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My Van has sat for four years from 2009 to 2014 and for the most part, the only thing I had to do was replace all 4 tires. It has 100,000 miles and motor runs GREAT! Really RELIABLE vehicle, for sure! New Tune Up and Oil change and she is as good as new! Starts on the first half crank! I recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs a good reliable transportation; it still has at least 150,000 miles left on her to go! Great Job Dodge! I still see allot of the 95 models driving around as testimony of how reliable they really are!
surprisingly nice driving and riding van. the 3.9L v-6 is more powerful (easily out-runs my corolla)and more fuel-efficient than i expected. much easier to work on than any other van i've crossed paths with.
I have a 2002 dodge ram 4.7 4x4 , went to drive it home , had no power RPM went up to 5000 reved high then truck shut down , was able to tow home , but got home and can't move motor I think it's seized or transmission its gone ? Anyone know ?
I have a 1998 Dodge B3500 conversion van by Pleasureway. The excessive rear end sway was nearly totally eliminated by installing 2"spacers on rear wheels and raising air pressure in rear air bags to 75lbs.Front steering problem (wander) improved by replacing all four ball joints, shocks & steering damper. Steering wheal still wanders a bit, but havingit checked on 4-22-15. I'll let all know outcome.
I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger R/T that I bought used. I bought the car in June of 2014 and it had 60,000 miles on it. It is very clean, inside and out. I took it to Midas for an oil change and the mechanic said that whoever owned it before me took very good care of it. It has new tires, new brakes, and the body is in great shape, except for the lip on the front of the hood. The paint is bubbling. It's not rust, because the hood isn't metal. The interior of the car is spotless, the radio is awesome. I love this car. No mechanical issues. I have put 5000 miles on it with no problems. I love this car. My trunk doesn't hold water when it rains either.
i love this truck
I have a low compression on #2 engine cylinder. If you have water coming in your car it's from your rear tail lights! The gaskets are made of form not rubber 2" thick??? The cheap way to fix it,, is with making tape and tube of clear 100% silicone calking. Go around the outside of the tail lights, it will last for years. I have 180,000 miles, real nice car. You can get big cars now with 30 mpg for the same price.
I need help I live in Costa Rica one day coming back home I Park my dodge Nitro 2008 , 2.8 cc Diesel and surprise fire from the Engine... My problems I can't get replacement parts in Costa Rica I have been looking for 4 months and nada used or new parts, the engine still work but I need to replace every thing Buster, alternator, censors, fan, belts all plastic components. Please If you where can I go let me know Use or new
Bought my 2007 new May 2007. It now has nearly 110,000 on it. Still runs like new. Never been in the shop except for routine maintenance. Tows my trailer like a champ, room for all the kids and the dog. Very comfortable seats. 4x4 handles anything it encounters. Looks great on the road. I would recommend to anyone. Only downside is typical poor gas mileage with the V8.
Bought my 2000 Dakota in 2003 with 40000 miles on it. I do the maintenance at the recommended time. The transmission went at 56000miles and was rebuilt under the extended warranty. At 61000 miles the evaporater core went. Has 90000 miles on it now, original 3.9L engine still running strong. No rust on it. Will keep it till it quits.
I've had mine since new. My first Ram. Before this one was F250's only. I have 187000 miles on it with no drive train or other issues at all. Parts I've replaced: Brakes, U-joints, Updated K&N cold air system, updated exhaust system, 2" front end lift and front wheel bearings. Not bad for 10 years of driving.
I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 four door. I love the truck only problems I have are the doors catch wind and pull the tuck left or right. The lights seem to dim when I push on the brake to slow down at night. I have owned a Ford before my Dodge and I will say never will I own another Ford.
nappa leather smells like urine . loud tapping in motor, sounds like the lifters are not oiling properly and the dealer said they don't hear anything . after a year of this they finally admitted that some of the police cars are having the same problem and they have ordered a new camshaft and roller bearings for it .Titusville dodge are jerks
Nell, I have the same issue, love the truck had it from basically new with 14,000 mi. now having 171,000 but last year started having issues of shutting down all of a sudden main computer was replaced and did fine for 9 months and back to same issue !
Owned this car for ten years now. No problems. It is my favorite car. I can't upgrade, they stopped making these nice cars. I owned 3 neons and loved em all..they are great. Low maintenance, cheap repairs..
We bought our dodge journey 2013 last august 2013..I was so happy to drive new vehicle that i thought its reliable coz its brand new. Not even one year yet i got the problem, the power steering was broke, so we took it to the dealer in fort sainth john, bc. they fixed it. After 5 months the car got problem again, even worst problem coz you cant even drive the vehicle. So we called the chrysler and they adviced that they gonna towed it to fort sainth john dealer. And its because it was long weekend, the next working day the fort sainth john dealer called me and asked why our vehicle was towed to their place. My husband told them that there is a problem on that vehicle need to fix. They told us that they cant fix it so we need to wait maybe 2-3 weeks. The next day they phoned again and told my husband that the vehicle was fixed and they want us to get right away, My husband said we cant get it right away coz we are 400 kms away to that dealer ( atleast 4 hours drive). But the customer service answered rudely that we need our vehicle to be out of their place right away or else they gonna put it out of thier property... WOW, what a service they gave..Until now we did not get our vehicle back yet...
