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It has headers, just cut out straight Pipe installed catalytic coverter still running shitty uphill
Just brought this car and just trying to see which one it take.
There was a fight that took place and when I came outside of my home where the vehicle was parked, everyone told me that the 5 people that was fighting was actually stand and rolling all over my vehicle. When I call the police to report the incident is when I actual saw the windshield because they asked me to give them my paper work so when I got into the car I saw that the windshield had me broke. One of the officer saw it from the outside but I couldn’t. Please advise if this is possible.
Doesn't seem to hold a coolant charge for more than a few months in very hot weather.
Valve Oil Pressure Regulator Nissan Murano I (Z50) 3.5 4x4 located the oil cooler o ring keeps coming off I think its the oil pressure is to high.
It worked yesterday then just died! You push the buttons and no air comes out! It won't even turn on!
How do you manually engage the compressor clutch????
I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier with 3.3L V6 SUPERCHARGED engine that just
died... can I replace with a NON-supercharged engine? or where can I find the proper replacement engine.
NOT finding anything supercharged; mechanic told me that I cannot just use a "regular" engine to replace???
Please help!!!
PS I know nothing about vehicles!
It lets you drive little stops
New distributor , rotor , coil , ecm relay , timing chain , heads . Spins over freely , yellow spark at plugs and at new coil .
I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue with 77,000 Miles knit and twice while driving at highway speeds in Germany (US spec car shipped over 2 months ago) the A/C line will freeze and stop producing cold air in the cabin. I have been doing “average” European highway speeds of around 80-90 mph. Is it a pressure issue at higher speeds preventing coolant from properly flowing though the engine? I have checked the lines and there are no leaks and after about 15-30 minutes the line is thawed and works fine again. Just seeing if anyone else has had an issue like this before while driving st higher then normal speeds.
Car would not accelerate after pressing the accelerator all the way down. It would go into reverse and drive just fine and still move ok just wouldn't accelerate normal. Now it behaves normal again after a week whenever I let it sat running on normal idling for 20 minutes. Is this something to be concerned with or what are the parts affected that needs to be changed
when you start the car, there a lot of smoke, and while driving the smoke continues and is greater when you accelerate. again the oil gauge or meter is permanently above the maximum range
needing to know if bank 2 02 sensors are 4 prong or 6 prong on their ends.
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