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AVOID! Mercedes vehicles are nice when they work, but they spend most of their time getting piggie-back rides from tow-trucks. Just under 120K miles and total engine failure. Advised to replace cam magnets, replaced plugs also, codes went away - then suddenly blown engine! Balance shaft jumped timing, total engine loss. Before this, converted troublesome air suspension to conventional springs. Problems with climate control panel. Panoramic work stopped working, big $$$ to fix. Intake manifold arm broke on the outside, no replacement parts - $1000 just for the intake manifold, let alone labor to replace. Cost of repairs at dealership more than value of vehicle. If you aren't a DIY avoid, avoid, avoid! Even if you are, it is not worth the trouble. Mercedes has clearly made it a priority to keep non-dealer mechanics away. More that 50% of the average Mercedes dealerships income is in service! Took in my rock solid BMW X5 for this junk R350 because the middle row was roomy for baby seats and toddle seats - huge mistake! Want to be stuck on the side of the road with young children? Then buy a Mercedes. What you can get from an OBD II scanner and what the dealer Star tool provides is different. OBD II under reports. Star tool is thousands and thousands to buy and not for sale to private perople so a handy person can't properly diagnose. They go to the trouble of making the intake manifold out of magnesium, but fill it with cheap plastic! PCV valve dumps huge amounts of oil into the intake. All the flaps internally broke off in the intake! Bushings fell out so massive vacuum leak. Electrical system is total junk! Average vehicle these days had 4-5 CPUs - Mercedes has over 40 modules. You disconnect the battery wrong and one of the "smart" modules fries. Even the fuse box is a "smart" fuse box, which actually means it's idiotic. Embarrassing how so many solid-state components fail in these cars. Then there's the transmission - 6 speed "7g tronic" - just look it up - early failures, requires thin fluid and was proclaimed as "sealed for life" by Mercedes. They quickly backed out of that one a couple years in due to failures. But you can't just drain and fill like other cars - there is no ATF dipstick! You have to drop the pan, replace the filter, and pump fluid in. Then with the car running, you have to watch the fluid coming out change from gushing to more of a drip. Is this what German engineering means these days? Oh and the transmissions shift module fails. Look at how many Mercedes with awd have to be dragged onto a flat bed. The shifter is a servo, so if the module goes bad, your battery dies etc, you are totally SOL - you can't shift into neutral!!! Power steering leaked because the hose clamps were cheap crimp, not screw clamp, coil packs fail. It's hard to recall what doesn't break honestly. I've owned and worked on Audi, BMW and Japanese cars and Mercedes is now the worst in my opinion. I will not buy another Mercedes again!!!!!
Bought a 2006 R350 with 22,000 miles in 2010, with a little hesitation because "it was traded in by an older couple on a new MB". The car was still under warranty for a couple months. The car now has 160,000 miles on (140,000 in 5 years).We have had issues on and off with the car, but try to do as much work on the car as I can. I have replaced the cam sensors, rear air sprongs,brakes and rotors, thermostate, belts, but use the MB dealer for codes,hard to reach parts, or jobs I just dont have time to do. The dealer is way too expensive for simple jobs (thermostat quoted at $650, I did for $140, cam sensors - dealer $500, me- $100) We love the car, but every day there is some small problem (broken switches, different messages, etc) Wife calls it message du jour.Love the car, fast, comfortable, and the three kids each have enough room. A friend had one, and couldn't wait to get rid of it, but they had dealer do all work. Would buy another one , if I find the right car.
I purchased this car about 1 month ago at a very good price. I read consumer postings regarding the relative issues and decided for the price it was worth the headache. Due to the left rear airbag leaking, I have replaced the rear air ride system with standard springs and shocks from Strutmasters. It was the best investment I made. Rides and drives well. Really everything else is regular maintenance and convenience issues. I enjoy the size and luxury of this vehicle
I am actually in Canada near Toronto but the site wanted a US Zip code.

This is my second one. The first one was a 2006 that I traded in 2011 with 175km on it. Both are excellent cars. I agree the front end is too low as I have had to repair the bumper as well. The car is super comfortable, hugs the road very well - especially on a long trip, the seats are superb.

