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Owners' Reviews

Volkswagen Reviews and Owner Comments

Volkswagen Owner Reviews (26 reviews)
    Volkswagen Volkswagen Jetta Owner Reviews (see 123 reviews)
  • 1992 Volkswagen Jetta
    Visitor, Apache Junction, AZ, March 20, 2015 18:10
    car has automatic transmission. For this reason, the starter is hidden under the exhaust manifold and burns out about every 25/30 thousand miles. At about 130.000 miles, hit a maintenance period in wear, with radiator replacement/starter replacement/water pump leakage/idle air control valve replacement. The on board computer can only be read by a VW/MB and BMW dealer. The car is a Mexico build and quality is not up to German standards. It is a 1992 VW Jetta GL and been in my family since new. My mother gave it to me in 1995 with a bit over 29000 miles on it. Within this time, I have always enjoyed it. One bit of advice that makes these cars sparkle, is to install size 195-60 14 over the standard tire. The other, is to install a front tower brace, this stiffens the pan and the improvement in handling is well worth the cost. It is a gas motor, but always have used 15-40 Shell motor oil. This protects from the Arizona desert heat, it uses about a quarter of a quart of oil every 3000 miles.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Beetle Owner Reviews (see 85 reviews)
  • 2003 Volkswagen Beetle
    Visitor, Torrington, CT, March 20, 2015 09:51
    Bought my 2003 VW Beatle Turbo S in 2008 (automatic) with 19,000 miles on it from a Honda dealer no less! I am fanatical about maintenance on any car I have owned. I do regular oil changes and have followed the dealer's maintenance schedule all these years. I did have the timing belt and water pump replaced on schedule ($3,000, whew!). Two or three recalls for parts replacement under warranty. I now have 80,000 miles and no major problems. Tires, brakes and timing belts are all normal maintenance in my book. Hopefully, she keeps on truckin'! My biggest concern is having the turbo fail, as all mechanics have told me that turbo on any car will fail before any major engine component.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat Owner Reviews (see 54 reviews)
  • 2008 Volkswagen Passat
    Visitor, Towson, MD, March 04, 2015 14:37
    Nothing but problems with this vehicle. Failure of camshaft, camshaft follower, fuel pump, fuel pump module and inner CV boot. All with less than 70K miles. Very disappointing for a VW. I owned a VW before and it was a well handling, low maintenance vehicle. Not this model. I seem to be in the repair shop every other month - and that include the minor things that I do like plugs, oil change and ignition coils. VW never again.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen CC Owner Reviews (see 27 reviews)
  • 2011 Volkswagen CC
    Visitor, Georgetown, TX, May 21, 2014 16:48
    I have had my 2011 VW CC and I am now over 80,000 on it. I brag about my CC as the most reliable, dependable car I have had. I plan on buying another. Sure there were minor issues on the way but maybe its the dealership and the way they handle their customers that I remain with my CC and the service department at the dealer. I plan on keeping her a little longer. Its a shame that we never know what we get with a car but I lucked out with this girl. Always complimented with her!
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Jetta TDI Owner Reviews (see 24 reviews)
  • 2005 Volkswagen Jetta TDI
    Visitor, Colorado Springs, CO, March 29, 2015 17:32
    260.000 miles on this commuter car,bought in 2010 with 81.000 miles on it. We are on the 3. turbo replacement, 1. one died at 120.000 2. one died at 220.000 miles.Replacement cost for both about 4,500$. Computer on steering rack died at 250.000, 2,500$ repair.Driver door wiring harness broke at 90.000 miles cost 500$.All in all it is sad the all the $$ we save in fuel have been spend on repairs that should not have had occurred. Our little 96 Vw Golf is still running strong with 250.000 miles on it.Never had those kinds of issues. It seems that the newer the model for VW the lower the quality of construction. It is disappointing because we thought we bought German quality engineering...
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Cabrio Owner Reviews (see 19 reviews)
  • 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio
    Visitor, Phoenix, AZ, April 20, 2013 18:14
    DO NOT BUY THIS CAR! LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I honestly believe VW made this car to keep their auto shops busy. Things in the car just go wrong or break with little or no use, bought the after having it looked at and it has not been drivable most of the time. Every fix is an expensive fix...poor buying decision!
