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Owners' Reviews

Lexus Reviews and Owner Comments

Lexus Owner Reviews (34 reviews)
    Lexus Lexus ES300 Owner Reviews (see 49 reviews)
  • 2001 Lexus ES300
    , Murfreesboro, TN, January 18, 2015 22:00
    The car is just so comfortable to drive, sharp body style, full of luxury features. I'm planning on keeping it for a long time.
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  • Lexus Lexus LS400 Owner Reviews (see 31 reviews)
  • 2000 Lexus LS400
    , Smyrna, GA, February 21, 2015 19:00
    I purchased this car new and now have 208000 plus miles on it. My wife and I made many trips of over 3000 miles over the years in it,and we never had a single problem. The only money spent on this car has been for normal maintenance and for things that are subject to wearing out, such as batteries, timing belts (2) alignments. and a very few lights. This has been by far the best riding and most reliable car I have ever owned, which included Jaguar, Buick Electra, and miscellaneous Fords, Chevrolets,and Hondas. I expect it to keep running well for the rest of my life.
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  • Lexus Lexus RX300 Owner Reviews (see 28 reviews)
  • 2001 Lexus RX300
    , Fredericksburg, VA, February 27, 2015 20:20
    2001 Lexus rx300 bought it used in 2010 with 94k miles, has been back and forth to Tampa from the northern Va. area many times hauling a trailer and packed to the gills, now it has 191k miles and runs great! all wheel drive is surprising in the snow, never had it off road, best used car I've ever owned! We also own a 2008 rx 350, I think the 300 it built better :) it's my daily driver, everything works perfect! Thank you Lexus, I'd really be reluctant to buy anything that's not a Toyota product, been that way for 30 years!
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  • Lexus Lexus GS300 Owner Reviews (see 26 reviews)
  • 1999 Lexus GS300
    , Livermore, CA, January 15, 2015 17:26
    bought the car at 100K and now it has 225K. Change oil and fluids, brake pads and regular maintenance and that's all. I know I should change plugs but car still has the same MPG and acceleration. Only problem is with starter! It simply lasts too long!
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  • Lexus Lexus LS430 Owner Reviews (see 17 reviews)
  • 2006 Lexus LS430
    , Chatham, NJ, February 03, 2015 20:22
    That isn't an '06 in the picture. This is a fantastic car. I have owned mine since 2009. Great handling, a phenomenal ride that is like floating when you drive at high speed on the highway, tons of trunk space and leg room in the backseat for an actual adult. The LS also has a first-class engine. Tons of power, very fast even with four people, and an engine that has vehicles with over 1 million miles on the road. JD Powers best in class for more than 15 years ! It was also rated "best vehicle ever made for north America" on one major site. And the best yet, is that they are very reasonably priced used for a vehicle you could easily drive for 10 years and not be bored. Still gets looks when I drive it. Most foreign luxury cars have slipped on quality since mid-2000's, so this car is even more valuable. Good Luck, really can't go wrong here.
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  • Lexus Lexus SC400 Owner Reviews (see 16 reviews)
  • 1996 Lexus SC400
    , Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 06, 2013 11:30
    This awesome car was a gift from a fellow at our church. I am a senior and need help a nd advice thank you.
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  • Lexus Lexus IS300 Owner Reviews (see 13 reviews)
  • 2005 Lexus IS300
    , Miami, FL, October 18, 2014 09:06
    I bought mine in 2010 with 80k miles. I do regular oil changes and have done the water pump and timing belt and have had zero problems and now has 140k. This car looks great, is fun to drive, and is reliable. I also have had the melting dash problem, but for my only issue with the vehicle to be cosmetic I am happy. I hope to drive it many more years and by the looks of it I will
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  • Lexus Lexus RX330 Owner Reviews (see 12 reviews)
  • 2004 Lexus RX330
    , Slidell, LA, February 19, 2015 14:03
    160,000 miles and going strong...headliner to be replaced under warranty....cosmetic only...will drive another 80,000 miles and decide what to do
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  • Lexus Lexus ES350 Owner Reviews (see 11 reviews)
  • 2009 Lexus ES350
    , Midlothian, VA, July 09, 2012 18:30
    I absolutely love my Lexus ES350! I had driven nothing but the S-Series Mercedes Benz for 15 years, and never wanted anything other than a Mercedes again. When the last one needed over $7000 in repairs (replacement of all vacuum pumps, air conditioning compressor, brakes and rotors, and the head gasket), my husband was not happy about buying another Mercedes. He encouraged me to at least drive and consider other cars of similar quality. I drove, but did not like at all, the Volvo's, Cadillac's, BMW's, Audi's, Acura's, Jaguar's. and Lincoln's. When I reluctantly drove the Lexus ES350, and just fell in love with it! As quiet and comfortable a ride as the Mercedes, the Lexus was also every bit as roomy. The driver and passenger seats are multi-positional with power settings and lumbar support, memory settings, and are both heated AND cooled! The interior boasted every luxury I was accustomed to, with its plush leather seats and real wood trim, along with perfect cabin lighting, a deep and roomy glove box, and much better center console with a power outlet inside. The steering wheel mounted controls for the navigation, bluetooth telephone system, cd player, ipod and radio are just where they need to be. The trunk is smaller - but not enough to matter. The size and comfort of the back seat won approval from my adult sons, AND my husband! Although I am no speed demon, the Lexus moves with confidence and speed when necessary to "punch it" - better than the Mercedes. And it is a beautiful car - sleek and stylish with a hint of sportiness, while retaining the look of a Class Luxury Sedan. I have known others who drove a Lexus on a business trip, vacation, etc., and returned home to replace their car with one - and I now understand exactly why. The Lexus ES350 is an amazing car, and I love it!
