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I had my 4Runner since 2002 brand new. There isn't a SUV would drive but a Toyota 4Runner its the best ever. I used to take into a Service Center on S. Prentiss Drive now 222k miles the dealer get serviced Oaks Toyota works on my SUV. Still very comfortably handles, runs and drives great the 6 cylinder is peppy. I did go to O'Reilly changed out spark plugs and air filters but luckily let dealership service oil changes and rotations etc. It's in mint condition never going to get rid of it did get AC repaired in June 2013 but overall very dependable. I would definitely buy another in a heartbeat this 4Runner is great ever driven to Colorado and Tennessee its the best ever had.
bought toyota xle new in feb 2002,in april 2011 at 230000 mi.3 head bolts loosen,had to 203000 put first set of new brakes on, since then,new starter,cat,and regular maintance things.have now 349000 on this. excellance car
I had 279,000 miles on mine before a mud bog got me sideways and I had a rollover accident that totalled it. No injuries whatsoever. Owned it for 10 years. My esteem for durability, safety and reliability is vastly more important to me than any concerns about 13 MPG. My experience with brake costs seems consistent with other posts here, also the Birfield joints (CV joint) can be an Achilles' heel. I had the cylinder head machined at 180,000 because a piece of spark plug wiring fell into the combustion chamber during a tune up and I couldn't get it out. The machinist found a 0.04" warp across the face of the head that he couldn't machine out. He suggested just reassembling it anyway, which I did. I put nearly 100,000 miles on that warped head! In the ranks of all-time best utilitarian workhorse SUV's this vehicle belongs on everybody's short list, and certainly at the top of my list. I will buy another one.
I had a 2005 but got totaled now I am driving a 2007 Avalon Limited purchased in 2011. This car is reliable and comfortable driven have silver color as my other one loving my Avalon its a best pick owning one of these. Does great in city driving plus interior feels like a Buick love elegance in/out of it its in excellent condition. I would buy another in a heartbeat I'm driving this one until 200,000 just did regular oil changes and changed spark plugs at 3,000 miles). Overall Avalon is best car ever owned gorgeous looking very quiet driving after 4 years never given me an problem it's amazing than ever to drive being the best ever.
160,000 miles and still going strong - other than brakes, tires and scheduled maintenance, I've had to replace the alternator at about 80K, one ignition coil at 150K, and a leaking AC Condenser at 160K. Compared to other cars I've owned, and that's a lot with 2 kids in college, this car has been incredible. As it also came with a lifetime power train warranty, I'm going to keep it for as long as possible - and when it finally goes, I would buy another Toyota in a heartbeat.
4 wheeling machine but fuck the 3.o
I like my Avalon Limited BUT ..... I just learned that to replace my headlight bulbs they need to remove the bumper ( P&L) runs over $500 for both lights - my older Camry cost $30 for parts and 25 min of my own labor. What kind of car co. would build a car that requires removal of the bumper to change the bulb. Although other elements in the car seem to work well after my 8 years of owner ship I am extremely worried what other lame brain ideas guided the decisions that will effect the owners ability to repair their car as it gets older. My other complaint is the suspension which is getting loose, noisy, and less luxury in feel. ( however part of the blame goes to Louisiana roads which are substandard to say the least ) Hope I won't be on the site in a few years complaining about repair cost for things I don't even image yet. I kind of feel like Toyota ( which I have trusted for my last 3 cars) has let me down, hope to be proved wrong !
I have a 2011 Landcruiser which was purchased new. At 60000 miles the ventilation unit no longer recirculates air and the dealer is asking $2700 to repair it. Wow! I thought a Landcruiser would have better reliability than this.
I brought my highlander in August of 2004 and she is still going. I commute about 100 miles round trip to work and travel to different cities for my daughter club soccer on the weekends. Besides the normal wear and tear repairs my highlander has been excellent. Air conditioning is still blowing out cold air and has never had any problems. She currently has over 243,400 miles with original transmission and engine. I brought a prius in 2013 for better gas but kept my highlander for my teenagers to drive. Dont plan on getting rid of her. Love this car!
steering locks up not good I drive from a wheelchair
Ok--have been reading the reviews on the 2007 Toyota Corolla, and and now will give mine ! Bought the 2007 brand new, in less then 2 years the water pump went out (still under warranty, thank goodness) then in 2014 the water pump went out AGAIN !! Had to pay this time, not happy about it going out the second time. Well the AC is not working now.Would not recommend this car to anyone as I have only 56133 miles on it. Consumer reports give it a bad rating, sounds like Camry and Prieus is the best .
I am the original owner of a 2004 Prius. I have 153000 miles on her. She has never left me stranded. It will be eleven years on the 15th of April. The electric water pump has been replaced three times under warranty. The headlamp leveling sensor has been replaced once and I am on my third set of tires. My windshield has been replaced three times. The front of my car has survived many hits from rocks, stones, bugs and God only knows what else. The paint is chipped but no rust what so ever. Would I buy another Prius? Sure I would, I love my car and will eventually get another newer Prius. But for now, I will continue to drive this one until I can't afford to drive it.
