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Mercedes-Benz ML500 (4 Reviews)
Hello, my engine light want go off , I had the brakes changed, which the computer said the light was on. but the light stayed on still. Could you please help me? hank-You so much. Debbie Jenkins 423-355-4790
Do not buy this car. Research ML500 and problems on google. You will be glad you did.
I truly enjoy driving this car. It's quite powerful, compared to the Volvo S80 I previously owned. The only things I can complain about are the breaks which make a hell lot of a noise. I tried cleaning them and replacing the pads. It did not help. I even smoothed out the discs (which you're not really supposed to do because they are composite discs) and still no help. Sometimes they screech a lot and sometimes they don't. Another thing is that the suspension is really stiff so if you enjoy driving a Chevy or a Cadillac you may not like this one. You hear and feel every pothole and uneven pavement. Other than those two things the car runs and drives great. It's 9 years old (2002 means it was produced in 2001) but I love it and can't think of buying anything else.
I purchased this car new after owning a 1998 ML320 which was very reliable. The only problems with the 2002 ML500 was that the initial wheel alignment was not accurate, causing premature tire wear. The brake pads also needed replacement at 20K miles. These two items were not covered by factory warranty. I use the 10k maintenance schedule for all inspections and fluid changes. It never requires additional engine oil between inspections. I get 17 MPG in town when the speed limits are obeyed. I also get 22 MPG on the highway at conventional highway speeds. I use regular grade gasoline all the time, with no problems. It is a powerful, smooth performer and has more than 82k miles at this point in time. However my warranty has finally expired. My service manager at Schumacher European does a superb of analyzing and correcting all problems, warranty changes and recalls, which have been few.