is nothing about this car I would change...our Versa is just perfect.
I love my Toyota Prius as a college student who is always on the go. I need a car to keep up with me. I only had a few issues with my car so far.The A/C stop blowing out cold which cost a lot of money to replace. The light bulb on the car went out few months ago cost only 7 bucks to replace.
I have a 2009 vw cc. LOVED IT! Fast, beautiful my perfect car. It now has 98,000 miles on it. Warning!!! The arm that hold the timing chain broke, my chain jumped and it bent the valves in my engine. It was going to cost me 6 grand to get another engine with 90,000 miles installed. Found a person to replace the valves for 1500.00. He works on vw all the time and has for years. He told me that is a common issue around 90,000 miles. That arm breaks, the chain jumps and the valves bend. So if you have one, or are contemplating getting one it may be a good idea to have it replaced around 90,000 miles just to be safe. It will save you a lot of money and headache in the long run. (It also happened with my sisters vw at around 90,000 miles.)
Bought my 07 with 38,000 mi just turned 190,000 got to say it has been a great truck, although some of these issues i am reading about has happened to me. think sheet metal is a little weak on body and inside has had some stuff fall apart .But this truck has never left me stranded and i do use it for work and hunting.
Bought my 2008 V6 Accord with 12K in 2010..previous owner used only as snowbird vehicle. From day 1, I noticed that when i accelerated from a dead stop the car would behave like plugs were missing or it needed a tuneup, yet when I reached highway speed no problems. I just had tensioner pulley and serpentine replaced after 80K...thank goodness for my neighbor who worked as service manager at Honda who diagnosed the issue by listening to the me it sounded as if my power steering unit was going. I was hoping that the tensioner pulley was causing the "engine miss" but no such luck. The ECO works properly and I was thinking that could be the issue. Any other ideas?
Mine is 2.7 ffv it has 110000 miles now. Engine and drive train excellent I have people standing near it can't believe it's idling so quite trans very smooth. All I done is set of front wheel bearings and front and back pads once. Change plugs at a 100000. My only problem has been a weak ac at idle and truck lid filled with water til I removed plugs. I had Ford focus before this car it drop valve at 80000 mile. Would purchase the avenger again.
I own a 2005 Hyundai XG350L. It is a nice car. EXCEPT it is DEATH trap, Hyundai KNOWS it but ADAMENTLY refuses to make a simple repair. I think this is a problem with MANY 2003 to 2009 multi-model Hyundais. The SRS electrical harness under the drivers seat is too short to accommodate the engineered seat travel. The harness connection gets stressed or completely disconnected when the driver's seat is moved forward, thus defeating the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS, air bags) and the "seat belt" light stays on all the time, steady. Do a quick Google search on Hyundai XG350 air bag light, you will find a thousand complaints and reports. Hyundai is certainly aware of the issue!! My dealer tells me there is no fix, no recall, and no shop directive. Hyundai NA Customer Relations tells me the same thing. A simple 6" electrical "pigtail" using the same type of connectors would completely resolve the problem. They could have the pigtails made up, and send out shop directives to dealers on exactly how to fix the problem-------unplug existing connection, plug in the pigtail - DONE! I really just want to warn people in my situation of the danger and to also let those people there is NO "official" solution coming. Don't bother looking for a solution, it's a waste if your time. People can make up their own mind on buying a Hyundai, I sure have, but this issue goes to the state-of-mind of the whole Corporation. They.....don'
I bought the 2002 Highlander Limited used with 52,000 miles. The best vehicle that I have ever owned. I had the transmission rebuilt at 212,000 and just replaced both knock sensors at 223,500 miles. Can you say 300,000 miles?? I sure hope so!!
My 2001 Toyota Avalon (purchased new) is fantastic. I have 340,000km (212k miles) and just purchased new Toyo tires Versado Noir and now rides brand new - maybe even better if you can believe it. Tire install felt like having new shock absorbers. I had very little maintenance except making some minor rust repairs as I live in Canada (sorry signed in from NY state to get on site). It rides great and expect more years of great ride (hence new tire buy).