The biggest problem that I have is the dealer network. They verge on the criminal. Dealer routinely lie about repairs and overbill like crazy. I have now found a former Mercedes mechanic who has his own shop and I will take it to him for service.

My neighbour bought 2 Mercedes on my recommendation and came to me almost in tears after a couple of years of dealing with Mercedes dealerships.

I love the car and get a combined 10L/100 km (diesel) in mixed driving. Pretty good for a big car. Because of the dealer issues I think my next car will be something else. We'll see as I plan to keep this one til it hits 300,000 km.
I bought this car used as a certified Pre owned from Mercedes dealer. I bought it with 34000 miles. This Car has been in the shop a lot. I have now 61000 and here is a list of things that has been replaced on the car; Blower Motor, Power Steering Reservoir/Lower Hose, Tailgate Seal, Right Exhaust Cam Magnet, Master Windows Switch Unit, Both Front Hub Bearings, Steering Rack and Pinoin, Numerous Wheel Alignments, Replace Right Intake Camshaft Adjuster Magnet( Seems twice they replaced this), Right Rear Axle Seal, Engine Cam Plugs, Engine Oil Centrifuge, Tail Gate Latch, I believe there is more but i dont have the paperwork that states what they fixed. I my opinion this car is a POS. A Certified POS. I will never buy a Mercedes car again. Now i do have warranty on this POS but could you imagine what this would have cost me if i didnt. I have a Ford Escape with 150k and i never did anything major besides normal wear and tear stuff. This R350 wont see 100k before hitting the junk yard.
We bought the 2006 R350 used in 2008 with 30,000 miles on it for $18,000. This was when gas prices were so high and no one was buying any SUV. They needed to move it and we figured, you can't buy a Prius for $18,000. It had the factory warranty until 50,000 then we bought an extended warranty which will cover it for 5 more years or until 100,000. We needed a car (not a mini van) that could seat 6 adults and there simply are not many wagons out there that seat 6. So - what problems have we had - not many to be honest. The worst was some drive train thing that was covered by warranty. However, for the past two years, we've had this 'hissing' that sounds like cold water poured on a hot frying pan - when we turn off the car, pull out the key - and open the doors. It's the opening the doors that cause the sound. It's in for a 'C' service right now and the guys can hear the hiss but can't figure out where it's coming from. I didn't check if the car came with 'airmatic' - that lowers the car when it's off? Anyone else have that problem? The car has around 60,000 miles right now. Overall - it has had less problems that our Saturn - piece of crap - that needed all sorts of work and it was expensive work. Even a major tuneup was over $600 - for a 4 cylinder Saturn for gawd's sake. And don't get me started on the Plymouth Voyager - I will never, ever by a Plymouth product. At 71,000 miles the head gasket needed replacement - just off warranty. In 1995, $2,000. It blew again 3 months later. No warranty, nothing - another $2,000. We do not drive cars roughly - that was the family car - piece of junk. I have a 2003 CLK320 that is a wonderful, gorgeous car that has 105,000 miles and I'm keeping for another 100,000. Nothing major, usual maintenance, some years - $500 tops. That's a cheap car. We also have a Prius - blew two tires the first month. Something about the design of the rims - notice most Prius' have lost their hubcaps. Those (fronts) came off the first month, too.
Driving should not be painful - you should enjoy your car. If not, get one you do. They are all expensive and not built like 20 years ago. We don't 'love' the R350 and will get rid of it when it goes off warranty but until then, it's been good, reliable and seats 6 comfortably - and holds a lot of stuff - all 4 back seats go flat down. That's what we need right now...
I have had a problem with 2006 r- 350 within the 2nd month of being purchased. I am reading everyones situations with the same kind of vehicle. Glad to see I'm not the only one, but said because we are all dealing with the same issues: Blower for heating and cooling, Power steering which was fixed, but still not working, New problem is car leaning on right side, and I'm assuming its the shocks, Check light keeps coming back on. I want to know why all of these big issues are not under recall status. Someone please needs to take all the underline issue at hand and correct it. Thanks!
The R350 is really a money pit. This is the Pandora Box of vehicles. I purchased the car in Jul 2012 at about 84,600 miles. I had failed to take heed to the warning during our weekend test drive. As we were about to leave the dealership, I tried to close the rear lift gate. And I noticed that it would not close completely. After trying again without success, I got the sales man so he could give it a try. The lift gate still would not close. We drove a different SUV for the weekend. While waiting on the dealer to replace a $400 part. Needless to say we bought the car anyway. Not even 30 days later the rear airbag suspension began to fail. Which cost about $1,000 not including 2 tires from the suspension failing. I also had issues with A/C, heating, and defrost. When selecting the heater the defrost comes on full blast and fogs the windshield. It was useless. I later discovered that a software upgrade was the problem plus a weak battery totaling $420. I don't expect to own this vehicle much longer. All of the issues happen within the the 1st 90 days of ownership. I also tried to use my warranty and it was useless. MB is overrated stick with American. Lesson learned do your research.
This is supposed to be a Mercedes. MB Corp need to have the courage to fix the problems that are common in all R350 such as manifold exhaust system, and air suspension issues.
Don't do it.This car seems to be a Pandora's box.Purchasing a CPO vehicle from a respected dealer should give you a great sense of ease.This car has been nothing but problems.The blower motor for the heating system went.Leakege from the O rings,cam plugs leaking,front end noise.This car seems to have a major issue with its hydraulic system/airmatic suspension in which I don't understand how this is not a major recall issue.My vehicle inexplicably dropped on the right side making it uneven with the left.I took it to get repaired along with my faulty rear lift gate.Service advisor told me the issues were the sensors so they replace them.A little over 30 days later same exact problem,but this time had nothing to do with the sensors.Now it's being explained to me that there are many components to the the airmatic system and it's a complicated system, yada yada yada and so forth.Bottom line the fix cost me 3x more then what I paid last month.The car only has 41,340 miles
R350 is doing the same thing with deflating or lowering of the suspension. Why isn't this some kind of recall!? I see a million posts about it. I bought the car used with 16k miles on it, now 3 years later and only 50k miles on it I'm having this nuisance of an issue. My car only lifts slightly when started up.
Pulled this info and writing a letter:

