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Mercedes-Benz 600SEL (7 Reviews)
my battery keep dying, i have replaced 2 new batterys and they die every 2 days
took battery out of the boot for replacment. Cannot open the boot again, Kindly help me with info...
the heater isn't working the AC is working fine and the heater it's just blowing cold air and i mad sure that the antifreeze is full in the tank and when i bought the car the reverse gear doesn't reverse all 4 gears works fine and the airpumb
isn't working and the belt is breaking on me every 2-3 months bc i am pay passing the air pumb other then that is't great car thanks to u all one think b4 i leave if u have limited budget and don't afford mechanic don't buy luxury car tanks
Mercedes = junk. The worst car I have ever seen. I can't believe someone actually paid 160000 for this piece of crap. I am going to chop and sell parts. The main engine harness killed the car. I think Mercedes should get out of the car industry. Mercedes Benz died when the W126 life cycle ended. Hello Lexus.
Very unique car but buyer beware- it's an expensive car to maintain. If you're on a budget and not looking to have a close relationship with your friendly mechanic, this is not the car for you. Major problems include evaporator ( $3,000.00 +) and wiring harness issues ( $5,000.00+). Every 600 made before '95 will have to have the wiring harness replaced since Mercedes used a biodegradable coating for the wiring-eventually exposing the wires causing major,MAJOR problems. You have to have "deep pockets" to keep this car on the road and there are no cheap short cuts to take!
Never had a aproblem
nice car