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Good vehicle for a Ford. I am looking into a new transmission rebuilt as the one got is original. My Explorer is a good truck and has done me well at 205,000 miles.
Car is in bad shape. I need help figuring out where can get new fuel sending unit replacement? Got this car 17 years ago been a good ole Lincoln as still drivable but needs fuel sending unit replacement.
I am 78 years old purchased Toyota Camry since 1984. Just got my new 2015 Camry SE absolutely love this 4th model. The car got good braking distances/smooth highway ride and gets 35 mpg to gal. Believe it or not car looks more luxury than being the daily midsize car very quiet like everything at best on my new Camry. Seats are comfortable, new fit and finish materials does not look cheap looking overall car is just perfect in every way all know it's a Toyota and planning driving until it belongs to someone else after I pass away leaving this earth.
My 94'blazer has 269000 miles on it and it starts up every time it doesn't smoke or leak oil I'm sold on my Chevrolet's I have a 2008 Silverado W/T wouldn't trade it for 3 Ford's...when I bought this blazer it ran terrible I cleaned the throttle body changed plugs and wire's then adjusted the timing and it purrs like a new truck at 267000 I replaced the fuel pump and pick up screen,fuel filter and pump relay I put a little over $100 into it it will be around for a lot longer.
Best little car I've ever had. 160K miles, and three real repairs: airco compressor failed (Honda replaced it), heater/airco fan failed a couple of years ago, and the clutch master cylinder went out last month. That's about it. Uses no oil, starts right up in below-zero weather. I've driven it over washed-out roads in the Colorado Front Range and the Dan Ryan Expwy. in Chicago. No surprises -- it just goes. Really can't say enough good about the Element.
These are good cars...until they aren't. I bought mine in 2013. Drove great for a several months. Then the transmission blew. Apparently this is an incredibly common problem on the automatic transmission version. An auto transmission blowing at under 150,000 miles with a $5,000+ price tag for a rebuilt? There is no used luxury car worth this expense of trouble. I will never buy another used BMW again. These cars are nice but not necessarily durable. Your mileage (and luck) may vary.
I bought the Sienna new of 2013. This makes 3rd Sienna love all them only thing on last one is passenger sliding door wouldn't closed called my dealer as they had the tow truck towing to the dealer. I got the van back couple days later came from a motor went bad replaced under extended warranty. So far there hasn't been no other issues. Sienna is reliable van I have 34,000miles has good road handling and features are best as TV/DVD for kids as have small nieces and nephews. It drives well the automatic tranny shifts smooth no indicator warning lights or anything am having trouble on anything. My last 2004 Sienna went 200,000 mi before replacing the timing chain other than that was very good reliable van in running condition. Comfortable for rear pass as driver seat has nice comfort so everything is perfect on Sienna except my right passenger sliding door wouldn't closed back was raining that day at least the seat didn't get damaged doing a T-storm. If this van keeps going many miles I would considered buying another with good quality as all of them were dependable.
I recently bought a neon from my daughter,her husband paid 1200$for it used.They took it to the beach where it over heated in traffic .When the "mechanic"looked at it,he told them it needed a headgasket and told them it would be 1400$to fix it!I'm not a mechanic ,i'm a carpenter but i gave them 400$ for the car and i replaced the thermostat housing unit and poured in a can of Blue Devil 55$ total to fix it!Runs fine,no leaks at all,Great stuff
I traded a 2011 Grand Cherokee because minimal problems. In Feb of this year bought a 2015 4Runner there are two things slower gear and lacks of power. Big key the SUV is overall best love every bit of feature standard the SUV is great believe bought for great priced after getting out my lemon of Jeep.
Bought 2011 Lincoln MKZ new. Have had for four years. Had to replace battery much earlier than most. Had to replace diver's side door latch. Had to repair air conditioner's sensor for over $600! I really expected more for my money from a name like "Ford Lincoln MKZ."
I call my Taurus my 34,000 lemon, as i've had so many problems with it it's not funny. I should have known when I originally picked up the car and had to drive to the service department as the gas tank lid would not work. There is a rattle under the dash, and I've carried it to the dealership (Legacy Ford, Mc Donough) seven times to date and they still have not solved the problem. The speaker on the passenger front side vibrate intermittently, not fixed. There is a recall on the rear door handles and I reported it to them since April, just got one done last tuesday, they say they have been on back order. There was an airbag light on the dash since May, go it fixed on tuesday after 4 visits.I contacted the Regional Customer Service Manager for the region on 05May15 and did not here from her until about 2-3 weeks ago after several failed attempts to reach her. This car has been a big dissapointment, but more so Ford.
