Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Reviews and Owner Comments

Mercedes-Benz SLK320 owners review and rate their Mercedes-Benz SLK320.

Mercedes-Benz SLK320 (4 Reviews)
Have had the common problems , replaced the crankshaft position sensor, and the engine management relay, both were simple DIY fixes. Had the tail light units replaced under a recall notice. Love the car. Handles and drives great. The Chrysler Crossfire shares 80% of the mechanical components with the SLK320. It is very helpful to buy a factory Crossfire service manual(2-3 vols).
Power on highway a plus comfort a plus interior paint on consul sucks fads dilaminates what a joy I love mine great happiness
Car wont crank at times for days then when it does it also go days like nothing is wrong.Its like it picks the days it wants to run.Car has 99000 miles on it.
Great handling car, following the history of quality Mercedez.
Great performance and looks.
A Great Value