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My very first car: a 2006 VW Beetle. About 101,000 on it when I bought it. I got into a small fender bender back in early April that required me to change the headlight and replace the front bumper. No problems. Except this is November now.And I am still having issues. Replacing the headlight took several months (because the first headlight replacement fell out in traffic on the feeder) and I still often get pulled over because it's gone out, and I have to demonstrate to the police that I have to either push or kick it back into place. I am constantly coming out of pocket for repairs - so often that I can't afford to pay off the car, nor can I save up any money for anything else. By now, I've paid more in repairs than the worth of the car itself. Nobody wants to do anything to try and do extensive repairs on it except for Volkswagen dealerships (which I can't afford). A mechanic actually told me that I essentially punched a hole in my wallet by purchasing a Volkswagen, because once they start having issues, they just keep piling up and never go away. I can't see myself ever purchasing one again, much less recommending one to a friend.
I have a 2011 Jetta TDI, turbo went out at 103,000 cost ~$1100 the particulate filter is about to need replace, cost near ~$1200 for just filter, timing belt kit ~250-$380 w/ water pump, recommended. All this only estimated cost. The labor cost for these works approximately $4000. So all together you are looking to pay about $7000-$8000 for these services. These issue my come one after the other closely after the 100000 miles. Before this millage point no single issue with my car. I would say this mileage your car worth about $9-12K I am not sure how anyone can justify paying these high maintenance cost, which comes after each other or altogether. VW does not document all this hidden expensive services. I would say if the car was originally was about $100K this maintenance cost might be expectable, but not for this category car. I have not mentioned the $300-$400 cost every 40KMiles forth e transmission. So think twice before you buy these and might be other VWs. I would recommend looking Toyota or Honda. Good luck.
Currently driving my #7 Beetle ! And proud of it at 70 ! All the Beetles I've purchased for myself and my children over the years have been WONDERFUL. I currently drive a 2002 Beetle hatchback. I've read the comments and complaints, may I suggest. .....Research and find a reliable repair shop. Do ALL THE maintance as scheduled, use the CORRECT gas, oil and such. Maintain and care for your car. Don't let things go. I've had brand new cars and I've had some neglected wrecks. The secret is to maintain and care for your car, regardless of where it was made. Car care is like raising children. ..keep a close eye, work together, don't let things go, show lots of love and appreciate.
I bought my car from a private owner and my car has many problems like it ac fans or need new front fan both of them, needs a transmission,need passenger Door handle, needs abs ligth repair, brake fluid have be flush out, left signal light need to be repair, Driver side bearing need repair,driver side door handle need be repair. inside fabric needs be replace. front windshield needs be replace.What I know I Love my car once you get things fix repair they work wonderful. I got the AC fix i turn the ac on it is Ice Cold in my car and i have too sometimes turn the AC off because I am cold or freezing in my car and the more I get things fix the better the car drive.Most repairs price ranges at $200.00 dollars to $300.00 dollars a repair. So if you do not like spending this kind of money on car repair do not buy this car.
This year and model assembled in Mexico. The plastic dry rots in the interior and cracks. All plastic interior is falling apart. Every time I have work done on the engine it comes back with broken parts, mostly plastic pieces that hold components together. Even doing minor repairs such as changing a headlight requires delicate surgery to prevent plastic parts from cracking. The head needed replaced because the timing belt broke slipped. If you buy a VW make sure it was assembled in Germany or America.
My 6spd manual 2012 CC now has 125k miles on it and going strong. A few key maintenance events outside the typical. Hoping to get another year out of it. I follow the "standard" VW maintenance schedule (but not always at the dealership depending on the services) - 55000, 5/9/13, new Michelin Pilot Sport tires - 73913, 11/22/13, Sudden EPC, rough engine, MIL. Replaced faulty cylinder #2 coil and all spark plugs - 74110, 12/7/13, Sporadic rear lamp function. Replace trunk wiring harness - 81000, 2/20/14, Replace manifold due to vacuum leak, check engine light (under warranty) - 115000, 3/17/15, Replace tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 - 121827, 5/15/15, Sudden EPC and MIL (no other symptoms), high pressure fuel pump parts and labor ($689). Also, front/rear shocks starting to leak per dealership.