Not a fan of this gen of Sienna anymore. Dash is full of cracks. Hard to get perfect alignment as am told no way to adjust rear wheels or needs some sort of rear camber/caster? kit. I keep it as close as possible for tire wear/tear. More and more problems keep popping up as Sienna ages. This has been a "hyper-maintained" Sienna since Day One of in service. Owned it over ten years before reaching 100K miles so less than normal wear and tear miles. Replaced the timeing belt, plugs, water pump and all seals and gaskets early about 89K miles. Then steering rack went out, then was told needed new steering pump, now AC evaporator case in dash has a leak and was told it will be $3000 to replace??? Trying to get AC fixed for less and get rid of this lemon.
This truck is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I bought it new in 2007 and it has cost me thousands of dollars to keep it running. The list of defective parts goes on and on. Replaced the turbo $2500.00 at 34k miles, the EGR and oil cooler $4600.00 with a after market cooler because Ford installed a radiator finned type that clogs up and blows the engine. Aluminum head bolts with steel $3100.00 to keep from blowing the engine. Coolant reservoir cap $5.00 with Advance Auto one which has a stronger spring. The Ford one has a light spring that goes bad there by causing the engine to overheat and blow. Now the truck is leaning down 1-1/4 inch on the front driver side which requires the addition of a shim 3C4Z-5A300-AA Ford recommends. Price unknown at this writing.The list goes on and on.
Purchased the Platinum it's stylish, comfortable, convenience and nice looking car ever. This little sports car is best ever bought on 6/10/15 at 3,541 miles no issues loving my Maxima has it all with affordable savings for a family of five or someone who wants a high performance car.
bought my 2002 sport trac new with 7 miles on it. Still have it 13 years later with 279,000 miles on it. She still runs and rides great. I still enjoy my road trips in it today. I truly believe that if you complete the maintenance when it is due, your vehicle will last a good many years. Ford really messed up taking the sport trac off line in 2010.
Fantastic car. My biggest complaint is with O2 sensors. I've put 4 of them in there within 2 years. Knock on wood but it's been a few years and no check engine codes. Some people act like they have a bum car if they got to put some money back into their car. You're gonna have to replace parts and the sooner you accept that the better you're gonna be. I have an 05 Chevy Cobalt and it is a great car. Besides the O2 sensors I've replaced: brakes, wipers, rotors, front/rear shocks, fuel filter, air filter, tires, headlights, turn signals, coil pack, sway bar links, map sensor, maf sensor and cleaned the throttle body. I do my oil at 3,000. At 10 years old my car runs like it is brand new. I just cleaned the throttle body and did the map and maf sensors and my transmission is like butter. You can't even feel when the transmission changes gear and the pickup is smooth and fast. You have to take care of your car and treat it like the investment it is. If you put no time and money back into your car then you deserve what you get when something goes bad. Put time and money into upgrading and improving and replacing parts and you'll have a car that runs better than the majority of 2 year old brand new cars.
I'm just replying to those with coil replacement problem. Watch this tube the job is DYI and no more than 5 mins a coil. All you need is 10 mm sock and wrench and new coil from ebay/amazon. Don't waste your money on dealers
we bought our Durango (2005) in 2014 and everything seemed fine at first, but the A/C stopped working, then the car would just cut off out of no where. And I recently wrecked it due to the car stalling on me and the steering wheel wouldn't move or the breaks would not work. So needless to say I would not be buying another Durango after seeing all the recalls on them.
I have a 2004 Taurus. Its a nice car in all but we bought it used ran great for a week or two then all of a sudden, any time the rpm get lower the car will shut down.I have no clue what could be the problem.this car has already caused t racks dew to the shutting off suddenly.
As of August 17, 2015, I have $145,000 miles on it. Great on long or short trips. No engine or transmission issues. I have had normal issues with replacing brakes, tires, tie rods, water pump, AC clutch (replaced after $140k miles it ceased up), EGR valves and rear wiper motor. Rides true. Interior is still great. Very happy.
Aside from poor gas mileage this vehicle has been pretty stable. I have replaced brakes/tires a few times. I have had water pump, battery, bushings, tie rods and rocker arm replaced. I have had two gas leaks due to two separate metal splits into and out of the gas tank. I now have 90,000 miles on it and its starting to rust pretty bad underneath. Pretty typical for a cheap car in Upstate New York.
I purchased my Nissan Altima 2002 new in 2001 and now have 189563 miles. I have the 3.5L engine and once put 87 octane gas in the car. The car does not like any gas except for the 93 octane recommended. Never had any problems with this car until now. It runs great but stalls unexpectantly without warning. I suspect one of the sensors on the vehicle is causing a hick-up in the main control computer that controls the vehicle. Will take it to the local Nissan dealer tomorrow and have them take a look. the quality of the interior and exterior of this car is amazing after all these years. Sure feel I got my monies worth.
