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i think there are problems with the cooling fan system and BMW is covering it up.
This is the second Ram that I have owned. I will not own anything but a Dodge for the rest of my life. This Truck is the best. 5.7L HEMI. Need I say more. If Raw Power is what you want, this is the truck you need.
My parents bought me this car when I turned 16. I am now 18 and still very happy with it.
Pretty good car
amazing truck!! i have had this truck for 6 years. its a 2004 1500 didg ram. the only problem is the left lamp always goes out
1998 rl , we purchased 5 years ago. Thee worst car I have had Terrible to work on . Parts bare hard to find unless you go to the dealer and then watch out, you are going to pay!!!! 170,000 miles onthis car and many problems .The final one was a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. Mechanics I spock to do not like to work on this car, say its a pain. Pain , thats what this car has given me plenty of!!!!!!!!
truck runs great my dad bought it in 1991 brand new and gave it to me in 04 in mint condition and seem to have blown the high gears in the trans from towing at high speeds but a guys gonna rebuild it for 650........ sweet home alabama
I bought it brand new 1999 it currently has 78K miles had the following issues:
1. Replaced ignition coil $500
2. Replaced o2 sensors
3. Replaced rear window regulator plus others $1500

Besides the above maintenance the car was very reliable and still drives as new. I enjoy the comfort, and safety.
this is a great car I put 280,000 miles on it..worth the $$$$
I love my Volvo! My husband however thinks it's a pain in the neck compared to our old Toyota. He prefers his old 240. The check engine light comes on even when there is nothing wrong. Our mechanic repairs it and it just keeps happening. So how would I know when there's really a problem? Also there is a loud squeak coming from somewhere in the suspension, I think. No mechanic has been able to find it. So my opinion on Volvos is truly emotional.
Bought my 2006 Trailblazer brand new. The first 40,000 miles started noticing that the black coating on the radio buttons were rubbing off? I have never had a car do that before. I didn't have any more issues until I hit 80,000. I've replace the following: Rear Tail light, Alternator$500, Electric cooling fan $600 and Blower motor $250. Also, random interior parts are just breaking and falling off(I don't have kids). The bottom of my seat, where the seat adjuster button is has broken off. A couple of rubber edgings have fallen off and just the other day I found a broken piece under my back seat. Oh.. and it took almost 2 years before the black rubber edging on my tailgate to stop running black tar down the back of my car!! HATE THIS CAR. Had a Montero that lasted me to 125,000 miles without replacing anything except for the brakes!! This car is ridiculously cheaply mad!!!
This was my 5th of 6 Subaru's and most likly my last. Front rotor's were an issue until I replaced them with a slotted performance set on all 4 corners @ 40,000 miles. My model was a LL Bean with every option, the interior was great except for the leather which was more like vinyl and not very comfortable for the liong haul. The heating and cooling was for the most part poor, I had to tape up the slot on the drivers side so my foot wouldn't melt with the heater on. I owner it for 8 years and 130,000 miles. The body held up very well, it was great in the snow. Not all that quiet with 2 sun roofs, seemed to have alot of wind noise. This one like all my other subaru's needed frequent alignments but that was with all the models I've owned. The son owns a 2006 Impreza and he just replaced the brakes and rotors after just 30,000 miles. By the way we're not agressive drivers.I've seen starting in 1995 when I purchased by first subaru, btw the best one I ever owned, that their quality has decreased but the sticker's have increased. Bottom line, great when the weather is bad but for the price there are better choices.
Sturdy vehicle, my biggest complaint is the ac.
I have over 160,000 miles with no major problems. With the seat down in the back, I've amazed sales people, friends, family, etc., with how much I can haul.
The front seats are comfortable with good lumbar support.
It's a great family car! My daughter calls it "zippy" even now.
60 ,000 miles - numerous electrical issues - master window controls have required numerouse "resets" - steering wheel lock ut issues - charging sysytem has reset x2 losing alll presets - preset driver settings not always recognized - just reoplaced both rear calipers -there is also a 02 RL in the family with 180K that has been flawless...should have stayed away from 1st new model year
61,000 miles still runs like new, paint and finish is like new. most people think it is a new pickup, the giveaway is some tire wear. I wish you all good luck with yours.
2004- Z71
Bought in Feb. 2009 with 66,000 coupe special edition is a very good looking car.Maintenance reminder light has come on with 71,000 miles on car.This is my daughters car but I take car of it for her and can honestly say it is one of the best i've ever owned!This is a excellent wounderful car,i also own a 07 Civic LX coupe and a 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L.I WILL ONLY BUY HONDA NOTHING ELSE!
luv the car the only problem i have is the service traction system light comes on every now and then
My check engine light just came on as I'm about to sell my truck for top dollar being that it is in great shape. Does this usually indicate a expensive repair or a easy fix.
I have a 1992 nissan sentra se-r runs great great motor and very fast little car
Great car! Just had a pricey 100k mile tuneup, but only standard problems for its age.

