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I understand that this car has a reoccuring problem with Seat belt pretensioner. Fixing it only last months. Isn't there a recall...who do I contact over this. I will not fix this again. Pull fuse and drive. Total disreguard for safety. Good job,Ford!
I have owned my Bronco for ten years,I am a woman. So ,I did get my oil changes regularly and have had to do the usual repairs , you know when something small goes, or brakes ,some front end work.I love this Truck it has always been reliable and I don't care about the mileage because of the safety part and getting through the snow. I am 5 feet tall 64 years old and I have a stool for when ever I need to check anything. Yes it is funny to see but I am safe. I want another one,mine has over 300,000 miles and the only thing wrong with it is the body is rusting off of it. The non Ford people or men keep telling me I should not and I am having a hard time finding one but I hope to find one soon,before snow.
Just purchased the car used with 90,000 miles and it looked very well taken care of but noticed some oil on the engine. I mentioned it to the salesman and he had a B.S. excuse but I already see more oil. Then I came here and saw all of the leaking oil issues. I am still in warranty so hope I can get it fixed. I really like the car except for that issue.
I too love my Saab!!! I bought it in Feb of 14 & I've had to do some work on it. But like the other reviewer I too Google DIY projects, order my own parts & then tell the mechanic what to do. I can also always call Saab USA and their mechanics will help me as well Advanced Auto will help with diagnostics and using their own OBDII lets me know what codes are being thrown, if any and how to handle that problem. But even through all the work I still love that car! I feel safe it handles like nothing I've ever had before. Acceleration at 80 mph is sublime! Roll back the convertible top feel the sun on ur face, another beautiful moment. That is y we love our cars ... Till the next problem that needs to b solved!!!!
I wanted to love this car. I purchased it 2/15, the last 8 months have been hell. Replaced tie rods, struts, front brakes 4 times, yes I said 4 times. 2 sets of tires. The gas tank has read full since I bought it. Replaced filler neck, back brakes.. I'm sure I'm forgetting more.. now my wire harness was damaged when my mechanic replaced the struts, and my windshield wiper bar was rubbing against the harness, cutting half of them, causing fuses to blow, car wouldn't start. Now the security light is on, everything is locked. Windows won't go up or down, power locks won't work, can't open the hatch. The radio is locked, and the dashboard will not light up when I turn the lights on. Was sad to see the KBB on this is $1500.. I have put at least triple that into it. I give up at this point. I have tried the turn over the key for 10 minutes, 3 times.. called Pontiac, said I would have to take it to dealership, for $100 they will unlock it. I guarantee they try to tell me I have to replace the BCM. Or ignition switch, I'm sure will be a whole lot more.. anyway.. might just have an electrical fire soon..
I have a 2006 Dodge Grand caravan the. Light won't work I have try every thing you can do .can't drive it because. No lights nothing works any body know what to do car dealers won't to much money to fix and.they said not sure they can fix it any one let me know .thanks
I have just bought a 2007 G6 GTP 4dr Sedan with the 3.6 VVT engine and 56,000 miles. This is my second G6, previous was a 3.5-V6 SE traded after 110,000 miles. Love the looks, ride and handling of this car. I'm a Brit and this car is as close to Euro cars as you'll get from this side of the pond. Performance is right up there with my 3-liter Jag X-type (smaller car) space inside is better than my 2007 E-class Mercedes was. Plastics are mediocre, but then the car costs a fraction of both those Euro-motors. Worst thing about these G6's is the premature wear on the suspension (needing new control arms and shocks already), plus the knocking from the steering (common to both cars, not a safety concern, just annoying). This car cruises at 100+ without issue - smooth and quiet.
The "Panther platform" is a tough one. I purchased this vehicle as my "retirement car". Not so sure if it was a good choice now. It had 38K miles on it when purchased as a used rental. I like to do as many of my maintenance chores as I can. Shortly after I took delivery the trunk light warning wouldn't go off unless I shut the trunk lid numerous times. After that happened several times: the latch came apart and the lid would no longer stay shut. I purchased a new latch assembly from the dealership for $140.00. Replacement was an easy chore. St 40K miles the AC went out. The dash controller was the culprit. By the time I got thru getting jammed by Enterprise $350.00 for 2 days rental and $400.00 for the repair, plus lost time at work: I was out almost $1,000.00 because of inferior factory parts. Then I had problems with the interior lights. After trouble shooting it became obvious the LCM was defective because Ford used the cheapest relays they could get their hands on for the LCM. Now fuse #18 (interior lights) keeps blowing because of a possible short I can't track down. Getting automotive electrical problems fixed can be VERY expensive. I, honestly, don't know if this vehicle is worth it any more. With 59K miles on it: the leather on the driver side, seat cushion is already worn thru in one spot! The Ford version, Crown Vic, was popular for law enforcement. I figured it was a sound decision, at the time. They had loads of them in the service department every time I went there. What I learned, too late, was they were not there for routine maintenance, but for electrical problems. The sheriffs department jumped ship from Ford and has gone with General Motors when the Crown Vic was discontinued. The Police department went with the Taurus and the officers HATE it because it's hard to get out of the vehicle because the door opening is much smaller than the Crown Vic. I should have gone with Toyota or Subaru.
