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I just bought a 2008 Pathfinder LE from a closed friend in OH he had it ever since new. Liked the SUV because can't afford newer one at higher priced. I read online about 2005-10 Pathfinders, Frontiers and Xterra SUVs with the common issue leaking coolant/tranny/radiator issues but first thing when woke up early next morning checked under hood but engine looks fully maintained. Keep in mind got it from my buddy in OH seems he took good care of it. Purchased back in March 2015 after my 1996 Lincoln Town car blew a head gasket making engine shut down but didn't have the money fixing so my buddy told me he was get rid of his Pathfinder got free. Overall handles good very comfortable love amount of space has lots of features in its class. It rides decent fuel economy isn't bad for a large SUV being my first its at 100,000 miles my buddy drove lots of places now am at 108,000 miles but got all paperwork he got it serviced at Nissan dealership. My wife likes as with our children my oldest son wants to drive it to work but just got him a 2003 Mustang best for the family after my beloved Town car finally gave up the LAZ-Z-BOY ride gave us bought a 2008 PF from a buddy of mines in Columbus the PF is a very solid SUV will make sure take care of all maintenance. At this time its very reliable runs well drives great on Carolina highways without an single problem nice full sized SUV ever even got a navigation system but buddy deleted his destinations some kind of way before sold off to me down south now I'm loving every bit of it as my wife does too she just bought a 2015 Rogue after experiencing with our Nissan being first product. I pray that it doesn't start having leaking tranny/radiator problems as other owners were experiencing will take care of all oil changes, fluids and maintenances at local dealer instead of small mechanic being its different from my Town car and other cars owned in the past.
Love the car. I did put money in few repairs replacing pre cats,brakes and transmission problem. At this time the car is running fine still worried about other things breaking at least it's reliable after got it back in 2012 love car performance and exterior looks. So far rides smooth while it's loaded to the max with available options ever in this car.
We have the '11 SV Premium loved this car after purchased new in 2011. I got 83,778 miles no problems it's fully loaded with all options available. The Maxima rides like a BMW very comfortable with lots of power gets 26 mpg. Looks sporty got performance even paddle shifters are great with D-Sport mode and CVT trans this car is the best ever. Overall my wife love the car so much she wanted purchased another Maxima as same version like this one except a used model but she is waiting on the new 2016 model arrive next month at dealership. It's our first Nissan product after trading a Volvo S60 on a Maxima it was worth everything buying a nice equipped car liked this one though top of the line still worth best bang for the buck ever purchasing this car.
I had nothing but good cars from Nissan. Purchased a used 2003 Maxima SE in 2013 with over 70,000 miles. Just done nothing but regular oil changes, plugs and rotations etc. I would love to own another Maxima as my next vehicle. All I can say that is the experienced has been impressive with this model only thing had trouble was AC compressor & brakes so far this car is great at 100,000 miles just changed timing chain recently absolutely love my Max planning get many more miles out of her even though thinking of buying new Maxima next month will keep this car as my second car.
I bought my 2010 new, and I notice difference. I've had problems soon after buying it. -plastic on the back/trunk area, broken after oil change. -got dealer to replace, but the broken pc still inside you could hear it -front lights keeps blown out -steering issues OMG -Left coil snapped at 4th year mark -Right coil snapped before 5th year mark -winter: engine too noise, vibration too much -armrest covers starts to come off for no reason -brakes changed and now squeeking like mad
I love this car its the best ever. Don't take car well it won't take care of you. Purchased my 02 Maxima SE back in mid 2011 with 87k miles driven at least another 30,000 miles this car runs well. Paid off so I'm happy with this vehicle so beautiful in and out its more than in excellent condition planning drive for 200,000 miles has every available option on SE version got with Maxima loving it.
I have been working on one of these for a friend, for a couple of years now. I have developed my own personal opinion of this car through my mechanical experience, and find it to be a highly over priced piece of crap. The subframe "floats" on rubber mounts that road salt destroys. All rubber bushings in this car cannot hold up to "salt belt" weather conditions. All of the factory service and factory parts are excessively over priced. From a mechanical design point of view, I'd love to slap around the designers! This car is HORRIBLE, CHEAPLY BUILT and a total piece of junk. Further.... I have NEVER seen a car where you can kick the front tire backwards, and the tire on the other side of the car move FORWARD AND BACK!!!!! The whole subframe, suspension, motor and transmission are bolts to rubber mounts that the body SITS on.