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen GTI Owner Reviews (see 18 reviews)
  • 2006 Volkswagen GTI
    Visitor, Cincinnati, OH, March 07, 2013 12:03
    Interior: Front seat (drivers) bolsters to high (causing wear), back seat ash tray from center console came out, many plastic switch parts had paint chip off (even though car is not parked in sun). At base of front buckets seats, electric access panels have never stayed in place. Brakes - excellent - original at 60K Electric and lights - Fair - brake bulks don't last long and a pain to get out. Inside, front door (open/close) replaced, as over head console light replaced - electrical issues. Engine - Good, but thermostat failed - $1300 replace really? Exhaust/Emissions - only fair - Catalytic converter failed at 50K thankfully under warranty. Heating/AC - other than thermostat issue mentioned above okay. Suspension/Steering - while I love handling of car, in winter, even when car was a few years old - a lot of creaks and groans in cold weather. Really?
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf Owner Reviews (see 14 reviews)
  • 1997 Volkswagen Golf
    paulrocky, Jackson Heights, NY, June 01, 2013 20:01
    I own a VW golf4.I had keeped it in garage for several years.After I installed a new battry it doesent start.Ignation seems ok but no gas in the engine.I tooked off the gas return pipe and it is dry.Car hase only 5 thousand miles so nothing wear out and last time I started it wasn't any problem wit it. May gasoline get too old i filled up several years ago or pump get plugged? Can help me someone? Only car i have and didn't used for long illness.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Touareg Owner Reviews (see 13 reviews)
  • 2009 Volkswagen Touareg
    Visitor, Opheim, MT, January 17, 2015 20:09
    dealers do not stock any parts,not even a lightbulb which takes 2 wks to get and $20. went on a trip and was stranded in another state because nobody stocks any parts for vw,not even dealers. spoiled our trip and was very expensive. took over a week to repair an alternator which should have been an easy fix. will not ever buy a vw product again.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen EuroVan Owner Reviews (see 9 reviews)
  • 1995 Volkswagen EuroVan
    Visitor, California City, CA, March 18, 2014 22:26
    My 95 Euro Van has a badly cracked pop top. It has been repaired twice for small cracks but now it is cracked across the top. What are my options? thank you
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat W8 Owner Reviews (see 8 reviews)
  • 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8
    Visitor, Warrington, PA, May 07, 2013 15:07
    So far 1,000 miles I love the car I do have the check engine light on I know the owener said when it is cold it is slow to get going but I have not seen it just the check engine light I will have to see what the code is but nice and smooth...
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Beetle TDI Owner Reviews (see 7 reviews)
  • 2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
    ruthiejoin, Jackson, OH, December 26, 2012 17:26
    All of a sudden I am experiencing the car fogging up inside and the defrost and heater will neither one clear it up. I had a mechanic and a glass company look at it and neither found any glass or mechanical leaks. The glass co. said it might be some break in the body of the car letting moisture in otherwise he can't think of anything else. car in good condition except biggest problem I have had is replaceing the alternator. They said they had to pull the front end off to replace it. very expensive, however I dont know if that would cause fogging inside my vehicle. Afraid to take it out in the damp rain and fog. no use to me at all during this type of weather.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat TDI Owner Reviews (see 5 reviews)
  • 2005 Volkswagen Passat TDI
    Visitor, Mill Hall, PA, November 25, 2013 10:59
    I have had this car for a year now, about 160,000 miles. I have already had to replace the transmission (the new one has 70,000 miles on it) and it is now doing the same clunking and hard shifting as the previous one! I really do like this car and the mileage that I receive which is usually around 35-37mpg, and that is "country" because it is rarely on the highway for more than 10 miles. Also, will not start when it is cold out. It needs to be jumped, the battery is turning over and the glow plug light is not on so something faulty with the car. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone. Sorry.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf TDI Owner Reviews (see 5 reviews)
  • 2000 Volkswagen Golf TDI
    Visitor, San Francisco, CA, November 29, 2012 19:57
    I own a 2000 Jetta diesel,last 6 years nothing but cost & headache. Diesel engine excellent on fuel but maintenance cost is high on the engine, poor quality parts, turbocharge, exhaust system build up, valve controls failed to open or close. Would I buy another VW car not likely.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Eos Owner Reviews (see 5 reviews)
  • 2009 Volkswagen Eos
    Visitor, Phoenix, AZ, February 27, 2013 18:19
    This "transformer" car gets comments and stares all the time, I love it; fast when you want to stomp on the turbo, good gas mileage when you go easy, back seats for the occasional passengers and 'some' trunk space, as well as it looks inconspicuous when the top is up, and still a hoot to drive. Complaints would be the premium gas requirement, occasional burping of the DSG transmission at low speeds (hesitation, etc) and the crazy new car prices, I bought used but still with the factory warranty.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Vanagon Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon
    Visitor, Racine, WI, May 07, 2013 05:02
    nice an were is this a
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen CC VR6 Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 2013 Volkswagen CC VR6
    Visitor, Houston, TX, March 18, 2015 11:03
    extremely happy with my VR6 CC 2013
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Cabriolet Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet
    Visitor, Avon Park, FL, February 01, 2012 22:23
    '90 VW Etienne Aigner Cabriolet, sweet car. Although the constant oil and coolant leaks are killing the magic. Other than that its gorgeous. (At the moment it has no air; something wrong with the air-compressor, it was reworked so idk if its a native problem.)
