Toyota Corolla Reviews

Toyota Corolla Reviews and Owner Comments

I bought my Corolla in 2008 brand new. I figured by the time my child was able to drive this car would be in great condition at 7 years old. Boy was I wrong! Within a year I had to get a brand new set of tires as the factory tires were horrible. I have literally had close to 10 light bulbs go out in the car. Currently the light under the gears is out. If it is dark I have no idea what gear I am in unless I look up at the main panel. Not great for a new teen driver! Light bulbs should not go out like they do in this started about 3 years after I bought car. Dealership first told me I probably used my brakes too much! I have had too many recalls to count. My AUX device messed up and I had to have that fixed to listen to music on a phone. I had paint chipping and rusting after only two years of having. I am so disappointed in this car. There are other things that have messed up way before they should have but I can't remember them all! I need to buy a new car for myself so my child can have this car, but I can't afford a new car AND keep up with the maintenance on this lemon.
Bought 2003 Corolla CE that had 90K miles in 2006 for only $7600, and our family put on another 100K miles in 9 years (total 191K miles). Engine and transmission has been solid with zero issues. Basically, I did the typical maintenance (oil, trans, tires, brakes, filters, etc.) and it is such a reliable car. However, the only problem is I thought I save few bucks by changing oil every 5000 miles instead of 3000, and I think that caused my catalytic convert / O2 sensors to go bad. Dealer wants $1600 to replace them, but cars too old to spend that much money. So I'm looking to sell it as is or just get $100 after market catalytic converter and have someone cut out the old one and weld the new on back on. And I can replace the O2 sensors myself. This will only cost me about $400 total. Even with the check engine light on, the car starts and runs reliably. Some noticeable interior quality issues were things like both front door inside plastic lining by the window base have lifted up, and some sidewall carpets have come off, and center dash door wouldn't close and eventually fell off, But these are minor cosmetic issues for a car that's 12 years old. Overall, I got every penny (and then some) out of this $7600 car over 9 years and change. FYI...this is 6th Toyota (Camry and Corolla) that we've had, and nearly all of them have been (boring to drive but) superbly reliable car to own. If you are value minded car owner, then Corollas and Camrys should be top contenders in your decision.
the breaking bad row material ofmy new corolla is very bad they changed rapidly, also i have a problem with the air conditioning it stoped cooling when the outside temprature is o38,
also the acceleration of the car is very bad specially after you reach 120km/h it takes to long time to reach 140km/h
My previous cars had more style & swag. However this car is the most reliable and almost carefree. I did change the front disc brakes at 50K. The back brakes should be good until 100K (I have 60K miles on it now).

I drive it to Vegas 3-4 times a year, and it runs like a beaut! 39 miles to the gallon and not too much noise on the freeway going 75mph for a 4 cylinder engine. I changed the transmission oil and changed the radiator fluid at 50K. That is all I have done to this vehicle.

I will keep it for another $100K and then sell it (I have had offers already because it is in almost mint condition). Great car.
Ok--have been reading the reviews on the 2007 Toyota Corolla, and and now will give mine ! Bought the 2007 brand new, in less then 2 years the water pump went out (still under warranty, thank goodness) then in 2014 the water pump went out AGAIN !! Had to pay this time, not happy about it going out the second time. Well the AC is not working now.Would not recommend this car to anyone as I have only 56133 miles on it. Consumer reports give it a bad rating, sounds like Camry and Prieus is the best .
Car only has 55000 miles and the alternator died!!!expensive repair!!!
88,000 miles on my 2006 Toyota Corolla. Great car up to this point with no repairs except for general maintenance. Recently had problems with the engine racing after shifting, taking time for the car to respond. Also happened when going up inclines on freeways, with the engine racing for several seconds before the car would respond. Toyota service found the clutch to be bad. Repair costs - $1500.00.
I had a 2007 with 234K miles bought a 2014 LE Eco Plus love this more sportier car has all new bells and whistles. CVT is perfect in city driving gets excellent fuel economy throughout city/highway it is a awesome car love navigation, heated seats, blue tooth, and rear view camera fits in a better value one of a kind.
In Dec 2014, rolled over 203K miles, great value!
Definitely buy the extended warranty, $840 for five year 100K, where do I sign. It covered CPU, driveshaft seal, and two other items I forgot for easily $1700.
Since then, struts needed to be replaced $500 (make sure you wipe them down before inspection if no conering or handling issues), and intake manifold gasket for $300.
So, $18.5K purchase, $1,740 m
I own a 2006 Corolla LE> This is my third Corolla (had a '95 and 2000 before.) I expect this to be the last car I ever buy. I wasn't looking for "sexy." I wanted reliability.And that's what I have. After about 75,000 miles, I just hope it lasts another 75,000. I do have one problem. My brakes frequently squeal when I start up in the morning, they're fine after a couple of minutes, though. I've had them checked a number of times and the mechanic thinks it's because I live in Florida and park outside.
235,000 miles now. Does burn 1/3 of a quart every 3,000 miles. Not bad considering many are burning much more. I started getting piston slap a month ago. Just going to keep driving it, not worth a bottom rebuild to do away with the noise. Brakes are perfect and parking brake holds on just two clicks.