I bought the car 02/07/15 and like 3 months later had to be towed to dealer for catalic converter to be changed. It was deffective. Three weeks later had to be towed again for a fuel injector to me changed. It took the dealer about a week to repair, but after that its been good. I guess, if its man made it can't be perfect.
I own a 2010 CC bought new which has had multiple problems in and out of warranty. The engine flywheel had to be replaced because of a noise with my manual transmission. My intake manifold was replaced once under warranty and again later out of warranty because of a sensor failure. Despite using only premium fuel, the engine valves needed to be cleaned manually after two different types of induction cleaning failed. The main engine seal then went and flooded my transmission. This meant that I needed to fix the seal and change the clutch. Now I am unable to fill the gas tank with fuel because the venting system failed and the car is currently in the shop getting a new gas tank. And yes, I've also had the problem with tires that cup and start making noises.
260.000 miles on this commuter car,bought in 2010 with 81.000 miles on it. We are on the 3. turbo replacement, 1. one died at 120.000 2. one died at 220.000 miles.Replacement cost for both about 4,500$. Computer on steering rack died at 250.000, 2,500$ repair.Driver door wiring harness broke at 90.000 miles cost 500$.All in all it is sad the all the $$ we save in fuel have been spend on repairs that should not have had occurred. Our little 96 Vw Golf is still running strong with 250.000 miles on it.Never had those kinds of issues. It seems that the newer the model for VW the lower the quality of construction. It is disappointing because we thought we bought German quality engineering...
car has automatic transmission. For this reason, the starter is hidden under the exhaust manifold and burns out about every 25/30 thousand miles. At about 130.000 miles, hit a maintenance period in wear, with radiator replacement/starter replacement/water pump leakage/idle air control valve replacement. The on board computer can only be read by a VW/MB and BMW dealer. The car is a Mexico build and quality is not up to German standards. It is a 1992 VW Jetta GL and been in my family since new. My mother gave it to me in 1995 with a bit over 29000 miles on it. Within this time, I have always enjoyed it. One bit of advice that makes these cars sparkle, is to install size 195-60 14 over the standard tire. The other, is to install a front tower brace, this stiffens the pan and the improvement in handling is well worth the cost. It is a gas motor, but always have used 15-40 Shell motor oil. This protects from the Arizona desert heat, it uses about a quarter of a quart of oil every 3000 miles.
Bought my 2003 VW Beatle Turbo S in 2008 (automatic) with 19,000 miles on it from a Honda dealer no less! I am fanatical about maintenance on any car I have owned. I do regular oil changes and have followed the dealer's maintenance schedule all these years. I did have the timing belt and water pump replaced on schedule ($3,000, whew!). Two or three recalls for parts replacement under warranty. I now have 80,000 miles and no major problems. Tires, brakes and timing belts are all normal maintenance in my book. Hopefully, she keeps on truckin'! My biggest concern is having the turbo fail, as all mechanics have told me that turbo on any car will fail before any major engine component.
extremely happy with my VR6 CC 2013
Car is a piece of junk. Bought it brand new in 2001. Only have 80,000 miles on it cause I HATE to drive it. Every 6 months without fail it has something die on it. Replaced parts that hold the windows up, the front passenger seat position lock failed so every time you stop or start the passenger goes flying forward or backward. headlights, taillights, oil pan leak, windshield washer fluid receptacle, electrical system has had repeated issues,etc. Hate, hate, hate VWNBs.
