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98 Blazer LT 4x4 144,000 miles owned now two months. Truck is very Roomey but hard on front end arms and brakes.Replaced activator in drivers door and speakers after buying it with only f/l speaker working also had to replace l/f door light switch to fix interior lighting and key in ignition chimes when ever key was in ignition..Good truck for The cheap $1500.00 i paid for it. But have put 1k in it to make it a real bargain including tires, shocks, new gas cap, speakers and door jam switch and activator also left inner and outter ball joints and pittman arm still shakes on rough roads and leaks oil by bell housing area also light shaking on idle but gets the job done
Hi my name is Errol 306,000 and still going
Buy this new in 05 .The CD player died at 30k miles on it . Back window leaked . The AC quit working at 40k . Nothing but electrical problems .I am forever done with Chevy .ABS system is a nightmare
2002 Chevy Cavalier Coupe LS 2.2L SOHC, not Ecotec PROS: Will not stop running, dependable (163k). 2.2L engine bottom rock solid. Decent 30 mpg on hwy. Tight turning circle, easy to parallel park. Rides reasonably well. CONS: Car interior is cheap and not large enough for a teenager. Ditto, trunk. Various design defects: drivers window (replaced but still doesn't work), famous for bad fuel pump design (replaced), exhaust attachments to back of car, rotor wear, tons of fluid leaks!!, electrical accessory problems galore (it IS an old GM car), throws bushings and struts left and right. Transmission going bad now. BEST USE: Basic transportation but have a maintenance budget. No useful back seat access. Car for 1 or 2 people. Must service car at rec. intervals (I did). Very ugly car without a spoiler on the trunk. Huge improvement. Put one on.
I had a '97 Lumina until lady TEXTING N DRIVING crashed into me totaled whole front end well I bought another GM a Impala that is a lemon. Its nothing but problems tranny/brakes even stalled on me at stop light nearly rear ended. Took into several shops everyone tells me can't find anything I'm second handed owner this car is a lemon never will purchase another Chevy again after bad experienced. I am so mad to this point that feel driving over the ladies house telling how she caused me problems purchasing unreliable transportation as other one was one of the best cars ever had. Impala is the worst car had compared a 1980 Ford Fairmont wasn't nothing liked my Impala had lots of problems that are expensive fixing - Trannies, brakes, engine etc. Next week I'm going car shopping either Toyota or Buick for me be last and first Chevy damn it because really loved the first model owned know never trust later models that used because not so durable like the older models as my 1997 Lumina that was really my first best car ever owned.
Traded 2013 Silverado extended cab LT for 2014 wanted new model with electronics. Had 10 thousand miles on 2013 mode when I traded for 2014 crew cab. No problems with the older model. I now have 12; 000 miles on new 2014 model.. I've had nothing but trouble with the new model. First hundred miles had to be towed into shop. So far had to be towed 3times for different problems. I dont trust the truck to travel distance. Called chevy 5 times they just want sell me another truck. At this point if i buy another truck it would be a ford. Im 65 and had chevy trucks my whole life never a problem until now. 2014 beautiful truck but beauty is skin deep.
Purchased my 1996 Tahoe brand new with 11 miles on it. Normal maintenance along with treating it like my baby has really paid off. Currently have 298,897 miles and everywhere I go the Tahoe gets complimented on how clean it is. Paint is starting to fade on top of doors (stock blue metallic paint with clear-coat). One problem encountered last week was the SES light came on with code P0300, random misfire. Took it to the dealer and was quickly diagnosed as a worn out distributor shaft ($210.00). No more SES light and the vehicle is idling and running like a new car, amazing. We take this car back and forth from Idaho to California about 8 times a year and NEVER had a hiccup with it. Getting 17.8 MPG on the highway for those trips.
rear parking brakes actually fell apart.The drums are scored and should be replaced. abs light is on as is the brake warning warning dash light.In addition,the door handles are falling off due to corrosion of the fastening points. The rear hatch pistons are not functioning and the lid is very , heavy and difficult to open . it must be propped up with a 4x4 piece of lumber. If it fell on anyone it would result in serious injury. The vehicle was purchased from A dealer here in town,used. The dealer has a good reputation and I never expected the indifferent attitude being displayed. I was told "no warranty,as it is used. Due diligence,the 'reasonable person' philosophy'be damned.There are safety issues involved here that they 'knew or should have known' existed.
I have had electrical, cruise control, front wiper transmission wiper motor ABS system, and water leaking in the front and can't find where it is coming from, but the worst part is the body rust. Overall the van has preformed relativity well considering I have 445,800 miles on it and its still going.
