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1 Bad ASS truck, 160,000. Best for the money.
Overall I really liked this 2013 ML 350. Mine was loaded with xenon lights, Harmon Kardon sound system, and keyless go. Definite musts. The only real gripe was the tendency of a smelly AC system due to bad design that permits mold to grow in the system. Changing the air filter is only a temporary and expensive fix. Only drove it 25000 miles so it was not too bad but actually got a 2015 model - so hoping this does not happen in this SUV.
nothing fancy but solid good truck, great mileage for the era. Not as good as a ranger but WAY better than that piece of crap tacoma I used to own. Toyota targets people who know absolutely nothing about cars and then throws around the word reliable....NOT
Bought it new in 2005. 170,000 miles at this point. Had to replace brakes a few times. Rusting worse than expected even in Nebraska with all the salt. Recently it started to not take gas which is frustrating. Had issues with the passenger electric door but managed to fix that myself. There has been a "growling" noise in the engine compartment for a few years now. No engine light to indicate a problem though. We'll keep driving it until something major comes up. Probably won't buy another Chrysler. Have to give the others a chance!
Car is a piece of junk. Bought it brand new in 2001. Only have 80,000 miles on it cause I HATE to drive it. Every 6 months without fail it has something die on it. Replaced parts that hold the windows up, the front passenger seat position lock failed so every time you stop or start the passenger goes flying forward or backward. headlights, taillights, oil pan leak, windshield washer fluid receptacle, electrical system has had repeated issues,etc. Hate, hate, hate VWNBs.
I am having a problem with the oil pressure sensor but found out the engine is bad and needed to be replaced the truck is in very good shape no other problems this happen at 97,000 miles and 5 days after the 5 year mark so no coverage. Any others out there having the same problem? The dealer says something in side the motor not sure what.
I have been working on one of these for a friend, for a couple of years now. I have developed my own personal opinion of this car through my mechanical experience, and find it to be a highly over priced piece of crap. The subframe "floats" on rubber mounts that road salt destroys. All rubber bushings in this car cannot hold up to "salt belt" weather conditions. All of the factory service and factory parts are excessively over priced. From a mechanical design point of view, I'd love to slap around the designers! This car is HORRIBLE, CHEAPLY BUILT and a total piece of junk. Further.... I have NEVER seen a car where you can kick the front tire backwards, and the tire on the other side of the car move FORWARD AND BACK!!!!! The whole subframe, suspension, motor and transmission are bolts to rubber mounts that the body SITS on.
This truck was purchased about 3 years ago .Since this time it has been in the shop every year It has cost on average of about $2400.00 per year.It is never the same thing .Just got out of shop March 6,2015 cost 2213.14 to replace HIGH PRESSURE PUMP HARNESS GASKET ASSY. $323.14 FOR PARTS $1890.00 LABOR
I bought my 2003 Ford Taurus SES in Feb,2009 from Empire Ford. It must be a lemon. The car only had 85,285 miles on it when I bought it, thought with only that many miles on it with 6 years use, the car was built in June 2003, one of the last ones of the '03 models one would think Ford would have got it right after a whole model year. I thought I knew about Taurus's as I bought a 2001 Taurus SES with the OHC engine, it was a program car and only had 23,900 miles on it. Drove it 250,000 miles from June 2002 until June, 2005 when I traded it for a 2004 Ford Taurus SES w/o the OHC motor, a mistake, it had 33,560 miles on it,also a program car I put 190,000 miles on it until it was totaled out, not my fault in an awesome car wreck I was turned upside down and hit a block wall at 30-35 mph upside down, tore a gas meter off the wall and natural gas spewing everywhere. The point I am making is with being able to put that many miles on both of those Tauruses and doing nothing to them except oil changes,air filter replacement, tires and front brakes only I thought I knew them damned cars pretty well. No sir that ain't the case, the 2003 I presently own, bought in Feb,'09 has had to have the transaxle redone or replaced twice, the first time it just quit, seems they had bad torque converters in 'em. That was back in 2012, had trouble with it from the beginning after the rebuild. The second time was recently, Nov 2014, had it done at Allied Transmissions, they did the first one also. They did not rebuild the original that came with the car they put one they had there, it has an 02 tag on the top of the bell housing, no other ID tags on it, they also left a rag on the top of the tranny. The job was done on Dec 19, 2014 a Friday and I picked it up at their closing time. The first thing I noticed was when it from a standing stop and reached the first shift it shifted hard and or with a shudder. On Monday after I got it back I took it to them and was told it was a complete different tranny than the one that came in my car and it would take a few miles for the tranny and the computer to catch up with each other. I was told to drive it 300-400 miles and trhat should do it. Wrong it still had problems. They then said it was the computer, the engine, eveything but their screwup. Now just Sat. Mar. 7, 2015 the radio just quit working. I have tried every fuse in the box, outside and inside to no avail. Oh after the first rebuild of the tranny the radiator busted, the part where the trans cooler is. If anyone out there knows how to get this radio to work again let me know. Now that is why I believe this present Taurus is a LEMON and should be recalled thru the LEMON LAW.
