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My 2004 caddy deville now has 225,000 miles on it. Being a mechanic for 34 years I know this engine. There are alot of pattern failures on this vehicle each one replaced. Head gaskets , Transmission 741 code ( Solenoid ) etc etc. I fix my own cars and immaculately take care of them. This car with the repairs and failures was a challenge. Don't listen to the manufacturer. Change the Oil and the Filter every 2500 to 3000 miles , drain and flush the radiator fluid , changing the hoses and dexcool. If you do a brake job blow out the Fluid and put new fluid in the system after 100,000. Do your transmission fluid changes every 50000 miles. This car has to be kept cool and lubed. Good Idea to put a good lube treatment in the fuel tank, such as Lucas Fuel conditioner. The fuel today is a very dry fuel because of the lack of lead and the additives such as ethanol.They don't have it precisely correct, it wouldn't be a bad Idea to add this conditioner to the fuel and once every fill up. It will be worth it. It adds Lubricity to the system, great for the injectors and the fuel pump which has an internal jet pump etc. All this needs to be done because it is an 8 cylinder aluminum engine. Fluids are dry, fuel etc. Think of any car as a big friction machine. lube the shit out of everything and you wont have a problem. But there are generic pattern failures with this car that shouldn't happen to a 48,000 to 50,000 dollar car new. It doesn't matter how well you maintain it. It is a heavy car and the light aluminum parts will go sooner than later. Always use a good replacement part,many have upgrades after pattern failures were reported. Use A/c Delco , Denso, Timkin, GM , or Moog Hub bearings Moog Front end parts etc. Always try to get original GM parts but Moog and Denso Standard have upgrades and excellent quality control sometimes better than GM. Enjoy
bs, I got 32 mpg at steady 60mph on freeway stretch whils't checking gas/miles, car had 66k and was running real smooth...................al_gy
Well here we go I bought this car when i turned 18 thinking it would be awesome this is probably the worst mistake of my life im 21 now and i have had way to many problems one the head-gasket blew 900$ to fix 2 the water leaks in through the sun roof and in the trunk currently my trunk is flooded the back plastic peace the covers the licence plate blew off on my way to work one day costs 600$ for a new one the horn just died a few days ago part of the rear interior hangs down and wont go back in place the trunk hinges broke so now its heavy as hell and wont stay open the heat dosent really work at all the motor in the drivers seat died so now it cant move back in fourth the wood grain is starting to crack all around it goes through oil like its a race car it gets horrible radio reception theres a 40$ dollar piece that needs to be replaced regarding the thermostat the makes the check engine light come on and stay on whenever its below 50 degrees Fahrenheit but you need to pull out the entire engine to be able to get to it replace headlights or tailight bulbs is such a pain in the ass and way harder then it should be and now im getting tired of typing but thats about half of the problems ive had with this piece of junk car
Bought the car new ten years ago and have not had any problems until last week (Friday the 13th)..was about 20 miles from home for an appt. and the ignition would not work. The key was stuck. A young man saw what was going on and seemed to know what to do and got the key out. The car started and when I got it in my garage the key was hopelessly stuck again. We are waiting for it to be towed to a garage....Dashboard lights are iffy...sometime work and sometime not...