I had my truck since March of this year and last month it just stopped running it would start but won't stay started I had it to six different shops look at it nobody knows why it won't stay running and I don't either its a V8 1999 mountaineer at my last end I don't want to give it up but don't know what else to do
I bought the 2004 rainier 4.2 cxl new off the showroom floor. This has been the best suv I have ever owned. It has 173,000 miles. Repairs have been normal. 1 water pump and thermostat. 1 set of sparkplugs. Replaced air filter, fuel filter and had tranny fluid changed every year. Replaced coolant every 2 years. Replaced belt at 100k miles. Recently the speedometer started sticking. Dealer wanted $650 to replace the instrument cluster. With a little research I found that the servo motor was bad for the speedometer. I found on ebay the kit to replace it with. It came with 4 servo motors, solder iron and sucker plus all new light bulbs for the circuit board for $24. It only took me 1 and a half hours to do the job. It is not difficult at all. Tire wear has been good, around 55k miles on a set. everything on the suv still works. I just bought a 2012 Cadillac srx with 20k miles on it . I can only hope it is as good as the Rainier has been. Still have the Rainier and running great. Dealer wanted me to trade it in on the caddy. Haha, no flipping way.
I have been in love with Audi's for a long, but unfortunately maintenance related issues have been burdensome.
I am driving 2007 Toyota Camry XLE and it has over hundred thousand miles. No big repairs, just regular oil change etc. I find out from a good Technician that if you are buying any Toyota or Lexus Cars try to buy a car which VIN Number starts from JTB.... because those cars are made and assembled in JAPAN. I had Toyota Corolla before this Camry with the same VIN number starting from JTB... and had more than Two hundred thousand miles, it was still running like a new horse until got into an accident and had to total that car. Toyota makes really good cars and they can run for ever if you maintain them well.. I love my 2007 Camry.
So glad I purchased extended warranty. Car has recently been glitchy ... can't gradually press accelerator and proceed ... there's a lag ... "is this car ever going to move?!" ... then it TAKES OFF! Makes in-city driving/suburban driving VERY difficult and not much fun, I must say. Highway driving, curvy roads, GREAT FUN and fantastic handling! But this engine lag from a stop is BS! It's at the dealer now and heard yesterday BMW has approved the replacement of both turbos. Will this help? I have no idea. But I'm about OVER IT! Already looking a new cars ... not BMWs. But nothing has met my high expectations in terms of comfort, amenities, and ride. The search will continue, but I'm hoping when I get my car back, this particular problem has been remedied!
I bought this car used 3 months ago with 70k original miles. It is beautiful, and rides and drives like a dream. It averages about 26mpg. I am very happy with it so far.
Bought this as a used car. It has been a nightmare of repairs, even parts that have been changed out they break again. Save your money and do not buy a used 325i.
Purchased as Starmark vehicle in low 20k mileage range. Repaired a number of issues the first year under warranty. Over the next six years I spent at least $7,000 fixing broken parts, components, leaks etc of all types and flavors.

Loved the driving experience, smooth and quiet, but hated the poor quality of the car itself. I maintained the car religously and spared no expense when it came to maintenance, but its the component quality that sucks. Leave the Mercedes for people who need to prove they have the discretionary income to keep making car repairs. Buy a Honda, Toyota or Nissan for quality and reliability.

front end suspension wear-out tires. cool morning low tire pressure light comes on. battery have early warning senor .
For the most part, I love my 2005 Buick Ranier but have been having issues with the drive train. I replaced a motor that shifts it in to AWD about 6-8 months ago and am having trouble with it again. It seems to be locked in 4WD. As long as I am driving forward, no turns, it is fine; however, when I make a turn L or R, especially a sharp turn, it jurks on the front wheel. The rear suspension is another issue. It won't hold air unless the vehicle is running.
I bought my 2008 Jeep Patriot in March 2008 brand new. I have has no major issues until 18 months ago; transmission needed to be replaced. Recently I have had major issues with water building up in the back seat floor area on the driver's side; took it to dealer for fixing as well as correct the 4WD light popping in, this is summer still; problem was thought to be fixed, but took it back to dealer after check engine light came on with the 4WD light and continued water, dealer paid full cost this last time as I said I was less than pleased. One week later and the car is back at the dealer for the check engine light, catalytic converter now needs to be replaced. I cannot really complain too much as I have over 250,000 miles and the car has taken be to Arizona and across Texas for a trip and I drive 120 miles round trip just for work not including any stops I may need to make. Wish the dealer noticed the catalytic converter before sending the car back home with me, overall a good car. I rarely ever rate something with the full stars unless I am truly impressed.