I have a 2012 Ford Escape which was purchased in October of 2011. Last March (2014), I remote started my car and a huge amount of smoke and a loud "bang" came from under my vehicle. Come to find out the A/C broke away from the car and was filled with grime. Only found out about it when the A/C only blew hot air. It was $4,000+ to have it repaired. Thank god I had the extended warranty. Here we are in March of 2015 and I just dropped it off at the dealer this morning with the exact same issue. Will never buy a Ford again and I've already started looking for a new vehicle as this one will be traded in the day I get it back!
II have a 2002 mercury and it keeps cutting off I change the wires and the plugs change the water pump got a new starter..changed the battery.Idk can someone please help me it keep cutting off now it's making some popping noise
Love my 11 year old G35 Sedan AWD! I hate to be finally trading it in after 115K miles. I've had so few issues with the vehicle but the years start to accumulate small items you can't avoid. After 11 years it is still brutally quick and agile. The AWD has always been awesome. It used to be my snow skiing car since it handled snowy mountain passes so well as long as the snow wasn't too deep for its low profile. The dash control while simple were not cutting edge at the time and look and act outdated now. The driver's seat has worn poorly over the years as well. Those are my only regrets.
Since we got this car its been giving us problems first the steering than the ac/heater which cost four hundred and something just because it makes a really loud noise than an oil leak and a transmission leak and a belt went we have the inside the seat of the driver side won't move front or back and the drivers window went down and never came up we change the master control and than it went out in matter of days and we have the dashboard light where it shows the speed well it stop working i dont know what else is gonna happen smh
Best car ever, and I once had a '55 Victoria Sunliner. 125k great miles. Still on original brakes after 100k. rears went til 109k. Wish it had gages, but with regular maintenance - no problems except windshields - goes through them like tissues, but this is the desert and we have lots of gravel trucking. A/c went til 115k and whole system re-done for under $1000 and cooler than ever.
THE BEST DAMN CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!!!! EXTREMELY RELIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now climbing over 207,000 miles.
130,000 miles and no problems. I would suggest before you write a review on a car, you should own one thathas been serviced regularly and well maintained. if you buy a Ferrari from a 16 year old then you should know what to expect.I would not hesitate to drive mine with a hundred thirty K from Florida to Alaska
Purchased this car when we were in MAINE.It was a program car from DETROIT,MI and had 5240 miles on it Rides like we are on a couch. Had to replace both front wheel Bearing Hubs and the usual Brakes.Gets great gas mileage 28-32 so can not complain for this size car. I now have 171,000 miles on it and hope to continue keeping it as compared to all these new cars all getting recalls.Best car I ever had. Thanks GM !!
2014 RAV had the RAV at the coast for 2 weeks the rear brakes developed rust so that a continuous low thumping was heard when applying the brakes. Dealer said it was a problem for them on the coast. Cost $140 to have them polish the rust off-after that no thumping. Probably cheap china part.
I started having trouble with my car a couple months ago. Before that well pleased. I was driving in town and all of sudden this loud noise. I thought my car was quitting. I took it in, they said the muffler has come apart from the inside and is causing a rattling noise. The dash vibrates going down the road. I didn't buy the idea. I took it back, had the pad and rotors changed and put new tires on. Its been 3 weeks, same noise is back. Sounds like the car is going to quit. What could it be? I have 125,000 miles. It's been well taken care of. Always serviced on time etc. Have loved the way it drives on the road. Don't know what to do!
I bought my '02 Explorer in 2004, with 36000 miles on it. Something internal in the motor just gave out, at 286000+ miles. It still looks new and until now, I've had NO issues with any part of this vehicle. I'm looking at newer Explorers now because I'm not sure $5500 for a new motor is a good investment. However, the rest of the tuck is still solid, and not having any of the problems being listed, maybe it is.
I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 four door. I love the truck only problems I have are the doors catch wind and pull the tuck left or right. The lights seem to dim when I push on the brake to slow down at night. I have owned a Ford before my Dodge and I will say never will I own another Ford.