Nice comfortable car, but expensive problems: 1. Car would shut down to fault mode on transmission at highway speeds. Speedometer would go to zero and digital readout would go off and car would gear down. Problem solved by replacement of two sensors in tranny at $1,100. 2. Brake pedal low and mushy after repeated attempts to bleed electronically and mechanically. Dealer diagnosed problem as anti-lock unit and estimated repair cost of $1,637. Both problems ridiculous on a car with under 90,000 miles. Ford offered no help.
I have a 2005 Camry xle v 6 3.0.liter. The car overall is great except for the door lock actuater went out on the driver door. The main issue i have is the alignment.First, I've had the alignment done 3 times and shortly after being fixed the car goes in either direction to the right or left. This occurs when I get the tires rotated and the allignment goes to the left, it's is this endless cycle of turning hard to the right or hard to the left after tire rotations. I don't want to spend any money until Im certain the cause of the problem.Second, when the car is travel over 65 to 75 the steering wheel vibrates violently. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated . Thank you
I love my Pontiac Grand Prix it is a great car to go back and forth to school in. I drive 30 minutes one way to school everyday and I only use half a tank of gas a week so for a six cylinder 3.8L that is great and I also go shopping and run for parts for my husband in it as well and am still only using half a tank a week. I just love this car and I am normally a Chevy person but I will keep this car until she dies.
bought this truck in 09 because of the life time power train warranty. I still love this truck. I have over 77,000 mile and it still rides and drives like it was new. I took a load of furniture to Texas and got 20 mpg going down and 23 returning driving 70 to 80 mile per hour, so was happy with the mileage. I gave it a 4 on power train because the rear pinion started to howl a little but was fixed under warrant. Love that HEMI power.
The 1997 Kia Sportage is the most disappointing vehicle I have ever purchased. The electronics on this vehicle are Atrocious! The electronic issues with this vehicle are so ridiculous, that the local dealer in my city flat out refuses to even work on their own product. Parts are never available in stock for this model at any auto parts location in Bakersfield, CA. I will never purchase a used KIA again.
My fairly new wife bought this car new without power windows on purpose and demanded A/C (AZ) . After 11 years with it she grew weary of driving a stick shift and sold the car to me so I would have something nicer than my 34 year-old Chevy Monza. I kept the Monza another year then tearfully parted ways with her (the Monza). The wife had no other complaints about this car except the E-brake that never seemed to work well since new and the struggle to find 1st gear every time also since new. She never had time to return to Dealer for such minor flaws so on she went till handed over to me. After researching one thing that bothered me about newer small cars, the timing belt-breaking-destryoing-engine issue, I was quite relieved to know the wife picked 'that green one' not knowing what it means to have gotten 'the green one' with the 2200 engine! All the other engine options that were available had timing belts with overhead cams. THIS ENGINE IS A PUSHROD AND TIMING CHAIN old school model with 100 horsepower. I WAS VERY PLEASED TO KNOW THIS, no pistons blind-dating the valves on the drive home to Tucson from San Diego in the middle of the evening to go to work Monday. The German 5-speed gearing is matched perfectly to the engine's power output. I have to get thi wrapped up so the car is not perfect, ther are little things that can seem minor but detract from the car because they can stickout like a sore thumb at times such as : # From time and use @ 12 years of ownership, the sun visor material is falling apart as is the sagging visor blocking vision with no replaceable part found. Still looking. # The a/c directional vents fall apart and flop around inside partially blocking and totally divert air flow elsewhere but the still cold a/c gets the cabin cold even though I can't point the breeze right where I would like it. Compressor replaced at 160,000 miles/ $430. De- finitely worth keeping longer. # The problem with not easily finding 1st gear every time still persists, haven't encountered the fix yet but I can't lend my car out because the time that I did it cost me a new clutch replacecement shortly afte getting it back @ 165,000 I COULD GO ON NIT-PICKING BUT ALL TOLD I AM KEEPING THIS CAR AS IT HAS NOT BEEN A MONEY PIT AND THAT IS WHAT COUNTS?
Worst car I have bought in 20 years, 2 Years ago I bought this car with only 50,000 miles, so far i have changed more parts to this vehicle then all the vehicles I ever had in my life since i was 20, it is ridiculous, this is the worst place I definitely DO NOT RECOMEND THIS CAR DEALER TO ANYONE FRIENDLY FORD LAS VEGAS ON DECATUR Blvd, PLEASE DONT GO THERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!! 1st month after I bought it $125 for a new battery, 7 months after I bought it I change the alternator pulley $102 part only, after 11 moths I bought it, change the motor mount 3 of them for $195 parts only, after 14 month I bought it, driver window stop working,16months after passenger window broke in addition to all this problems now as 08/10/15 I have a gas leak WTF??? I am so sick of this vehicle and so tired of fixing it with all the problem I am having with this vehicle is ridiculous, I feel I got majorly ripped off!!!!

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