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  • Lexus Lexus SC430 Owner Reviews (see 11 reviews)
  • 2002 Lexus SC430
    , Olathe, KS, November 03, 2013 09:29
    This is a luxury convertible coupe that could be confused with a sports car if it weren't for its heavy chassis and sedan-like handling. Nevertheless it is a joy to drive and in my experience has been very reliable. Drivetrain is very smooth and powerful considering the chassis weight. It has a 5-speed automatic transmission that shifts smoothly and precisely. The materials used in both the exterior and interior are second to none and the fit and finish are superb. Cost of ownership is probably a little higher than average but there is nothing about a Lexus that's cheap. There is some brake caliper noise (clunking) when reversing that seems out of line with a luxury car but overall the brakes perform well.
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  • Lexus Lexus ES330 Owner Reviews (see 11 reviews)
  • 2004 Lexus ES330
    , Placentia, CA, April 04, 2014 02:46
    Bought my 04 ES330 in 2010...only has 114,000 miles. tired of the transmission issue...jerk-lack of power-slow shifting...am told there is no adjustment for this issue....sad
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  • Lexus Lexus GX470 Owner Reviews (see 9 reviews)
  • 2005 Lexus GX470
    , Austin, TX, June 17, 2013 09:29
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  • Lexus Lexus GS400 Owner Reviews (see 9 reviews)
  • 1998 Lexus GS400
    , Durham, NC, November 05, 2014 17:00
    My '99 GS400 is now 15 years old with 210,000 miles with nary a problem. Reliable, fast, and smooth. Other than normal maintenance it has never had an issue. A friend has an '01 LX470 (same motor) with 300,000 miles and I plan on getting at least that much out of mine. I have no plans on ever selling it. Fantastic car!
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  • Lexus Lexus LX470 Owner Reviews (see 9 reviews)
  • 2001 Lexus LX470
    , Mountain View, CA, December 26, 2014 07:29
    Gear and small gear
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  • Lexus Lexus IS250 Owner Reviews (see 8 reviews)
  • 2006 Lexus IS250
    , Thousand Oaks, CA, August 28, 2013 22:25
    I purchased a 2006 lexus is 250 F sport in 2010 with about 40k on it. The day I saw it at the dealer it was marked 24,999 and I test drove it .I was very pleased with the trip tronic 6 speed auto trans , heated and cooled seats ,the home link standard {for opening garage doors } and the auto dim mirrors but told the dealer who I had bought 3 previous cars from that it was to much and left . Later that week I received a suprising call , Barry from thousand oaks Honda call me personally and said ill let you have the car for what we paid , of course I asked how much and had seen the car fax .16,600 So I bought it that day and am just hitting 70k on it today 8/28/13 Mods, and work done include : NGK ir. plugs with driver side plentum gasket . Trans fluid flush with gun and thermostat 25 quarts run thru . came out nice just pull the side "fill plug " and release the drain plug when full each time . done about 13 times for 120$ . Purchased and installed eibach pro springs and fully adj. upper control arms so it doesn't wear inside or out {stock ride hight always wears out the outside of the tires from 06 -08 replaced heater control with full nav and climate control retaining 6disc F sport cold air intake F sport exhaust F sport front and rear sway bars cusco strut tower bar {works great non adjustable perfect welds which make for such great turns also HID headlights and foglights {oem color 4300k} Iam 35 turning 36 September and don't really drive this car hard at all ,yes occasionally ill push it to 6200 rpm and paddle shift but mostly I drive norm and keep it on econ /norm power . I only changed the brakes 1 time and swapped them with drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads 250 for the package and they are at 90 % today . I have it at the dealer finally taking care of the trunk latch recall and wiper recall and to make sure there are no problems and so far they had it all day and I showed them the notice of 5 items to check and all test positive {they were kind enough to put me in a new gs 2014 while they do this for free } and are keeping it 1 more day to see if they can get it to act up ... In closing : This is a very well built car ,real wood trim , great gas milage w/ F sport intake and exhaust upgrades I noticed about 4mpg difference so freeway I get 32 to 35 and city anywhere from 19 to 25 Also it is completely made /assembled in 1 place Japan and sent here all Cars that are made in 1 place tend to stand the test of time ! Lecus has a factory and mimic the Italians with Ferrari and their assembly . with chemical baths for the body ,robots first tighten down every thing on a line then a human has to torque each and every bold down to the last 1 So do they go above and beyond ? By Far I have owned lincons , ford , chevy , Hondas , Toyotas even infinitys but nothing beats a lexus especially not the new bmws
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  • Lexus Lexus RX400h Owner Reviews (see 7 reviews)
  • 2007 Lexus RX400h
    , Houston, TX, April 18, 2015 10:20
    Need to have a zero reliability, I would give a zero.
