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I have owned my Sable LS Premium for 11 years, bought it used with 11,000 miles on it. I've hardly had any problems with the car. I had to replace the transmission position sensor on top of transmission, cheap repair. Had to replace ac clutch and pulley last summer. Replaced engine and transmission gaskets due to some slight leaking. The brakes were original to the car and lasted 75,000 miles and still weren't worn down completely but changed them anyway. It now has almost 78,000 miles on it and still drives very strong and is a very dependable car and always has been. I have no complaints whatsoever about my sable!!!
my parents bought me a 1997 mercury mountaineer with a 5.0 v8 small block just recently it started making a knocking sound in the engine compartment any ideas on what might have caused it i will be changing the oil this saturday but could there be anything else going on.
I got my 95 for $700 from the shop i do business with, they have done all work since 96 , so i have noticed it and liked it. when a 4 salle sign got put on it i looked and all was good , however, the transmission was going out, no problem. it had new T/As , a huge single exhaust installed, K&N air, American wheels circa 95 225:70.16", new struts and poly bushings f&r. Rear Shocks. the car had a lien on it so i felt bad about taking this car for 700. I looked up the former owner and talked with him and he was glad i got it, he had seen my RoadRunner and was apologizing for the way the Transmission was. well i put a low mile used Trans in for $1000 installed. THAT car is one fast SOB that handles great, as good as my Volvo, the freeway trips are very fun. i hyad a problem with a 5amp fuse that is in the run spot kept blowing, i took it to Parker's here in Salem all checked out with no problems so they put a 10amp in and said that it had way too much running off it, other than that i am keeping it! i love rear drivers!!.
The "Panther platform" is a tough one. I purchased this vehicle as my "retirement car". Not so sure if it was a good choice now. It had 38K miles on it when purchased as a used rental. I like to do as many of my maintenance chores as I can. Shortly after I took delivery the trunk light warning wouldn't go off unless I shut the trunk lid numerous times. After that happened several times: the latch came apart and the lid would no longer stay shut. I purchased a new latch assembly from the dealership for $140.00. Replacement was an easy chore. St 40K miles the AC went out. The dash controller was the culprit. By the time I got thru getting jammed by Enterprise $350.00 for 2 days rental and $400.00 for the repair, plus lost time at work: I was out almost $1,000.00 because of inferior factory parts. Then I had problems with the interior lights. After trouble shooting it became obvious the LCM was defective because Ford used the cheapest relays they could get their hands on for the LCM. Now fuse #18 (interior lights) keeps blowing because of a possible short I can't track down. Getting automotive electrical problems fixed can be VERY expensive. I, honestly, don't know if this vehicle is worth it any more. With 59K miles on it: the leather on the driver side, seat cushion is already worn thru in one spot! The Ford version, Crown Vic, was popular for law enforcement. I figured it was a sound decision, at the time. They had loads of them in the service department every time I went there. What I learned, too late, was they were not there for routine maintenance, but for electrical problems. The sheriffs department jumped ship from Ford and has gone with General Motors when the Crown Vic was discontinued. The Police department went with the Taurus and the officers HATE it because it's hard to get out of the vehicle because the door opening is much smaller than the Crown Vic. I should have gone with Toyota or Subaru.
I had my truck since March of this year and last month it just stopped running it would start but won't stay started I had it to six different shops look at it nobody knows why it won't stay running and I don't either its a V8 1999 mountaineer at my last end I don't want to give it up but don't know what else to do
Bought Montego Premier new from dealer in 2006 with CVT and AWD. 141k miles and still running well. Great in snow and ice. Only maintenance has been brakes, tires & fluid changes, including extra special ATF (only available at dealer). Not too sporty, but for our family, this car has been extremely dependable transportation year round.
