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I have had a 2000 Intrigue GLS for a little over three years now. This car is heavy like a tank and it is really nice to look at. The GLS has many bells and whistles but are definitely not ALL idiot lights. Every light that has come on...has warranted a problem. I have a real loud clunking noise in the front end when I first turn my steering wheel after starting my car. My struts are shot. I have had to replace two window regulators so far and am about to replace the third. I have had many over heating problems. The battery does not always hold a charge. The float piece in my fuel tank no longer works and is more expensive to fix than the car is worth. My Precision Control System and No Traction lights keep coming on and I was told they just had to be reset but no one seems to be able to do that. In the mean time I supposedly don't have a working ABS system or Airbags when it is registering a default. I have leaking in the car towards the driver floor board. It gets soaked. All my seals are fine. My stereo turns off by itself now while a song is playing. I also have to take my whole right headlight assembly out from time to time to get the right blinker to work. It goes out all the time. Its not fuses...etc. I think the car is a well built car regarding its shell and knock on wood my engine has not died as of yet. However I definitely believe there are too many electrical issues. I am always waiting for the next. My dashboard looks like a lit Christmas tree half the time. Now there is a recall on the Ignition Switch. I don't think she should be junked but I do think my 14 year old car needs to be with someone that really does not drive much. Although she is taken good care of.....she's feeling her age at this point.
I looked specifically for a 2004-2006 330XI for over 4 months knowing I wanted a real spare tire. Found mine with only 67K miles on it, have 98K now. Previously had a 1999 M3, Infinity G35 and a 2008 M5. All were horrible in the rain, sleet & snow. These handle like a dream especially in snow lower than 8 inches and gets decent gas mileage. Wish it had a little more leg room in the rear but hardly use it. Fixed the known oil filter housing gasket and beginning to have issues with the heat not coming through the top vents. Other than that I will probably never get rid of this car.
we bought the car new 1998 it reached 196000 no problems for the last 15 years average cost normal maintenace last year changed radiator my fault did not remembered to change antifreze,easy fixed did it myself thanks to you tube for info. love my honda ,people follow me to buy my honda will not sell even after 16 years ,it is paid off who wants to spend 36000.00 again convinced my husbend to by civic for him, he loves it
Ive had the cruiser for a year and have had to re place the lower radiator hose and cluch. I think the previous owner didn't know how to drive a standard transmission car. The car handles well, good gas mileage 20 MPG city handles well on the hiighway and pretty quiet. Wish it had a little more HP but with the stick its not too bad. I'd buy another.
bought a 2005 ford explorer in 2010. I did have the crack on the back but that was replaced at the dealer. It had 69k miles, most things were great until the 100k marker, that's when the grinding around corners came, I replaced the rotors only to continue to hear it again, I then replaced the front control arm assemblies due to the fact the ball joints were bad, I replaced the rotors again, the noise stopped (for a while) then the thermostatic housing begins to leak, got the part, still leaked, told me the sensor needs to be replaced too, then that solved that problem. Last but not least, the killer was when the bolt for the timing chain broke, out went the timing, valves, a few more things to basically a replacement engine... Out the door it went, dodge and chevy I stay now
I have a 2009 Nissan Versa SL hatchback and this car SUCKS!!!!! The CVT transmission totally went out at 109,500 miles. It started making a loud whizzing sound, and over the course of the next few weeks it got progressively worse. I called the dealership in Apex NC and made an appointment, drove the car there, only to be told that I needed to pay them a $75.00 diagnostic fee. I had just lost my job and didn't have the money, so I left...and oh yea, I ended up almost getting killed on the way home and almost caused a massive car pile up when my car lurched from 70 to almost zero in like three seconds literally, then and wouldn't go above 20 MPH...all in rush hour traffic!!! Once I finally got it home and parked it that day, it never moved again. I tried backing it up after I parked it that day and it just revved like I was going to blow a head it has been sitting in my driveway in exactly the place I parked it for over a year now!!! A mechanic friend of mine told me CVT transmissions are garbage and that you can't fix part of them, you have to replace the whole thing. Sure enough, I couldn't find anyone in my area who would repair it without charging me $4,000 for a new one, and most places won't even work on them!!! So...I had to resurrect my 2004 Toyota Matrix (best car EVERRR) with 220,000 miles (which by the way I have NEVER had to make any major repairs to and in fact, just put new rotors on her for the first time @ 210,000!!!). I hadn't driven my Toyota in over a year and she started right up and has been driving like a dream...which made me wonder...why the heck didn't I get another Matrix instead????? A few weeks ago, a friend of mine started doing some in-depth research, and found that Nissan extended the warranties on their CVT transmissions to 120,000 miles for certain years, and 2009 was one of them. I called a DIFFERENT dealership this time (this one in Raleigh) and was actually treated like a human being! The rep immediately asked me my VIN number, told me the repair was covered, sent a tow truck out to my house to pick up the car, and gave me a 2015 Nissan Altima rental car for almost two weeks while it was being repaired (Altimas actually drive very nicely but you still couldn't PAY me to own another Nissan)..and no, they didn't charge me a $75.00 diagnostic fee. And yes, I am in the process of rating them very positively now. End result: New CVT transmission at 109,500...when a Honda or Toyota would have just started coming to life. Years ago I had a Nissan Sentra station wagon, and the transmission went out at about the same time. I will NEVER buy another Nissan again. For those of you who are unfortunate Nissan Versa owners like's the warranty information link below wherein they extended the CVT transmission warranty on certain models/years - hope this helps. Oh yea, my brand new CVT transmission only comes with 12,000/12 month warranty. I'm totally nervous about this. My next car: DEFINITELY a Toyota or Honda. oh yea, the interior of this car is falling apart as well. The sunroof was leaking, streaming water into my car whenever it rained (that was at about 50,000 miles). Thank goodness for Youtube - my son googled a video that showed how to fix a leaky sunroof, or I would have paid a few hundred dollars to the dealership (you have to clean the hoses out that start at the top of the sunroof and snake down through the car door and come out behind the front wheels of the car). Somehow these hoses were totally clogged (even though I have never had to do this with my Matrix sunroof and I've had my Toyota since 2004!!!) I had to replace the car battery at around 45,000, as opposed to my Toyota Matrix, which had the same battery for the first seven frikkin years!!!! This is the worst car I have EVER purchased.
