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Owners' Reviews

Porsche 911 Reviews and Owner Comments

9 Reviews
Porsche 911Owner Reviews (9 reviews)
  • 2009 Porsche 911
    ryhendo, San Francisco, CA, November 20, 2011 15:14
    BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED. Just flawess handling, 0-60 4.7 seconds, I take mine to tahoe all the time and is great in the snow, on the track or just going shopping. Way to Porsche, keep up the good work. The 2012 is even better!!!
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  • 1999 Porsche 911
    Visitor, Boston, MA, July 01, 2011 11:27
    CLASSY AWESOME MONGREL BEAST.I have a 996 99'.electrifying in first,slingshot to the cosmos. allround charisma. love it! js Sydn.Australia.
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  • 2002 Porsche 911
    Dallas Brakes, Rowlett, TX, May 11, 2011 13:38
    The 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera is an iconic classic. Designated as the 996 replacing the previous 993 in 1999, it is the first of the water cooled 911's. In 2002 the normalle aspirated flat six cylinder was uprated to 320bhp. These highly evolved sports cars put the power to the ground like only a rear engined Porsche can. The steering is the best in the business with brakes to match. This car can be put straight onto a race track and make good times. It is comfortable and easy to drive everyday. It actually has a back seat and a decent amount of storage and trunk space.
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  • 1995 Porsche 911
    UnKnown Name, Peoria, IL, February 08, 2011 23:01
    This is one tough 911. I loved driving it and wish I still had it. I sold this to get a Ferrari so I guess it was an okay deal.
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  • 1995 Porsche 911
    Visitor, Brookfield, WI, April 09, 2010 16:47
    Outstanding Sports Car. Every time I turn this car on it returns the favor in spades. The car is bullet proof and I give it exceptionally high marks in all areas. A perfect score with two minor suggestions: 1) Upgrade your headlights to Xenons - simple and cheap - the OEM lights are fair at best and 2) the car handles like a dream in stock trim; however, with a set of coil-overs the ride height drops by 2" and the handling is elevated to race car status - flat in every corner. Finally, if you like to tinker the air cooled models are extremely well engineered - nothing extraneous - which makes the labor a great deal of fun. A 10/10 - I would have given it an 11 with my note on the lights and suspension. Buy and enjoy!
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  • 2000 Porsche 911
    VipersHardware, Britton, MI, March 12, 2010 11:16
    Fantastic automobile, expensive buy in, but the maintenance isn't bad, and the car lasts forever. My 996 C4 can handle everything from a 177 MPH track test, to 10 inches of snow, plus its very comfortable for long trips, throw so luggage in the front trunk, and your laptop and snacks in the back seat and your ready to roll. Everyone should drive one at least once in their life, rent one when you go on vacation, it'll be worth every dollar.
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  • 2004 Porsche 911
    UnKnown Name, Aitkin, MN, January 14, 2010 19:26
    This car is so great. I would love to own one. My buddy has one and we took it to Road America and got 173 mph out of it!
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  • 2000 Porsche 911
    colin_1, San Jose, CA, May 06, 2009 16:16
    A very good car for the track as well as the road. Base model torque to weight ratio is awesome and turbo is usually too much car for most people to handle. The engine is normally aspirated and water cooled. The power assist steering can require a bit getting used to if one is used to more road feedback at lower speeds. Road noise may be dampened substantially with Bridgestones or softer make vs. Michelin's (typically wear out at 10k miles and cost ~ $1000 to replace for all four). Typical issues are oil leaks from rear main seals (connecting point between tranny & engine) to me, its classified more as a nuisance than a must fix (so long as leaks are minor as in most cases). Other than that, keep the engine fully oiled with Synthetic and change out 8k miles & change the gearbox oil every 30k (under normal driving conditions). If buying used, go to a show-room and compare used models there before buying from private seller as most dealerships offer some warranties on mileage.
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  • 1990 Porsche 911
    spyder, Oakland, CA, October 03, 2008 17:16
    A real success story for Porsche.The 911 line up seemed to get better with each year.This is the "real" Porsche design philosophy...rear engine , air cooled.A great performer , the engine is as strong as they come.Service cost can be high.For example valves require manual adjustment , dual ignition has twelve spark plugs...every 15,000 mile service.Plus twelve quarts of synthetic oil every 7,500 miles.Unfortunately deferred maintenance will cost in the long run.A few oil leaks remain to be fixed , but thats on the list. All in all a real tour de force from concept to build.
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