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First minivan. Love the ride and handling, the mileage is acceptable. The brakes are a dangerously unreliable. Brakes stick on and almost ignite into flames ( check them out after dark) Poor, poor design. Coolant fan went at 70 000. new brakes all around at 125000(nuts). I asked the serviceman if it was a know issue about the brakes he said "no" and then I found the service bulletin about it. I lie it but have no faith in the brakes.
Good car I have had for 8 years. Picked as certified car it's a base model with a four cylinder. G6 runs and drives like new good car but things are happening quickly as brakes need replacing more often. Steering pump just went out at 110K, NOW I need to replace 02 sensor and new starter. Interior dash light keeps flickering its the check engine light had several mechanics believe a malfunction as I got several parts replaced but waste money because thought engine required some work that wasn't it. Still runs well guess being a nine year old car must be time getting new car want let that fool me because car is reliable just has its ups/downs most times. I've had a mechanic to run test on most things able drive out of state. It doesn't burn drop of oil one good thing as long runs and drives that ok with that still satisfied.
I had this car for 10 years. It gets me back and forth where I need to go. Bonneville is a solid vehicle purrs at 30 mph and a comfortable car. Living in Wisconsin hasn't rust or corroded so happy with that. At 115,778 miles use Lightweight oil 1000miles change spark plugs between (60,000-75,000miles) very classy car running cond. Believe it or not its a '90 model but looks like a 2015 model year car all original only things got done would be regulator for side window, tires, oil pump/radiator, water pump, struts and shocks etc. Drove to Florida still gets 25 mpg for this midsize car. Color is Lt. blue with navy interior all of my power equipment still works well even cruise control and air conditioner blows ice cold ac as heater toast me up doing the coldest winters ever. I would drive my Bonneville as long has lots of life left in it, changing oil and routine services car flawless these vehicles like this one are very rare finding in pristine condition.
bought mine for $500.00 7 years ago. ran great till now. it has 237,000 miles on it. the coil pack is not getting juice. just stop working in the rain on 95 south. it rumbled then stop working. my neighbor jumped the pack from the battery does not start cranks but does not fire up. i replace the coil. but does anybody know if this year uses fusable links? any help appreciated. thanks!
We purchased our '07 GX 470 with 26,000 miles on it. It was a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, and in immaculate condition. We hadn't had any problems with it until recently. Our alternator went out. The vehicle now has 63K miles. Initial estimate we were given to fix it was $1,100, but I challenged that after seeing that the parts are $370 for an OEM alternator. Got them down to $850, installed, which seemed fair after seeing all the parts they had to remove to access it. So, we've had the vehicle for 4+ years and that's the ONLY cost we have had. Pretty darn good, and this suv is solid! Powerful, comfortable, quiet, and it even tows 3,500! lbs with ease. I highly recommend it.
sorry dam car I ever own troble troble it got to go it made to f u all that money u pay for it u pay for it again if u keep it nice body all u get an repair bills
I have a 2002 jeep liberty with 185,110 miles. I've driven this car for many years. I am the second owner of this jeep. When I first got the car I can't remember how many miles where on there. but I immediately replaced all the fluids with Royal Purple. flushed the radiator, replaced the trans,engine,front/rear axel oil, power box, front rear drive oil. added purple ice to a 20/80 mix antifreeze/water. got new tires. I've not done anything mechanical to the jeep since I bought it. I've sadly neglected it but have no issues and constantly getting 18mpg average. I'm not able to afford to get another car for a few more years as I've just now paid off the jeep. I'm in a conundrum of fixing it or financing another car which I'm only willing to do if its new however my credit is shot ;( Last year the Ac went out at 150,000 miles. I have almost bald tires. the rear windshield motor went out. I believe my fuel pump is about to go out. I estimate the repairs cost will be about $4300 to replace everything. Now that I don't have a car payment if I took that money each month and used it to repair the vehicle It would take me almost 2 years to finish all the repairs. provided that I don't have any more issues.