I have a Malibu ltz 2010. I have heard klanking when driving over bumpy roads. I have had the esc lights come on occasionally but once the car is shut off and back on this corrects the problem. But twice this week the esc came on and then it flashed power steering. The second time this happened my power steeering went out. Supposedly there have been recalls on this but not my car model or vin. I was told to contact the dealership and follow up with gn with my case number. Has any one have any idea what why's could be. Once I shut the car off and back on I had power steering again. I am afraid to drive this car at this point and a little upset that I may be paying to have this repair when clearly this is an issue gm as recalled other models and years but not mine.
After owning my Impala for about a month I am averaging 29 miles per gallon. The car runs well for me. Hard start in the Wisconsin winters though. Very smooth ride which is one of the reasons I picked the Impala. Lots of leg room even in the back seat for a tall person like myself 6'3". Interior contains cheap looking plastic which is fine for me but upsetting to others. Seats on the LS are cloth but you can get one with the front bench seat in the LS trim package. Another complaint is that there are no cup holders in the 2nd row. I wish the seats also folded down which these do not. It does however have a very large trunk to fit more groceries than you will need. Onstar is included for 3 months when buying so it gives you the chance to try it out. I like the turn by turn directions and the onstar application for remote starting/locking/unlocking/horn & lights. Not worth the 300+ per year onstar wants me to pay however. The engine temperature gauge goes up very quickly even in the winter which is very nice but it takes a while to heat the interior of the car because it is a large car. Steering is not the most responsive but I have been driving large vehicles for a long time so it seems normal to me. It is not a small car therefore it doesn't operate like a small car. Overall a very good car for the price and it gets what I consider decent fuel mileage for a large sedan.
I own a 2002 Ext cab Silverado 2WD 4.3 L V6 Automatic. Fuel MPG averages 19 - 20 mpg combined. It has 235K original miles and still going strong. It stranded me one time, I had to replace the fuel pump. That was about 90K miles ago. The front rotors and pads were replaced 40K miles ago. My rear brake pads are still good. I Put in 2 batteries and I am on my 3rd set of tires. Transmission has been no problem. It has always had a weird engine/drive train vibration right before the gear shift at about 42mph when shifting up. Rarely, I mean rarely on the up or down shift, 2nd and 3rd gears, it will feel more like a clunk and slip than a vibration, but this is rare and it never happens predictably or repetitively. Again, trans is doing fine. No burnt tranny fluid or other signs of trouble. Wheel bearings are still good. My steering and front end have never needed repair or alignment, still as they were set at the factory. The suspension is original and still good. I have a cooling system leak but I can't find where it is leaking from? All of the hoses, radiator, fan and water pump are factory original and still good, I did put a new thermostat in it about 120K ago and changed out the coolant. All the belts, tensioners and pulleys are still good. The front engine seal is leaking oil pretty good, the pan and valve cover gaskets are seeping a little. I have to add a quart of full synthetic between my 5K mi routine oil changes, as needed, to keep it full. I run full synthetic 5W30 or 10W30 and a Delco P47 oil filter. NEVER used the shop's bulk oil or filters, I bring my own. I have one valve that will tap when starting cold, it taps for about 4 seconds then it stops. Been this way and consistent for a long time, does not seem to be getting worse so it may just be an anomaly, but I hate the sound. The AC works fine, never had any compressor issues or leaks. My left head lamp, low beam bulb seems to burn out every 15 months? The dash light that illuminates the heat/AC is out. The very back edge of the headliner is starting to pull away from the ceiling at the rear window. Overall, the truck has run reliably and has not been a money pit to maintain. It is not fancy or macho as pick ups go, but it is a reliable and trustworthy travel companion for a long distance commuter. If you find one for sale that has been cared for and driven gently, consider buying it.
Bought as a company car with 8,000 miles on it. Even after four accident repairs and 107,000 miles, the car is always reliable. Brakes, tires, oil and other normal wear and tear items fixed and changed as needed. Wish the SS was offered that year, as I love the look and turbo offered with them.
My 2004 Colorado has 169,000 miles. It has all types of electrical problems. From what I hear from other owners, General Motors has known about this issue since 2006 but has not done anything about it. I also have the AC blower problem. The driver side window will go down, but may not go up. I have a shortage in my front turn signal lights. My tie rods have to be replaced. When you put the truck in park, the passenger side door does not unlock as it should. Also the radio will not stop playing if you open the driver side door. It will only stop playing if you open the passenger door. The problem with the blower started at about 75,000 miles. The other problems started after 100,000. Also, if I turn the truck off and come back to start it within a few minutes it will hesitate and sometimes cut off when I start to move. Sometimes it has not started at all after sitting for just a few minutes even after the battery was replaced. Don't get me wrong, I like my truck but I think these are problems that GM needs to address.