i bought my sls two years ago. had security system fixed, ( was the ignition switch). it now has 221,933k miles on it and runs great.shocks all bad though and cost more to replace than blue book for car.what a shame.other down side to this car is the low beams. lenses yellowed, like the shocks,very expensive to replace
drive train driveshaft had to be replaced, $300 to replace headlight. bumper had to come off. 3.6 V6 12.5 city 19 highway take fuse out of awd system and can get 16.8 city and 22.5 highway. Chrome rims are junk rim leaks on all four rims, dealer says tires, Tire store shows me the rims they take tires off and rims look like they are contaminated or bad castings, they wire wheel them put tires on balance and send me out the door. good for about 5-6 months and it starts all over again, back to see my friends at tire store. This car only has 22,000 miles. I came from a Lexus and have a new one comming
I had this car since late 2000. The Town cars and Grand Marquises are discontinued along with Deville. It did need few repairs engine idle rough checked under hood since have a encyclopedia mechanic book so saw one of the coils misfire plus got 3 struts replaced and oil pump but idling came from EGR valve cover solved problem. Deville runs smoothly now since I fixed couple of things very comfortable the Northstar engine is quiet like brand new. Overall it is a nice car very well trustworthy driving I have 180,000 miles never took in shop but for a recall love exterior paint Silver plus got tinted windows. Caddy handles weather conditions so well no problems starts up first turn key this car has never broke down I really appreciate it being a solid car for a Cadillac nice equipped no other work needed but I am thinking might need to replaced manifold intake gasket to me looks plastic but will solve that problem shortly air conditioning needed few work done like one of the vents wasn't blowing air and replaced compressor help solve the problem. It might burn just a drop of oil but not be expensive one thing put money be brakes doesn't last long at all on this car got shoes, calipers, rotors and pads all fixed at same time now they are squeaking again nothing major on car just common problem on these Cadillac's so all original on a 14 yr old car think still looks gorgeous being a 2000 model car.
DON'T BUY THIS CAR unless love spending time in dealer shop. God in his heaven knows could turn the hands back in time never would have got this car. I too have a 2008 CTS burns oil 2/3 quarts last told since out of warranty GM won't help me I have all receipts when first took my car in for 1st scheduled maintenance at 45,000 miles check engine light came on took in to dealer said that car burning 2 quarts of oil...Now since I am 62,000 miles went through 2/3qts I have contacted GM several times get same lame about take to dealer can't help because since waited so long warranty has expired...WHAT A SHAME! Now Cadillac thinks that I'm going to pay for the cost no way. I also had issues with transmission, brakes, steering issues add to list of things have lots of problems. It wouldn't start at grocery store called AAA towed to junkyard overnight since was on a Sunday but next day Monday I called dealer back told them the tow truck was going to bring my car in because had problems wouldn't start leaving me stranded in parking lot at grocery store. They got a chance look at it now engine rebuilt because pistons and oil rings rotten out spend $1575 BUT BY GRACE OF GOD glad had the money repairing why should I pay on something that is on GM and Cadillac be half. I got this car because was a Cadillac fan but now lost faith in both GM and Cadillac never again purchase from this company. This has been the worst experience ever I driven 2 imports and 3 Chryslers none never have had problems. When next week are so comes I am trading this piece of junk in for an well made vehicle either Chrysler, Honda, Nissan or Ford. No GMs for this person when I'm done I am done no more dealing with this lousy company.
Purchased quite used in December of 2013. This Fleetwood had 84,000 miles after twenty years! The ride cannot be beat. The mileage is excellent (24MPG) and the power (160 HP) is phenominal. I said many years ago that I'd not ever drive an ugly car. This is the car of my dreams. When something on it needs attention, I don't mind putting the money into's worth it!
My Wife loves Cadillacs so I bought her a Gorgeous (so I thought) 2001 Deville with 69000 miles on it. We didn't have it 2 days when it started leaking transmission fluid and a little oil. Took it to my buddies (so I thought ) transmission shop. He had it 2 weeks and presented me with a $2578.00 Repair Bill. Basically, he rebuilt 1/2 the Transmission and found a cracked oil pan. I'm 65 and this is the biggest car repair bill I have ever had in my life. So, now I call the Car my 14 year old $6600 Caddy. We'll see what happens next ( I can't wait) but I'm already kicking myself in the butt for buying this Car.I'm sure glad I didn't pay $50K for it new. GM should be ashamed of themselves for building and selling these Nightmares. I have an old Yukon I was going to sell but now I'm keeping as a backup for when this Caddy breaks down next. Just got it out of the shop 2 days ago and now a Check Engine Light.Just Great !!