I bought my 2005 Lesabre new from dealer. The car has been a piece of mind with fewer problems up until now, noticed that my check engine light is on took into a mechanic told me that the engine needs couple repairs done under (85,000miles). My Buick only burns 1 quart of oil doesn't have any oil leaks or no hesitation but I am replacing more brakes than ever now plus went by a AutoZone getting new master cylinder put in. It rides smooth like couch the interior lights beginning flicker as dash makes small rattling noise even rear headliner seems as liked somebody had fallen on roof of my car because at the edges has come apart looking getting it fix. Transmission still shifts well as engine performs great just only burns 1 quart oil not even haven't oil leaks. Dual climate A/C control quit working last month I had another mechanic looking at it saying I needed a new compressor and AC unit cost ($835.45) since my warranty has expired. The car exterior body is in good shape my Buick does run well having (155,000miles) one thing I really hate on this car is whoever thought about this must didn't think well or maybe a Monday morning after the Super Bowl I have too go in the rear of my passenger seats underneath car replacing a battery think its so crazy on whoever the engineered was at GM! I really like this car hope runs at least (200,000miles) drove this car across several states over the years never a problem up until now with few little minor things. LESABRE is spacious, comfortable, gets average of 28mpg and 23 city love my car its a beautiful vehicle which was the last year this car was made until Buick discontinued it. No matter how it gets my nerves or have to put money into it will keep this car until I drive it through the ground has original engine and transmission though my engine burns 1 quart of oil still runs like new. Buick is a solid vehicle well equipped though I have the Custom edition everything working fine except (wear and tear) I'm started off dealing with now other than the car has been extremely reliable and runs like new least it lasted 10 years.
My husband and I have been ALL OVER the US in our Malibu and I'm constantly amazed at how well it's held up to so much use (and abuse). It now has almost - 3 1 5,0 0 0 - miles on it and we're finally having to deal with the electrical issue that seems to have so many owners frustrated with replacing one part after another. The issue that's forced us to have to finally do something about it is the hazard/turn signal problem, which I'm hoping will be resolved along with the various lights that are not working, the AC fan not working on lower speeds, the cig lighter constantly blowing it's fuse, and worst of all, the car occasionally just dying while driving down the road. I've come to believe these may all be caused by a single issue after reading this comment about the AC fan... "As a service advisor working at a GM dealership for 9 years, I have seen this problem more times than I can count. In my experience, the blower resistor shorts out due to an open in the pigtail harness. A lot of mechanics don't bother to troubleshoot the resistor failure, they just replace the component and move on. Unfortunately, the wire harness has to short several resistors before the mechanic starts to see that something is wrong." ... and discovering all our issues can be traced back to the ignition and wiring in the steering column. So wish me luck, because even with the problems I just mentioned, we still wouldn't hesitate to load up and drive across the country again.
I like this car - Only shortcomings are dealing with be brakes and slippage tranny into 1st gear. Other than love gas mileage the comfortable seats a very spacious cabin with import options in its class. Would recommend but before getting unless got the average model check under Consumer reports or Bulletin about a issue car has otherwise like this car not too many things that seem be a problem just replaced 4 set of brakes not normal for being 8 months old don't drive hard or abuse my car liked said must got averaged car.
I bought a gently used 2004 Santa Fe in April 2006. It had 30,000 miles and 1 previous owner. It has been the best car I ever bought. It now has 144,000 miles, and I only now had to replace the original brakes, which is really astonishing. I maintain it properly, change the oil when appropriate, and generally pamper it. The first 4 years I owned it I drove mostly highway miles, but since 2010 I have driven mostly city miles. There is a problem with the paint (black) peeling off the hood and roof, but I lived in Louisiana for 4 years where the sun is pretty hard on car paint, which explains a lot. I have never had any serious mechanical issues. One of the rear tail lights fell off when a small plastic clip broke, and the seat belt alarm goes off when I turn right in below freezing weather while my purse is sitting on the passenger seat (kinda weird) and the driver's door won't lock with the remote any more, and the window tinting peeled off, and the rear hatch struts are starting to lose their hydraulic power (will be replaced next year) and the rear hatch cover broke and was not replaced because a new one is way too expensive and I could not find a used one, but these are insignificant issues. It runs like a dream and is the most comfortable car I ever drove. I would buy the exact same car again if I could.