I bought this 1999 Van Caravan new in Dec 1998. I have kept it serviced and changing oil every 4000 miles. I have 248000 miles on it, replaced transmission at 231000 miles replaced water pump 232000 miles replaced radiator at 233000 miles and replaced fuel pump at 247000 miles other than the usual upkeep and maintence This vehicle has really served me well.I would not hesitate to buy another but I probably couldn't get the service out of it that I got out of this one, I`ve never had a problem with the air conditioner, altanator or any other problem.
I relly like my nitro.i bought it new in has 107,000 miles on it but only replaced the water pump& battery.
Currently have 114,500 miles with minimal problems. Recently had to replace upper ball joints, tie rod ends and both front wheel bearing assemblies plus the fan motor resistor with its electrical harness. Only one re-occouring problem .. the Crank and Cam sensors go out during extreme cold weather in Minnesota each of last 3 years. Also have the same problem as many others with the ticking noise upon startup during cold weather. Great starting truck as it starts every time in our extreme cold Minnesota Winters and NOTE its parked outside.
Purchase in 2010 love this car. Have an newer vehicle but prefer my Spirit over new automobile. She has 234,000 miles oil changes and regular maintenance I just got CV joints changed on vehicle. It handles tight no mechanical problems love pass this car on Interstates had 6 people in my car going to Ohio did well in smooth ride. Truly a blessing getting good used car for $1800 will keep it until drive it at 300,000 miles very peppy with a strong 3.3 motor these cars have but prefer 6 over 4 cylinders because last much longer.
I did get some things fix on this minivan now last told tranny going out has 262,000 miles. I bought it in 2004 with 32,000 miles been a great minivan but now time to sell off I thank u Chrysler though was used but dependable driving all across NC/SC Borders miss it.
Worst car ever. Dodge is a joke I have a 2013 Dodge Journey purchased new in summer of 2013. Starting having problems until 24,000 miles which is brand new car - Transmission slipping took back to dealer did get replacement w/out no cost now the engine is not good sounds terrible needed an replacement. Now stalls which this problem happened since July when took my wife and 3 kids to Myrtle Beach SC luckily did have nearest Chrysler dealer in area took most of our vacation money spending on a damn module. After got back to MD notice I was losing power all gauges were going down back in with customer service I need another transmission because of coils misfired one 2nd transmission. In November 2014 happens again almost rear ended when on 1-75 heading towards Baltimore contacted Chrysler myself no help from them I have all service records and everything proving that got repairs done on this vehicle now this time I have to pay on a new transmission. I spent some money on this vehicle besides the engine/transmission got brakes replaced 3x plus rotors and dash lights would go off randomly. I will never buy a Chrysler product ever again might be looking at Honda next time because I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle.
Thanks Dodge. We love our Grand Caravan think be lucky this makes the 2nd one after having a 2004 no major problems hope this last us a long time. I bought the sportier model with couple features worth an good value overall am pleased owning less than a year.
Wouldn't not purchase another Chrysler my headliner is leaking and Dodge nor Chrysler want even reimbursement me. I hate this van and tell everyone on experience had with Chrysler. I had other problems with doors, engine, brakes, fluids and bearings. This van is a lemon I will be looking at Toyota next for the family minivan.
I bought this car with 35,000 miles on it. It has been and okay car. It doesn't drive like it did when I first purchased it. I have put new tires on it and had a wheel alignment. The trunk holds a lot of water in it when it rains and comes out threw the close latch. My air bag light has been on for 6 days now. I took it too the shop today and all they did was re-program it but the light is still on. I'm calling the recall place back today because he told me the ORC module needs to be replaced and its part of their recall. I think I'm going to trade this car for an malibu or impala.
This has been maybe the best car I've ever owned. I've driven it since November of 2002. When I bought it, it had 26,000 miles and it now has 194,000. The 3.0 liter engine is a very strong engine yet economical. I will not be giving it up any time soon.
Just bought 2014 dodge avenger from Chrysler Dodge in Chiefland Fl. I have had this car 2 months and have had it in the shop 5 times for pulling to right, front end messed up it is the most uncomfortable riding car I have ever owned. They say they balanced and switched tires but I do not think they did anything. They treat and talk to me like I am stupid. This car also sounds like a jet engine fixing to take off when you drive 50 - 60 mph and also when it decelerates. They turn the radio on so they can't hear it and say nothing is wrong with the car. I think they knew something was wrong with this car when they sold it to me and now they do not want to do the right thing. This car is dangerous.... If anyone can tell me how to get this car fixed please let me know... Gloria Billig
never ownd a better truck
Bought the car brand new 2014 Avenger. Brake pedal vibrates at a stop while running. Dealer mechanic says "it is the character of the car".... Yeah right. It vibrates so much I have to put it in park because it is so uncomfortable.
This car has been remarkably reliable and is the most comfortable, practical car I've ever owned. I hope I can get it to run forever! Would not hesitate to buy it again and recommend it to anyone.