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May 8, 2010 - I purchased a 99 ml430 in January 2005 with 100,000 miles on it. Current, I have 208,000 miles on it. Since then I have replaced the Harmonic Balancer (recall), the mufflers (recall) and the power steering pump ($1400), the MFA ($249), the CSP ($500) and the brakes ( seems like every 45,000), two sets of tires. I am ready for my third set of tires and brakes, the power window circuit board $200), new engine pulley ($400). Overall, I would rate this vehicle only 3 stars.
I bought this car from Valley Ford in Florissant, and I love it. I've had my car for a little over 3 years and only put 43,000 + miles on it, it came with 19,360 originally. I have the 3.0 Vulcan V6, but it sounds great and is pretty quick, well since I've had a 3 system fuel clean on it. I have'nt had any real problems, probably because no one but me has owned my car, it's a dealer car with options. This car is the only reason I love Ford vehicles! Unfortunately, my first car, a 1997 Mustang Coupe did'nt give me that feel at all, I guess the second time was the charm.
I got my car in 2005 it had about 90,ooo miles on it .Its been preetty realiable,besides the fact the brakes skweek even thou the pads are fine.I also have a problem with the tranny shifting roughly at 35 to 40 , during eccleration.Does anyone have any advice . Thank you
Probably the best car I've ever owned. Smooth, powerful, reliable and a dream to drive. Owned it for 6 years and have had to do only minor maintenance. Just replaced the cam belt at 61,000 miles.
I am having a promble with back tail light panel burns out ever two weeks
I'm a professional photographer and this is the perfect vehicle for me. I can haul lots of stuff. Go through snow and bad roads and It's been very reliable. Of course, it's a Honda. I have owned nothing else since 1995 and don't plan on changing.
I agree that this car is problem after problem and service at Land Rover is not to helpful.It is do it or go with them, They will not work with you except to trade it in for a bigger headache. It is a cute car but very costly to keep. I wish I would of never gotten it.
Has over 160000 miles on it and was used in PA. I had to replace brakelines and power steeringlines. The electric acts up from time to time like the pwr windows stop working or the blower cuts off. But it is very nice looking and pulls my boat like a champ.
This car is great. I have had it for two years and I love it. The maintenance its expensive but thats why bought the pre-paid maintenance. Handling while @ 130mph is great, the car sits low as the speed increases. Brakes work great with those four discs you feel you are in control. The suspension its very comfortable and way better than BMW (which was my other car choice when shopping for a car). Very elegant and sporty.
I have had this car for two years and I love it. The handling on the rain its great with the factory tires but the suspension adjusts very well to weather conditions. I have top it @ 130mph and the car asks for more. I would recomend it to anyone.
Bought the Colorado new in 2005 have 40,000 miles on it had one thing to fix the A/C fan blower resister went south. Other than that its been perfect.
Bulletproof reliability and performance - 96,000 miles, no issues- cruises all day at 80mph,
no oil consumed or leaked, best brakes in the world, excellent sound system, corners like my MGB.
The BEST car ever!!
This car will perform better than you dreamed with excellent care
QX4 2001-2003 one car for history! infinit thanks for making this car! mine has 129000 and it is still running like new! my next one is going to be the new QX56 i will keep on buying infiniti all my life :)
Love the Engine -Deisel great Milage - Not lacking power on the go ... ** Warning: Replace glow plugs every 35-45000 cheap fix compared to Seized plugs breaking. ** Plan on repainting as this things rusts like I've never seen before ... Rotors are disposable plan on buying every 35,000 the second that pad is gone so is your rotor..... and to top it off dont leave your interior lights on or flashers with engine off for more than 10-15 because auto voltage sensor once below certain point wont allow starter to crank to avoid this replace battery every year.... Good Luck....
I've been very happy with my 2005 Altima. The only issue is that it seems to go through brake pads quickly. The 3.5 engine can keep up with any situation.
I would urge potential buyers to stay away from the 2005 RL. Despite my vehicle being accident free I have had numerous issues with the steering column. It is still making noise even after being replaced. I have had the floor board replaced, the center console has been replaced and the plug adaptor replaced twice and it still does not function like it did new. Approaching 50,000 miles and my vehicle is having the transmission replaced three weeks after having the oxygen sensor replaced. I also had two light bulbs go out that were also replaced under warranty. I had to have two rear rotors replaced (not under warranty).
nice looking car with the chrome on it just make the car stand out and a lot of power i love this car
Would buy another in a second...great vehicle.....Gets about 17MPG overall with standard driving with V8
At 85000 had to replace front wheel bearing,at a cost of $356 Brakes replaced at 55000 on front$199 for the life of the car.There is a posibility that the rear Emergency brake pads may be bad,this will be checked out when the wheel bearing is replaced to cover all would be a cost of about $600 total
bought this car brand new for wife she loves it but is get old and worn down it has over 200k miles on it need to get around and do some work on it but it has been a great car the only problem is that it is black gets really hot inside when sun is out
my new toy is nice!!
rides like a truck
This is my third Explorer, and I've had it for 7 1/2 years now. It's the best one so far, the paint has stayed put, which was a problem for my frist one, and the AC hasn't had as many problems as my second one (although it is a weak point and I have had some repairs). Overall. a great car. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Plus it looks great, classic body style, still proud to drive her.
228.000 Kilometer later it is as drumtight as it was 19 years ago.
The doorhandles are nailbrakers, but the structural integrity of the car
is rather unique.
It is very strong,cheap on gas sounds new just as bad as old, so don`t worry and it is cheap to fix
I've had my 98' regency brougham for about a year and it's the best car i've ever had, granted the others were beaters. the engine is a 3800 and it just glides when it gets up to speed. the interior is great if well taken care of except no cup holders but plenty of space for a middle console thing. The electrical has some problems but mainly because there's so much of it, the seats adjust electrically ( which is awesome if it works) the whole dash is electronic (speedometer, gauges, date/time, battery, fuel and a whole bunch of other ones)
the windows also seem to go out after a while. all in all though the important things are wonderful.

Over all good car. But the manual transmission doesnt go into reverse sometimes the first time I try putting it in first. Besides that awesome car.
my altima has 228k on it and runs near perfect too. the o nly problem is the transmission has a tendancy to shift hard when cold into second but other than that it still drives like a dream.
love the 7.3 diesel. steering system a little weak, never left me stranded. great tow vehicle, extremely comfortable