Did have a lot of worn out parts when I got it. Replaced the clutch at 220,000 -- still had the original Exedy. A/C is cold. Did flush out heater core because of poor heating performance and it helped. No electrical issues whatsoever. I have the LE model and it doesn't have ABS, which is what I prefer. And, I get 41 mpg in the summer (two weeks on one tank). I'd buy another one.
The Corolla is the BEST car I have ever owned, it's reliable, easy to drive, comfortable and has never once let me down. When our expensive cars need to go into the shop for work the Corolla just keeps on going. It needs basics like oil changes, brakes, tires but the engine and transmission have never given us a single problem with over 200,000 miles on the car. It seems bullet-proof, I am confident the Corolla will go another 200K without a problem. It's a 4 door car that gets 40MPG without being a 40K hybrid. Reliable, great MPG and easy to work on.
I have a 2004 Corolla LE with 237,000 miles on it. there has only been one issue, the AC stopped, the fan still worked. I looked online and found some info about a relay that would occasionally fail, I went and got one a local parts store and replaced it. 2 hours and $13 later it was all better! This car has been a real trooper and I have no idea what I would replace it with, whenever that times comes. It could be a while, I have a friend with an older Corolla with 350,000 on it. I change the oil every 3000 miles and keep up with all the recommended maintenance items.
I'm a retired truck driver and a old mechanic I own a 1996 Toyota corolla DX now for 18 years and I'm shocked at how great the car has been over 327 K or thousand miles on it now as you see I will keep and drive it until the last days on the planet as I love the car.I got my wife a nen one 6 years ago and she loves it to.
Excellent, reliable car. 190,000 miles, 12 years old and all original. Never tuned-up. Great car!
I bought this car new in Dec. 2001. It has been totally reliable. Changed the oil as needed and followed the service manual until the warranty expired. Still change the oil as indicated. Have only had to do the usual services such as new battery, tires, a couple of light bulbs, and brake pads. I think there might have been a couple of minor warranty issues but all good. Has almost 120,000. Been a great car. Still looks great.
I bought this car new in 2007. I love this little car. It has been brilliant. Ultra reliable. I have just under 100k on the odometer and have only had a problem with the water pump. So, I spent 15k on a car, drove it for 6-7 years, and replaced a water pump for about $450. I call that a good deal. I hate the Toyota dealerships though.
My 1990 toyota corolla , check engine light is on not sure what to check. I checked all fluids there fine. I want repair this problem myself just not sure where to start. Low on cash any solution would help thank you... Sarah phx,az
My 2009 Corolla won't pass the Emissions test. The "check engine light is not on however the computer has not reset for a "readiness" mode for the catalyst and oxygen sensor. I have driven the car over 300 miles since the first failed test, 8 days ago. Toyota Service advised me in accordance with their internal 2002 readiness monitor drive patterns catalyst monitors: that it's not the "mileage," but the various speeds that resets the computer. I need to let the car idle to 176 degrees F, then drive 40-50 mph 3 to 7 minutes, then 35-45 mph for 7 minutes.) I am to do this with a smooth throttle operation, avoid sudden acceleration & sudden deceleration. If the readiness status does not switch to complete, repeat the above steps. The car drives well otherwise as I keep it maintained. Any comments or suggestions out there?
I bought my 2002 corolla brand new 9/01. After 83,000 miles my check engine light has came on every year or it may skip a year and come on the next year. I have bought 3 catalytic convertor 3 02 sensor. My check engine light just came back ( a month before my birthday) I don't know what the problem is at the moment. I replaced the door handles interior and exterior, also the door window motor went out. I can't lock the doors because the original key doesn't really work on the doors. Sometimes takes me about 30-45min to get the doors unlocked so I just don't lock them. I can say it get me from A to B, but will not buy another one if I can help it.
