Mercedes-Benz S320 Reviews and Owner Comments

Mercedes-Benz S320 owners review and rate their Mercedes-Benz S320.

Mercedes-Benz S320 (11 Reviews)
Very comfortable car seats and ride for any distance.
Only problem I had is the dealer not having good mechanics to evaluate basic repairs. I am trying other mechanics though the dealer is walking distance....
I love this car ride. I would like to give it a new paint and take off any surface rust and keep it for ever...great 6 cyl. engine...great seats....runs on SUPER...
really good cars,just replace wear items and it won't let you dow.Want to beat 500s,its easy with a NOS Sniper nitrous 125 wet shot kit. My track times sor far 10.64@ 96 mpg.
If you want a luxurious sedan. This is it. rides smooth extra quiet with its double pane glass (looks like bulletproof glass). but of course when you buy luxury, guess what maintenance is luxury too. :)
it is a great car but has killed PRINCESS DIANA..what a mishap...and I want to know the cars original price back then in 1994.anyone knows?please email to me @
This is the greatest car made! Drives like a dream with plenty of power in every gear. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys high quality cars to find one, they are affordable. Original price- $62,700. A year ago (Oct 2011) I got it for $5,500 out-the-door, and it had 93k miles, that's less than 6k a year! A real dream come true.
My 1999 S320 is not as stylish as my W109 3.5. My S320 has electrical, airconditioning and drive train issues. Its simply becoming a pain in the neck. I wish Mercedes Benz can build an S class just like the W108/W109 and install a more efficient 8 cylinder engine. Nothing can be better than a W109 S class Mercedes Benz!
Best car ever. Perfect for everything and everyone loves it.
Awesome performance
The leaky headgaskets, sluggish transmission and less than stellar ac unit/motor blower gives me concerns about the quality of mercedes?
S320 is my favorite car. I find it to be the most suitable for me.
Overall I am impressed with the total package.The fit and finish as well as performance and fuel mileage is very good. That inline six (104) really shows it's muscle with a heavy car such as this. Plenty of leg and head room too!(but that radio "code" thing has to go!!)