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I purchased this vehicle in April 2003 with 11,000 miles. It has held up well, however, it apprears that this year model was plagued with power window problems. Same with my '03 Century. The electrical seems to have evolved, now the left rear door is always locked, no power to the locking motor and the odometer area bulb operates occasionally, the last time it lit up the odometer read 168,000 miles. That was probably a month ago. The engine was rebuilt by dealer ($3800 in approximately 2010) a disappointment. Adult children had been using this vehicle for last 4-5yrs and I now have it back. Have had harmonic balancer replaced and the spark plugs, however, I have a "bucking" or chocking problem now when reaching 45MPH in acceleration. Taking to mechanic this afternoon for a check on "plug wire misfire" and/or fuel filter clogging. Will also have him check the "coil" once again, as we discussed it at plug replacement 2 days ago. Anyone else with the chugging problem -- and did you find the reason?
Great vehicle very good running cond. I have never had too many problems with my Rendezvous CXL replace steering pump, set of new brakes and engine module also last year had master cylinder replaced. Overall it runs and drives mint, no problems that be expensive on Rendezvous. Has lots of room like a mini van seats and interior in great condition like the climate control system and power sunroof. Get oil changes at 3 thousand miles recently got new plugs at 150K miles no oil leaks or running hot with an overheated engine. Love everything on my Rendezvous it is the best ever had still looks good in/out handles very well. Plenty of power with V6 in class couldn't ask for a better vehicle as my Rendezvous planning driving until finally retires on me but has well cared routine maintenance 3 thousand miles no warning lights or other problems having out of the vehicle.
Overall I really like my SUV. Has 140,200 miles. I am second owner with 27,000 miles. Spent money on the brakes. But now my problem is the lights. The automatic running lights will not turn off at times. Some time the dome lights will stay on and sometimes the lights won't come on. The Repair I use said that they can fix it but this problem has to be done at the Dealership. So, I am trying to find out the cost. I hope to drive it a few more years.
I love my Verano solid & comfortable it rides like a little luxury car gets 30 + MPG a great car for last 3 years. Loved interior dashboard and got On star system there is nice seat support plus car has four cylinders. Great on road trips very smooth on roads handles like a dream nice looking in & out its a great car.
had to to major front end work at 61000 had to replace the computer at 62000 had to replace the EGR servo valve at 65000 engine also has a knocking rod, i chose to trade it in and not repair, i have driven a couple of park avenues and the lucern is not the same quality, it is crap i traded this lemon in and got a new Nissan maxima, the difference in quality is astounding, GM will not survive, Obama will pump billions into to it until it dies.
I use for delivering mail around neighborhoods. It's a well built solid car the 3.8L motor is peppy the Buick is more efficient around winding roads it's so crisp with being a six passenger car. Overall my Buick is in wonderful shape dependable lasting still rides very smooth on roads really pleased with this car. It's flawless plenty of room running like brand new gets estimated of 23mpg just love my car does me well in the mornings and daily commutes.
Car is running OK. I've had 10 accidents but at least my poor little Buick is ticking. Had minimal issues after car has been damaged several times. Under acceleration it smokes bad from rear of exhaust plus engine burns 1quart of oil but still runs like new. Replaced pinions and brakes four times now my rack is leaking very dependable car though looks like someone got mad took their frustration out on my poor car she is a sweetheart to drive. Hate the fact she has been injured so many times some kind of way wish their was a car makeover as with fashion models are giving my car an extreme makeover making look like a brand new car all over again. So far it hasn't stalled though goes through heavier snow I even myself crashed in couple of things after driving around neighborhoods in heavier snow and sleek roads. My driver side window doesn't work anymore or cruise control switched plus my ''ENGINE SOON LIGHT'' is on don't know what the problem could be haven't noticed rough idling or bad acceleration from the car but will have it checked out sooner. I am surprised that my Buick is running flawless to say been demolished lots of times must have been a great dependable car ever assemble in Flint MI won't die yet being in bad shape.
