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Mercedes-Benz E500 (7 Reviews)
Dear Friends,
I had a very bad experience with E500, 2005, V8, almost 147,000 miles on it, we took exit on HWY and end up with red warning light poped up on dash board and brakes failed,no control, unable to stop, likely me and my wife are safe due to blessing of god other wise we would be dead,I was on upramp and car stopped due to accelaration without any brakes. Stop light was far enough but few cars and bus was infront of us.

I have no clue I didnt get any warning about this failier, just red warning light poped up and everything is out of control.
I am planning to civil law suit against MB USA in regards to safety issue, we were shocked, mentally upset and stressed.

This is recall in 2004, SBC 2004050014) (2005070007 & 2005110001 in 2005.)

For service my car was at MB service center all the time they didnt tell me and didnt replace the faulty stuff from my car?


Please update and let others to write if they have smiliar problem.
Morgantown, WV
the real airbag go down over night when it set down a long time what may cause that to happen.
I have a E350 Mercedes Benz wagon and I have always taken it to Auto bahn motors in Belmont to fix any problems on my car. I also bought my car there and three other cars there in the past. I am being charged $1250.00 for a new fuel pump, but not the whole fuel pump system. I sometimes feel that because I always take my car there to be fix that they tend to charge me too much. My question is-Is $1250.00 for just the fuel pump too much? Am I being overcharged for this and has there been problems with the fuel pump system with many other people with this same car?
what is the meaning of service c
I have a 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 - the instrument cluster is out. The lights just elimunate. Meaning, the ligths don't go out. Gas light,speed odimmetor - everything is out. MB doesn't know what's wrong with it. I had 3 diagonostic test done, but MB couldnt determine what is wrong with the car.
I have a M.Benz E500 wile driving the Breaks failed and i got signe SRS and STOP Indication ....Plz what will be the problem

this is my second ``E``class .Still have my 300E 1989.Also a BMW 535i E28 1988. Mercedes are the top-notch.Had-and
been- there...I`ve owened 6 volvo`s,2 bmw`s,2vw`s and
1 ford. When and if (God permitting) I buy my next newer car?
It will be
Aye Mercedes Benz............4MATIC