Sounds like exhaust knocking maybe. I have no idea

What could be the issue?

the whole dashboard is blinking constantly

No pressure in the radiator hose, fan kicks on and off and regulates heat and thermostat is working, but the car died twice on the same road in town when I was at almost a completely stop and had trouble wanting to start. Topped of fluid last light and it was all gone when we check today after driving roughly 45 miles. (I bought the car yesterday) it idles fine, but before the whole motor rocked and shook, but we fixed that, motor mount bolts were loose. Just don't know why there is absolutely no pressure for the radiator but everything else is working fine.

I have a roweling sound from the rear end , when I accelerate and when I de accelerate

3 most likely would be great help. Estimate-include mechanic hours probable.

About 3 weeks ago, it will not turn over, took it to mechanic and said it was the fuel injection refused and for 3 weeks he couldn't find the problem to fix it

Just need to replace bolts but can't find specs

The diagnosis complained about TCM

Car sat for a month once I put a new battery every light on the car came on and won't go off. Tried to crank it but only tried to turn over and spits out windshield wiper fluid.

it acts like its going to die and goes down to 200rpms I checked oil and all the fluids

What could be wrong with a 2002 dodge caravan ? We have replaced the the motor,the computer,fuel pump,fuel filter,cam senors,plugs,plug wires it will turn over and spit and sputter but that is all .Checked all fuses

There is no problem yet. I put a new pump in and tank had a small leak. I took fuel pump back out to get tank repaired. The sock was discolored very bad after a few hours run time on new pump. Tank is steel.

no grining, just wont go into 5 th gear.

2.0 engine back fires then dies