I love my HHR, had 3 Miles on when I got it. 2 years ago there was a lot of water inside my car, they said it was the Airconditioner flap, bang $600. My inside light (like a lot of owners) never did work. Now its in the Shop again. Advanced Auto told me it is the crankshift sensor ($39) oh ok I thought, they told me see a dealer. went to the Dealer the car is with them now 3 days and they told me it is Crankshift itself not the sensor, so from 39$ to about $ 1000 big difference, the thing is I do NOT have any problems with my car, the check engine light came on that was it. Do they rip off a grandma or could it really be? they told me it is one of the common failure with the HHR, is it? But I love my HHR.
Bought my 07 Trailblazer in Oct of 2013 from a local used lot. No warranty of course. Seemed O.k. but I found out when the weather got cold that the rear defroster didn't work and the rear washer doesn't spray the window, it leaks out the bottom of the tailgate. Radio and/or speakers are shorting out. 1 works most of the time others go in and out, sometime all are nothing but a slight mumbling at full blast. My gas gauge goes to empty after about 88 miles, this just started happening in the last 2 months. Other than these issues it drives fine, goes in the snow great, me and wife both drive over 50 miles to work in a day, so love it for that.
overall I've been satisfied with my tracker. it's simple and easy to work on. so far, after 2 years I have only had to buy a battery and tires. in some places the paint is coming off.normal.
I am having a problem with the oil pressure sensor but found out the engine is bad and needed to be replaced the truck is in very good shape no other problems this happen at 97,000 miles and 5 days after the 5 year mark so no coverage. Any others out there having the same problem? The dealer says something in side the motor not sure what.
Since we got this car its been giving us problems first the steering than the ac/heater which cost four hundred and something just because it makes a really loud noise than an oil leak and a transmission leak and a belt went we have the inside the seat of the driver side won't move front or back and the drivers window went down and never came up we change the master control and than it went out in matter of days and we have the dashboard light where it shows the speed well it stop working i dont know what else is gonna happen smh
Ok people you buy a well used and you have a few expected problems.if you want new buy new.period. A bought a used 2002 ltZ .with 185k kms . I had to replace some bearings and joints. Expected. Have used it hard for winter work and summer towing a big boat. This thing is a tank. I expect it to outlast me. My only concern is gas milage but its a good trade off for a solid reliable SUV. Most other 2002 vehicles have been placed in the junk yard. Stop whining about expected maintenance stuff. Because the previous owners did,not do it. This is by far the best used vehicle I have ever owned and its a dam nice ride to boot.
I love my Suburban!!!! She has been faithful and flawless for the 11 yrs and 100,000 miles I have put her through. My kids have grown and I no longer need to pull the 4 place snow machine trailer, horse trailer or boat. I am going to sell her and I will miss her. She has been through a lot with me and has been j. part of the family.
Bought new in June 2010. I have the 2.4 engine. At 29000 the motor was replaced under warranty. Since then I have had to replace a wheel bearing , and the heat blender actuator. The rear window defroster works when it wants to. The resonator has also rusted out and the driver side doors are starting to rusting at the bottom seams. I live in northern Ohio. I have not had a car rust this fast since the 70's. I have owned at least one GM vehicle since the 70's. This is the last GM I will own.
I traded in our 03 Yukon for this 07 Burb LTZ - wanted the navigation and onstar for the family, bought it from a local car store - this truck looks awesome - drives awesome and gets great mileage on a tank. I picked up the truck for a good price and since the Yukon never let me down I figured these new GMs would be just as good... well I have to say there are some tacky design areas - internal door handles are chrome plastic - peeling causes scalpel like shards that can cut you - I filed most of this off with the wife's nail board. Right now its suffering from a broken oil switch - bad grounding or bad transfer case servo motor/encoder. So I know when you buy second user you buy someone else's problems.. I get that, but I just cant help but think the old Yukon was a much better truck than this one... In addition I have replaced the Brake Pedal switch (stops cruse from working). Stripped and cleaned the throttle body. Reworked the heating buttons with new transfers as they were worn bad. Repaired the heated Rear window spade connector - it had fell off. Updated the Nav software to 2013 from 2008.... and I will end up replacing the oil pressure switch which is a bummer to get to.. and then attempt the 4 WD repair. In 3 months I have bought more, fixed more and had more problems than my old Yukon, but I'm so far into this truck now I dont think I can stop... I just hope it doesnt develop any upper engine issues I hear so much about... it actually runs very well as I believe it was dealer serviced up until the time I purchased it. But you know what I still love my Burb - she's my high maintenance "Bit on the Side" according to my wife.