We bought a used 2007 ML 350 from Albuquerque. First time in for service we got about 10 miles out and the sunroof would not close-had to take it back. Next time $600 dollars in repairs then the computerized electrical system had to be reset. The steering column had to be replaced because the horn kept honking, now the check engine light comes on then goes off then the brake light comes on then goes off-this car is costing us soooo much in repairs it is unbelievable! I do not want another Mercedes!
Ok people you buy a well used and you have a few expected problems.if you want new buy new.period. A bought a used 2002 ltZ .with 185k kms . I had to replace some bearings and joints. Expected. Have used it hard for winter work and summer towing a big boat. This thing is a tank. I expect it to outlast me. My only concern is gas milage but its a good trade off for a solid reliable SUV. Most other 2002 vehicles have been placed in the junk yard. Stop whining about expected maintenance stuff. Because the previous owners did,not do it. This is by far the best used vehicle I have ever owned and its a dam nice ride to boot.
I bought my 2003 Infiniti QX4 used, but it was well maintained, and I kept it that way with regular service. It was almost at 221,000 miles (it drove beautifully, with no problems at all). I was hoping to keep it forever (even as a weekend car), but I was hit by another car in an accident and totalled it out. I actually cried, because I drove this vehicle 50 plus miles every day to work, and enjoyed the performance of it so much. There is a gem that comes about once in a great while, and the QX4 is it! If you have one, make sure you keep it maintained, and if you have any problems, take it to the dealership and not just any mechanic, because this baby is worth the pampering.
2006 Jetta 2.5 does not have as many problems as my Passat wagon which caught on fire while I was driving it due to the faulty heat shield. VW repaired it only to have it fall off on a major interstate which almost got myself and others killed. After that fire EVERYTHING went wrong with that car which cost thousands. You would think I would never buy VW again..with all its faulty wire harness issues ( and there are many), the faulty trunk and gas cap latch, The windows that roll down instead of up, the lights that need replaced constantly and the headliner which is ridiculous to repair, I still think its a better car than a lot of the cars out there when they begin to get older. ITs a car that holds some value and will last a bit. They all have issues. All cars, they are made cheap and cost a fortune...but thats all cars until you get to a higher end car which VW is not anymore. On the class action lawsuit..Im still waiting for payment. Your claim had to be filed by September 24th and it settled in December 2014. VW will pay or do what it wants. The attorneys have been paid by VW and the car company hasn't paid a dime to the non-appearing Plaintiffs, even with a valid claim.
I bought my mom's '01 T&C from her in 2005 when she bought the newer model that had the stow and go seats. It only had about 20,000 miles on it when I got it, it's now ten years later, it's early 2015 & the van has about 88,000 miles on it. I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS WITH THIS AUTOMOBILE SINCE THE DAY I GOT IT. Specifically "Intermittent Electrical Problems". It seems to go through periods where it will not start & there's a long stretch where it will start. No problem. We've replaced so many things, I wouldn't know where to start! My mom is having some of the same problems with her van which is 3-4 years newer than mine. From what I can see on the Internet, there are A LOT of people with T&C minivans with the same problems. I haven't read thru every post, so Idk if it's already been mentioned, but I would think that there's been enough verifiable problems & complaints, that we could & prob should - bring some sort of class action lawsuit against Chrysler.
The MKS that I will soon own, is a very nice car! With duo-turbo, it has fantastically great acceleration - 365hp, you will need to be careful, the car can get away from you. The color fits the car - ginger-ale and the body style receive many compliments. The seats don't fully pivot forward the way my previous Lincoln did, paid for height extensions. Putting up with an intermittent "Parking Aid Sensor" issue in cold weather, soon goes away when you turn on the THX system to take it all in.
I have owned my wagon for exactly 13 months. I bought it with 104,000 miles, and I have put over 50,000 miles in that time. Most reliable car that I've ever had. Changed the oil every 7,000 mi (synthetic). Changed the brake pads once (routine maintenance). No expenditures at all. Still looks new. Will eventually put money into it and restore it completely (perhaps in a couple of years or so). Never want to get rid of it. Will be my son's first car. Just Love it !!!!
Purchased a new 2014 with 1 mile three months ago. Drove it home and have had it parked in garage. Total of 5 miles on the vehicle. No problems. It has been perfect. I have not driven it because I am so busy fixing my other 3 Town and Countries. Every usual problem...brakes, transmission, electrical gremlins..etc. I figure the new one will have less problems if I do not drive it.
Nothing but problems with this vehicle. Failure of camshaft, camshaft follower, fuel pump, fuel pump module and inner CV boot. All with less than 70K miles. Very disappointing for a VW. I owned a VW before and it was a well handling, low maintenance vehicle. Not this model. I seem to be in the repair shop every other month - and that include the minor things that I do like plugs, oil change and ignition coils. VW never again.