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Owners' Reviews

Honda Reviews and Owner Comments

Honda Owner Reviews (20 reviews)
    Honda Honda Accord Owner Reviews (see 200 reviews)
  • 2007 Honda Accord
    Visitor, Evans, GA, August 09, 2014 09:42
    Bought 4 cylinder new. Within a few months a/c would only come out at my feet. Dealer had to rip out entire dash to replace a part that controls air flow. Repair worked but had minor side effects that diminished the new car feeling. Car now has 113K. Replaced front and rear brakes and rotors twice. The interior headliner is falling apart. Had to use screw in tacks to hold it up so I can see out the back window. No other major repairs but the transmission is starting to shake when shifting from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5.
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  • Honda Honda Civic Owner Reviews (see 103 reviews)
  • 1999 Honda Civic
    Visitor, Surprise, AZ, April 11, 2014 22:37
    My 99 civic has 200k miles and still runs great, low cost to maintain,changed oil every 3000k and never had any real big problems, oh i did have to replace head, but that was due to the water pump piece broke off and clogged something over heated, had it replaced and expect to get another 50K out of it, my last civic befor this one went 300k, and never leaked anything, 35-40mpg someone knocked on my door and asked me to sell it to them, that 88 civic took me across the country many times, went through college then I gave it to my little brother and he used it until he graduated Medical School at UCLA and bought his own practice, he gave it back to me with 300k and I drove it to Phoenix where someone stole it to smuggle drugs got it back when police found it and it still ran great up to the day I sold it. I believe in hondability, GO CIVIC!!
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  • Honda Honda CR-V Owner Reviews (see 67 reviews)
  • 2007 Honda CR-V
    Visitor, Brigantine, NJ, August 31, 2014 16:12
    after owning four other Hondas in the past I do believe it is time to move on. My wife and I are very unhappy with our 2007 Honda crv . We did all the scheduled maintence and still had very costly problems occur with cat. converter, brakes [after the dealer serviced them ].And the most recent is the a/c blowing hot air [I was told by mechanic its the a/c clutch].I think this will be our last Honda product.
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  • Honda Honda Odyssey Owner Reviews (see 46 reviews)
  • 2008 Honda Odyssey
    Visitor, Leesburg, VA, July 02, 2014 21:07
    I have had my Odyssey since 2008 and have driven over 100,000. It has been a good car overall but now it is starting to have some problems. First of all, My Nanny crashed the car. Minor accident from stationary at a light and she did $7000 worth of damage and the front was destroyed. That's very concerning that the bodywork is like paper. I am concerned how this would hold up under a real impact. Secondly I have the issue with the brake judder when breaking. It's annoying but at least my breaks haven't tried to stop by themselves...... yet. I have had issues with the air conditioning since last summer when the car overheated out of the blue. It was stationary running in my driveway and all of a sudden it just overheated. The AC has been funny since. On top of weird AC, the electrical system seems to be breaking down. My central panel keeps overheating, switching off my navigation system/entertainment and a couple of weeks ago I had a leak through my ceiling where the water just literally Poured into the car. No windows open at the time of the leak. The leak seems to have destroyed more parts of my electrical system, the sliding doors no longer work, the indicators and temperature gauge to name a few things are not working. We left it to dry for a couple of days and now the car wont start at all. It appears that a cell in my replaced battery is not functioning. This car is becoming a money pit now and it's not that old!!...... It's very worrying. Also, I'm now terrified of fire. I have heard arcing in my dash for a while, and now I realize that the doors won't open when the electrical system screws up. I am actually wondering how on earth I would get my toddler out of the car in the case of fire. Think we might be a bit screwed there...... I don't think I would buy this car again......
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  • Honda Honda Pilot Owner Reviews (see 39 reviews)
  • 2012 Honda Pilot
    toniecal, Las Vegas, NV, April 21, 2014 21:03
    I have a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring, sold my 12 year Yukon Denali XL. I loved my Denali but it was getting old and ABS lights went on. After looking at many new Denali's and finding none that compared to my 2002 with the butter soft leather seats and the roomy interior, I decided on the Honda Pilot. So far a big disapointment, has no power and the car is coming apart. The driver's seat I have taken in three times to the Honda dealer and my Pilot has a year and a half with 22,700 miles. Last weekend while going 65mph on the freeway it started to bop,bop,bop while driving. The dealer says that I must have drived on the brakes,ha! on a freeway bumper to bumper. The rotors overheated and they had to be redone and clean up the breaks. This is an almost new car, I bought it with 5 miles from dealer new. This to sounds like manufacturer defect and it can cause accidents down the road. I hope the government gets notice of this soon.