My commuter car, great in the winter, decent mileage. I have recently run into the 110k maintenance and the check engine light is coming on and having trouble diagnosing it. 1500 in and still comes on.
I really love the VW engine (2007 VW Jetta 2.5L) but around 130,000 miles the car thinks the Trunk is always open (the dummy light for the trunk being open on the dash display is always on, even when its not open) and wouldn't activate alarm (but car would lock/unlock) for the longest time. Until all of a sudden at 150,000 miles the car alarm will activate now, however car still thinks trunk is open. Very weird. Haven't been able to get into troubleshooting much. Wish we had some VW Jetta wiring diagrams. Don't want to pay hundreds for a dealer to "fix" it. So far doesn't affect the way it drives. After about 120,000 miles the car started sounding more rough and less smooth. I guess that's to be expected. Engine still going strong as far as I know. Regular maintenance (for the most part) has been done when I can afford it. I also have a smell problem with vent system. Kept thinking it was the cabin filter but after looking on "repair pal" I realize its not. I just deal with it. I live near a mushroom farm because its cheap. So whatever.
Car is garbage. Wiring harness falls apart. All of them need to be given, not sold, to scrap yards.
nappa leather smells like urine . loud tapping in motor, sounds like the lifters are not oiling properly and the dealer said they don't hear anything . after a year of this they finally admitted that some of the police cars are having the same problem and they have ordered a new camshaft and roller bearings for it .Titusville dodge are jerks
Suspension is odd in that 50% of the data is feed in by your actual speed and the other 50% is determined by your current road conditions. Hit a bumpy stretch @ 28mph and you'll likely bounce all over the place. Take the same bumpy stretch @ 58mph and you'll be tight as can be and roll right over them !!
this is a good car very nice
this car is verylooking nice
I purchased a Kia for my Daughter 7 years ago. This car has taken her through High school,College and now Grad School. College and Grad school has been over 100 miles away. She love this car and it has been a blessing for us. We purchased this car used with over 60,000 miles. We have had our share of repairs however repairs come with normal wear and tear on a vehicle. When we purchased the car we had several problems with the head lights and a mechanic told us that we needed to purchase a ring that goes on the headlight where it connects. We have not had a problem since adding this part to the head lamp. Try it! It works!
2001 Lexus rx300 bought it used in 2010 with 94k miles, has been back and forth to Tampa from the northern Va. area many times hauling a trailer and packed to the gills, now it has 191k miles and runs great! all wheel drive is surprising in the snow, never had it off road, best used car I've ever owned! We also own a 2008 rx 350, I think the 300 it built better :) it's my daily driver, everything works perfect! Thank you Lexus, I'd really be reluctant to buy anything that's not a Toyota product, been that way for 30 years!
I bought a used Buick Lucerne in 2011 with 30K miles. Right away it started to have a rotten egg smell. I took it to the Chevrolet dealer in my town and they couldn't smell it. I continued to return it and at that time they smelled it and said they to use high test fuel and they cleaned out the fuel injectors. Problem still existed. Back to the dealer. They smelled the sulfur coming from the car and installed a catalytic converter. Smell continued. Back to the dealer and the service department installed another converter. Meanwhile, the door handle just came off in my hand. Had to pay for that to be fixed. Just got the car back from the service department and was told the problem was because we didn't drive it enough and should take the car and drive it on long trips. We were told by the service writer that he could go on the lot and drive any car out there and it would do the same as ours. They loaned us a 2015 Chevrolet Impala which was only driven a total of 30 miles in two days and not once did it have the rotten egg smell. Our old '97 Buick Le Sabre was a wonderful car. It had well over 130,000 miles and still ran and drove like a new car.Leather interior, good steering, good gas mileage and very dependable.And now Buick is selling a car that stinks, not leather all around the seats, steering isn't that great and the worst of it is... The service department can only come up with "It smells because of sulfur in the gasoline, it's not driven that much and all the cars are doing that. Don't believe it. Lest I forget, we had to have the rack and pinion replaced.
