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Mercedes-Benz CLK320 (10 Reviews)
handling on the older model is much more better and the braking system also is much better on the older model, also on the E series also is better than on the for handling on the convertible is also not that great, when compared to the older 2002 model
Can you help me with another key for my benz clk 320, a friend in FL shipped it to me in africa and i will be so glad if you help me with another to move this car. Its been in my garage for over 6 months"
vibrates when idlin in gear rear seems to have dropped down can't see top of tire rides rough lot o0f ro0ad noise changed tires & shocks no change
I love my CLK 320 cab but it is extremley expensive to repair. It has 55k on it.It is the most sensitive car I have ever owned. If one dash light goes on it goes into the trickel effect. Thats a 100 bucks just to start to fined the code. I going to just say other then a oil change, plan on a spending a min 1,000 to repair anything.Oh and anything to do with the convertable top make that 2,000
I bought this 1999 clk 320 cabriolet with 75,000 miles. Within 3 mos. I had to replace the ac system. Very expensive proposal. I have had it for 4 years - 127,000 miles. Engine runs great. Needs a hydraulic pump for the convertible top. ($3800 est. from mb dealership to replace) needs new rearview mirror (est. of $1100 from mb dealership) handsome car but very expensive to repair adequate pick up and go.
No problems! Only praise and admoration!
I read about the CLK320 Cabriolet when debuted. It looked great, but was expensive and had little rear visibility. I wrote it off until I saw a red 1999 with 35,000 miles at a used car sale in 2005. I drove it and immediately liked it. It had been through four owners and had been Starmarked and modified with AMG wheels and tires at one point. It was in such good condition that I thought it might have been wrecked and restored, but it was all original. The rear visibility has not been an issue at all.

My two problems have been with oil leaks and the CD player. There were leaks in the valve covers, from the pilot bushing on the transmission, and from the differential. I should soon have them fixed. The CD player and radio, I would like to replace-- I just don't know with what (it has optical wiring).

After owning it 6 years and 70,000 miles, I can't find a better car.
Great Car!!!
This car has plenty of get up and go. Very comfortable ride, decent gas miliage. Motor is strong and quiet. The problem areas that I have run into are, rear seal on transmission, electrical connector leaking fluid on transmission, electric seat motors (there are three of them under each front seat) burn out. Pixels on instrument panel need replacing. The cruise control lever and turn signal are so close that they can be confused until you get used to it. Driver side seat almost always tears at the top corner seam, easily fixed if caught before it gets to bad.
Catalytic Converter started popping and cracking at 60,000 miles. Mercedes refuse to cover even though website states 8 year 80,000. The passenger seat began to crack in the seam. I have put several sets of brakes on a certified car.