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Owners' Reviews

Nissan Reviews and Owner Comments

Nissan Owner Reviews (32 reviews)
    Nissan Nissan Maxima Owner Reviews (see 107 reviews)
  • 1999 Nissan Maxima
    Visitor, Phoenix, AZ, September 19, 2014 01:58
    I have a 99 the I just got 2 months age- and without complaining to much IT is nothing like my 94 was- did i mention i havent drove it in the last 7 weeks? Has an electrical issue that I haven't been able to trace- sitting at a red light It lost all power- and after replacing the battery- alternator and the ignition switch- still have a sun roof stuck open, no power windows, locks, dash lights, ac, alarm, or door chime! I think its the littlest MAXIMA they ever made- have had all coils replaced and it has horrible gas mileage- but whatever
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  • Nissan Nissan Altima Owner Reviews (see 83 reviews)
  • 2007 Nissan Altima
    Visitor, Moulton, AL, December 20, 2014 07:36
    I have owned 2 Sentra's and now an Altima(2.5S Tn usa CVT trans 132k miles 23 mpg). By far the worst has been the Altima. The driver seat and seat position are most uncomfortable, (I am avg build 6ft) Tint band on windsheild is dangerous at night as it is so dark, it is hard to see out. Seat has manual adjust and is extremely hard along edges. Steering, although sporty is neutral and can lead to handling problems quickly if you are not constantly attentive. Reliability has been much worse than either older Sentra. Coil packs, motor mounts,fan blower motor,rear sway bar. CVT transmission is okay so far but I wonder based on other reviews. More inside room and better fuel mileage with Sentra's(1996 Tn 1.8Gte 5 speed 38-42 mpg 300k miles) (2001Mexico 1.8 auto 200k miles 30-35 mpg). I have had my last Nissan product.
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  • Nissan Nissan Pathfinder Owner Reviews (see 61 reviews)
  • 2005 Nissan Pathfinder
    Visitor, Smyrna, TN, November 26, 2014 20:02
    fuel level sensor went out day i paid off drivers side rear window wont go up from drive position mirrors quit working for several months had to replace trans and radiator now engine is overheating replaced thermostat and belt and fan clutch still overheats afraid to run over 45 - 50 mph replaced serpintine belt still over heats now cover on left side front luggage rack lost 2 times had to replace worked 22 years for nissan plant and had aprox 20 new nissans all good till bought a 2005 pathfinder
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  • Nissan Nissan Sentra Owner Reviews (see 56 reviews)
  • 2012 Nissan Sentra
    Visitor, Woodland Hills, CA, September 25, 2014 12:55
    Last of the old body. I paid 18,300 out the door for this SR. Pleasantly surprised how nice it drives, great gas mileage and still on original brakes. Love the way it shifts, smooth and I never feel any jerking motion. Best car for the money. Ugly rear end but I got used to it.
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  • Nissan Nissan Versa Owner Reviews (see 42 reviews)
  • 2012 Nissan Versa
    Visitor, Erie, MI, December 04, 2014 17:11
    Bought my 2012 Versa new in December 2012. Just hit 68k on it and transmission (CVT belt) is shot. Car is rough, wind noise from day one could not be drown out by the weak audio system. Mileage is 39-40 if you baby it, realistically about 37 but with a 10 gallon tank if you drive a lot you spend a lot of time at the gas station. Lost heat shields off of the exhaust a few times and had to replace. All miles are highway and the majority were made on my drive to work. Just not happy with this car. This is the First Nissan I have ever bought, normally Chevy's or Fords and I regret the purchase. I understand this is Nissans lower line car but quality should still be a factor. Compared to my Chevy (210k)ths car is worthless, and my Ford van (160k) drives like a dream compared ot this car. Oh well, you live and learn but no more Nissans for me.