I have a 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatchback and this car SUCKS!!!!! The CVT transmission totally went out at 109,500 miles. It started making a loud whizzing sound, and over the course of the next few weeks it got progressively worse. I called the dealership in Apex NC and made an appointment, drove the car there, only to be told that I needed to pay them a $75.00 diagnostic fee. I had just lost my job and didn't have the money, so I left...and oh yea, I ended up almost getting killed on the way home and almost caused a massive car pile up when my car lurched from 70 to almost zero in like three seconds literally, then and wouldn't go above 20 MPH...all in rush hour traffic!!! Once I finally got it home and parked it that day, it never moved again. I tried backing it up after I parked it that day and it just revved like I was going to blow a head it has been sitting in my driveway in exactly the place I parked it for over a year now!!! A mechanic friend of mine told me CVT transmissions are garbage and that you can't fix part of them, you have to replace the whole thing. Sure enough, I couldn't find anyone in my area who would repair it without charging me $4,000 for a new one, and most places won't even work on them!!! So...I had to resurrect my 2004 Toyota Matrix (best car EVERRR) with 220,000 miles (which by the way I have NEVER had to make any major repairs to and in fact, just put new rotors on her for the first time @ 210,000!!!). I hadn't driven my Toyota in over a year and she started right up and has been driving like a dream...which made me wonder...why the heck didn't I get another Matrix instead????? A few weeks ago, a friend of mine started doing some in-depth research, and found that Nissan extended the warranties on their CVT transmissions to 120,000 miles for certain years, and 2009 was one of them. I called a DIFFERENT dealership this time (this one in Raleigh) and was actually treated like a human being! The rep immediately asked me my VIN number, told me the repair was covered, sent a tow truck out to my house to pick up the car, and gave me a 2015 Nissan Altima rental car for almost two weeks while it was being repaired (Altimas actually drive very nicely but you still couldn't PAY me to own another Nissan)..and no, they didn't charge me a $75.00 diagnostic fee. And yes, I am in the process of rating them very positively now. End result: New CVT transmission at 109,500...when a Honda or Toyota would have just started coming to life. Years ago I had a Nissan Sentra station wagon, and the transmission went out at about the same time. I will NEVER buy another Nissan again. For those of you who are unfortunate Nissan Versa owners like's the warranty information link below wherein they extended the CVT transmission warranty on certain models/years - hope this helps. Oh yea, my brand new CVT transmission only comes with 12,000/12 month warranty. I'm totally nervous about this. My next car: DEFINITELY a Toyota or Honda. oh yea, the interior of this car is falling apart as well. The sunroof was leaking, streaming water into my car whenever it rained (that was at about 50,000 miles). Thank goodness for Youtube - my son googled a video that showed how to fix a leaky sunroof, or I would have paid a few hundred dollars to the dealership (you have to clean the hoses out that start at the top of the sunroof and snake down through the car door and come out behind the front wheels of the car). Somehow these hoses were totally clogged (even though I have never had to do this with my Matrix sunroof and I've had my Toyota since 2004!!!) I had to replace the car battery at around 45,000, as opposed to my Toyota Matrix, which had the same battery for the first seven frikkin years!!!! This is the worst car I have EVER purchased.
First, if you have one, go to the dealer and get all of the recall work done immediately.I had a 2003 that I bought with 17,000 mi. Great SUV when properly maintained. LOVED it. The steering broke (a recall problem), causing a wreck which broke the frame. Nissan wouldn't pay. Big surprise! (It now has 106,000 mi, and is still parked in driveway). I loved it so much that I just bought another 2003 Xterra with 93,000 mi. The "new" one got 10 miles and needed 2 oxygen sensors ($550) and needs a Knock sensor (estimate of $600). Mechanic says it can wait. The one I just bought had one owner, but no wrecks. My mechanic says it has had the front repainted, so don't count on Auto Check or CarMax for real info. Take a used car into your mechanic and have him check it. I knew better, but based my experience on my earlier car to judge the quality of the new one-big mistake. My question: Is there any economical way to use parts from my old Nissan, which is mechanically wonderful, on the one I just bought? I don't know a "Shade Tree Mechanic" to pull parts for the one in need. Any suggestions? The junkyard will only give me $500 for my wrecked one.