Nell, I have the same issue, love the truck had it from basically new with 14,000 mi. now having 171,000 but last year started having issues of shutting down all of a sudden main computer was replaced and did fine for 9 months and back to same issue !
I have read some of these reviews and maybe I lucked out. See this is my girlfriends car. Some of the comments are on the money but this car has been a trooper! We've had brake light issues like everyone but so far so good. The paint has not faded, repairs are pretty easy to fix, parts prices are reasonable. We get most of our parts from Pelican and Salvage yards. But gas is the big factor for us ,cost to fill up is $90.00. Love the body style, power and ride but old BMWs still costly to maintain.
I love my 1999 Lincoln Town Car Executive Series. It has 92,000 miles and I only have two problems; leaking on passenger side (simple gasket fix - video online) and my heater core just went out (have video on how to repair without removal of dash).
My 2002 Montana's windshield wipers are in the up position when off. Puzzled!!
I love my Suburban!!!! She has been faithful and flawless for the 11 yrs and 100,000 miles I have put her through. My kids have grown and I no longer need to pull the 4 place snow machine trailer, horse trailer or boat. I am going to sell her and I will miss her. She has been through a lot with me and has been j. part of the family.
I have a 2008 Mercury Milan premier. It now is 7 yrs. old and I had only maintenance done but had to replace the battery. It drives beautifully, is carefree, and comfortable. I wish that it would get better mileage. I am planning on keeping it another 3 yrs. because it has 30K. I wonder if I should buy extended warranty, since it will expire in a few months.
I have over 112,000 miles on the car and have replaced the radiator. I had the right headlight housing replaced under recall extended warranty because of condensation. The low tire pressure light was on for almost a year until someone told me it was my spare tire activating the light, even though the spare was in the trunk. I added air to the spare and the light went off, never to return. I wish I had known. Overall, I have never had a car more reliable and fun to drive.
2009 Town & Country Touring 4.0. Purchased new in 2009, currently has 72000 miles. Power doors have always had a mind of their own and dealership can't fix it. VES DVD went out in 2012, no after market parts and dealership wants $100 just to look at it and $500 to $1200 to fix it. Heater hose recently went out. Dealership states "it happens a lot" and charges $600 to fix it. Home repair cost $150 and about 4 hours of labor. There is a recall on the key but no plan on went a repair will take place. Overall we like the van but not sure how long it will last.
Bought this 1 1/2 yrs ago @ 83,000 mi. Now has 89,000 and is 15 yrs. old. Can't believe how in love I am with it. Everything works, nothing has gone wrong. A true head turner. Hope I didn't just jinx myself with all the accolades.
Bought new in June 2010. I have the 2.4 engine. At 29000 the motor was replaced under warranty. Since then I have had to replace a wheel bearing , and the heat blender actuator. The rear window defroster works when it wants to. The resonator has also rusted out and the driver side doors are starting to rusting at the bottom seams. I live in northern Ohio. I have not had a car rust this fast since the 70's. I have owned at least one GM vehicle since the 70's. This is the last GM I will own.
is there anyone out there that can turn me on to a engine wireing harness????wires dried out from the heat of the motor, need to replace it...8 hours of labor???? holy crap, and thats for someone who knows what he's is on it's third tranny, has only 51,000 miles..what am i going to do??????
Bought this car new. Goodyear Wrangler tires lasted until 33,500 miles. Switched over to 90,000 mile Michelin Defenders. Ball joints went at 21,000 miles (driver side) and 33,000 miles (passenger side), no off road, just pavement. Other than that, it's been a great car and I will drive it until it dies. Good gas mileage, great for 2400 mile road trips, great to sleep in. Am able to fit a ton of things in the cargo area. It's bigger on the inside. 5 years and 3 months in, I'm at 45,000 miles.
Decent so far 140000 miles and I just changed the exhaust manifold thinking it was cracked but loose bolt and the manifold that was in, was still the stock dealer ships and looked brand new gasket was shot but 14 year old manifold looked brand new I like it keep up on maintainer though
Bought new in 2004 & currently have 200K+ miles At 130K miles I replaced timing belt, water pump & flushed all fluids & rear braes(routine maintenance) replaced front brake rotors Had the radiator replaced under a recall I had the same issue as others in regards to premature tire wear which was remedied by upgrading the rear shocks to the ones used on the AWD van. I had to replace the main a/c relay ($35 from Amazon) This has been the most reliable & cost efficient vehicles that I've ever owned.