Purchased a 2-owner Mt. w/73K original miles. It had a bit of rust due to 2 winters in Michigan followed by 12 years in Va. It has the infamous radio light and rear window wiper failures which I have allowed to continue. It has cost me $100s in front end repairs (rust due to Michigan winters, I guess) and modest other repairs but it is a 15 year old vehicle. It got me thru several snows last winter with no problems when others were stuck. The motor is superb still and I now have 90K miles on it with a EGR replacement and tune-up pending. Hopefully no other issues but I LOVE this SUV. Comfort, features and ride are tops and the 5 liter motor is terrific.
Bought my Grand Marquis used 8 years ago. It's otherwise a good reliable car. This was my first car brought never had a vehicle used family members or walked wherever needed to go. I do trust my Grand Marquis know this car is very old but will require in giving lots of maintenance replace manifold intake gasket and ball joints for $40 at NAPA AUTO,) Changed plugs, air filters a new alternator along AutoZone battery had replace at the auto store. First got my car originally had 120,000 miles.,) now I've driven it at least another 30,000 miles running on orig. engine and transmission. Being that it's 18 years old the Grand Marquis really holding up extremely well. Interior and exterior almost like new absolutely love my Mercury comfortable in lots of spacious with huge trunk space. Idles up very well its gone on few trips no worries believed as long keep getting it fully serviced won't have any major issues out of it. I Love these cars so reliable and comfortable cars ever driving my super fantastic I plan on keeping this car for as long as can because it's a good large dependable vehicle ever owned. Didn't pay a note on was a free auto ride so happy that could just hope in my car turn the key and start the motor as taking off. Grand Marquis never ever suffered problems as overheating or felt I was left stranded on side of road it treated me while served me driving around where I needed to go it's a beast. If ever buy one of these would definitely recommend getting the '97 think they are best ever overall with only fewer problems will be holding tight to this car loving my smooth cruiser.
I totaled a 2002 Cougar bought used. Went to a dealership got a 2007 Mercury Milan Premier V6 fully loaded. The car pearl white had windows tinted don't think it was a waste of money buying a used car people buy used cars all the time. Car rides smooth it gets good gas mileage - Automatic tranny is very smooth love how stylish the Milan looks. It is a reliable first bought the car had 60,000 miles I've driven over 30,000 miles since bought car at now 100,000 miles. Equipped with sunroof, leather seats, quiet interior cabin and perfect options ever for a good blue book price ever looking for this kind of car. Milan runs well its a impressive affordable car got back of May 2015 never had problems with a thing. I've been using Synthetic Mobil 1 oil got original plugs changed and the battery looks to be original from the factory. Definitely a Ford product had owned two Honda Accords but the Ford vehicles I've owned one thing about Milan are brakes not too good just had new set replaced be 2nd set on replacement other than that it's a good reliable car for the priced paid at dealership.
I had the Mountaineer since 2011. I am driving at approximately 75,000 miles (highway). It is a good SUV nice and comfortable it looks more stylish as a Lincoln. Master cylinder stopped all of suddenly the dealer did replaced it but after being a old car the dealership charged me $100.85 because warranty expired and engine mounts were all changed they went too fast at 35,000 miles. Manufacturers date of the vehicle 2/2010 but I purchased in March 2011 with 0 miles on odometer there are no issues just minor wear and tear happened too early on the SUV. The features are nice white face gauges and radio displays so unique ever on Mountaineer. Check engine light remained on this happened early part of summer I had a mechanic check it out figured would be a fuel sending unit he charged $120.00 otherwise Mountaineer is running great right now but problems has begun too early for a 5 year old vehicle. So far runs and drives well plan on keeping another 20,000 miles before anything else breaks in it, least its still flawless having a low mileage.
Got car used 4 years ago. Only problem I'm seeing are the intake manifold gasket as mines was just replaced after my car stalled at stop sign. Good Luck to other previous owners with this problem.
