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Mercedes-Benz C230 (38 Reviews)
I buy these car in 2007 with 10,000 mi and I think this is reliable. I change oil and filter every 6000 miles and now is 160000 and is running like new the engine. I never change transmission oil and run every time in sport mode with no problems. I will change next week!! One time have a problem with the intake manifold a plastic piece that controls vacuum. I remplace myself with a metal one that sells in ebay that's about 100000miles.
Remplace alternator because I dropped oil when change the motor oil that's my fault!. Remplace front disk and brake pads 2 times. Air conditioning need some gas but the guy dont bill me because was few. Car paint is original red and is glossy but all plastics part start scratching few month ago, car never sleeps on carport. I put 2 batteries including the oem. The two oxygen sensor at 140000. Front suspension change about one year ago buy $349 kit on ebay and $150 for alignment and labor and the car run like new again. Interior are black and the seats are like new steering wheel and plastic part have some scratch part have cheap construction.
I have owned my 06' C230 Sport V6 model for over 8 years(10yrs old now) it only has 63,000 miles April 2016. I love this car, I picked it up used for 19,700 with 21k miles in 2008, bought an extended warranty 75k/5yrs for 1800.00 total. Great deal, this car is amazing!!
It has lots of pep! for a little 2.5 liter V6@201hp@6200rpm(the pistons must be tiny)! Has the 7 speed automatic transmission with Sport or Custom shift options, every available option including: 12 speaker Harmon Kardon speakers/stereo with 6 Disc changer in glove box, moon-roof, rear window roll up tint, heated and electric seats!
I've had only a few problems with it requiring maintenance, replaced the alternator/generator, master cylinder went bad at 42k, these were covered in my extended warranty 100%.
Recently, I had some front suspension work done, ball joints, lower control arm links, new tower struts, etc. I've done couple B maintenance's, trasnmission fluid service and 2x A maintenance's, front/rear brakes once. I always had the dealer do all the service. Great car, very reliable! I'm a Lyft driver and having a great handling car is a must. I hate to trade it in with such low miles but the 2015 C250 is calling my name!
2006 c-230 74,356 miles. These are all common complaints on this year and model. They have happened to me.

Interior driver side door handle breaks off (Mercedes Benz quality) Class action law suit on the balance shaft inside the V6 engine. Mine went bad at 73,xxx miles, Transmission on the seven speed automatic, may shift, may not, may just stay in one gear. Very dangerous when making a left turn with oncoming traffic. Could be the only way I can get rid of this piece of junk is to have it hit and totaled.
Bought my Mercedes in 2014, I didn't have it a month and transmission had to be replaced, the alternator, and now brake pads have to be replaced. This car is very expensive to have and I don't recommend anyone buying one because of the expense. I would suggest a Hyandi nice and dependable cars. be careful of the dealerships selling these cars nothing but CROOKS!!!
Bought my 99 230 Kompressor 3 years ago, and am happy with it overall. Only one major problem since I have owned it involving the alternator, but after a replacement all was well. All the other problems I have had have been superficial and cosmetic: Headliner is coming down, and the buttons inside can come off..accidentally sucked the trunk release up a vacuum! Hard to find replacement buttons! But in it's guts, where it counts, the car operates flawlessly with regular oil changes and ALWAYS passes the tough California smog inspections. The supercharger makes it much more powerful than a regular 4-banger, but it does drink fuel like a V6 as a result. It also tends to gear-hunt at low speeds, and resists upshifts until it is fully warmed up..usually about 2 minutes after a cold start, so it can be herky-jerky in creeping traffic. But overall a good car and one of the most reliable MB makes, which says alot because MB makes the most reliable cars in the German lineup.
like any othe car,,,,,u have to take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought my MB C230 2007 in 2010 with 26000 on it, shortly after the warranty expired and things started breaking down one after another. First fuel pump, second transmission problems (it started getting stuck on gear while driving and wouldn't shift up or down), third camshaft sensor, solenoid magnet, brakes and rotors needed to be replaced on same time. The labor is very expensive in MB dealership. I would never buy another MB again. Very disappointed with German engineering :(((
Oh my stars! What a disaster owning my Mercedes has been. It is garaged so the appearance is lovely. But in nine years I have replaced the a/c twice, the transmission, brakes seven times, alternator, four batteries and countless tires. I have a Toyota the same year and same miles and have merely supplied it with fuel and regular maintainance. I am so frustrated and disappointed in this product.....and as a German I am ashamed at the lack of quality.