This truck was my husband's "baby" until it let him down. He was driving home from work one day and all of a sudden heard a weird noise and then the truck started to run like crap. Once he finally had a chance, he started to investigate what the problem was. (He is an ASE Certified Mechanic with 30+ years experience) Finally, he found the problem and was very disappointed. One of the pistons shattered. A huge piece of the piston broke off and was just floating around in the chamber. Obviously this has to be a casting defect but we don't know who to contact to see what Dodge and/or Mopar plan on doing to make this right. The truck has less than 100,000 miles on it and should have ran for a lot longer than it did. plus we haven't heard about anybody else running into this problem. Any suggestions on who to contact? Any infor would be helpful, thanks.
Reliable car at least. I had this car since late 90s has served me well over the years. Never will I get rid get of it a very reliable car. Nickels and dime put in car would be only just the normal (wear and tear) oil pan, gasket, complete valve job, distributor cap, starter, camshafts, 02 Pulley sensors, water pumps and struts etc. The Buick is not in the best of condition but heck its still I'll call a strong running car reliable and runs like a champ. It's my energizer old Regal my car roughly got 203,785 miles no bad oil leaks or stalling ever experienced from car. I will be driving this car until the original engine finally gives out, even drivetrain is original as well too car never smoked or overheated. Think GM should go back in time on what they had done when making these older cars my is best ever had besides got it used with 68,000 miles running on same orig. engine/tranny gets 23mpg so okay with that just need my car to last me for a while.
Love it, lots of space. Gets 18 to 20 mpg same as most mini vans. Cheaper to own than mini van. Easy to maintain, can do most maintenance myself. The vinyl interior is great with kids and animals. Enough horsepower to tow trailers. Nice to travel in, its like a little RV. This is the third dodge van I've had. Put over 250,000 on first two before I sold them.
Why did my inside/outside a.c. door quit working. Button dash lights up but door does not move. 2002 GMC Sierra 2500hd duramax
I have a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 36K. I love it! Just like the day it rolled out the showroom. My land yacht is just like driving my sofa down the highway. Can pop in and out of the car with no aches and pains. I think 1995 is when GM started messing around with paints. As this car is a Montana Blue....From a distance looks green, up close more blue. What a sweet car !
need a real low cost to rebuilt my motor on my 1998 bmw740il i got a v8 4.4engine i need it rebuilt for a low cost how much
Love the car, bout used with about 27,000 miles on it. They replace the brakes and tires before we bought it. Hoping they both last longer that that!
I had a 2004 Acura TL bought used in '07. On 10th of July was in a crashed State police and OHIO State troopers couldn't even believed had made it out the car safe. Just purchased a used TL from a owner in NY I know owner and his wife the car has 62,000 miles these old Acura cars are more bulletproof I do plan to driving my second TL for 200,000 miles or up.
My MKZ is a dream. I have 21,000 miles on it and have averaged 40.8 for the total MPG. Its a little tighter that my old town car when getting in and out but the pluses outweigh the minuses. GPS is a little to get used to over my Garmin. The ride is quiet but not quite as smooth as the town car was. Car has required no maintenance except oil changes and tire rotations. On a 3000 mile trip I learned to let the car worry about when to be in electric and gas engines. I would buy another without hesitation.
Good dependable car. I purchased new of '02 now has over 234K miles. Only things have changed be the maintenance care as the timing belt at 75,000 miles and Synthetic oil at 2,500 mile. I have never experienced nothing expensive replacing except minor small exhaust leak in 2012 won the lottery still driving this old car. Still comfortable, replaced brakes, tires, CVs, oil filter and 2 belts etc. So far my Avalon is a solid car it will go for another 100,000 miles as my '85 Cressida lasted 350,000 miles so know Toyotas are trustworthy cars keep on going and going.