Have had this truck 15 years. Bought with 59k miles. Always pretty reliable. Runs strong. Great 4wd v6 auto vehicle. Mpg is just ok. 18 19 mpg. Still very strong drive-train. Can go through 10 inches of snow. Limited slip 4wd posi drive-train. Bang for the buck I recommend this truck. Buying another is ridiculous. Since they keep jacking the price of the new trucks. I will just drive this hardbody for another 5 years.
This car is horrible
I bought my 2004 Xterra from the first owner. It's been reliable. Problems I have experienced are common for the vehicle. I live inner city. From time to time in the winter I get a check engine light.Scanning showed a loose gas cap.Locking gas cap does not keep people from siphoning gas.If electrical comes on but car refuses to start then move shift lever with the brake depressed and reposition into park. The lock out switches on this version are touchy.I have less than 100kmiles and already have had to replace the alternator, and rear springs. That dual catalytic converter replacement is going to be spendy and mine is on the way out.If they go through calipers frequently make sure to buy a pre-loaded caliper and a must do is to change out the rotors at the same time.Bad rotors will wear out brake pads and calipers very fast.My most recent problem is the dash lights went out as well as the tail lights. Nissan wants a grand to rip my dash apart to change the harness.I am retired and don't have it.I guess I will only be driving in the daylight hours from now on. The fuses are all okay. I read that if one of the tail lights or running lights is out it'll do the same thing and no one has to rip the vehicle apart to change the part.I will try to check the light bulbs myself and then recheck the tail light fuse. The dash lights are connected to the tail light and those fuses are located in the box next to the battery. My other option is to go to the vo-tech when they are doing wiring and have them do it for parts money.
I love my "Juke". I have not had one ounce of trouble with it. BUT……saying that it has a smell. I may drive it a hour and shut it off to go into the store and it has an AWFUL smell when returning. I have had it checked out and sprayed BUT it doesn't help. This does not do it all the time just when you least expect it.
Had this 2006 only a short period of time and it already required 2,000$ worth of work. Power steering went out, bushings were gone, needs brakes, AWD light stays on, have a feeling this is a lemon, only 50,000 miles on it. Wouldn't buy again.
I have been very pleased with my Maxima. Bought this car over 21 years ago as a pre owned certified never had one mechanical problem with nothing. I've replaced couple things but minor only the car has original tranny/engine at now 250,000 never once I did have it in the shop for nothing. I am looking for a 2016 Maxima as new replacement hope it be like my 1990 Maxima as well loving this car.
bought this car for my son. He had it since January 2011 with 83,000 miles now driven it through the ground in the last 4 years purchase. The maintenance wasn't bad plus oil changes were very cheap though car was showing some wear and tear bought it in Pennsylvania off craigslist from a lady who got second handed from the previous owner who had since new. Overall it's a very reliable car now my son sold it got an 2010 model he loves even more with all of the upgrades compared to his 1995 version. I believe could trust Nissan vehicles within last couple of years my son have had his Maxima never gave him a problem he has driven that car from Michigan to Arizona put over 234,000 miles didn't leave him stranded driving long trips. The mechanic who I used to let serviced it said that car had lots of life wouldn't breakdown at anytime sense these are great cars last told by mechanic. Which I saw that when buying my son a 1995 Maxima with low miles it was the best car I have ever bought he drove it to death but never one time stopped on him. I'd recommend a Maxima any day.
The fuel gauge sensor stopped working, causing the check engine light to come on. I am unable to get the vehicle smogged unless this is fixed, which will cost me almost $1000. This is a known problem with this model and many others, but Nissan will not help in any way. In fact, they "require" that I go to a Nissan DEALER and pay for a diagnosis (which I've already paid for at another shop), so that a regional supervisor can "call" me. They are extremely evasive on the phone and refuse any other info, though they did say they know this is a problem. They won't tell me whether I will get any help with this if I pay for another diagnosis, which I assume is their way of keeping me busy while bringing in some more money.
I've read alot of bad things about the Nissan Versa and I can only review based on my own experience and I have to tell you that I have my 2007 Hatchback since 2009 and I now have 85200 miles on it. Just now have I had a real breakdown. The throttle body needs replacing. Though its a $1000 job, it is not bad for being the first time. I have all the scheduled maint. done. Except for normal wear this car has been the most reliable I have ever had. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it does not have a keyhole for the trunk. So when that breaks if you don't fix it, you have to crawl through your back seat and open it from the inside. I even tow a small boat with it and no problems. It has been a great little car.
my 2012 2.5s has been a great car.36,000 mi. and not one mechanical problem.plenty of pickup,rides great but,as mentioned, doesn't like cross winds. my only complaint is the paint on black hood is chipping alot even with several coats of mothers wax.can'rate the paint highly. otherwise,love the car.
