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Mercedes-Benz R500 (6 Reviews)
Loved the car when purchased, 27000 miles. Then the zeon assembly had to be replaced, the transmission valve body, the airconditioner compressor,all 4 air shocks, all 4 brake rotors and pads, new battery, and it still won't start. power steering reservior, now the rack and pinion steering is leaking a bunch. Have spent about $12,000 in repairs in the last 3 years. Mercedes was little help. I will never own another of their products.
I had that issue with mine and all I needed to do was replace my keys. Never had the issue again.
Great car after you fix--
Hard shifts 1-2 2-1 downshifts- New valve body needed 2k.
AC problems- Updated software fix Free.
Aimatic Shocks- Car sags at corners- Need to be replaced 1k.
Front differential- RRRRRR sound when you let off gas- replace 2k.

My car was under warranty all was repaired but if you are going to buy this car used don't do it unless the above problems have been fixed. ALL R500's have these problems check the forums.
Problem with rear leveling suspenion . Leaning to the driver,s side.
I recently purchased a 2006 Mercedes Benz R-500 and for the past two weeks the local Mercedes Dealer has had the vehicle due to the car frequently not starting. After 5 hours of diagnostic time the only thing the dealership can come up with is a recommendation to grease the flywheel to potentially fix the problem at an expensive price tag. They admit they do not know what's definitively causing the car not to start but have a hunch from the Mercedes Benz dealer forum that is the fix. Has anyone ever had the same type of issue?
The check engine lite has been on more than off. Mercedes just can't seem to fixx it. gas mileage leave a little to be desired.....