2014 RAV had the RAV at the coast for 2 weeks the rear brakes developed rust so that a continuous low thumping was heard when applying the brakes. Dealer said it was a problem for them on the coast. Cost $140 to have them polish the rust off-after that no thumping. Probably cheap china part.
Bought new in 2004 & currently have 200K+ miles At 130K miles I replaced timing belt, water pump & flushed all fluids & rear braes(routine maintenance) replaced front brake rotors Had the radiator replaced under a recall I had the same issue as others in regards to premature tire wear which was remedied by upgrading the rear shocks to the ones used on the AWD van. I had to replace the main a/c relay ($35 from Amazon) This has been the most reliable & cost efficient vehicles that I've ever owned.
Bought my 95 from the original owner, I drove it for two years and sold it to my brother. He drove it for 2 years and sold it to his coworker. I just bought it back from him. Truck had 177k miles on it when he blew the engine. He put a new Toyota engine, new clutch, flywheel, radiator, water pump, hoses, belts, fluids, brakes.. Just like a new truck again. Happy to have it back and only paid 3k for it.
I have a 2008 Camry and will never own another. It is a piece of junk. Eats oil, eats gas, hesitation, brakes and rotors gone, mildew smell in heater/AC, AND THE WORST PART OF ALL - WAY TO MANY BLIND SPOTS WHEN DRIVING - I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN THIS CAR..
Car only has 55000 miles and the alternator died!!!expensive repair!!!
I currently built and drive a 1991 DX 3SFE 5sp. Purchased as a beater to keep city miles off of my Cummins. I have had 1986 (SOHC is super reliable but lacks power), 1987, 1989, 1997, 1998, and 2010 Camry, with a 2004 in the family that I maintain. 1986 and 1987 were purchased new in the family and my 1986 lasted to 268K and the 1987 still runs with a broken speedo showing 232K. I wanted another 2nd gen because the build quality from Japan is far superior to what we have had this decade from Toyota. I am 3rd owner of this car, first owner took excellent care of her, 2nd owner was a college girl who probably didnt change the oil... ever. Bought with 142K, replaced all of the maint items (clutch, timing belt, seals, distributor shaft o-rings, ICV, ball joints, tie rods, brakes, struts (at a shop), full tune up and all gaskets) for around $3K. I even put new rubber on my old 15" Enkei RF-1s I bought in 2003 for a 1991 Celica that were in a relative's basement for years and they look like they were meant for this car. I put this time and effort into an older car because our 2010 3.5 SE (6th gen) was such a disappointment, I know the reliability of the 1st/2nd/4th gen Camry with the expectation this car will be tip top for at least another 100K, and I also wanted OBDI for maintenance reasons. It is running 28mpg in 80% city traffic, costs $25 to fill from fumes, and does well enough in the snow. Aside from a seat rail that is going to be handled very soon, I am pleased with my investment.
Just completed two years with the car. Have 20,000 miles on it now and no issues. MPG has been 30 on highway and 26 combined and 20 intown driving
I bought my 4.7 V8 4Runner new in 2007. This may be the best auto I've ever owned! The 4Runner belongs to a select few that is body-on-frame construction, giving you more control and rigidity in off-road conditions. At 78,000 miles I haven't had a single mechanical or electrical problem. Absolutely ZERO issues. There are no rattles or shakes, even when driving on rough terrain. The components are solid and still look quite new. Trans shifts all five gears seamlessly. The i-Force V8 is smooth but powerful. Performance in rain and snow is like no other. It remains solid, confident and willing. Lock the differential and go 4X4-low and you'll be able to have more fun. The down-hill-assist is a nice option for steep down hills. This SUV, built actually by Hino, may not be for everyone but its build quality and performance may impress. I am a very happy 4Runner owner!
i have owned my this truck for 3 years when i bought it it had 68,000miles now has 100,000. it is also lifted 6 inches with 35in tires, also has upgraded bumpers and sound system truck has been great nothing has gone wrong with the motor and i have put it through some rough times only thing i have ever had to replace was breaks, and installed new ranch struts which factory ones just didn't give a good enough ride with the lift.. over all would recommend this truck to anyone who's looking for a reliable and well build truck.
After 8 or 9 months I noticed performance decreasing I used to do well with gas mpg but am only getting 36 mpg after 1 year. I am not happy with this car at all. I could have spent half of what I did to get this kind of performance. dealership in limerick pa gets all defensive when I mention this problem and tells me their are all kinds of factors for poor performance and they can not controll that.I should be able to get at least 40 mpg they claim it can get 52 mpg. I think it is poor customer service. I suggest not going to Limerick PA Toyota!