Good car looks bad but won't die. It originally have 296K miles reliable but vibrates and jerks a lot believe transmission giving out. I can't complain bought this car in March 1998 in Missouri see has lasting a long time I believe time comes want find a car like my 1994 Nissan Altima XE - Thank you Nissan!
I got this car in 2010 from a man who took great care of it I have GLE equipped model first bought had 145k now since drive commutes to Cincinnati has 240k very low maintenance requires. Have standard transmission seems as clutch getting weak but within past almost 5 years this car has never gave me a problem. Love wood grain dash panel includes digital climate control and CD/Cassette player factory keyless entry alarm. Overall believe this car might last me 400k doing scheduled maintenance plus tire rotations etc. Great dependable car I have ever owned.
Love it, runs like new. Best vehicle ever owned. I did get clutch replaced and radiator so far car is very flawless.
I like the car a lot but believe has issues with battery replacements and engine knocks every time at 35 mph. Overall love my Maxima it is an dependable car only problem have out the car be ignition coil went out but still was under warranty Nissan address the problem. CVT needs replacing took in last week to Glenn Nissan in Lexington told tranny needs replacing the car does take off slow. It is comfortable, great stereo sound like looks of vehicle available paddle shifters and A-Pillars are great. Purchased this car new only things be a minor problem are electronics never buy a early model vehicle but it is great at 109K miles.
Still one of the best cars looks sporty have 19'' wheels and tires when driving the car it is so quiet while has smooth power under a 290 horsepower moves quicker at 2,000 rpms. Bose is incredible came with paddle shifters the Maxima got excellent handling while steers easily. Very luxury but mostly sporty with the Sport pkg., available with driver seat memory only doesn't heavy although car looks wider around hips and shaped L hood interior materials are nice with charcoal metallic trim plus navigation and bluetooth are pluses all electronics works great. I traded a 2011 SV Sport on a 2014 being more upgraded because love performance these cars give when pressing the throttle while have responsive handling and best drives while putting in sport mode. I hope next new model be better with AWD and manual 6 speed trans while has lots of new features more for the money.
We love our minivan looks luxurious I think it shares same platform with Altima. Controls are unique very comfortable equipped with Bi- xenon headlights, bluetooth, panoramic moon roof, navi, backup camera, intelligent key, fog lights and heated leather seats. V6 and CVT are both impressive gets 24mpg around city easy handling while has a smooth agile ride a gorgeous looking family minivan with all bells and whistles very equipped being one of the most superb vans ever had.
Love my 2006 Sentra 1.8s got used at 68K miles. A flawless little car changed head gaskets and struts - Oil changes $85.00 and tire rotation $38.00 - I am getting spark plugs change as well have 140K miles this car is driven solid I have never had trouble out of it. Believe take care of a car will last forever changing fluids and oil changes. Overall pleased in vehicle gets excellent gas mileage no complaints it's a decent little car.
I have a 96 Sentra very reliable vehicle driving around town. Gets decent gas mileage, replaced cv boots/ball joints - air compressor, 2 struts and water pump. The car received good maintenance never spent nothing expensive did get muffler worked on noticed saw small holes and minor leak but I took care of that at the muffler shop. Love the car has few minor body dents was like that when got 3 years ago would not sell this vehicle been reliable ever since. I'm thinking of doing a little work on it like fixing it up and get a paint job has couple rust spots. It drives well went to Seattle no problems didn't smoke or stalled got 30mpg these cars are well built like tanks I have 230k miles now - Purchased 3 years ago 124k miles engine original runs like Energizer battery I use Lucas tranny fluid 5w30 and change oil with Valvoline synthetic service every 6,000 miles. Innovation that standards - My 1996 Sentra.
Bought new in 1996 has 240k miles done regular maintenance and set of tires replaced. It handles like new only things got work done were minor all original the stereo works well with a factory Bose sound. The leather is showing bit tear otherwise a good car rides smooth has lots of power love my Maxima no paint rust to say its a southern car looks absolutely good. I change oil with Synthetic 5w30 and spark plugs serviced every 3,000 miles this is the most dependable car I have ever owned so comfortable. Will be driving this car until the wheels comes off very peppy it is a well maintained car absolutely loving my Maxima.