I bought my 1998 Cadillac in 2005, the only thing wrong is the horn went off sometimes during the night without notice, First time police came , second time it happened, they disconnected for me, I have 73.003 miles, getting between 21 & 23 mpg using medium gas, I drove Lincoln's for years and came back to Cadillac for their performance and elegance
they should rename this car engine light its constant on code p2157 p301 p300 been to dealer 5 times spent over 900.00 dollars running worse than before not a dependable vehicle at all cant wait to get ride of it [money pit]
We two 2010 SRXs. One had major AC problems at 10K that took 5 visits to the dealer to fix. I also had to have all the wheel bearings replaced at 65K. The other SRX had the same bearing problem and now the head lights don't work, we think because of moisture. We have the extended warranties on both and now the dealer is saying the head lights are not included. And it isn't just the bulbs. It is a housing issue. I'll never buy another.
burns oil top off every week service engine soon light on solenoid 2x's not going 1 more time over all its a caddy
2001 Deville with Northstar engine,orignal owner. My care runs good until I take the car to the dealership. It doesn't matter what problem the car is having. After pickup another problem is created. Just spend $3000 on brakes replacement, air condition, power steering problem. The original trouble was power steering fluid on driveway. They replaced a 3 ft long metal tube with a filter in the middle. Next day, my air conditioner was blowing hot air. They found a torn hoses. Hose replacement and oil change. Next day after pickup, after driving 20 miles. I heard an audible alarm, display "idle engine" and car temperature was going up. Turn engine off immediately and had car towed to dealership. Waiting from dealership. I love the comfortable of my 2001 Cadillac Deville. Ready to move on to a foreign car. This car has cost an arm and leg in repair bills. Ready to report Dealer ship to BBA and DA.
Fuse box under rear seat particularly the fuel pump relay gone bad dealer charges 285 for the box How is this not a recall issue when it is apparent a known problem to all dealers
I purchased my caddy 5 years ago with over 100000 miles on it. I now have 160000.I love the ride, and living in Iowa it gets cold in the winter and it has never failed to start. I love this car in spite of a couple of issues. I have two major complaints; window regulators for one. I have replaced the drivers side front twice, and the rear passenger once. The rear decided to go bad driving down the highway, no one ever sits in my back seat so it wasn't due to use. Now they are bad again.I just located an online parts site where I can purchase four new regulators cheaper than the price of one from a parts yard used. Eagerly waiting for them to arrive. Lucky my hubby was a mechanic before retirement. FREE LABOR! My biggest complaint of all is the rims. I can't seem to keep air in them the leak all the time. Twice it was from cracks in the rims. Costly repalcement. They have not been curbed or driven flat or on rough roads yet they fail. Every two to three months I have to have the tires removed and the corrision cleaned from the rims and a heavy tire glue applied and then the tire replaced. That is good for a couple of months before it has to be repeated. Very costly and annoying when you have to get another ride to work. I feel GM needs to find another wheel manufacturer or a better design. THEY SHOULD BE RECALLED!!!!!!! My big fear is that one will fail when I am on the road and cause an accident. So far it has been a crack and I was in town when I noticed it, a break at highway speeds could kill someone. I think the need to be recalled now before someone is seriously injured if they haven't been already. By the way if you haven't recieved your recall letter yet this model has a recall on the ignition. Remove your key ring and ONLY use the key when operating this model. The extra weight can cause the ignition to shut off and has caused accidents. I got my letter about a week ago so it is not hear-say.
the below review is right on the money when it rains...i have the same problem..there is moisture in both of my headlights on the plastic part of the lights. water has somehow soaked into the the carpet of the passenger side only and it was a heavy rain day. i have no problem with the shift thank goodness.
torque control solenoid is a joke replaced three times more to come too damn pissed off right now
the seat motor burned out, only had car 6 months. took auto to repair shop. put the new motor in, but still not working because there is a computer that controls the motor to make the seats move back and forth. Having to take car to the Cadillac dealership because they are the only ones that can repair it
we cannot seem to keep front lights (driving and turn signal) from blowing on a regular basis. a pain to change and disassemble the front bumper for repair. Amazingly horrible design.