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  • Honda Honda Ridgeline Owner Reviews (see 27 reviews)
  • 2006 Honda Ridgeline
    Visitor, Spring Lake, NJ, August 25, 2014 20:09
    2006 Honda Ridgeline Bought new in 2006 and just passed 245,000. Other than routine maintenance no major problems. Shooting for 300,000. Great truck and well worth the money at the time.
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  • Honda Honda Element Owner Reviews (see 25 reviews)
  • 2006 Honda Element
    Visitor, Twinsburg, OH, April 03, 2014 21:30
    I have the 2006 Honda Element, and have read some of the reviews written with the frequent brake changes on this vehicle. Couldn't agree more, I have changed the brakes at least 3 times or more. I have done the brakes myself all three and don't have any problems until a couple months later.. when they start grinding and the caliper slides of rear seize even when I make sure that I brake lube the sliders before putting them into the rubber boot. My rotors have a 2 year warranty and brake pads lifetime warranty which is saving major money! Since bought new in 2006 I have had no MAJOR problems with the vehicle.. Frequent oil changes, brakes, and gas pump visits.. Also Struts and shocks clunk, (used to in the rear but I changed the rubber boot for the swing arm bar in rear. And the clunking stopped. I would love to have it like brand new again, but it does its job gets me where I need to go. I do my best to up keep on maintenance. I also have light shortages i believe. One of my interior lights went out, had to change headlight bulbs more than a few times(even when I was careful not to touch bulb when changing), and my horn. Horn sounds like a dead goose…and ya have to take the whole front bumper off to change it.. horrible design…More work, or more money in labor...
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  • Honda Honda Passport Owner Reviews (see 22 reviews)
  • 1996 Honda Passport
    BlakeKershner, Lincoln, CA, January 18, 2014 01:35
    At 330,000 miles I've driven it around the country through snow and desert. If you keep up with it and can afford the fixes and maintenance, the car will certainly be good back to you. Although there has been a few occurring problems such as alternator, and oil leak. Not to say this isn't a great 90's SUV, but I'm at the point where if the catalytic converter needs replaced, or its just getting to old and expensive, I may have to put her down to parts..The little problems grow as with any older car
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  • Honda Honda Fit Owner Reviews (see 16 reviews)
  • 2013 Honda Fit
    FSUH8R, Youngstown, OH, May 19, 2014 13:32
    I was very impressed with my Fit until the head on crash test results were aired on TV. I have had no problems except the battery would not hold a charge very long. It is true that I don't drive it for weeks at a time. I took it to the local dealer and it turned out to be a defective battery. They replaced it at no charge. I have had four passengers inside with no problems picking up speed. When you are inside you swear you are in a mid-size car. I put the back seats down to form my mini-mini van and actually picked up a 2"x4"x8' the other day. For around the City cheap transportation this is the car for me.
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  • Honda Honda Prelude Owner Reviews (see 12 reviews)
  • 1991 Honda Prelude
    Visitor, Sweet Grass, MT, September 01, 2012 15:11
    I have owned over 20 vehicles and my 1991 prelude is one of the best to drive. Handles amazing and is all around excellent. Only complaint would be my automatic transmission shifts a little hard.
