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Mercedes-Benz S500 (21 Reviews)
Mercedes Benz automobiles are a real joke. I have two of them and they are always in the shop. Great for the mechanics but not the owners. For what these overpriced vehicles cost, they should easily last 250k miles. Yet, they fall apart starting at about 80k. If you add up the covered and uncovered costs for repairs on my 2000, S-500, it would be well over $25,000. IMH, Mercedes Benz over engineer's there vehicles without proper reliability testing. Just like Microsoft, they let the consumer work out all of the bugs at the consumers expense. I am a qualified,six figure income earner that will be purchasing additional automobiles and feel that all of the hype surrounding these "fine automobiles" is all marketing and sales propaganda. Save yourself a lot of grief and money and buy a Lexus or Acura. I am.

P.S. My Silverado Truck is much more reliable and its a Chevrolet.
I discover that my 2000 mercedes s 500 is overheating but the guage never go high and we notice coolant droppings under the car , someone said its the heater hose, can that cause overheating?
Just got this car week ago from engineer that told me he has own this car for 10years, i check everything (so i tough) i forgot to check if cd was working. I notice that when I press cd (radio) keeps giving me no cartridge? I check and was in, I tried to eject and will not. How do I fix this? I read some info in web, allot of comment about cd cartridge worn out, its known trouble, one suggested removing battery and system should re-boot and will recognize cd? This I am hesitant to do. Any suggestion. OR SHOULD I JUST GO FOR AFTER MARKET BLUETOOTH AND CONNECT TO RADIO?

I’ve owned my S500 2001 model 78000 5 years now. I purchased it from a Doctor; he owned it 6 years FMBSH. I had a few issues with the car but was sorted without too much cost. The Airmatic pump was the highest replacement cost around $1000. But it did last 12 years in all weather. The interior is as new as is most of the bodywork. Couple of area’s starting to show bubbling paint, not covered by MB as is up to 9 years for under paint rust. Have to wait for a hole in the body before warrantee will repair under the 30 years. I have own three S500 V8’s and would highly recommend them from SE500 1986 to 2001 as reliable as anything on the road today (2013) Most of the issues with the car’s model have been resolved. Go for MBFSH and check to see the previous work carried-out.
I just bought the 2004 S500 today. The test drive is excellent!
Hope nothing will expose to me later!
I have checked the Carfax report the 5 old owners seems to have starting problem! But when I cranked the car today it fired up instantly!
i've owned this car since 2000. i loved it at first sight and i still love it. definitely one of the best cars ever!
my steering wheel became very hard to turn. but when i press on the gas its easy agian. what might be the problem ?
Only problems since buying new 202 S-500 during Oct 2001, have been ball joint replacement, oil pan seals, failure of driver side door closer, replacement of flex joints, whatever they were, and now a battery that discharges overnight, just repaired by MB agency for $90. Not bad at all for 136000 miles. I love the car, and hope to keep it another 2 years. yes I would like a new generation S-550, but can no longer afford to buy new S class cars, that I have done for the last 15 years. find one with 50 or 60k miles, and you'll save huge in purchase cost, drive it another several years at reasonable cost, but be prepared when something goes awry. Biggest complaint, and had same for BMWs owned, is that german car interiors are prone to early wear and interior parts break. Little doors on center console, visors, door grips etc, are all flimsy compared with US cars, and do not last long. replacements are expensive. Overall, I highly recommend the S-Class as a long-term keeper.
Bought it used (2004), with 100K miles. First day the AC started to blow cold through the vents, but hot on the floor. Second day, the left rear door handle broke off, today the command console shut down completely. Rides well! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
I have a 2000 S 500 with 91,000 miles. I am the second owner and have owned it for 3 years and about half it's mileage. It has been a great car. This body style, built from 2000-2006, gets an unfair bad rap in many online forums. The early models especially 2000-2002) are cited as being unreliable. Mine is very early, being built in May 1999 and sold new in July 1999. It has not been without repairs at all, but they are consistent with what I would expect from a car now almost 12 years off the production line, and it has been less troublesome than the 1997 S Class I had before it. The key to this body style is to find one with the fewest owners and the most maintenance records you can afford. I have the records since new and the car still looks new, despite the abuse three kids and no garage can inflict. If you like to do your own routine maintenance like I do, fluids, oil, fuel & air filters, spark plugs, cabin filters, crank and cam position sensors, and the serpentine belt are all very easy to access. If you don't want to do this, find a GOOD independent shop if you have one locally that will probably charge half as much per hour of labor over the dealer, but still use MB parts. Stay away from independent shops that claim to work on Mercedes but don't have any satisfied customers you can talk to. Change the coolant every three years and the brake fluid every two. Use only synthetic oil and ignore the dash indicator saying you can go 10-12,000 miles, change it every 7,500. Replace the transmission fluid every 40,000 miles or so, do not leave it it permanently like Mercedes initially claimed you could.
My 96 S500 Mercedes Benz Sedan out ranks any Mercedes on the road. There will never b a car like this that comes off the assembly line.
I really can understand why this was a special edition, people want to catch me on the road or pass me by just to admire the big body Benz.
Bought the car two years ago. Very comfortable. Active suspension shocks failed in first year. Car drives and looks great. Adjustable suspension offers great range of performances. Spirited drive-train. Sound system leaves opportunity for improvement, GPS and environmental controls clumsy and poorly defined. Not my favorite Benz, but true to the brand.
This car runs strong and looks great! handles like a dream...... Brakes are a little to my dislike but overall the car is excellent.
Runs good but needed oil valves and new rear suspension.
having to many problems to list, just bought a 2001 s500 and Im angry! It drove good for a week and then everything went bad.
I have a 95 s500, were does power steering fluid go, were do I add it. What type is used.
the transmission has bad problems MB will not support. Overall a classic.
had not problems with this ca except the sun roof and the window regulator, but you cant expect too much from a 15 year old car.
suspension is not as smooth i would like for a mercedes.but so far i love this automovil is clasic, elegant and very safe.
The car is awesome,rides beautiful, but cant stop worth a lick. Definitely a head turner. But the new body style puts it to shame. Personally I have not had many problems, but I do not hear many good this ride.