Good car I love mines. Purchased at Auto Carrier Auto Repair in Haywood right into West Los Angeles love this car it was a Avis rental from Las Vegas with 35,000 miles. I found that the Grand Marquis be extremely comfortable rides like a couch on wheels and very impressive car ever. Put 125,778 miles never put nothing on car gets oil changes at 3,000 miles and plugs change at 15,000 car is very good condition. Lots of spacious, luxury and its a nice looking car to drive though was a used car still had new car smell. She does well in city driving being retired military academy trainer this car feels like a ship driving so smooth has lots of great features on GS model believe like it better than having another Cadillac as much love those cars even used to drive one that was a limousine still this Ford car is the best ever bought keeping until leave this earth.
I have a 2007 Mercury Mountaineer and bought it used from Carmax in 2011 with very low miles. This has been a great vehichle hauling my 2 sons back and forth to college, especially having to pull a uhaul as well. Now entering close to 100,000 miles im having to replace ignition coils.This is my first big problem with the vehicle but overall happy with this suv. My suggestion to all who owns any vehicle is to keep a warranty of some type on your vehicle to help with cost of repairs.
I bought my Mariner in 2011 with 83k miles its a good vehicle with best quality ever. My last car was a 1995 Toyota Camry that I've purchased new but sadly totaled my vehicle an very reliable car ever too but needed another dependable ride. Overall love my Mariner its nice runs and drives like a champ, there no issues with nothing good car has good handling with the V6 and the performance is best in snow conditions. Mariner gets good fuel economy only things done are regular maintenance and oil changes etc. I'm at now 145k miles still runs like new purchased for $9000.00 at local service dealership the car is beautiful being in great condition although bought used vehicle since couldn't afford newer car started off in a cheaper way but my Mariner is an awesome vehicle love the options its very easy to drive no rattles or squeaks. Its peppy faster and love the fuel economy getting over 28mpg my ht. is 6'4'' and 188 lbs. the Mariner is a comfortable vehicle driving around which literally have be more relaxed and comfortable in city driving still the best vehicle ever had besides my Camry this Mercury is a head turner.
Best car ever owned. We owned this car used in 2010 with 55,000 miles on it. Only thing changed are brakes, battery, tires and put in new plugs. I love the styling of this car runs like new its at two hundred one miles without giving us problem runs and drives flawlessly. Seats are comfortable, car overall fantastic its in great condition all window regulators and cruise control still functions properly. This car hasn't had any mechanical problems with a thing.
a/c went out. lines broke.Very expensive to repair. Transmission slips when cold. Will be expensive to repair if needed. This a 2010 premier Milan.
I loved the look of this car & the power when I first got it. However now I have more to say negative & most are little things but they are super annoying some unsafe & add up ! The seats do wear fast. have to change brakes too frequently with just normal travel. Last year the back driver side brake had apparently got stuck, although I had no clue ( I just replaced them a 5 months before this )& had to replace the rotor as well, even though the other side was fine! Had the issue where they key wouldn't come out found out it was (small pc of plastic from the silver ring on the shifter button was broke off inside) not allowing it go fully go into park even though it said it was. Removed that & it released the key immediately. Front end squeaks especially when I turn. Door handles are garbage!! (inside)cracked & eventually broke. The driver door has never locked electronically. it is done manually, even after i replaced the broken door handle. Trunk sticks won't latch shut, you simply hit the unlock button on your key chain and then the trunk button & it will close. Also the lights on the radio screen are so dim I can't see it & sometimes the volume goes up & down a few k notches on its own! Now the wrench & engine light are coming on. Starts acting up not shifting no power after running for about half an hour & the fan kicks on. It does not read hot but After it cools down it will run fine again. Today it was so hot out it started acting up sooner so i shut it off & it wouldn't start. I'm seeing some owners say it is the throttle body so I'm having this checked out tomorrow. Thanks to all who have commented about this car as you have saved me money & stress a few times!