Some minor glitches over years were dealt with but overall I am super satisfied. I did do timing belt at 150k, changed oil/filter regularly. Did not do scheduled maintenance. Replaced strut arm in rear and 1 tire bearing (noisy), that's about it over the brake/tire maintenance over last 16 years.

I see an Avalon post with over 500k km. Wow, even though it cost a pretty penny when I bought it in 2001 it was well worth it. It rides like a Lexus (in fact has Lexus motor, etc) and in the comparable Lexus model/same size was in G class. So all in all super happy!

Hello (after my post),
I submit a few "glitches" I dealt with. Maybe it can help other Avalon owners.

Glitch 1
I was annoyed that after car was turned off, all doors (except driver) remained shut. I saw a post on how to disable the auto shut. It is about a 1 minute procedure with turning key and a few buttons in sequence. It works except when battery is disconnected again it reverts to same old, so may have to do number of times. I keep the instructions handy and this procedure (at dealer if they know how and maybe costing hundreds) is great.

Glitch 2,
3 or 4 times my car did not start or lights were blinking internally. Simple fix: ensure battery terminals are well connected. It loosens after a few years. Again, dealer scratched their head, but simple positive battery reconnect worked.

Glitch 3,
I found rear strut assembly kept sounding clunky after 10 years. Get the right pieces from a reliable service person and replace to make solid.

Glitch 4,
After 12 years, noticed car was sluggish or did not start right off. Clean carburetor for any sludge build-up. 100 buck should do it. Do not get dealer to tell you you need new expensive spark plugs (6 or so -and very expensive). Also at 340k started to use occasional super gas to help clean injectors . maybe even that small bottle of engine cleaner in full gas tank helps. Car now purrs like a kitten.

Positive 1
New right tires make car work great and super quiet. No need for new shock absorbers, etc.

Positive 2
Car uses 8.7 litres / 100 km highway after 16 years. Better than original specs. Amazing!

Positive 3
No need to change anything ,refer to glitches.

Positive 4.
I am perplexed some people complain about minor stuff. Understand if it is major but you get what you pay for, how you drive and maintain car. Maybe with other brands they would be less complaining. You can never please all the people all the time.

Happy driving.

I'm the first owner of a 2003 Saturn Vue with 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD, 2.2L. I can't say enough great things about this car. I simply love it! I also own a 2004 Land Cruiser which is obviously the other end of the spectrum in terms of luxury. I enjoy driving the Vue more. Its great on gas, very peppy with the manual transmission, and has a disproportionately large amount of cargo space given the size of the vehicle. I have consistently done regular maintenance which includes things like new brake pads at appropriate mileage levels. The car looks brand new. A real gem!
To all Solara owners with cracking and sticky dashboards and interior pieces: Toyota had a recall for replacement at no cost for
dashboard and interior that was cracking or sticky. I had my dashboard in my 2007 Solara replaced at no cost to me....Sorry I don't
have the recall details but it may be worth checking on. New dashboard looks great.
Update to previous review over a year ago. Car was purchased with 58,100 miles, not 581. Now has 72,000. Recent maintenance included upper & lower oil pan seal replacement (small leak in upper), front thrust rod bushings replacement (worn), and differential housing support replacement (cracked) -- total cost about $3,000, but covered by my aftermarket extended warranty.
Car continues to impress with power, speed and comfort features. Sure is a good road car. Would be hard to downgrade to a "common" car like a Honda or Toyota.
Suspension seems to wallow/roll sometimes in rear. This 2009 750i was an early model and had air dampers, which are unimpressive IMO. Going to Sport+ and back to Normal seems to help for some reason --??
Depreciation has been way excessive. KBB trade-in is now listed at 16k -- price of a used Civic! Ridiculous.
Only 16 months left on extended warranty -- hope whatever's going to break does it before then.
Bought the car brand new back in 2013. After a couple of months, I had to replace a window regulator to the rear passenger door because it was making grinding noises. Fortunately, the repair was covered under warranty. Then, I noticed the car drifted a bit to the right. Ended up having to do an alignment.