Good quality car. No problems very excellent on highway.
Good car as my second vehicle. I bought a 2001 Buick Century its a wonderful car with 3.8L V6 in its class. Purrs at 40mph no problems with vehicle. Its very comfortable the Buick gets 28mpg never put high repairs in it. The car now has 158,000 miles did get alignment and replaced two rotors other than that car is flawless. Get it checked at every 5,000 miles as regular oil changes etc., seems decent little car all I need is an manifold intake gasket other minor repairs took care of wasn't expensive. Surprisingly the car is driven in snow every year no problems a beautiful car would purchase another Buick have it parked under my garage as my 2003 Buick absolutely loved to death. It was the first Buick after my 1991 Tercel was totaled in a wrecked found this car at remarkable priced at $5000 didn't think wasn't bad on a 2003 Century at least dealership went too brought from a dealership in Massachusetts was well maintained as got a Carfax approval on it one owner no problems. Still it runs like a new car hope keeps running as well like doing at this time easy to maintained and cheap getting oil changes literally took good cared of my car doing all regular maintain.
BEST CAR I'VE EVER OWNED. My Buick finally over 200,000 miles never gave me problems it has religiously been fully serviced at dealership. Never put a dime into minimal repairs got a 3800 V6 very nice car while still comfortable. I definitely would buy another Buick this car runs amazing went on several trips no problems. Has lots of spacious plenty of room it's a bigger car enough dimensions perfect sized car I have ever owned pln driving until it all breaks free.
best car iv'e had, only afew minor issues 100,000 miles
bought 06 lucerne with 21k. had the car for 6 yrs. it was in the shop over 30 times with problem after problem. i spent over $12,000 on upkeep and repairs. this is a lemon. will never buy a buick again. this car is a money pit and completley un-reliable. problems included door lock solenoids, always vibrates, paint swirls, power window problem, ratttling noises in the right rear door, transmission lines rotting out twice, wheel bearings shot, front and rear suspencion, water pump, heating and cooling issue,clunking hard shift i the transmission at times, multiple brake problems, air bag problems with the sensores, door handles broke off, antenna broke off, window washer pump broke and on and on and on a real POS.
I had an 1985 Buick Le Sabre. With 55 K miles. I inherited some money, so I bought a new Buick Le Sabre. 2001 I do miss the old velour seats. That car could turn on a dime. Better than my new one. On the freeway it really went. How about those old bumper guards. I got rear ended at a stop light. No damage to my car. Hers just bounced off, of my car with front damage. Yes I had a back register wire break. I took it to be fixed. Way too money. So a friend fixed it for free. Just took off the door panel, put on a new register, and that was it. He showed me where the wire had broken. Other than that, I have no complaints. I am 83, and want a smaller car. This one is too big to park in parking lots.
Purchased this car when we were in MAINE.It was a program car from DETROIT,MI and had 5240 miles on it Rides like we are on a couch. Had to replace both front wheel Bearing Hubs and the usual Brakes.Gets great gas mileage 28-32 so can not complain for this size car. I now have 171,000 miles on it and hope to continue keeping it as compared to all these new cars all getting recalls.Best car I ever had. Thanks GM !!
I bought a used Buick Lucerne in 2011 with 30K miles. Right away it started to have a rotten egg smell. I took it to the Chevrolet dealer in my town and they couldn't smell it. I continued to return it and at that time they smelled it and said they to use high test fuel and they cleaned out the fuel injectors. Problem still existed. Back to the dealer. They smelled the sulfur coming from the car and installed a catalytic converter. Smell continued. Back to the dealer and the service department installed another converter. Meanwhile, the door handle just came off in my hand. Had to pay for that to be fixed. Just got the car back from the service department and was told the problem was because we didn't drive it enough and should take the car and drive it on long trips. We were told by the service writer that he could go on the lot and drive any car out there and it would do the same as ours. They loaned us a 2015 Chevrolet Impala which was only driven a total of 30 miles in two days and not once did it have the rotten egg smell. Our old '97 Buick Le Sabre was a wonderful car. It had well over 130,000 miles and still ran and drove like a new car.Leather interior, good steering, good gas mileage and very dependable.And now Buick is selling a car that stinks, not leather all around the seats, steering isn't that great and the worst of it is... The service department can only come up with "It smells because of sulfur in the gasoline, it's not driven that much and all the cars are doing that. Don't believe it. Lest I forget, we had to have the rack and pinion replaced.
