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Mercedes-Benz CLK430 (13 Reviews)
I purchased my 2002 Mercedes Benz Clk 430 V8 in 2008 with 92,ooo miles. The engine, if maintained properly with routine oil changes, runs like an absolute champion! When I first turn on the car in the winter the fans don't start to blow until the car actually gets warmed up. That is compensated by the heated seats which work right away. The seats keep me on stand-by till the car blows out heat from the vents. Since I am in Michigan and this car is a V8, not to thrilled about how it drives in the snow but its not a winter car. Over all if you have a friend that is a mechanic and isn't after the pot of gold, is a good thing to have if your not mechanically inclined. The dealership charges a pretty penny and could leave you broke after the first brake pads. Besides same issuse, I am going to drive this one into the ground just as I did my Toyota Supra 1996.5.
One thing that I have found in common with the Clk-430 has been the motor to the seat and how they go ou
Very nice car, but they are not easy to fix. Mine works but is starting to suffer mechanical failures.Talked to dealerships and tryed to get a scanner for it, and never got the thing to work to tell me whats going on with it. considered taking it to an auto crusher because a 11 year old vehicle should not be this hard to repair if you decide to fix it yourself. my bmw is hard to fix by way of room to get at certain parts, but other wise fixable. I will not sell this car to anyone, because of the problem. and feel the car is better off being destroyed then sell it with this problem. Wife loves the car but told her its best to get rid of the headache.
i just love this car.i bought in 2008 it has 25,000 miles on it has 125,000 and it still drive the same.just change air filter that was it.
consider buying this for my daughter who just graduated from college 2002 mercedes-benz clk-430 it has 84,000 miles on it the leather is immaculate and the exterior the same. the owner has all maintenance recods and a car fax... is there anything about maintenance that i should expect any time soon?
Have had this car for 3 years and would never let her go. Turns heads where ever I go. With the top down and all cleaned up even the young girls wave , and Im an old man. Best car Ive ever owned. 118,000 miles and runs like a bear. Few minor repairs. If you can find a good used one buy it.
I bought mine used with 36,000 miles and it runs great.
I have had this car for 6 years after buying it used in 2005 at 67, 000 miles. It is still going at 198, 987 miles and the repairs have all been minor. MAF and air filter changed, bulb replaced in the AC controller and just recently replaced the instrument cluster. I had the motor mounts and transmission mounts replaced about a year ago. She is running great and looks great to the point where I still get thumbs up when I drive round. Because I cruise now instead of blowing everyone away when I first purchased it. This has cut down on tire wear. A lot of the repairs I was able to do myself, and saved a lot of money over the years going to authorized Mercedes independent shops. (a whole lot). This is my keeper car that will turn heads for years to come.
Purchased an 03 in 2009 with 23k on the odo, no problems of signifigance, and unlike newer "electronics filled" benzes there's not too much that can/does go wrong with these. Stock ride is a little "floaty" (for those who prefer a more performance oriented ride), and the car is a little under powered, as compared to 2010 V6's or turbo 6's.. but still a great car with a CLASSIC look!
I have 42000 miles on my CLK-430 Cabriolet which i purchased new. The service has been minimal, and my only complaint is the low profile tires only last about 10,000 miles, but I live in a SoCal town with curvy roadways. I also own a 2009 Porsche 911, and I love driving both cars for different reasons. Can't bring myself to part with my CLK!
I purchased this car for my wife in October 2006. She loves the car - I enjoy driving it too when I'm allowed to do so. My only complaint is the high cost of maintaining it. The cost may be a function of the high dealer cost here in Charlotte - I'm reluctant to take it to an independent - but perhaps I should change my reluctancy. I've been informed that I should change the spark plugs every five years or 100,000 miles - cost is $670 plus tax! Sixteen plugs are involved plus 2.5 hours labor - according to the dealer.
I've had this car for 5 yrs now and runs beautiful! Punch it going 90mph and it kicks like you're standing still then hits 110 in 1/4 mile.
Nice looking and handles great!! No major problems yet and I have 130,000 on it.
I love this car!! bought it 6 months ago and have had no major problems with it. I replaced the ball joints and the stearing dampner. Just put on new tires and it is still running great with 98k miles
I don't have one of these cars, but I was looking into one that is on craigslist for a good price, but after seeing all the common problems you guys note, maybe there's a reason they are trying to get rid of it. Thanks for the heads up, your service may have saved me a big headache! Sure is a nice looking car though!