I bought this used in 2012. V6 engine. I have always loved the Trailblazer/Jimmy models but this is the best I have owned yet. Comfortable, great in snow, great for picking up stuff for garden, yard etc., mostly reliable, not too many gadgets to fail (but do miss back up camera as lots of blind spots when backing up), ok on gas mileage, easy to get into and out of (have running boards). I do love this vehicle. I hate that they have discontinued this. However, there is a "hidden" warranty on this engine. Noise started from engine and curiously, a burning smell at back of car. Husband told me noise was an exhaust manifold leak. So called one dealer and was told it probably wasn't covered under our extended warranty that we bought. Did an internet search and found out about hidden warranty on exhaust manifold. Seriously pissed first dealer did not tell me this. Went to another dealer to tell him about my problem and he immediately told me there was a warranty on it and it would cost me nothing. Yea honesty! So got a new manifold and all problems went away. Be aware about this problem and warranty if you purchase one of these cars because not all dealers seem to be inclined to tell you this. Still love this SUV though!
One gets what one pays for. Low air tire pressure light on since I've had it. Putting air in tires does no good. Have changed serpintine belt twice. Over 65 mph car squeals like a pig. Heavy wind causes hard driving to keep on road. Passenger front door starting to rust in middle of door. Had to have two sections of exhaust replaced. Front end needs alignment. Garage wants $1350 says everything is worn out? Reputable place so I wonder? Check engine light comes on. Checked and it comes back rear oxygen sensor. Light goes on and off sometimes stays on a month stays off a month. Finally bought the part and when I walked out of store and started car light went out. Its been a couple months now light has stayed off have not changed sensor, still have, needs special open end socket. Past summer changed brakes and put on new rotors, right after alignment started giving me problems. Engine, very little power. Winter time takes long time for heater to put out heat.
I have a 1996 Chev C/1500 it has 295625 miles on it and runs like a dream. I have had to do a few repairs over the years but nothing major it has had synthetic oil since new I had a mechanic do a compression check and it is as new.
This is the worse car ever. Be aware everything falls apart before the car is paid off. Its not worth the time energy and headache. I absolutely HATE my Malibu!
I wasn't planning to write a review, but after reading the many negative reviews here I thought I'd relay my positive experience. I bought my 2005 Colorado early in 2008 L5 3.5L. I traded in a 1999 V6 Ford Ranger which I owned for 7 years. I drove both trucks for the same amount of time, traded them both in at about 100,000 miles. Both were good trucks, but the Colorado got better fuel economy (25-27 MPG highway), towed my 2,500 pound boat and trailer much easier, and maintenance and repair cost over over the time of ownership on the Colorado was much less than half than on the Ranger. I did have to replace the vent valve, which seems to a problem spot. About the only negative for me is the turning radius, which seems wider than necessary. I spent the last year looking for a newer Colorado, settled on low mileage 2012 model, hoping my experience with this one is as good.
I know this is a review only forum. However, I'm at a loss where to go. I bought my 2004 TB (as the 2nd owner) in 2007. Still had the mfg warranty from Chevy. It now has 173,746 miles on it and overall I love it. I've had to replace a few wheel bearings and ball joints. I've had the differential redone and the exhaust manifold repaired. I've had the transmission lines redone, a tune up , fuel pump replaced, replaced shocks and struts only once so far. Most of my repairs have occurred after the 100,000 mile mark and they have been "one time only" repairs. The one exception of a repeat repair happens to be the water pump. I've had the dealership and another trusted mechanic who have replaced 6 water pumps in a period of 5 years. I would like to know why?? One could argue that the replacements were not GM parts. The counter argument is why would AC delco water pumps continously fail? The dealership told me that the next time the AC delco water pump fails there will be no more warranty,that the warranty is a "one time"offer. Meaning even if it fails within the mileage noted, I will be paying all over again. This of course will be a conversation to have at that point and trust me I will be ready to have the lemon law conversation with AC delco. Ok moving on. For the last two weeks or so I've noticed that there is what I call a slight "sway" in the rear end while driving on straight freeway and after going over bumps. I've had the sway bar links,bushings and bars replaced in 2010. Of my two trusted mechanical sources, the dealership said the sway bar system does not need to be replaced and the other mechanic said that it did. Naturally I want to believe the dealer because I would hope that that as the dealer they would have mechanics more qualified to determine such things. Has anyone else felt the "sway" in the rear end? I should note that the state I live in has some awful roads and I am not totally convinced that my TB is at fault completely. Does anyone have any suggestions of what the "sway " could be? At the end of this though I do wish that GM would start building the TB again. The cars they have now are way to " computerized", which leads to more money on repair when you have to repair them and they just don't look as nice. Please bring back the Trailblazer :)
Just over 50,000 miles the radiator went bad and started leaking fluid, even with an extended warranty it wasn't covered and I had to pay. at 80,000 miles the front differential went out and left the truck stranded with parts all over the road. It's always been on the highway and never in four wheel mode. The extended warranty covered the repairs, complete front differential replacement. Now at 103,000 miles the front differential is leaking oil out all seals and the Chevy dealer says that it is completely worn out and needs to be replaced and will not be warrantied. Once again, never put into 4 wheel drive. I guess to keep this truck I need to buy a new front diff. every other oil change.