Bought this Lesabre used at 90,000 miles, now has 270,000. Had two of the most commonly found problems: 1) windows stick, requiring replacement of motor; and 2) fuel pump went bad, probably because I drove it to almost empty every fill-up. No transmission or engine problems. On cruise control it does better than the EPA estimate: at 65 mph gets 33-34 mph. One of the best full-size sedans.
Car has had it's minor problems but has always got me from point A-B. I also have been rear-ended before, hard, and the back of the car held up very well.
I just brought a used 2004 with 180000 miles on it....I have had a few small problems with it..but I love it and it a great driving suv..
Ive owned two buick park avenues. A 1994 and a 1995. Both beautiful cars. Such a smooth drive, gets great gas mileage for the size of the car, V6 engine, and so much space to spread out compared to newer cars. My dad got the first one for me and my brothers for its extremely large engine and strong frame for more protection if we ever got in a car crash. Great for teen drivers. Both buicks had pretty much the exact same problems. One of my biggest pet pevs is the electric system. The first buick had a wiring system that was over heating the car so much that it would shut down. I have had to replace numerous electrical parts in the car-most common: seats, power steering button, trunk button, and windows. I would say the only main problem is the electrical system. I dont know why but my battery would always die (replaced 3 times between both cars) I would say be prepared to replace electrical every now and then. The engine did go on me with both buicks-after 100,000 sum miles. The great thing is that in wisconsin there are so many buick parts that it didnt cost to much to find a newer engine- havent had a problem after that. But other than that the car is beautiful. Great in winter conditions- heaver so it doesnt get stuck so easy. Once its moving it just coast. Make sure to regularly change the oil, fill up the tires, and baby it. Itll run like a champ if you keep up to date with it. In the past 2 years I have only had to make 2 repairs on it due to rust. -Tamara
Car has 43,000 miles,always serviced before it's called for and the transmissions gone, needs replacement, had all sorts of problems with lane sensor, side obstacle sensors, on star and ignition switch, but nothing like the huge expense of having the tranny rebuilt. GM just isn't what it used to be. Beautiful car but not built to last and it wasn't cheap either.
We have had fairly good luck with our '03 Century. Had lifters replaced at 50,000 miles because of clatter at a Chevy dealer in Sandy. After 1000 mi or so it was as noisy as before. Were they actually replaced? Get better A/C on passenger side. Power window problems, but all in all its been a good dependable car. Its nearing 100,000 miles. p.s. replaced catalytic converter recently.
Purchased this 2013 Enclave AWD (loaded) brand new two years ago. Currently has 33,000 miles on it, and I have had no problems with it. It rides great and I have been impressed with Buick ever since. Engine and drivetrain ride smoothly and has plenty of torque for towing trailers of "stuff" from Ohio to Florida, thru the mountains and valleys of West Virginia. I am a new car freak who has owned many, many new vehicles over the years and the Enclave is the best in class for US automakers. Only real complaints: 1) MPG is about 18.5 so far, and 2) I believe the brakes are undersized for this heavy of a vehicle especially because I had a factory towing package included when I ordered it.