I purchase this car April 2013 w/ 59,000 miles on it. Just two weeks ago my camshafts, fuel pump, and alternator went it. Talking about putting $3,000 down on a car to turn around and shell out $2,000 to get it back running again. This is BS and I'll never purchase another again, new and used. >:0
MB's suck. After being given an 06 C230 from a passing grandmother, I've learned that terrible. this car has 50,000 miles on it and it is crazy the things that it has needed and how much it cost. I've since upgraded to a four door 4x4 Ford F150 with an ecoboost twin turbo V6 that makes 400hp and the ability to tow 11,000 lbs while still getting the same MPG as the MB. If anyone walked up and handed me the keys to their MB, I'd laugh and tell them no thanks.
I always wanted a Mercedes till I owned one. They are Way over rated. I cant keep brakes and rotors on mine. I have owned my first and last Mercedes. They are way to expensive to repair. If they were not such a "yuppie" status symbol, no one would own one.
I am enjoying this car as second owner. First owner drove 180000 miles than I took over few years ago. It has more than 260000 miles now but surprisingly it doesn't burn oil at all in between oil changes. I keep every 5000 miles use synthetic oil. I changed transmission fluid at 200000. Water Pump at 224000. Very recently Speedometer stock so I bought used one cost $ 80.00 so it shows only 115000 miles make me feeling good. Many people worry about maintenance but in my case. I was able to find these part from website source so most of time I could get parts less than other Import cars like Toyota, Honda..
I don't know how long I will keep this but engine, trans..main part remain strong, I probably try to go for at least 500000 miles. Mileage is also surprisingly accurate (23-30) I drove mostly highway so everage I could get 28-32 miles. I am loving this car
My 1998 Mercedes Benz C230 is extremely reliable car.I bought it in Nov 1997 brand new with 4 miles on it,after 16 years it has 84,800 miles on it and still reliable no breakdown,easy to start,my battery lasted for 10 years,change my 4 tires 3 times and follow car maintenance every 10,000 miles,no other repair.I love it".
great drive but lord the electrical stuff is worthy of a suzuki.mercedes should really address this issue.
I purchased my 1998 c230 from my sister in law when it was off leaseit had 20,000 miles that was in 2001 since i have put 140,000 miles on the car and compared to my dodge dakota with 105.000 miles and my accord 106,000 miles I am sorry to say the mercedes has cost 5 times more to maintain and operate then the dodge or honda. Would never by another over engineered car like this mercedes again. The parts for maintnance are 3X more expensive and not made to last very long, I have replaced 2 mass flow sensors,water pump ,brakes and rotors, timing chain tensioner, battery, O2 sensors,2 coils,vacume lines, ball joints and on and on what an expensive piece of junk.Don't get caught up in the reputation of this manufacture if you keep the car beyond it warentee period
I have two 1998 C230's, one with over 130,000 miles and the other with 94,000 miles. I bought each of them at different times - the 130,000 one (green) had 65,000 when I bought it and the 94,000 mile one (black) had 48,000 when I bought it. I have only had one major failure and that was on the green one. The transmission fluid cooler leaked into the radiator coolant and vice versa resulting in a "chocolate shake" tranny fluid. I bought a new radiator ($190), flushed the tranny twice with new fluid, flushed the coolant system, hooked everything up and it's been running OK for over 20,000 miles. I've had to replace water pumps on both and belt tensioners on both, other than that I've had trouble free 111,000 miles out of both.
I am buying a 2003 c230 at a local dealer for 7000.00, they are having the valves done and the guy said it would run 1800 and split the cost with me or he would just wholesale it. It is in great shape otherwise. The compression runs 160-160-160-100, with cyl # 1 being the this common at 100k mi?
I own a C230 Kompressor with 95000 miles on it. It has been a great car. The most recent issue was the check engine light was on, and the car had about half the power as it normally does. I took it to the dealer, they told me it was the Cam sensor leaking oil. This can leak into the wiring harness and cause you to have to replace the computer on the car. This is an "open campaign", (fancy word for recall) on these cars. The dealer didnt tell me about it and tried to charge me to repair it. Long story short, I contacted MBUSA and eventually got it repaired. The computer did have to be replaced along with the wiring harness.
The right and left front blinkers have both gone out, been replaced and now the right front blinker is not working!!! Other than that I LOVE THIS CAR. It feels like a little tank compared to the Toyota I used to own. The Dealership will way too expensive so I use a private mechanic. So far, the only problem I've encountered is the blinkers. I did replace the battery at 46,000 miles.
I've dreamed of having a Mercedes like this since riding in them used as Taxi's in Germany when I was in the military. I bought this car for my wife to drive three years ago with about 110k on it and she liked it until she drove a BMW my son owns. Well, she got her BMW and I have used this car as my in town car ever since. I love this car. It turns on a dime, gets great gas mileage,and has had only three issues in three years (the idler pulley , the radio and the key fob failed). I work on my own cars and so this car has been a vacation. Idler pulley-$110, Radio replacement-$120, aftermarket key fobs wired in-$100. Better than new. I think I'll keep this one for a while longer.......