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  • Nissan Nissan Xterra Owner Reviews (see 32 reviews)
  • 2002 Nissan Xterra
    Visitor, Blackwood, NJ, September 06, 2014 04:16
    I just went through the same problem with my xterra. I had to put a series of new parts in such as thermostat/ manifold gasgets/ alternator / battery /plugs / and belts. It ran great for a week then started doing it again the real problem was the alternator I got was a bad rebuild. And wasn't charging my battery. Now that I fixed that all is good. Now Im dealing with this damn entire exaust system. This truck sucks
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  • Nissan Nissan Pickup (D21) Owner Reviews (see 29 reviews)
  • 1990 Nissan Pickup (D21)
    Visitor, Medford, OR, April 23, 2014 14:27
    my late husband and I bought our Nissan Pickup brand new, and we bought it because the wind-up size car was the fad in 1990 and the Nissan pickup was the only vehicle available to fit my husband's 6'4" frame. it turned out to be the best purchase we ever made. he died unexpectedly the next year in a motorcycle accident, and a man destroyed our lease by dumping my husband's mangled motorbike in the back and denting the body of the truck, so I bought the truck with my husband's insurance. being chronically ill, I don't drive much, so it has just over 75,000 miles on it, and that much only because I eventually moved 8000 miles from home. through the years it has been an absolute trooper. only now is it showing signs of serious wear and tear. the dashboard has cracked, water gets into the right headlight. there's a dent where a jerk in a jeep threw the jeep door open over the upper front fender of my truck and jumped into the jeep, then fled instead of dealing with it responsibly. all but one of the seat belts broke years ago, but we manage without the repair. the paint job is starting to go. those are the little, unimportant issues. right now the check engine light is on and it shudders. after 19 years, who can blame it? I've been through some horrible setbacks in those years, but I could always depend on my truck to be solid and take me where I need to go. if anyone were to let go of their 1990 Nissan truck and I had the money to buy it, I'd be very interested. that's pretty unlikely, though. for one, no-one really wants to let go of them, and for another, I don't have the money to repair my own, the cost of bad genes and bad health is too high. I love that truck, and feel bad for it that it's finally feeling poorly.
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  • Nissan Nissan Frontier Owner Reviews (see 28 reviews)
  • 2010 Nissan Frontier
    Visitor, San Antonio, TX, December 10, 2014 19:54
    My 2010 Frontier started loosing it's luster two years after I purchased it. Last year I noticed oxidation around the doors on both sides. I had purchased the extended warranty so I figured it was covered. WRONG! They said the paint job is only good for 3 years and not covered under the extended warranty. Being a long time customer they called Nissan and decided they would only cover part or half of the cost. I had it done and this year I noticed the same oxidation on the hood and top. Took it back to the dealer and this time they told me I'd have to call Nissan myself. Well my answer was quick when they said they weren't covering anything this time. The vehicle is less than 5 yrs (still paying on it) and only 27000 miles. I figure I'll keep it the remaining 2 years I have left on the extended warranty. Hopefully if it breaks it will be covered.
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  • Nissan Nissan Quest Owner Reviews (see 26 reviews)
  • 2009 Nissan Quest
    Visitor, Bel Air, MD, November 03, 2013 07:08
    I am the second owner of a 3.5 S model, bought at 27K miles. Now have 45K miles. Has performed well, I tow a boat at 250 lbs. tongue weight and 2500 lbs. No problem at all. First mechanical problem, air temp. control not working correctly. Dealer wants to replace HVAC control modual at a cost of $640 just for parts.
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  • Nissan Nissan Murano Owner Reviews (see 22 reviews)
  • 2005 Nissan Murano
    Visitor, Peyton, CO, November 23, 2014 12:05
    I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their electrical. Seems like it's one thing after the other. First the tire inflation, etc. light on the dash stayed on. Then the air bag light blinks constantly, then the driver side rear door won't work with the auto lock, having to do it manually. Now the Intelligent key won't work. What is next and what will this cost. I checked the fuses on the Intelligent key and the air bags, they looked good.