I will never buy a Buick ever again. General Motors knew problems with these cars never put on a recall I have a 2006 Buick Lucerne its been nothing but problems with doors not closing properly and engine has tons of issues my car is low mileage (98,000 miles) burns oil like crazy took into shop no oil left into engine because of faulty pre cats I am looking into a salvage engine. The brakes aren't good have replaced 3 sets already so sick of this piece of junk want to get out of this money pit. Bought used with 32000 miles 4 years ago now its a lemon time push over cliff I like elegance styling but characteristics a very unreliable car I also got 6 wheel bearings replaced. Body isn't good the whole front bumper has come apart I don't drive hard or abuse vehicles seems like this car was in a Crash Test Program even transmission slips into 2nd gear now wouldn't go into drive had me stopped right in middle of my driveway had a neighbor help push it back into driveway until call for somebody help me I've spent $2345 on a new transmission now seems problem happening again because feel some hard jerking I absolutely hate this car. First and last Buick hopefully find an auto dealer take in my trade so get out of this junk.
This was my grandparents until they passed away. I inherited their 1997 Lesabre Custom with 85,000 miles didn't drive many places since elderly people. The body is in good shape stereo with Delco cassette plays impressive very comfortable buckets, fixed one of the headlights wasn't working it still runs like new bought in 2005 as a free ride. I own this car now, thankfully hasn't made me put no expenses into high expensive repairs vehicle has 104986 miles 3.8L engine idles very quiet I always used a car cover staying in decent condition interior is very clean though have smaller kids no tears or rips everything works great on the Buick. It has been a well maintained car all these years even when my grandparents owned it my grandpa took very excellent care of it when first bought late '96 of a 1997 model year car love this car. I'd wouldn't hesitate in getting one of these couldn't pass reliability with a Buick might be for an elder person but truly reliable with decent ride, great sound system, spacious and very low maintenance.
Other than manifold head gasket it is a pretty well good car love it to death. Thank u Jesus I have 200,000 miles on the odometer has not shown any significant problems of quitting yet. Will drive until run it through ground no costly repairs but only minor thing having out vehicle be headlight bulbs doesn't last long have to get some so keep whenever one of the lights go out. Regal is a flawless car gets 24 miles per gallon round trips around city looks beautiful in and out absolutely love this car. Engine runs well replaced oil and change fluids making it last I believe u want find a clean '95 Regal around Lexington in good running condition its the best car I have ever had.
Bought my SUV used in 2010 love what counts on my Rendezvous CXL no issues still peppy took few trips out of town plus gets decent gas mileage. I got spark plugs changed at 102,000 miles and set of new tires drives solid has awesome handling believe long term reliability is no problem. Good sound system love the comfortable seats materials are nice came with a sunroof . I like the style of this SUV it is a nice Buick bought used all my maintenance are cheap getting things done on it. It would make a great family SUV being more affordable for the buck never left me stranded took a trip down to Atlanta this Rendezvous handle interstates very well I appreciate all monies worth getting out of my Rendezvous.
Very pleased with my Rendezvous purchased it new. She has 240,000 miles no problems I just bought a Enclave since love Buick's for life u just can't pass their reliability.
The car might look bad but it's reliable purchased in 1998 from a friend who took his kids around my son's drove it but they have abused my Lesabre looks like been in a crash dummy that is what you get handling over the keys to teens. I am getting it fixed up still reliable just in bad shape it won't die. My friend bought this car new he kept it up now looks like a rag on wheels planning to drive until motor quits.
One of the best Big gems ever on the road. Buick gave it the right name Road master love the tight ride with the LT1 engine has good punch to throttle. These cars last forever owned a 92 sold off recently bought a clean 1995 back in 2010 last went 300,000 miles no problems hope this last me believe it will can trust the cars they are built like tanks.
Love the car has some electronic issues seats quit working and cruise control switch malfunctions but runs well with 3800 engine I did pull the battery because this car would crank real slow plus had a mechanic run some coils but nothing showed about problem. The fuel pump was replaced as alternator but problem occurs which think Rivieras had common problems love the car it's a good car but has some design flaws. I am thinking of doing some mechanical work by hand saving myself some money bought it used last year paid $800 guess the owner didn't want to put anymore work into the car he told me all the things had to be done on car which makes the 4th owner driving it. It is a nice looking car but has lots of mechanical problems it hiccups when driving acts like going to stall don't know if car is on its last leg but will get everything fixed going to Auto parts store getting parts much cheaper.

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