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  • Honda Honda Civic Si Owner Reviews (see 11 reviews)
  • 1992 Honda Civic Si
    Visitor, Sterling, VA, March 02, 2013 07:22
    I am the proud owner of one of these vehicles, currently with 163K miles. Even after upgrading bolt-ons and putting performance brake system/17" tires, she still gets 36 hwy and 30 city! Everyone who sees or drives it, LOVES it…I routinely have offers on my windshield from random strangers. Easy to maintain with a little TLC and respect for maintenance schedules. I have never been disappointed by its reliability. Drawback: it works great with small children but gets a bit crowded when they get bigger (lol…so I make them get their own rides if they get big enough to complain), esp since it is a hatchback. There are fewer and fewer of these vehicles around, so worth even more to me to keep in tip top shape. Recommendation: the 2006 Honda paint "Fiji Blue Pearl" is gorgeous on this vehicle, esp with great wheels…every girl appreciates a classic dress and sexy heels ;)
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  • Honda Honda Civic Hybrid Owner Reviews (see 10 reviews)
  • 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid
    Mr Thrifty, Arlington, VA, August 16, 2012 08:33
    Have had the car for 11k miles and like my 2007 Civic IMA has never had one problem, ever! However, this year Hybrid seems a little slower off the line than the 2007. Also, gas mileage is not as good as it goes into battery preservation mode more often. Some things to remember about Hybrids and the Civic. This car does not like heavy loads, like four big passengers. In the mountains, and very steep drives it is a real disadvantage. There is very little ground clearance so it is good roads only. The Civic is very good in snow (surprise) but can't handle big quantities because of tires and ground clearance. Finally, this is not a great car for very hot climates because the AC runs off the battery and in bad traffic in hot weather you will be down in the high twenties for MPG, not bad, but you will not be real cool either. So this really is a city car for moderate climates. Not sure about San Francisco though. In Washington, DC, I get close to 40 mpg most of spring and fall. Don't believe the "haters" but also don't get swayed by the FanBoys. Update: looks like the battery is bad and Honda is replacing it. Went through three incidents where the battery charge would jump around and then the check engine light and sometimes IMA light would come on. Also engagement of the IMA motor was herky jerky. Another symptom of a bad battery is sub standard fuel economy, so curious to see if this corrects the fuel economy. Will find out and report. Update: after the battery replacement if mileage is good but not great, 33 in town at the moment with mild weather. Honda service continues to be excellent. Typically get the car back with a free wash and interior vacuum, and that is for a service that costs $200. This car is beyond cheap to run and with gas at $4 a gallon don't use much of it.
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  • Honda Honda Accord Hybrid Owner Reviews (see 9 reviews)
  • 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid
    Visitor, El Paso, TX, March 08, 2014 11:33
    everything on the HONDA hybrid is Japan's revenenge for the A bomb. Nothing on this HONDA hybrid is right. The parts are very expensive and its a classic lemon. After 80,000 its a bucket of wasted money and the pitful fuel savings are down the drain. HONDA are you listening to your A bomb revenenge. I am out thousands of dollars for Japan's HONDA rise bowl, I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MADE IN JAPAN IS STILL A JOKE.
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  • Honda Honda Civic del Sol Owner Reviews (see 7 reviews)
  • 1993 Honda Civic del Sol
    Visitor, Anadarko, OK, June 20, 2013 12:32
    I have a 93 si. I never know if it will start. had 2 distributors installed in the last 2 yrs. no one can fix it. mechanic tells me that he can only diagnose my problem if the car won't start. I never know when it won't start. sometimes it grinds. then, after it sits for a minute, it will start. the mechanic wants to install a new distributor everytime I call him about it. nobody can diagnose it.
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  • Honda Honda Insight Owner Reviews (see 7 reviews)
  • 2011 Honda Insight
    Visitor, Keene, TX, January 27, 2013 11:44
    2010 Honda Insight Visitor, Keene, TX, January 27, 2013 11:42 I bought the Honda insight in April 2011, today is January 26/2012(20 months)I have over 52,000. I drive 104 miles roundtrip to work. The best performan was 67 mpg runing at 50 mph. I went to California twice an the average roundtrip 46 mpg at 70 mph, every trip was over 5,000 miles. This is a wonderful car. No problems
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  • Honda Honda S2000 Owner Reviews (see 7 reviews)
  • 2002 Honda S2000
    TristanReal, Willowbrook, IL, July 02, 2013 14:41
    Truly an awesome car. its at its simplest form of a convertible sports car. its nimble, quick, reliable and is good looking. Lowered it with 9 inch wide wheels.
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  • Honda Honda CRX Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 1990 Honda CRX
    Visitor, Alameda, CA, December 06, 2012 08:04
    My 90 CRX Si has 286,000 and counting. Bought in new and it still brings major smiles all the time. It's been my everyday car to work and for fun from day one and I dunno what to say except I think Soichiro Honda made a deal with supernatural forces on behalf of the CRX because it's excellence has not diminished in the 20 plus years of driving it.
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