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what else can cause speedometer failure.

My check engine light came on it said air mass flow sensor

I have removed the bolt on the outside and it looks it made the solenoid a little loose now but the solenoid still won't come off. What else do I need to do other that removing the bolts on the outside in order to remove the solenoid?

My check engine light comes on often and then usually goes off on its own because I need a new catalytic converter but since it's over 14 years old it's not necessary repair. But now the engine seems to be running very loudly and especially when I accelerate. I had a whole new system put in 17 months ago, so I don't think that it's that it's a different sound

Car wouldn't start we changed camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor the car ran fine for about a mile or two then oil light came on and is running really rough HELP

Blinker stop working then the techs tested the fuses and the brake lights stop working.

I got a new radio installed in my 2005 honda accord two weeks ago and now its stalling when i try turning on. What could be causing this problem? Im thinking its cause the radio. It started stalling two days ago. It would stall but with alityle push on gas it would start. I was driving and it died while I was slowing down to make a turn. And now its stalling more that i stopped driving it.

That is ALL of the detail! At how many miles should brake fluid be replaced?

I have a battery or starter would not start sounding like a low battery condition. then loud clicking sounds started for 30 minutes until turned off by AAA road service.

Used the remote key while in the car to start up and leave on a trip. Sound made of engine not wanting to turn over. Turned it off and then a loud clicking sound started continuous for 30 minutes until AAA service arrived. He started car with battery equipment after he disengaged the starter motor. I do not know whether there is a battery problem or a starter problem. Need help.

not enough charge to turn over

My 2003 caravan was stalling while I was driving and would start back up after a while. My husband changed the crank shaft sensor now it has not stalled but the speedometer when stopping at a light is staying around 20 miles per hour and the van is jumping. once I take my foot off the brake it dives great any ideas.

My runs for a couple of days when I turn off it want crank but later it will crank

I replace my starter cause when I try starting it the car be wanting to start it just make a click sound

My oil pressure reads 35 to 40 once the vehicle is stopped once i accelerate it goes up between 40 to 65. Is that normal if not what does it surpose to read?