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Fox Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 1991 Volkswagen Fox
    fauche, Bell, CA, May 22, 2010 19:47
    I bough this car 5 year ago and has never let me down.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Rabbit Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit
    Visitor, Saint Paul, MN, September 18, 2014 13:59
    Buyer Beware!!! we bought a 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit (new) and have had trouble from the beginning. The brakes always squeeked and Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen could never find the problem. Our tire light came on and off and recently, we found out we needed a new engine at 70,000 miles. This dealership sold us a LEMON!! They also told us we needed a new sensor which we ok'd and the cost was $500.00. After the sensor was replaced they told us the engine was bad and it would cost $7,000 BUT before they could confirm it was the engine we needed to pay them $1,000.00 so we paid it. Our car left Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen on a tow truck non drivable and we had to pay them $1,500.00. They couldn't even put the engine back together unless we paid an additional $300.00. Is this normal? I feel ripped off!!!
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen R32 Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 2008 Volkswagen R32
    Webley Scott, Indianapolis, IN, October 17, 2012 11:54
    This car is what I would call a "sleeper." You see it on the road and say to yourself: "Another VW; big deal." Well, this one, the R32 ('08 edition), is a BIG DEAL! It goes faster than any sane person would want to go, let alone need to go. It steers as if it's on a rail; where you point it, it will go, in part, attributable to the standard four wheel drive. The engine has a lot of heart, always ready to pull, and this with conventional aspiration, no turbo. The exhaust note is sweet, delivering a sound that lets you know it been tweaked. I would like an overdrive gear. The double-clutch transmission has six speeds, all of which are optimized to deliver performance. At cruising speeds on a highway an "economy gear" would be nice. Even without an "overdrive," the R32 will deliver 30 mpg when driven within the speed limit with moderate acceleration and braking. If you want to match your speed to most other vehicles on an interstate highway, you'll have to settle for approximately 27 mpg. Did I mention the transmission? Your choices of how your R32 is going to shift is mind-boggling. Normal automatic; sport automatic; mannual w/stick; manual w/paddles. You can temporarily switch to "paddle mode" and back to automatic without you hands leaving the steering wheel. Also I mustn't neglect to observe the "cracking" exhaust note as it matches the rpm on you downshifts. As I said eariler ~ SWEET! ! ! ! The only area where I downgraded the R32 was on the lights. There's a nice set of fog or driving lights (I don't know which) already installed. I'm guessing they're legal in Europe, but apparently not in the United States. The write-ups on the car were "up front" about this. You can't turn them on; the dealer can't turn them on. I assume VW could, but won't. Too bad; nice lights. Have checked the blogs in the past, but never found anything telling how to get around this difficulty. My word choice, not VW's.
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  • Volkswagen Volkswagen Touareg TDI Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 2013 Volkswagen Touareg TDI
    davrok, Williamsport, KY, August 27, 2014 15:44
    I actually have an Amarok and live in Australia, but this option was not available. Problem is my wipers became stuck in the upright position while using them in the rain. New vehicle with 1800 kl's on clock. Is there a simple remedy ? Regards Davrok
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