It's getting worst about everyday. I need help this car is falling apart on me. The engine has caught on fire plus got it rebuilt but now the motor is stalling at stop signs and red lights. Tranny blew at 115k miles took into several shops now car is beginning squeaking loud. I had a nice person to push me at gas station when car decided stalled at light. It idles bad even backfired while now sounds like diesel because no exhaust cat. Before bought the car was in 8 accidents maybe why it's unreliable before the owner said he put lots of repairs into it after hit 30,000 miles. I spent at least 225.00 on new parts even had to use a rental when repair shop kept my car overnight it is starting be money pit. Can't afford a newer car so I'm stuck with this crap seems acceleration is dangerous and engine misfired too hazardous for me driving this car. Definitely afraid might get into serious accident so crazy because drive with my hazard lights on because car doesn't have any acceleration as have to hammer the throttle down every mechanic take in says can't find the problem. Looking for a used car or try be able finding a new car so get out of this vehicle too dangerous for me driving around liked this or get into bad accident that be serious causing my life.
Bought the car new love it. I have had my Cougar for 13 years not a issue runs and drives like new. It's a awesome beautiful looking car as '02 model. It is well equipped with some great options very comfortable sportier on outside handles and drive real good. The Cougar is great within last 13 years I've owned it it's an joy ever driven. I'm at now 125K miles got regular routine maintenance all original has a V6 motor its incredibly nice little coupe ever WON'T DIE ON ME YET just love this car gets good mpg. Very easily using as the radius are perfect Cougar is bit lighter on roads great performance was well worth money spending getting this car.
Hello returning 2002 mercury mountaineer ford dealership owner i wanted to tell you what the black leaking fluid is on my left front tire and the knocking/popping noise is when you turn I need to replace the transfer case ultimately it will cost me 2,000 to fix I have now owned my 2002 mountaineer for three years and will have almost $15,000 into it not including gas and insurance got it at 92k it now has 145k and eventually if I don't fix it it will tie up my awd and my truck will not drive for 50,000 miles and gas price of 2.49 a gallon and let's face it gas got to almost $4 gas alone is a little more then 20,000 so we're up to 35,000 (a house) my insurance cost me around 120 times that by 36 so now we are at $40,000 in 53,000 miles
This is my wife's car. She purchased it new in 2,000. Rides excellent, minimal road noise. Large interior. Normal maintenance performed. Have 140,000 miles on it currently (2015). Has run with little problems until now. The heater core needs to be replaced along with a/c compressor. Can drive it however if I use the ac or htg. we smell antifreeze. I recently received an estimate to fix these two issues, $2,300. Looking for another repair estimate currently. Hate to replace it but may have to.
HI, I got my SUV since 2008 is been a really god suv not have any problems since, but lately know I have this: every two months I have to add 1 liter oil why I don´t know she just need it but not have smock or liken , the motor is clean alway, the brake as a regular used, radiator fixed 2 times in 4 years, my cooler doesen´t work they don´t know why the gas just go, but my last problem is the windows sudenly stop working all of them and whitout air well is hard haha well I check everything and not found the problem but I love this car even if I use to much gasoline
I got this car 4/2005 @ 25000 mi. driven mostly on highway, performance was excellent. 17-19/city;25+hwy. love my land boat. I've replaced cat conver.& hdlight module. other than that normal maint. I'm having problems with rear brakes sticking, having that looked at now. 126000 and climbing!!!
II have a 2002 mercury and it keeps cutting off I change the wires and the plugs change the water pump got a new starter..changed the battery.Idk can someone please help me it keep cutting off now it's making some popping noise
I have a 2008 Mercury Milan premier. It now is 7 yrs. old and I had only maintenance done but had to replace the battery. It drives beautifully, is carefree, and comfortable. I wish that it would get better mileage. I am planning on keeping it another 3 yrs. because it has 30K. I wonder if I should buy extended warranty, since it will expire in a few months.
is there anyone out there that can turn me on to a engine wireing harness????wires dried out from the heat of the motor, need to replace it...8 hours of labor???? holy crap, and thats for someone who knows what he's is on it's third tranny, has only 51,000 miles..what am i going to do??????