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  • Nissan Nissan Titan Owner Reviews (see 15 reviews)
  • 2006 Nissan Titan
    Visitor, Salt Lake City, UT, November 17, 2014 13:45
    I own a 2006 Nissan Titan. Got it brand new. I love my Titan. I did not have had any problems so far. The roughest and toughest thing I did with my 06 Titan was hauling road gravels, twelve trips. I thought I broke my suspensions. Took it to a dealer for a annual service in 2008. The dealer told me their is a sign of possibly rear diff leaks, just a little moisture around the area. They want to fix it but I hold off on it. I clean it off to see if it'll come back. To-date today I did not have any issues or problem non so ever. Just one minor issue, the clicking/knocking noise from the climate controller but everything is still working fine. I love my Titan and I admired it every time I drove it. CC.
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  • Nissan Nissan 200SX Owner Reviews (see 12 reviews)
  • 1996 Nissan 200SX
    Visitor, Roy, UT, August 03, 2014 07:05
    I have had this fun little car for a long time now. I am the second owner and bought it with 38000 miles on it. It is now at 247,000 and still a great little car. I have had to replace the alternator once, and the fuel pump once, and the starter motor once. Also had to replace the interior fan speed resistor circuit board once. The most major repair was by far the alternator, it was a big pain to do. I am still getting a very consistent 38 MPG with my driving, probably 85% + is freeway. It too is my FAVORITE car. It is sad to see how many miles are on it now. I plan to give it a nice birthday party when I finally need to replace the engine sometime in the future. I will also give it a nice new paint job then... and drive it like a new car again! :-) I have thought about replacing the timing chain, but with a quarter million miles... I do not really see the value. When it finally fails, I will replace it with a cheap JDM motor with close to the same miles as I had when I first bought the car!
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  • Nissan Nissan 240SX Owner Reviews (see 12 reviews)
  • 1990 Nissan 240SX
    roger1989, Branson, MO, April 03, 2014 11:54
    in fact my Nissan 240 is 1989 SX and i want to know a good shop that can do nice job for the repair and paint with the original color green-grey. can you recommend me any one shop for this?? I live in Mexico so my zip code in mexico is 65750 My email is rvillarreal@cyecc.com.mx
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  • Nissan Nissan Armada Owner Reviews (see 10 reviews)
  • 2012 Nissan Armada
    Visitor, Provo, UT, June 23, 2014 20:09
    Our Armada has been a great vehicle until today when my wife was driving it to work and started hearing a clicking noise and then all of a sudden the back tires locked up and skidded, bringing her to a stop. She pulled off the freeway and the vehicle was not wanting to drive. She pulled into a gas station and waited for me to get there and discover that the emergency brake cable had somehow been pulled out and wrapped all the way around cv axle on left side and then pulled cv axle out. I have two other friends this has happened to their Armadas also. The dealer said they have never seen it before but I have talked to a few people who work for Nissan dealers and they say it is happening more and more, I believe it should be a recall for the design but they are acting as if it is a very rare situation. The dealership is now telling me it is not covered under warranty, even though I have 60,000 mile power train warranty it is not power train related they say. This is where my 100,000 mile bumper to bumper extended warranty should kick in but they have to send an adjuster that cannot come out until Friday, today is Monday, so I am without a vehicle until they can make a decision if it should be covered. I guess with Tim Dahle Nissan out of Sandy, Utah they do not have to provide a loaner car until they decide if your vehicle is their responsibility to fix even though it is a Nissan warranty and they sold me the extended warranty directly through the dealership, good thing I spent the extra $6500.00 for nothing.