This is a good riding car but has major flaws,after about 75000 miles you start having exspensive problems such as sun roof quits working and even after so called repaired at $4500 still only works part of the time,electric gas &brake pedal adjuster gose out,back door leaks water have to have new seals put in as well as tail lights go out this all under 85000 miles to include motor flaws . Major motor flaw is the 6 cylinder motor loosing oil to air filter as much as 2 quatr's every 2 weeks only way to fix rebuild motor or replace.Car has a lot of electricle problems that can run you into thousands of dollars.Would not recommend this suv to any one unless all motor and electricle problems have been fixed and even then still would not due to constant problems Would not buy again if had to do over and Cadillac no help with repairs but they know how to fix them just wont help!! very disappointed with this 06 srx
mayne im swangin on these hoe's every day... lemme hit da switches on these fuk niggas!
car runs good but have problem with oil leak blowing oil and suspension not stable
Stay on top of the maintenance. Don't treat it like a comaro when its a Cadillac. Don't complain about the small things.. Can't speak for the other sts owners, but mine is fun to drive and looks "saf" (black on mat black) :) peace.
I have a 2003 Deville DHS that I absolutely love!!!!
My 2005 CTS was making engine noise and loss of engine oil. Dealer in El Centro California stated I needed a replacement engine. Dealer replaced and 2 years and 50K miles later, the same problem. Dealer says I need a replacement engine again!! GMC needs to look into this!! Oscar Martinez
It´s my second Fleetwood since 2006 with now 180.000 miles and still a amazing car. On German Highways (I´m living near Munich, Bavaria - Germany)it´s the perfect car for long distance rides;-) Our 3 kids love this car with a lot of space. Everything is working fine after 22 years. For Germans parts are cheap and easy to change. 12.0 liters of Gas at 140km/h ( 3.2 Gall at 80mph - its a need of 19.5 miles per Gall)on Highway is perfect. A Mercedes S Class with a 5.0 L V8 Engine needs more Gas. Only one point of critic is- the inside roof lining is a desaster. Lots of Bumps and dents are not fine. Just looking for a idea to fix this problem. Nevertheless a beautiful and smooth running car.
After 30 years of owning nothing but Toyota, Lexus, and Honda and spending $0.00 is repairs (other than batteries and tires), I finally decided to try the "New General Motors." Guess what? It is the same as the old GM. - If you load the car with four adults and luggage, the torque converter groans. - My $200 battery developed an open cell in nine months. - Small corners on the interior fixtures don't align well and have been forced together. - Even though we drive in Economy Mode 100% of the time, the best mileage we can get on the road (driving the speed limit or less) is 20.1 (my 1998 Lexus gets 23.5 and is maintenance free). - The fine print in the "bumper to bumper warranty exempts many things that are likely to fail. (The dealer contacted me to buy an overlay warranty 30 days after he sold the the car with the pitch that it was a great warranty.) I do like the computer software and dash displays and the heating and cooling work well. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted to fit most people. Overall, this is still the same junky construction that put Detroit out of business during the recession. If you are looking for a quality built car that is unlikely to break down, don't look at Cadillac.
The 2008 Cadillac Escalade AWD is not built to the quality that Cadillac boost about. I have had to replaced bolt front an rear shocks, I have purchased the vehicle at 37000 miles. Do not buy a leased Escalade because the one I purchased was not well maintain. The windows was in terrible conditions from water damage. I have replaced the tires 3 times, due to wheel alignment, and bad shocks. Do not go to a shop for replacement shops, go or The window trim at the bottom of the window stated peeling, the only solution I have received is to replace, it is very costly to do this, again poor quality. Cadillac if you see this my email is, feel free, I would like to know the solution to this problem, other than the replacement one.