We bought this car in late 2010 now have 73,000 miles lots of spacious and rides like sitting on a couch. Only problems had out the car be brakes went at 23,000 miles and passenger window regulator wouldn't roll down but at time still had extended warranty. Gets 25 MPG and 452 Miles to Empty wish the car had navigation but it's a great large full size yacht always take trips down to VA and D.C very quiet driving the car. I wouldn't trade the car anytime sooner like the controls and digital dashboard is best. Grand Marquis has excellent handling the engine is definitely more powerful than ever absolutely loving this car. Overall though these cars are discontinued forever will keep this car until hits 400,000 miles love extra room fits six passengers even driven other people on long rides to Manhattan everyone rode in this car truly loved the Grand Marquis this car has got low maintenance and scheduled oil changes does well in snow I replaced ALL SEASON TIRES after first bought the vehicle. Believe rather keep my Grand Marquis than driving a Toyota or Honda plus any vehicle out there we are middle aged people in our mid 40s but my parents drove large yachts so now I grew up learning to drive in Dad's Buick even drove a 1985 Grand Marquis to college in Chicago back in the 90s loved that car all my friends made fun saying that was a grandpa's car but whenever they needed a ride they all loved it because it beat their little duke cars having more power to a V8 engine. Our 2011 is very reliable have another friend who lives in Boston bought a 2011 used in 2013 he loves as well even both of us always chat on Facebook saying how we rather drive these cars than small vehicles because they are the safest he added a dual flow master exhaust pipes and tinted the windows but his wife doesn't like the vehicle which she owns a BMW but she doesn't complain when needed more room for their children driving to school or etc. I love this car will always drive it until it dies on me we also bought a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali wife SUV but use when taking longer trips across the U.S but drive Grand Marquis around town or short trips it's a great car.
Bought 97 Marquis for son 7.5 years ago for $2700. It had 73,000 miles on it. We just sold it for $800 and it has over 248,000 miles on it. Original Engine and Original Transmission. The problems that we have had seemed to be common to everything I read on the web. We had the following. At 143,000 miles I had to replace the manifold which is common. I bought one from rock auto and repaired myself. It cost less then $200 which included coolant change, a couple hoses and new thermostat. Haven't had a problem since. Have had driver side power window assembly fail twice, but cheap repair, replace myself and have lifetime warranty on the part. Biggest problem with the cars has been with ball joints, have had to replace upper and lower and tie rods. If you have a car like this and can do the work yourself it would be wise to replace the upper and lower ball joints & tie rods. For the lower purchase a control arm with the ball joint installed and it just becomes a matter of bolting everything on. You can get the control arm assembly for about $68 at Rock auto (Dorman)The upper Dorman you can get for about $43. If you hear one going bad replace all 4, front shocks, tie rod(inner and outer $56) and take it in for an alignment. Front seatbelt buckle assembly broke. Got one at junk yard for $20. Had a rear wheel bearing go. Another thing about this car is that you have to change the plugs and wires every two years. At the time of sale the car with over 248,000 miles with the original transmission and engine doesn't have any codes. I have had to replace O2 sensors. One time I had the code for catalytic converter and read on the internet could be an oxygen sensor and that is what it was. Car has original exhaust is still quiet. I did replaced a couple of the rubber hangars that I was able to get from Advanced Auto. Car does not handle well in winter but rides smooth in summer. Original Air conditioner equipment is still working. Overall this car has been very cheap, Have had for 90 months and it cost $2700 - $800(sale)=$1900 That is about $21/month plus only had it insured for State minimum which was about $40 month for son. For parts and maintenance(including tires) have probably spent less then $3000. I figure our cost of ownership for everything was about $90-$100 a month not counting gas.
I love this car, it's got all the power of a muscle car without sacrificing the ride. It rides like, well a luxury car, I like the "sleeper" look but at the same time it has like a sleek, sports car stance to it. The interior is equally as impressive, leather seats with lumbar support, and moonroof. And when your sitting in the drivers seat the gauges right in front of you, you don't really have to take your eyes off the road to see your gauges and it's comfortable to drive. Overall I love everything about this car, I would definitely recommend it anyone.