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  • Nissan Nissan 350Z Owner Reviews (see 8 reviews)
  • 2004 Nissan 350Z
    Visitor, Kirkland, WA, November 22, 2013 14:23
    I will NEVER buy another Nissan anything again. I bought this 350z convertible with 16k miles on it in 2005. With under 20k miles on it (thankful for warranty), I went through a recall on the tires and brakes, problems with the roof not going up/down, driver's side window motor going out. I kept the car as I don't want a large car payment and thought once those items were fixed, no more issues. Flash forward to just 60k miles, Bose amp goes out. Find out that you cannot put another amp to a Bose deck (I now hate Bose). Lucky to get amp fixed for $250 but took months to get part. At 80k, the deck will only play the radio and only one station. Has Japanese looking characters across screen. Options are to replace the whole system, or go without. Using IPOD via cassette to play music. At 90k miles, more problems. Nobody could figure out what was draining new battery. Car kept going dead after 48 hours. Figured out that SWITCH on passenger seat was jamming and causing motor seat to run all night when parked. Now I have to have that fixed as well. DO NOT BUY A Z, THEY ARE GARBAGE but nice to look at. Manufacturer does not stand behind their product and customer service people are rude as all get out.
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  • Nissan Nissan 300ZX Owner Reviews (see 6 reviews)
  • 1992 Nissan 300ZX
    Visitor, Vancouver, WA, March 06, 2012 07:15
    I have a 1992 300zx TT , awsome car , great power , only thing to remember is , when running your turbo HARD , I mean Fast , before turning it off for the day, or anytime , let the car idle for at least 3-5 mins , so that the turbos can cool down and regen itself before shutting down.....great cars, I've waxed STi's , all kinds of sportscar, this is one Z that's hard to spank !!!!!! Chamorro Action, Adios
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  • Nissan Nissan Rogue Owner Reviews (see 6 reviews)
  • 2010 Nissan Rogue
    Visitor, Montclair, NJ, December 06, 2014 13:37
    Twice when car was traveling about 6 hours, the accelerator just cut out. Once on NJ Turnpike, by Shore after traveling all day in heat. Second time. 2 months later after 60,000 mile check up and green light, it cut out on Rt. 80 during rainstorm going up steep incline. I happened driving to Ohio and again next day returning to NJ. We kept rpm low and stopped when safe, waited a few minutes and then it started up and continued on it's way. Otherwise, car has been super and has provided enjoyable ride for some long car rides to and from both northern and southern states, through the most taxing conditions.
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  • Nissan Nissan Altima Hybrid Owner Reviews (see 5 reviews)
  • 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid
    Visitor, Trenton, NJ, December 09, 2013 18:25
    Just received an estimate for engine repair on my 2007 hybrid with 76,000 miles on it. Apparently I need a rebuild due to carbon build up in the engine. $3500.00 plus tax, of course. I wish I knew about this potential complication before I bought the car. So much for gas savings. How about Nissan stepping up and helping out it's hybrid owners, since I am told this is a problem specific to the hybrid model? Hope they are working on a fix.