The major problem I've had with this car was the AC. First it plugged upp and leaked all over the passager seat floor then it needed to be recharged.

Minor problems include a buggy driver side window that sometimes sticks while rolling up. Especially in the rain. Probably electrical problem.
1998 Ford Expedition 4x4, 115k, Still running strong as of 2010. Last owner did not take care of car so the exhaust was rusty, but mechanically speaking it has been fantastic.

No repairs just did 100,000 mile maintenance, I have the V8 4.6 which just uses regular spark plugs, so I changed those out.
Great driving car. Minor qualms: Doesn't take abuse well - the clutch and transmission are a little weak for the holding power of AWD. The stock suspension has a little too much lift/travel without self-levelling struts in the back. I would buy one again.
This car isn't awful but, very far from good. My steering completely failed as I was parking luckily. Found out that it was going to be about 1,000 to have it fixed! The car had 56,000 miles on it! The plastic back of the passenger seat has been broken since 20,000. Now at 75,000 my gas gauge no longer works and apparently theirs something wrong with one of my wheels and it could fall off. I wish i had traded it during the cash for clunckers deal.
Bought it used 4yrs ago and spent $0 on repairs it cost me more in speeding tickets than anything else. Just a fun little car that handles great, good.on gas. Top Speed-125mph not bad for the 2.0L-Only bad thing is my wife keeps buggin me to give her car back.
My 2002 V6 has 126k miles on it. Tranny had to be replaced at 50k, brake rotors need turning every so often. My last repair was a brain buster, but ended up pretty cheap. A/C would only blow from the defrost vents, and the cruise control was not holding speed. These two things happened all at once. A quick Google search revealed that this was just a $2 vacuum hose fix - total repair time, 1 hour. I will drive this thing another 50k.
Just purchased a Ford Fusion two weeks ago. The first day of ownership I took a trip across town, about 45 miles. After 30 min. of eway speed a trouble light comes on, a wrench symbol. Turns out it's a transmission problem, trouble codes P1744 & P0741. Now my car has been at the dealer for a week. They say it's the torque converter. What a new car experience, 280 miles and now I get to watch them tear my trans apart.
Es una nave esta camioneta, se las recomiendo
love the car. best car I have ever owned.
I bought a 1996 LS400 with 100K miles about 4 years ago. The car is a tank. So...when we were ready for another car I decided I wanted something sporty and practical. We looked at BMW X5, BMW 540i, Range Rover (not reliable...and rediculously expensive to maintain), and one day I walked by the old airport car LS400 and thought..."why am I not considering another Lexus?" Within a few minutes I was pulling up research on which Lexus fit the bill. After reading articles and reviews I fell in love with the GS400 (not the 300 nor the 430). If you read the differences you will know why the 400 is the way to go. Now the trick was to find one...1998 - 2000. I don't like the body style of the newer ones at all. I went on the hunt for a low miles (less than 75K) and in very nice condition. Wow...had no idea it would be a needle in a haystack. But...I found it. 63K, 1 owner, had an accident in the past but was Lexus repaired (and had my body shop check it over and they said it was fixed perfectly). I bought it. Since it is 12 years old and the rule when you talk to Lexus is 90K miles or 108 months I decided to have the timing chain, water pump, and 60K service done. The mechanic told me that the only other thing the car needed was a new set of bushing up front but it was as good as any new (2008 or newer) car he works on. He commended me for the purchase and told me if I ever found another one to buy one for him. The car is a rocket ship! It is all stock and easily hits 60 in less than 5.5 seconds. I put Mich PS2 tires on it right away and they grip great. I could not be happier. I just wish someone made a Nav replacement kit for these years...then it would be PERFECT.