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Mercedes-Benz SL600 (10 Reviews)
I bought my car about 8 years ago for a Summer cruiser. I like the looks of the car and it's smooth ride. It is my first Mercedes. I am a better than average wrench when working on a car. My daily driver is a Lexus LS 460 and have been driving Lexus since 2000. I am used to premium luxury and I have to say, the Mercedes has been a bit of a disappointment. The SL 600 was the top of the line 2 seater and sold above $100,000 and yet there has hardly been a year where I didn't have an issue of some kind. Suspension problems, engine coils, air conditioning, convertible top problems and now an engine light. This car has less than 56,000 miles. This is NOT what I expected and when Lexus finally builds a sporty convertible I will sell this beautiful looking car.
Cons= cost of maintenance
Pros= Beautiful vehicle, excellent fit and finish, very respectable performance, exotic.
I gave the Brakes only 4 stars due to the brakes squealing after every car washing :(
1995 SL600 a fun to drive car, great traveling the interstate. Can't handle long back-ups without temp climbing....needs movement to cool. Lots of power and braking, world class handling. Only real problem is the wiring breaks down and could need expensive parts to throttle bodys, e-gas computer 15k to replace new. ( 2k rebuilt )If you are looking for a weekend driver this is it.
Hello everyone.

This is my view on these machines. I have a 1998 SL600 and her name is Lisa (as in Mona Lisa and yes, I name my automobiles).

Please, remember that these cars are not simple Ford Mustangs or Mazda Miatas with hood stars. Mercedes SLs are cars for people that understand and/or enjoy complex machines (or that have mechanics that do if they don't). Think Swiss timepiece - Not something you just buy to tell time with. If that's what you're after, get the Mazda.

You also shouldn't buy one if you are bargain shopping or trying to impress someone - especially if you can't afford the fuel costs or maintenance. You'd be better of training on a simpler, cheaper automobile. Personally, I love them to death and I'm very mechanically inclined yet I still get goose bumps when I think of changing the plugs or playing with the hydraulic suspension on this V12.

However, if you are ready for one of these beauties, they are a real pleasure to have and just like anything else that is well made, they were designed by engineers that know their stuff and these cars were built to last with expensive materials and highly skilled labor.

You are making an investment with a Mercedes S-class or SL. Buy one that was taken care of properly by someone who loved it then you do the same. Keep in mind that this is a machine designed and built by humans - not gods. There will be problems. There always are. It's just a matter of perspective.
I drive MBZ SL600 R (2000). Drives like a dream. Soft top works flawlessly. AC (Indeed it's climate control) - no complains, cabin cools in seconds. I monitor gas mileage every time I fill the gas tank (only premium fuel, of course). gas mileage stays pretty consistent averaging 15-17 miles/gal in the city. Really fun to drive car.
JUNK...Any Sl600, SL65, Sl55 under the year 2009 per the dealership.

I was told if you purchase any of these nightmaeres (which I DID) be p0repard to put in an additional $20k, of which I'm at the half-way mark in less than a year.

Love Mercedes, hate their Junk.

Stop BETA-TESTING on the public; and charging us for it!!!!!
This is just a car with problems. Very power full, yet simple stuff don't work properly. ABC for one. A/C takes a long time to cool off a small cabin. I've a big SUV and considering the size of the cabin it does a much better job cooling. Strange noises heard when the car is cold, gone when the car is warm.
love it, pumps for roof are out can i get the soft top up manually
Ideal car!