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  • Nissan Nissan JUKE Owner Reviews (see 4 reviews)
  • 2011 Nissan JUKE
    ESCAPEDFORD, Brandon, MS, July 05, 2014 00:12
    Don't trust me that this car has problems, just look at the recalls. This is a short term vehicle, don't expect longevity. Way over priced, but hey go drive one it's a real kick in the pants fun thing. These over sized key things for all Nissans are a real pain for a man cause if you make any movement with these FOB's in you pocket the alarm goes off. Should called these SOB's. Oh when the battery dies in the FOB guess what pushbutton start is like what the heck to do now. Key hidden in FOB is for door locks only. From day one have had missing, backfiring, and pinging in engine. I have been thru the timing chain failure with a Lincoln so I suspected it was timing chain. Am almost sure dealer & Nissan were aware of problem but hoping it would go away. But now the recall has came to replace timing chain, thank you Nissan. If you have replaced your timing chain, Nissan says you could possible get reimbursed. Also, there are a couple other recalls something related to turbo charger and something about seatbelt. There are a lot of extra no good whimsical displays about the engine and gas usage that serve no purpose, Nissan just make the A/C and heat a dual simple thing and cut out the BS. The car is right snappy to drive but requires premium gas and lots of it. It's kind of like the Titanic and was launched before the float test. I am a big Nissan fan and agree with a review that I read about Nissan really missed their mark with the Juke. However, the proof and the truth comes out and Nissan is hopefully soon going to taking the full bitter pill of responsibility for these failures. Thanks again Nissan for what you have done and are probably going to do. The hood has always felt like it's going to fly off the car, the hood and door hinges are cheap weak crap. Hood popper and gas door opener are dangerously close, another major flaw. I loaned out the car one day and the person thought they opened gas door but popped hood. One mile down road with hood unleashed and unnoticed the hood flew back over windshield and self destructed. Come on now Nissan get this hood latch safety problem on the recall list before someone is hurt. I know Nissan could have classed up the Juke a bit more with a console and not such cheapo looking plastic crap, but that's just good ole car business greed. The sun visors are cheap and don't cover the windshield, come on Nissan install good double sun visors. Another major driving irritant is those raised lights on the hood shine the sun directly back into your eyes. Nissan please fix these things and make the motor to purr on regular gas like the Altima. I am on my way to trade out this frog eyed critter and get myself a Toyota RAV4, no more buying these first on the market untested unreliable newbies.
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  • Nissan Nissan Pulsar NX Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 1990 Nissan Pulsar NX
    Visitor, Garrison, KY, November 21, 2013 18:23
    hi i have a 1990 nissan pulsar which has no spark to the spark plugs have fitted another coil, distributor, replaced all fusible links, have put another ecu unit in, replaced plugs & plug leads, have checked timing belt & timed car properly , have checked all fuses, have sprayed all electrical wiring & joiners, hoping you might be able to help with this problem, as i do not know what else to try. cheers barry wilson.
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  • Nissan Nissan Cube Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 2009 Nissan Cube
    Visitor, Zanesville, OH, January 15, 2013 23:29
    Starting my fourth year with the Cube. Excellent vehicle for stop/go errand-type driving. Getting better mileage than estimated. I like the gear ratio, and it's really responsive getting up to speed until about 45 mph, by which time you are shifting into fifth and then it's adequate but uninspired. Very roomy interior. Parks easily, turns on a dime, fun to drive. No service calls yet! The down sides: Low profile tires are really poor on snow or slippery road conditions, more noticeable since I traded my jeep in for it. Cheaper, thin cloth upholstery than any other car I've ever had, although the seats are quite comfortable. The sun visors aren't as effective as I'd like, due to the angle of the windshield. The hatch has no lighting when the door is opened (it's dark back there) and there are no 'night' lights low in the cabin. Everything below waist level is an endless black pit at night. I get 'road roar' on certain sections of interstate, even though I can go the equivalent speed on state and township roads quietly. This would be irritating if I had to commute. But, it's been very dependable, no bugs to iron out,and the body is holding up nicely.
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  • Nissan Nissan 370Z Owner Reviews (see 2 reviews)
  • 2010 Nissan 370Z
    ceverman3619, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, July 11, 2011 17:26
    Like the car, my first Nissan Roadster after driving BMWs for years. Car is fun to drive and seems solid. Very disappointing that at 450 miles "service engine soon" came on. Dealer says most of these have bad gas caps. Question, why doesn't Nissan replace them on the cars that haven't sold so the customer doesn't have to bring it back immediately after purchase? Starting to wonder what else am I going to find out is wrong after the purchase.
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  • Nissan Nissan Axxess Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 1990 Nissan Axxess
    Visitor, Maypearl, TX, April 14, 2010 08:27
    put glass packs on all of them and they would be 100% perfect
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  • Nissan Nissan Stanza Owner Reviews (see 1 reviews)
  • 1992 Nissan Stanza
    Visitor, San Benito, TX, April 20, 2010 13:36
    Love this car, its a perfect mid-sized family car.
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