2006 Jetta 2.5 does not have as many problems as my Passat wagon which caught on fire while I was driving it due to the faulty heat shield. VW repaired it only to have it fall off on a major interstate which almost got myself and others killed. After that fire EVERYTHING went wrong with that car which cost thousands. You would think I would never buy VW again..with all its faulty wire harness issues ( and there are many), the faulty trunk and gas cap latch, The windows that roll down instead of up, the lights that need replaced constantly and the headliner which is ridiculous to repair, I still think its a better car than a lot of the cars out there when they begin to get older. ITs a car that holds some value and will last a bit. They all have issues. All cars, they are made cheap and cost a fortune...but thats all cars until you get to a higher end car which VW is not anymore. On the class action lawsuit..Im still waiting for payment. Your claim had to be filed by September 24th and it settled in December 2014. VW will pay or do what it wants. The attorneys have been paid by VW and the car company hasn't paid a dime to the non-appearing Plaintiffs, even with a valid claim.
Nothing but problems with this vehicle. Failure of camshaft, camshaft follower, fuel pump, fuel pump module and inner CV boot. All with less than 70K miles. Very disappointing for a VW. I owned a VW before and it was a well handling, low maintenance vehicle. Not this model. I seem to be in the repair shop every other month - and that include the minor things that I do like plugs, oil change and ignition coils. VW never again.
I really love the VW engine (2007 VW Jetta 2.5L) but around 130,000 miles the car thinks the Trunk is always open (the dummy light for the trunk being open on the dash display is always on, even when its not open) and wouldn't activate alarm (but car would lock/unlock) for the longest time. Until all of a sudden at 150,000 miles the car alarm will activate now, however car still thinks trunk is open. Very weird. Haven't been able to get into troubleshooting much. Wish we had some VW Jetta wiring diagrams. Don't want to pay hundreds for a dealer to "fix" it. So far doesn't affect the way it drives. After about 120,000 miles the car started sounding more rough and less smooth. I guess that's to be expected. Engine still going strong as far as I know. Regular maintenance (for the most part) has been done when I can afford it. I also have a smell problem with vent system. Kept thinking it was the cabin filter but after looking on "repair pal" I realize its not. I just deal with it. I live near a mushroom farm because its cheap. So whatever.
I've owned VWs all my life and love my 2003 beetle since I bought as second hand with 13,000 miles on. It is a great city car, easy to park and maintain; we've traveled to Canada, around the East Coast and so far, so good ... Sorry for the people that did not have such a good experience but I have to say that I am as happy as I was when I first got it. About to replace the battery and looking to get advice and/or suggestions. Thanks!
dealers do not stock any parts,not even a lightbulb which takes 2 wks to get and $20. went on a trip and was stranded in another state because nobody stocks any parts for vw,not even dealers. spoiled our trip and was very expensive. took over a week to repair an alternator which should have been an easy fix. will not ever buy a vw product again.
I own Touareg 2004. Great car with high maintenance cost. Any visit to Work shop cost more $1000 ( of course other then regular fuel change etc).
I have a 99 diesel with 286000 on it and still going I have replaced clutch and rack and pinion brakes and glow plugs. Was ok till the other day and now it will not turn over its either the starter on the neutral switch have to get it towed in but other than that I would recommend to anyone.
I have had two 2000 beetles...they both were used when I got them. I always wanted one since I was little. The problem is they break down so much..and everything is so expensive to fix. Even replacing a headlight bulb is expensive. My second one is in the shop right now...I am praying it will last till Spring then I am buying a brand new car and not a husband said he would leave me if I bought another one. LOL
Vehicle needed to be towed to dealer with only 3,200 miles driven. Service department pinpointed cause to be a bad fuel injector. Very disappointed that vehicle was towed to dealer before 1st oil & filter. Don't buy a 2014 Jetta unless you want to have towed before 1st service due
2010 Jetta TDi has 102300 miles. Just replaced the a/c compressor. Just had timing belt & water pump replaced. Just had transmission serviced. WOW! So much for saving on fuel costs? The maintenance costs are killing me with the VW schedule. Will re-think the idea of buying another TDi. Also have to replace the inside driver's door panel, the whole thing, because the door handle broke, made of plastic. But you can't buy just the door handle, need the complete door panel??????