This car is great. As much as I love it, I have had several issues with it. I keep up with general maintenence, most of it is just wear and tear for being 15 model years. It has 50k miles on it and I have replaced the alternator, starter 2x, blower regulator, CV joint, and then transmission- which was probably due to sitting at the car lot for 2 years and not being ran. Then the replacement group I used shredded my negative cable when the shoved under the alternator fly wheel, causing numerous electrical issues. I have been fighting this car since day 1, but it runs great when it runs.
gas mi. 22 i,ve spent alot of money on up keep 176000 mi on it it runs great only had the car a month.
I've owned this truck for over 13 years, having bought it from a local dealer. It now has over 225K miles on it and still running strong, although the head gasket had to be replaced recently due to my carelessness in monitoring the coolant level. I also replaced the clutch myself about 8 years ago - it was due, having been put thru some heavy hill use where the clutch had been used to "hold" the vehicle at a stop while facing uphill (that practice has since been discontinued).

I highly recommend this rig as long as you don't plan on hauling large loads up and down heavy grades - the 4-cylinder just doesn't have the poop to haul REALLY heavy loads. However, if you don't mind having to slow down/shift down, you'll get there eventually even if you overload it!

If folks aren't aware, this is the EXACT same vehicle as a Ford Ranger, which is spoken of in glowing terms by the millions of people who own and swear by (and not AT) them.
I am the 3rd owner of my 2004 Camry XLE and until 150,000 miles hit, there were few issues. Most recently was the issue of my purge valve needing to be replaced. The check engine light kept coming on and I tried everything but replacing the catalytic converter and purge valve. At 98k miles, the A/C needed to be recharged and a whole new system leading up to the radiator (but not the radiator itself) had to be replaced due to old tubes, hoses and various wear and tear. The fan controlling the A/C compressor would not gain enough pressure to spin fast enough. Only when doing about 60MPH for about 5 minutes, did the air start blowing cool. I've had no motor issues, and for what it's worth, still one of the best cars I've bought, especially used. I think it'll last at least another 25k miles if I keep up with my seasonal maintenance.
I bought car new, have had it 7 years and 86,700 miles. Replaced
Brakes and Rotors at 56,000 miles, had trans flushed at 60,000 miles
Only problem I've had is my leather seats have vinyl on bolsters ,
driver seat bolster cracked after this last really cold winter. Car
had 80,000 miles on it.I got rid of the original garbage YOKOHAMA tires at 35,000 miles, put on Cooper 's and there still perfect. I do
maintain it well, and it has taken my wife and I all over the country, and 26-28 mpg on highway. Everything still works perfect on it. I am
going to trade it in on a new Dodge journey AWD , after the last few
I bought car new, it has 86,500 miles and has been best car I have owned. Put brakes and rotors on at 55,000 miles , I had a problem at 84,000 miles where gauge said I was overheating, it wasn't , it was a bad sending unit. It has taken us all over the country , and we made it into Chaco Canyon New Mexico with it. The ranger couldn't believe
it got through. I service it regularly, changed trans fluid at 60,000
miles. Only complaint is front seat is split, I just found out bolsters were not leather but vinyl. This just happened as it turned 7 years old and 86,000 miles
239K miles 300+ miles to the tank. No major services ever. Runs great though now I will be. Needing a new compressor. Has never left me or my college aged kids stranded. Think a lot of mechanics scare you into repairs due to lack of business. I was told 4 years ago that I had a transmission problem and needed work inside transmission to this day I have not had any problems with my vehicle nor ever has required to have the transmission serviced. Only general maintenance. Proud female Matrix owner. 12 years and still running strong. Hallelujah!!!
I have the 2014 A4. It rides well. I take it to Midas for any mechanical needs due to the HIGH COST at the dealer. I have 58,000 miles and I just experienced a check engine for low oil light. This seems kind of impossible because I just had the oil changed at Midas. I will stop by the Midas shop to see what the problem is. Audi needs to put a better maintenance plan with the cars they are selling.. Audi also refused to re-set the message for needing an oil change because they did not perform the service...
Not just the 2010 but all F-150s are amazing only getting better. The 2010 is the best lookig running and braking truck in its class. The ideas and thoughts just in the inside ofbthe cab. Says it all than one the best drivetrains. Just an amazing truck.
I am a proud owner of my 1999 Acura 3.5RL (White) with Navigation. I acquired the vehicle when i was in College as my previous Acura (Integra) was totaled in 2006. The 3.5RL had about 128,000 from one owner and now i have little over 492,000 and still running strong. I work as a consultant so i choose to drive every where with my RL. In my family we have owned other vehicles like Audi A6 4.2 but i still preferred driving the RL. Have not had any major issue, these are the things I perform as Maintenance: Oil change every 4K (that is about every month for me), ATF change with filter, power steering flush, brake fluid flush and front gear oil (that is every 3rd oil change), Coolant every year and timing belt every 75K. I do all these my self that is why i am doing some way before recommended time. I use all Acura/Honda genuine parts/fluid but i save on labor. The car can still go another few 100k miles. I have to get the rear main seal replaced that i cannot do as i don't have a lift but other than that absolutely nothing else was required. In think this particular generation of 3.5RL were made bullet proof. Message me if you have any questions or need help with repair.