Bought a 2003 CE Corolla with 50K on the clock in 2005; it has 222K on it now. Diagnosing why it's using a bit more oil than normal, but 6 sets of tires, 2 front brake jobs, and 1 (yes, changed at 199K) rear brake job (total rebuild), plus 3 rear hubs, radiator, and both control link arms, she still gets me 38-42 MPG on interstate trips at an average of 80 MPH (3K RPM) and 32-36 in the city when hot out, and 23-28 in winter. Bought another car, but kept the Toyota for the long haul trips due to the better gas mileage. I think I've had 2 plug changes and one transmission flush over the last 172,000 miles. I would buy another one if my "new to me" 2009 Volvo doesn't do what I expect out of it, which is a lot of miles on the clock before it is retired with little maintenance, like the Toyota.
I bought my 94 Corolla new and by far is the best car I have ever owned. I have 210K miles and only replaced motor mounts, cvc joint and timing belt. The dome light has been replaced many times, not sure why that is. The air conditioner still works great. I do take excellent care of the car. It's always been garaged so the paint and upholstery is in like new condition except for some rock chips.
Purchased with
engin light on transmission lock out code 153,000 Mi whay is this?
I bought my 1994 Toyota Corolla with 16 miles on it. It is the best little car I have ever owned! The paint faded but originally it was silver (What can I expect for a car I only paid 17,000.00). It is a manual transmission so I can get it to go even though the automatics in this time frame don't have the get-up-and-go power. It has 284,000 miles and has had no major repairs. Only the regular maintenance. Went to a Toyota dealership recently to look at what is available right now and the salesman was very interested in having me trade in my car. Said that during the timeframe of my car, Toyota realized that they were making them too well! I love my car eventhough it doesn't have all the bells and whistles!
why is my suspension totaled
I have a 2007 Corolla with 35,000 miles. I am now told I need the struts replaced! I already had the breaks replaced. How could this car with so few miles have strut problems? I was quoted a price of $750.00 to have them fixed. Also, my light goes on "maintenance required."I just had oil change...
I have a 2001 toyota corolla bought it new.I have taken very good care of this car and lately the paint has been peeling in spots and fading I have kept wax on this car all these years so this should not of happened.I do believe there is something wrong with this paint.As I am driving around I have seen other cars like mine with the same problem.These people need to complain and maybe Toyota would do something about this.This is the first Toyota That I have had problems with the paint.I have owned 4 Toyotas and the paint always stayed new looking.So if you are having this problem please make toyota aware of it....
I bought one brand new and now it has 156,000 miles. The interior is a basic quality of an economic car and is falling apart. The brakes are designed to stop the car but won't impress you. The transmission is amazingly realible. 11 years and the only lights i've replaced are the rear tail lamp side markers. The only problem with the engine is the seals will eventually fall apart (like every car) but other than that it is great. I drive 300 miles a week and spend $40 to do it, not bad for 11 years old. At the 10 year marker the catalytic convertor WILL give out, but thats the only issue with it. The heater will boil you and the a/c will freeze you, no issues. The suspension is loose (because it isn't a sports car) and the steering is also very soft which is great for long drives. This car is designed to get you from point A to point B with comfort and realibility, it does both very well considering it costs only a couple grand.
Great car. Good on gas. Everything fits the bill.