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Mercedes-Benz C320 (16 Reviews)
awesome car use to have a mercedes c240, compared to the c240 the c320 has a good balance of power where as the c240 felt under powered. so far this car has been good to me no major problems so far at 98k. the only thing i wish was better on this car was the head unit which looks very dated and the exhaust which is too quite. of course now my goal is to get the c32 amg which has a great increase in hp about 130 to 150 hp more
I purchased my vehicle, the Sport Model with 18" with 207,000 miles and it is a gem. Put in new Air Filters (2) and increased mileage substantially. Rear shocks were bad but I replaced them. So far though, the blower will not go off. It blows full force even if the temperature is turned to '0'. I have replaced every part associated including the control center and still the problem exists. I'm going to change the cabin filters and hope that does it before taking it to Mercedes. Despite the problem with the heat, I love this vehicle.
to maintain your benz is more than a normal car that is unless you or someone you know can work on it. its more to take somewhere and have a shop do it. i had to replace my lower control arm shop said 1400. i got online found the part for 550 thats all it cost because i replaced it myself so it will cost more if you can not do the repair youself buy haynes book from autozone it will show you how to take the whole car apart and put back together good luck
I just bought this used car and not aware that the passenger front seat was not locked in place. Only the wiring is connected and its very unstable. Is there locking mechanism that I can buy to secure this seat?
150,000 kilomters 2003 C320 4 Matic Great Comfort Great Power Great Taction. You wan't to drive the ultimate machine, You have to expect a lil higher maintainance. Can't afford the mertz get a hyundai or a Kia. You'ell definatley save on maintenance. I love my Mertz...
Today, when I got in the car to go to work, the front driver seat was all the way forward and would not move back. I had to drive all the way to work with the steering almost touching my chest. Tried everything and I can hera a click when I try to move the seat. I guess the motor went bad and there is no way to manually move the seat until I can replace it. Any ideas..?
My experience with MB has been a roller coaster. I bought the car with high mileage. I keep it serviced. Here are the problems I have had with the car. My passenger door handle broke from the inside. The passenger seat motor has a shortage. It works when it wants to work. My air conditioner on the passenger side does not blow out through the vents, it blow out on the floor. My engine light came on..I needed a new EGR or ERG value and pipe...It was clogged..never been replaced before and the person b4 me didnt maintain the car well.
I have a 2001 C320 engine light was on took to repair shop an they change 02 sensor and engine light is still on .what else could this be
At 48000 miles an oil leak showed up on the right side of the engine. At 58000 miles this message showed up "engine oil sensor malfunction, go to workshop". $611 to fix and was not given any reason why it broke. Inside passenger side grab handle just broke, very cheap workmanship. Be careful when you park because front spoiler will be damaged by a parking lot's wheel stopper. Very low front.
I love this car! I have never had such a smooth and comfortable ride and you feel very safe.
Awesome car, great ride, fun to drive!
My costs have been far less than they were when I drove my Astro van and the ride is much better! While some may complain about the cost of repairs, I have had my oil topped off a few times by dealerships when the oil light came on while driving long distances. MB people are very courteous! I have probably spent about 3-400 yr total average for the 5+ years I have had this car (that includes oil changes and new tires). I would rather drive an old MB than any Chevy or Ford! I have even bought older ones for my kids to drive because of their reliability (including their fender benders!!)
Love this Wagon!! Lot's of power and a great ride
i love this car! very smooth and fun to drive
Great car to drive, but be aware of the high maintenance fees.
I bought my C320 in 2007 with 42K on it.
Good records on service history.
I do my own work which I believe everyone should with the prices these dealers charge. It really is not hard, and you will save tons of $$$. There are many great sources for help and instruction on-line
that are very useful.

My problems have been:
Shade for back window stopped working. I live in NM and it stopped working in the up position so I have not worried about it.
The clicking caused by the broken actuator arm, a very common problem, clicks 5 times when the car is started. I can live with that.
I also had the seat module go out , which drained the battery, another common problem. That one cost me $800 at the dealer.
That's when I got serious about doing this stuff for myself.
I love this car on long road trips. very comfortable and believe it or not, if the cruise control is set at 65, I have gotten upwards of 32mpg
on numerous trips between Central California, North Central Washington and Souther New Mexico.