11 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SE Great gas mileage. Very good opinions for the price” leather, touch screen radio, heated seats, sunroof. This is my first Volkswagen and I am glad I got it.I have own it for a mouth and half no problem
Second tdi. 03 had much better mileage. I bought 06 new; brought it in from Tampa to California. While under warranty I took it to the dealer several times when it just wouldn't turn over. Dealer never found a problem, kept it for days. Headliner fell out @ 60k miles. Buttons bubbled on all the instruments & to fix the bad paint they want to replace everything. Absurd. The steering wheel melted, just began disintegrating. Now I've replaced both switches on the front windows. Each time they have to disassemble the entire door... $300 a pop.... now I'm replacing both motors and regulators in each door... $709 + tax per door. Air conditioner has had 6 filters and it blows when the new filter is in but one has to be going over 50 mph steady for it to begin cooling. If the outside temp. is over 85 degrees, it takes 20 minutes to begin cooling. After 90 degrees, it stops cooling. The only time I use the air conditioner is when it's over 90, so I'm so screwed. VW worked on it, but no results. I had to take it to an air conditioner specialist to get it replaced. I change the oil ever 3500 miles and perform all regular maintenance. I do not mind timing belts every 70k or replacing bulbs, but replacing the same bulb in the same fixture every year, really? The heat seats are awesome, but how often do i need them in southern California? I should never have sold the 03 tdi. It just got broken in at 50k miles… mpg actually improved to 48mpg from 42mpg. It really held it’s value as well, but this car…. I love diesels. But all these “little things” have added up to $5896. That amount does NOT include the regular maintenance items, oil changes, brakes, timing belts, tires etc. That is what it has cost to repair the structural problems. I did include the new headlamp covers. They were treated twice and I eventually just replaced them. It was the first time I did not have to buy an entire item, in this case the headlamp, to replace the cheap plastic. My speedometer plastic is scratched and I wanted to replace the plastic as I had cleaned it with something that melted it…. I think i used acetone... don't ;) And they told me I would have to replace the whole part. I could have gotten new doors for what they have charged me to fix the ones I have. VW dealer told me to trade it. They said they’ve fixed all the problems I was having. I don’t want a new car. I want this car to be right. I bought my son an 04 tdi wagon 5 years ago. It was made in Germany, all leather. It gets over 42mpg consistently and has none of the issues my Mexican Jetta has. So, if you want a diesel, the Golf is made in Germany. Just know that VW will NEVER do anything for their consumers no matter how loyal they have been nor how blatantly defective their product is produced.
Buyer Beware!!! we bought a 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit (new) and have had trouble from the beginning. The brakes always squeeked and Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen could never find the problem. Our tire light came on and off and recently, we found out we needed a new engine at 70,000 miles. This dealership sold us a LEMON!! They also told us we needed a new sensor which we ok'd and the cost was $500.00. After the sensor was replaced they told us the engine was bad and it would cost $7,000 BUT before they could confirm it was the engine we needed to pay them $1,000.00 so we paid it. Our car left Smeltz Countryside Volkswagen on a tow truck non drivable and we had to pay them $1,500.00. They couldn't even put the engine back together unless we paid an additional $300.00. Is this normal? I feel ripped off!!!
for those of u who had wiring harness issue there is a class action law suit ... visit fot the issues with cv boots visit and file a complaint... lets have these manufactures fix the faulty cars they sold us
I actually have an Amarok and live in Australia, but this option was not available. Problem is my wipers became stuck in the upright position while using them in the rain. New vehicle with 1800 kl's on clock. Is there a simple remedy ? Regards Davrok
Although it may be premature- the pure fun to drive experience is incredible!! The milage is awesome- torque is great on takeoff ( I have wondered if printed times are correct- seems faster). I really enjoy the center MFI between 2 analog gauges. We chose a diesel over a hybrid to NOT have to baby it to return mpgs. The DSG works differently in sport mode- worth a try

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