Bought car from original couple. When I first bought it started off being a lemon out of Detroit the car has approx. 110,000mi so that is low for a 14 year old car but guess it hates me or I was scammed by crooks. Early one morning had gone to start the PT Cruiser nothing all lights came on dash and made a beep as every car before or after starting up. I took to a shop one of the coils misfired #3 - I got the 02 Sensors, 2 gaskets and bad alternator changed. The doors seems liked this car belonged to the late Herman Munster they just unlock or lock themselves for no reason. Cruise control switched quit working the indicator light starts flashing had checked believed its a malfunction clicking noises from dashboard someone else I've seen on thread had this problem. Engine burns 1qt of oil at every 2,000 miles and lots of sludge buildup blew a heavy white cloud of smoke one day after starting/sputtering. I've taken in too several mechanics no one can't figured out be the problem all tells me just have deal with the problem. Gone to some discounts even called a AutoZone in Las Vegas see could ship parts. This piece of junk had to be towed back to my house was in Buffalo the thing stopped right on freeway. Dash lights not working and speedometer rpms are going crazy kind of freaking me out because the accelerator seems get stuck and engine revs as km goes up/down. Stereo sound full of static - radio doesn't work well all stations would switch themselves there is a problem. I bought the car from couple in their 60s so why in the world is all these problems are happening after bought it or maybe this was a 1st hand the previous owner just has a cursed of me driving vehicle or sold as death car. Well I loss so much just finally left the junk along bought another car this time its all brand new maybe whoever will be buy that thing probably applaud after taking to a junkyard letting the crane crushed as a pancake because that was is going to happen nobody will not put up the PT Cruiser - Junior Problem Child 4 (2015) no longer like with me.
I totaled a 2002 Cougar bought used. Went to a dealership got a 2007 Mercury Milan Premier V6 fully loaded. The car pearl white had windows tinted don't think it was a waste of money buying a used car people buy used cars all the time. Car rides smooth it gets good gas mileage - Automatic tranny is very smooth love how stylish the Milan looks. It is a reliable first bought the car had 60,000 miles I've driven over 30,000 miles since bought car at now 100,000 miles. Equipped with sunroof, leather seats, quiet interior cabin and perfect options ever for a good blue book price ever looking for this kind of car. Milan runs well its a impressive affordable car got back of May 2015 never had problems with a thing. I've been using Synthetic Mobil 1 oil got original plugs changed and the battery looks to be original from the factory. Definitely a Ford product had owned two Honda Accords but the Ford vehicles I've owned one thing about Milan are brakes not too good just had new set replaced be 2nd set on replacement other than that it's a good reliable car for the priced paid at dealership.
Overall a great truck and daily driver
I had the Mountaineer since 2011. I am driving at approximately 75,000 miles (highway). It is a good SUV nice and comfortable it looks more stylish as a Lincoln. Master cylinder stopped all of suddenly the dealer did replaced it but after being a old car the dealership charged me $100.85 because warranty expired and engine mounts were all changed they went too fast at 35,000 miles. Manufacturers date of the vehicle 2/2010 but I purchased in March 2011 with 0 miles on odometer there are no issues just minor wear and tear happened too early on the SUV. The features are nice white face gauges and radio displays so unique ever on Mountaineer. Check engine light remained on this happened early part of summer I had a mechanic check it out figured would be a fuel sending unit he charged $120.00 otherwise Mountaineer is running great right now but problems has begun too early for a 5 year old vehicle. So far runs and drives well plan on keeping another 20,000 miles before anything else breaks in it, least its still flawless having a low mileage.
Excellent car - I bought my 2012 Civic sedan new gets 38.4 mpg the car is solid. Very efficient and great handling being small car definitely roomy in class. Love my Civic no problems almost @ now 53,000 miles I've done nothing but scheduled routine oil changes and maintenance as is tire rotation, fluids and had all new brakes replaced/original. The Civic a peppy little car very comfortable rides decent & has excellent performance for four cylinder vehicle. Digital dash is unique it's a excellent car to be commuter around it was built well as a Honda product is supposed to be as this 2012 Civic LX Sedan so superb fantastic more reliable & efficient subcompact car.
Got car used 4 years ago. Only problem I'm seeing are the intake manifold gasket as mines was just replaced after my car stalled at stop sign. Good Luck to other previous owners with this problem.
Good vehicle for a Ford. I am looking into a new transmission rebuilt as the one got is original. My Explorer is a good truck and has done me well at 205,000 miles.
Car is in bad shape. I need help figuring out where can get new fuel sending unit replacement? Got this car 17 years ago been a good ole Lincoln as still drivable but needs fuel sending unit replacement.