The DSG transmission is very smooth during up shifts but jerks quite a bit at down shifts. The interior rattles and squeaks. The brakes feel squishy. The accelerator is sensitive. A slight touch and the car jerks forward. Driving experience is decent. Not too much wind noise, but road noise is noticeable, especially with 18 inch wheels. Steering is light at low speed and stiffens up during high speed to prevent over correction. When turning the car, I can hear the steering wheel's electric motor whine. The stock Continental tires aren't that good. I recommend replacing them with Yokohama YK580 when it's time to replace the tires. I notice the ride quality improved after replacing them with the Yokohamas.

Got my first recall notice a couple of years later, 2015. Something with a faulty steering wheel clock spring which could disable the airbag and prevents it from deploying in an accident. Second recall notice was the Takata SDI driver airbag. Contacted my local VW dealer and they said there's a 3 week backlog. As of this review, still waiting for the part.

Other electrical & engine problems started happening about 3 years of ownership. The front passenger window won't drop when opening the door, causing the window to catch the rubber seal. Technician said the micro switch on the door handle will need replacement. A couple of months ago, one of the HID bulbs burned. I had to replace that. A couple of weeks later, the engine speed sensor malfunctioned causing the car to go into limp mode. Three weeks after replacing the engine sensor, the engine water pump failed and started leaking. I also had to replace it (costly repair). Last week, I saw an AFS warning on the console and the light bulb indicator went on. Ended up replacing a burned out bulb for the cornering lamp. A few days ago, I noticed the engine ran rough during a cold startup. The engine indicator flashed and stayed on. Noticeable drop in power and gas mileage. Took my car to a VW mechanic and he said it's carbon build up. I had to clean the intake manifold. The technician said this usually happens at around 60K miles but my car only has 44K miles. I'm always filling up with 91 octane gas and Castrol full synthetic oil as recommended. Now, I just notice a small crack on the side plastic cover on the driver's chair (above the control buttons).

As of today, 5/17/2017, I had to replace the turbo diverter valve and the oil separator on the PCV. And now it's possible that my turbo is going bad because it makes this loud high pitched whistle noise during acceleration.

I bought this 2009 a couple months ago. Incredibly, it has just 25,000 miles on it. I have all records and the previous owner had essentially no problems with it, other than the REAR brakes being done twice, which is unusual. I do all my own auto work short of automatic transmissions and this car so far has needed nothing.

It is very quiet with the top up, quieter than my 2001 S60 T5. It is low to the ground compared with an S60, and the seats are very firm but not uncomfortable. I am surprised at the handling complaints others have; I drive this up and down the mountains every weekend and with good tires it handles fine. The front brakes shudder dramatically when they get hot (still on original pads) and the factory front discs appear to be flawed with pits in them which catch and retain pad material, causing this.

The base stereo sounds quite decent. The engine runs great and if I obey the speed limit I can easily break 30 mpg on trips. Otherwise about 24 mpg if you throw in some commuting.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this car.
I bought my Honda pilot new in 2007 I have replaced tires , brakes , wiper blades ,one cracked windshield and one radiator that was hit by a stone and punctured it.
I have 88937miles on my car. On June 11 ,2017 I replaced alternator . This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It does well in the snow and I'm keeping it till it totally dies.
Best transportation I had..until my engine turned off !!!! No one can help me find out how and why the info displayed " 0 hours left " when diagnostics was performed. No one can me with this problem. I'm just a single women and I need answers
At or about 15000 miles the accelerator stopped responding. The car could only accelerate by using the cruse control lever. Took the car to West Palm Beach Mercedes. Ten days later It was ready for pick up. The car drove normally with proper acceleration for one day when on I-95 I was passing a car and moved in front of it at Donald Ross exit when it failed to keep the speed and the accelerator stopped responding. Fortunately an accident was averted. I took the car back to service. This time they kept it for over two weeks. The accelerator works now but when the car is in traffic in slow speed it moves forward with ever so small but perceivable jerks. I did not take the car back to service. The initial enthusiasm and fun to drive a diesel Mercedes is over. It takes me to work and brings me home.
I bought a used 1993 Toyota Deluxe 4x4 with the 22R-E for my son, it had 171k on the clock. My son drove it until he went off to college and took my 1997 4Runner Limited with him.