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  • Lexus Lexus LS460 Owner Reviews (see 6 reviews)
  • 2008 Lexus LS460
    , Clarksville, TN, March 12, 2012 11:57
    Ok I purchased 2008 460L 35,000, traded in a BMW because of all of the trips to the shop. Nonetheless, I've owned my vehicle for 3 months, have been to the shop for wind noise...they tell me all normal but the Service Manager did admit to design flaw. Brake actuator replaced another trip, Brakes seem to grab, door garnish TSIB design flaw and now the car stalls,intermittenly, on acceleration from a stop or a roll. Because its intermittent, presents a problem as Lexus says they can do nothing unless they get it to duplicate although ther is a TSIB L-SB-0033-08. Hell, I just do not know anymore, maybe I should go Domestic????
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  • Lexus Lexus RX350 Owner Reviews (see 6 reviews)
  • 2007 Lexus RX350
    , Helmetta, NJ, April 01, 2014 16:27
    I just picked up a 2007 RX350 with app. 70k miles. After going to my local mechanic turned out the struts and rack and pinion was leaking. I went back to CarMax where I purchased it, and they replaced everything. (was actually surprised). This car is very much a luxury car, not, a sports car. It is well made, smooth riding, has a beautiful interior, and gives me confidence with driving. I think it could use a little better pickup as it seems sluggish at times, but, all in all, great car and would recommend it.
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  • Lexus Lexus SC300 Owner Reviews (see 6 reviews)
  • 1995 Lexus SC300
    , Walnut Creek, CA, October 29, 2013 21:10
    Driven many, many cars. This Lexus is probably top 3 cars for the money. 225,000 miles, looks and drives like new. Great car.
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  • Lexus Lexus GS430 Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 2004 Lexus GS430
    , Houston, TX, April 10, 2013 17:14
    This car was purchased used and it has not really given me any problems besides. 1. When I switch from defrosting to the air condition, something is sticking keeping the air condition from blowing from the vent. I have to keep pushing buttons in order for the vents to blow out air. 2. Brakes - when stopping the car shakes. 3. Fog lights - Anytime I use my fog lights the battery runs down or if you have the automatic lights on and someone is just sitting in the car, it runs the battery down as well. Other than these minor issues the car runs and drives awesome. my husband it's looking into getting a 07' BMW, unh!!! Not sold just yet. Overall, it's been a lovely vehicle and will move when you put the petal to the metal.
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  • Lexus Lexus GS350 Owner Reviews (see 3 reviews)
  • 2008 Lexus GS350
    , Tempe, AZ, January 18, 2014 16:07
    The "visitor" above needs to find an independent repair shop he can trust. My wife has a 2008 GS-350 Lexus SUV. Repairs as basic as an oil change or a brake job will cost you two-three times as much at any Lexus dealer, plus they will likely find other "things" that need to be fixed for even more money. Lexus, BMW, Mercedes... the dealer repairs are all rip offs. They figure if you can afford the brand, you can afford the going dealer price for repairs... it's your money. These ARE great cars for the most part, just find a trusted independent dealer who works on your car and save all that money for the premium fuel many of these brands require
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  • Lexus Lexus ES250 Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 1991 Lexus ES250
    , Key West, FL, June 08, 2010 04:46
    Great cheap Lexus if you can find one! I own a 91 ES250 as well as a 2006 Altima SE with the VQ35 engine, I would rather drive the Lexus. Car is smooth as silk, has enough power, comfortable. This car, like the LS400 was well ahead of it's time. I still find little things about my ES that I don't have on my 06. My only gripe is that it has the turning radius of a dump truck. Lexus did great with this one!
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  • Lexus Lexus LX570 Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 2008 Lexus LX570
    , Virginia Beach, VA, March 20, 2014 19:20
    toyota lexus lx570 crank but enable to start when i scan it with launch the fault code was P1343 pls i need a better solution for this
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  • Lexus Lexus IS350 Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 2006 Lexus IS350
    , Barranquitas, PR, October 17, 2010 13:14
    the car overall is a great machine and a great gas saver , my only complaint is about the rear seat to unconfortables for my 12 year old kid
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  • Lexus Lexus LS600h Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 2008 Lexus LS600h
    , Provo, UT, July 27, 2014 21:58
    We really like this car. It is very comfortable and dependable. It makes me feel good when I am driving it.
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  • Lexus Lexus RX450h Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 2012 Lexus RX450h
    , Peoria, AZ, August 21, 2012 17:48
    The air conditioning does not work. We live Phoenix, AZ and it gets hot (115) but I have owned other cars that have no problem cooling off the car. This air can not cool off the car. We are hot when we are in the car. The air is set to LOW and on Full Fan, still hot. It has been has been into the dealership twice and they say they can't find the problem. When we called Lexus they told us to take it to another delership to have work done to it. The customer Service is the worst I have seen. Does any one else own this car and have problems with it cooling? PLEASE HELP!!
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