2006 C230 Sport.
I bought my 1999 C 230 Kompressor in 2002 and it had ~ 23,000 miles. It has been very reliable but it just recently had first mechanical breakage. Had to replace the wiper motor and linkage at 130,000 miles. Bought aftermarket parts and had them installed by a very qualified mechanic. Dealer wanted $1100 and I ended up spending $ 380. Works great now. The car gets around 25 mpg in town and ~ 30 on the road !!! Still drives and handles like it did when I bought it. Like the Benz so well, we traded the wife's BMW 325i for a 2009 C 300 about a year ago. Beemer was a DOG !! Talking about problems, I'll never own one of those again. Don't believe you can beat the C 230 for quality and price !!
Bought this car new in 99 and have had no serious problems (other than the dealer rip-offs). Have had to replace battery and motor mounts.
Car runs great, gives me good gas mileage, solid little sedan!
Bought this car for my better half new in 2005 instaed of another toyota. What a difference. The 1999 Solara with all the bells and whistles was a bit cheaper, but a 2005 Toyota was about $3k lower than the Benz . She loves this little Benz which is about the same size as the Solara. It is a far better car in every way, and will outlast her last car by maybe three times and much safer and comfortable in the process. You can take this to Fort Knox
I regret purchasing this car every time I get in it!
While it's still a great drive, everything else about it seriously disappoints. My car has been constantly plagued with electrical problems, and all sorts of little things constantly breaking. I can't wait 'till it's either totalled, or I can get rid of the stupid thing
I am new to Mercedez and the 1997 C230 I now own was inherited. It has 100k miles on it. It has been garage kept for most of its life and as such looks almost brand new. So my review is based on driving a 13 year old car for the first time and admiring it as it is rather than complaining about how expensive the dealership repairs are (obviously people, should that be a surprise to you?). First off, I was amazed at the smoothness of the ride. Road noise is like nothing at all and going 20mph is the same as 75mph (easy to speed!). Gas mileage is very good. I am sitting at 3/4 of a tank right now and have already put 125 miles or so on the odometer. That means I can put 400+ miles in a tank easy (with the A/C on). A/C is great and starts to work in about 3 seconds which is very fast. There is a big problem with idling in this car. If you sit at a light the engine does funny things and the air screws up. However, I read in the manual to put the car in park if you are stopped for more than the span of a single light. The speakers are really great, but the radio/casette digital display is totally useless. It has blacked out and I have to rub it really hard with my finger to get it to show anything and then it just goes back to black. As for the drive/drive train, the car does not like to be in 2nd and 3rd gear. This problem sort of combos with the pedal which is hard to depress and if you depress it too hard the car bucks really hard and a flashing light appears for a second on the dash. This means going through stoplights repeatedly is really difficult but overall, the performance is quick, responsive and too be honest, smart. I think the car is programmed to know not to respond to the driver smashing on the pedals. With just a quick increase in pressure on either the gas or brake pedal the car exponentially begins to do its thing (w/o you having to slam on anything). The transmission is manual with the fake 4-speed thing at the bottom. Have had no problems with that at all. The leather seats in the car, switch controlled headrests, the sunroof, have all been nice luxurious compliments to a car that already seems very well made and well cared for. Two last things: I was in the market to buy a 2-year old car probably a VW Jetta. I test drove two of them. This Mercedes drives similarly well and especially regarding the great acceleration and the wonderful handling and sleek interior. Lastly, my wife's parents have a 2006 BMW 350 or something like that. This car is very similar on the inside and they both handle well. So when all is said and done the fact that this car, when cared for well, can hold up to a new Jetta or a new BMW is amazing!! BIG TIP: find a local mechanic who can get Mercedez parts; don't go to the dealership and complain if you can't afford it (I can't!!)
This is a great car overall. But look out for high repair cost at the dealership. Most common problem with this car: Transmission. Other that this - normal maintenance will be required. However, this car will cost much more than say a Toyota or Honda ....if you take it to a dealer. If you can do the work yourself then it is worth more that any car on the road. I have 200K miles and can get another 50K with no problem. Not to many cars on the road can make this claim, unless you spend an arm&leg at the dealership.
Bought this classic two weeks ago. Everything works great! Good body, good interior, with 166k miles. Two full service agreements (oil change etc), and 6 month warranty. Looking forward to this ride for several years. Where can I get an owner's manual. Wanting to learn how to operate everything!
I've had this car for 7yrs and it has 166K miles and it is the best car I've ever owned. It does have costly repairs but I dont have a car payment so it can be justified. It still rides real nice and looks good, never mind great gas mileage.
Body, exterior is very poor because of major rust on the doors and throughout the exterior.