I didn't mind the switch because I liked the little beast...It was a south of the rust belt truck, as it had no rusted chassis and few if any body spots. I just finished doing the timing chain, because of a failed plastic guide. While the engine was unbuttoned I did the oil and water pump as well, new cover gasket, oil pan and every component on the front steering, including pitman, idler and shocks, just because I was there and noticed all the stock components rubber was cracked and leaking grease. Now that it is all done, it runs even better than before, it's my favorite truck, simple to fix, strong durable engine for its size, great suspension, economical and reliable. I am not a mechanic, but this truck is easy to figure out. Only wish Toyota would bring a new version, but keep it simple, without all the electronics and with a beefed up 22-R-E
2012 Equinox LTZ--Had to replace the timing chain and water pump at about 80,000. A couple of weeks later, a cam sensor. All Warranty....but would have been $2700 otherwise. Burned a lot of oil...was told to bring it in prior to 120,000 and they would replace the pistons under extended warranty to solve the oil burn. When I got there they said it wasn't covered and they wouldn't/didn't do it. I have 3 payments to go, and the car will be 5 years old in May. March of 2017 the engine had a catastrophic failure (136,000). Over the last 35 years, neither my wife nor I have ever had a car with a catastrophic engine failure. I was forced to put a new engine in and opted for a new one with a 100,000 mile warranty. $5000.
Make & Model: 2000 VW GLS 2.0L

I can drive 2 to 5 miles. Park the car, then come back within 10 to 15 minutes and it'll crank strong but not start up. Even had 4 guys try to give me a push start the last time but it just wouldn't start. The time before that a friend tried jumping the battery even though it wasn't dead but nothing. In the end, after giving up and just letting it sit still for about 30 minutes, I can start it up, and it will run strong all the way back home. If I try to start it up again immediately after getting home, it will. Any one else had this problem? It runs great, doesn't stall out OR seem under powered either. Please advise for solution.
I purchased my 2003 Honda Civic LX used. It now has over 200,000 miles on it and I'm extremely happy with the car. Honda's are long-term investments – low maintenance costs, low repair costs, and great mileage. I'm beginning to think my Civic will last until the end of time!
while driving temp gauge stops working when i turn off engine
cooling fans stay running 2 minutes start car in morning fan motor
makes noise 1 minute disconnect battery at night when i get home in morning reconnect
problem gone for a day or two problem then returns
This is one of the best vehicles I have owned. The ride is very comfortable and is easy to get in and out of. I have back problems and my wife has server dificulty walking and getting on and out of vehicles but not in our explorer We bought it as precertified from Scarsdale Ford just minor problems interior and licsenes plate lites WE WOULD RECOMMEND THIS VEHICLE AND DEALERSHIP to anyone there service department is suburb
Bought my Camry to replace my 2006 Sonata and I realized I should have brought a Camry back in 2006 instead of the Sonata. I'll stop back and give my reliable report in 2 or 3 years. Too early to tell now.
2011 chevy Malibu great car except for ESC & traction control light keeps coming on and car jerks , bought at 30,000 after it was hit ...GREAT CAR until recent issues....but it seems faulty wiring may be an easy fix just frustrating