My car has 98,000 miles on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I use it sparingly during the school year, and on long-distance car trips each summer. It's been a great car for us.
we were shopping for a small SUV like the Venza, but the Toyota Rep took my wishlist and showed us the Prius V and I was sold instantly! I love the height of the seats so getting in and out is much better than a sedan. I love the roominess of the hatchback on the V, and the gas mileage can't be beat, esp. compared to the Venza at about 19mpg! I'm not too techy so the nav/bluetooth/etc is just a bonus. I do like the handsfree driving on the phone. The ONLY major complaint is the Visors! Yes, the sun visors! They are not long enough to block the sun from the side window position, and just a tad shallow for the front position. Even if a slider were added, that would help, but it's kind of a big deal for me. We are a small family, hubby is 5'11" and he even loves the roominess in front and back. In Cali, we commute and drive at about 25000 miles per year. This has not failed us and have had zero problems. The bonus is the Toyota dealership in Temecula, CA is awesome! I even take our Ford F-150 and Honda Accord to them for routine maintenance!
My 91 now has almost 260,000 and is still going strong and looking good. Just now replacing a couple of motor mounts and the radiator just developed a seal leak around the top, but parts for all this cost me only about $150. Overall this has been THE best car I've ever owned hands down. Not fancy but ALWAYS runs. CHange the oil and fluids and the absic maintenance items (alternatorm starter, master cylinder, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PS pump, wheel bearings). I did the CV's myself which was a pain and don't recommend but the new ones will last longer than the car. Hoping to get 300,000. These cars are amazing
This is my 2nd Sienna, I have a 2004 and 2011. Back sliding doors on both (one electric, one manual) have caused me to change my mind completely about my next vehicle. It will definitely not be a Toyota. The steering squeals as well as the brakes and I have been told by the dealer this is normal NOT. Very dissatisfied with Toyota at this point and scared the electric doors are going to open and allow my grand children to fall out. They really need to recall at this point before some one gets killed.
88,000 miles on my 2006 Toyota Corolla. Great car up to this point with no repairs except for general maintenance. Recently had problems with the engine racing after shifting, taking time for the car to respond. Also happened when going up inclines on freeways, with the engine racing for several seconds before the car would respond. Toyota service found the clutch to be bad. Repair costs - $1500.00.
First and last Toyota for me. I have a 2008 Camry LE with 106,000 miles around 80,000 + miles starting smell like burnt rubber or antifreeze took in to local mechanic said I needed an new engine replacement. My car using a lot of oil which dipstick boned dry and all spark plugs etc., are melted because engine is ruined in $$$. Don't have money also contacted Toyota Corp who wouldn't solve my case but I am expected to take money out of my pocket buying a new engine. This car might be the cheapest Camry had features like an upgraded model but I religiously take excellent care of all my cars I buy and keep until 200,000 or up but don't believe will keep this one not too long. Money I spend getting new engine replacement could be on a new car payment hate to say but I can't stand Toyota at all this company is horrible look at unintended acceleration and engine sludge problems who knows what else this company is hiding not telling consumers that buy these cars thinking would last me forever. I am going to sell this car off to a junkyard and put a down payment getting something like Hyundai or American made automobile. Never I own another Toyota not even my family won't drive them either if I had the money definitely get a lawsuit with Toyota because this is ridiculous having to pay something is not your fault. Know most people don't take care of their vehicles as should but me I am a strict person who stays on top of maintenance doing oil changes between 3,000 - 6,000 miles bought this car new now starting to be like a beat up car. I'm done!!!
I purchased my Camry new, but have had some surprising problems with it. As others have noted, alignment is a BIG problem. It always wants to pull to the left and I've had several alignments at several different places with the same result. My struts leaked and had to be replaced (all four). That was an expensive repair for something that came prematurely. I had premature brake wear on the rear brakes and had to replace them. I haven't touched the front brakes yet which indicates another problem...I have never had a car where the rear brakes wore out before the front brakes. Lastly, oil consumption is starting to be a problem. Unfortunately I kind of consider this car a clunker. I had expected to keep this car for many years but I can see that won't happen. Toyota's quality reputation is undeserved in my opinion.
I bought a 2004 Camry from a relative who bought it new. It currently has 110K miles. It had been a great car up until the last month. On e long road trip, after a brief stop, the car would not start again. I had it towed, they said that it started fine for them and nothing was wrong. SO while cruising down a busy highway in torrential rain, the car shuddered a few times and turned off. Therefore no steering at 70 mph, in the rain, narrow shoulder by a deep ravine. Had it towed to a dealership where they said it need 3K worth of various work (I have been meticulous with maintenance), but that it has turned off because of low battery power causing an error code. No one has been able to explain why an 'error code' would just turn a car off at 70 mph. After talking dealership #1 into what I needed to continue with our trip, they said battery and serpentine belt. Car ran okay for another 1,500 miles home. Then while driving locally, the car turned off again, replicating the same issue I'd had "repaired". I towed it to a local dealership due to warranty on the battery and got a completely different diagnosis. This time it was a crank shaft problem linked to a 'crank code' caused by dead sparkplugs. I took it from the dealership, who would not touch on why there were two different answers to the same exact problem. I took it to a local mechanic that I trust and so far, so good. At this point I am 2K in the hole for a "great car". I will never buy another Toyota. Ironically I received a $22 check from Toyota 3 months ago referencing a class action settlement with no further details and that by cashing the check, I was releasing them from liability. I did NOT cash the check. After the debacle of the last few weeks, I am glad because I suspect something big is about to come out.