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My cigarette lighter plugs stopped working and I don't know what fuse to replace


Every time I start my car and drive, the warning sign "battery/alternator" pops up. What is that mean? My car looses power after it's driven for a while. Please help!!!!

Car will not open if I walk up to it and grab door handle. Also, Now must insert fob to start car. Changed battery on fob so that's not the problem. Could my small battery be going out?

We were driving cold air coming out & then it just stopped. Only blows hot air

My car just stopped me when i slowed down to make a turn and since then its has refused to start. we have checked the fuel pump it is working okay, we have checked the coil it is also working.

My car gives up power once in a while press on gas and doesn't take off I can be driving and gas paddle I can push all the way down and nothing..

I changed the battery for a new one because the car I have it park for 3 months
and the old battery was no good but now I put a new one and the car won't start all lights are on but is no crank or noise of starting at all I turned the key all away but nothing

The fuse for the power seats overheats and at times the seats won't work. I have fuse out so it will stay in one location. Is this a possible short? If so where should I look for it.

I have 157K miles on my 2004 MDX and I am concerned about the possibility of engine failure on long interstate traveling. Should I replace the ignition module, fuel pump or other to improve my chances of not getting stuck on long travels?

Works great half the time. Turn engine on and fan works half the time. Other times it does not run. Any thought?

The EOC Pedal Indicator Display has gone out

The engine cranks strong. At first replacing the cam positioning sensor worked right away. Now even that is not a quick fix. If I let it sit for a half hour to an hour it starts right up.? It won't do it while at the shop so of course it can't be detected. Have to leave it running when I run into a store.

Won't start. Turns over. Battery is fine. Oil light comes on, but oil is fine. All accessories work.

Water comming from rear of motor to far back to be the water pump and to high up but cant really see to good also the a.c. lines where covered in sweat so wasn't the pully at the back of the motor below the alternator but above and to the back more of the water pump