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Mercedes-Benz S430 (22 Reviews)
Bought a 2001 S430 used. I've had four MBZ, 1979 240D, 1980 280SE, '82 380SEL. A 1983 380SL which I still have which has nearly 300,000 miles. The 2001 is pathetic. Repairs constantly, AC is intermittent (AZ weather!), electrical anomalies, and no door lock switch on the drivers door. Head rests that flip down and not up, trunk does not open with key fob, doors do not lock with key fob. Windshield washer tank goes empty by itself. Constant warnings of R & L blinker reflectors?? etc, etc. It is just not what MBZ stands for! It is the only vehicle I have ever had that has a warning light if a warning light goes out. BUT, I love the brakes!!
The worse car I have ever had. Don't buy from Drive Time Car Dealership because they scammed me with this car that I did not want and because I went in there alone I had no idea what to ask for. I'm a senior female and they took advantage of me.
What a crap. My 2005 MB S430 has 81K. I have had nothing but problems, one after the other. Instrument cluster and command & control had to be replaced three times. Transmission controller module needed to be replaced. Crankshaft sensor, fuel pump, AC blower motor and regulator, windshield wiper motor, etc. all needed to be replaced. Now the temp, clock and gear shift indicator went dead in the instrument cluster. As you can see, all repairs were costly.
Really I am not from Washington DC but Bishops Bridge NSW Australia.2325.
Only way I could get to say my piece.
My 2000 S430 is the most comfortable and luxurious car I have been in and I get chauffeured from airport to the Casino every second weekend in all makes of limos, that does not mean I am RICH.
I have difficulties in Australia with support as you can imagine there are comparatively few S430 Mercs on our roads.
I also have problems with the PLASTIC below the drivers seat that needs to be replaced. Where can I get a replacement, I don't mind paying freight from the USA. I may even visit Vegas again to pick it up. Love my Merc. Roger.
Sadly, my family has experienced Mercedes Benz E320 and S430. I enjoyed the E320 way more than the S430. I feel both cars were poorly designed, the cost of repairs closely added up to the cost of purchase. I've owned a Ford and Toyota, and they've spent less time in the shop than the luxury cars. Problems ranged from: suspension and exhaustion hose issues(E320), power steering issues, electronic problems with the trunk and power windows, and the navigation system (S430). Mercedes Benz is just a status symbol, it's not a quality car. It's a joke to own one, but an expensive one at a combined $200,000 or so cost.
I have replaced the plastic that surrounds the bottom of the seats twice because they crack and the compartment under the seat for storage has no support, so it just hangs to the floor. I hear that's chronic. I have had problems with the front end and suspension. My rear window keeps letting down when I crank the car. My engine is ticking loud enough for you to wonder if I have oil or need it changed. The first 8 years were glorious, but I have to car shop, now. I had planned on never giving it up, but lately $3500 within 3 months has changed my mind. This is my third and only Mercedes that I have had this much trouble with.
This is the first MB I've ever owned and its the best car I've owned. I have had several luxury vehicles and am a chauffeur by trade. I have over 250000 miles on it and you would never be able to tell it. Im going to try to get at least 400000 miles same engine/trans.
I have a 2005 MB S 430, Granted it stays in a heated garage and is cleaned all the time.. I have had no problems with this car at all 130,000 miles. Just brakes and tires, reg oil changes. The only part I have replaced is a heater control valve in the cowl area, $175.00. no big deal. The car is adult driven and yes I did buy this car new. Going on a trip this summer and I am planning on replacing the Belt before going.(age)
This model, like all MBs, are pieces of garbage. Also owned a C-Class. Continuous failures which include repeated failures: Airmatic, front end rebuilding issues, numerous electrical failures.
These cars are poorly engineered, designed to be cost prohibitive.
worst car ever,lots of problem all the time, been to repair shop often
I have had my 2001 S40 with AMG accents for 2 years now. Drives very smoothly and lots of compliments on it's looks no problems with the engine or AC the only chalenges are the LED lighting turn signal in mirror which causes an error message on the dash board apparantley the whole mirror housing must be changed to fix plus the lighting on the dashboard malfunctioned and turned off. Had a good Mercedes serviceman and he took it to a diagnostics center who fixd for about $400 other than that very happy with my purchase and regular maintenane costs are about the same as epected for any high end vehicle...
I have major suspension problems and the trunk looks open all the time.I have had to repair the suspention/ air shocks 3 times at $4,500 a whoop! There should have been a recall on the suspension system it is dangerous and costly. I have broken down 3 times with my car sitting on the street like a lower rider, SHAME ON MERCEDES
Crap crap crap. this is the worst car I have ever owned. Every 3-4 months its another trip to repair shop. I think I have funded his new boat. Cranks sensor, SRS error, random noises in front suspension, a/c not working, sun roof error won't auto open/close. The list goes on and on. Never a MB again.
I have owned my 2004 S430 4Matic for about a year and a half. I bought it with 50K miles, this car has had more issues. 4 month's after buying it, it was in the shop for electrical this, pump that,pulley this etc... $5000.00 later. I was pissed and feel that the BMW i owned for 11 years, that was NEVER in the shop except for oil change, tires and alignment is a way better car. If i go high end cars again, I will only go BMW.
I purchased my 2004 S430 last year and I must say that the car has been in the shop more than in my garage. Major suspension problems. Replaced two struts and air pump already. Very sleek car...get tons of compliments. Be ready to spend a fortune even with warranty. Additoinal bells and gadgets that mercedes places on these cars are really not needed..just costs you extra money. Car not recommended for your average nine to fiver!!!
i has a 02 mercedes benz left side stay low drive loose i change the 2 front suspension strut and the spring link still drive loose on the road
This 11 year old car is as good as the day I purchased. I have owned about 40 vehicles and this is my number one in all categories.
Have had the car for a couple years now and like it well enough. Solid feel on the road and responsive engine. Room for the biggest of people front and back. Quite at speed and a pleasure to drive. The only problems I have is with the heating and air conditioning unit. Currently not working properly and will need to have it checked AGAIN. Ever little service or problem costs you and that is a problem. It will cost you to maintain this car. Outside of the on going aircon problems it has been a dream ride
Great car but not as much fun as a BMW
Not what it should be. Over rated. Too costly for every little service. Floor mats are not good....they should be attached to the floor so they do not move. The AC is not very strong ( I live in Flporida) takes too long to cool the cab. I do not like the windshield wipers, with it auto wipe on rainy days. There are a lot more problems........... for the price sucks.
Its a great car!
I love my S430. I think the body styling as well as the sleek interior cannot be duplicated. It looks, both inside and out, more elegant than the new, more aggressive S series. It ages well, and with proper service and maintenance, it can be a dream to drive.