Filing an Official Consumer Complaint about Your Car
Why File Your Complaint
The U.S. Department of Transportation encourages consumers to file an official complaint of record with them when the suspect safety issues with their model car. This information will be entered into National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) vehicle owner's complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if a safety-related defect trend exists.

Your complaint is important in determining if further action is needed to investigate the possibility of a recall.
How Your Complaint is Handled
If a safety-related defect is determined to exist by NHTSA in a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment, the manufacturer must fix it at no cost to the owner. Your complaint is the first step in the process.

Government engineers analyze the problem. If warranted, the manufacturer is asked to conduct a recall. If the manufacturer does not initiate a recall, the government can order the manufacturer to initiate a recall.

There is not a specific number of complaints which need to be filed before a problem is investigated.
Steps to File Your Complaint
There are two ways you can file an official complaint about a model car with NHTSA.
FILE ON-LINE: You can file your official complaint directly on-line by clicking here.
FILE BY PHONE: Call the DOT Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236) while a NHTSA representative will record your complaint and other pertinent information.
The Privacy Act of 1974 - Public Law 93-579
As Amended: The information that will be requested pursuant to the authority vested in the National Highway Traffic Safety Act and subsequent amendments. You are under no obligation to respond to this questionnaire. Your response maybe used to assist the NHTSA in determining whether a manufacturer should take appropriate action to correct a safety defect. If NHTSA proceeds with administration enforcement or litigation against a manufacturer, your response, or statistical summary thereof, may be used in support of the agency's action.

Hello Every one, I just need to give some advise to the ...nothappyMBowner.... I think you do not need transmission most of the times the transmission control module unit goes bad on new Mercedes so you need to replace that part and will cost you $120.00 part on Mercedes Dealer and 2 hours of labor. Remember Guys Mercedes isnot a racing car for fast takeoff or drive crazy. My 2008 E63 Mercedes has 236000 Miles with not any isues. GOOD LUCK.

At 63k, my r350 rear dropped on the tires. Dealer said rear suspension air bags collapsed. Bill=$1555. Same week, camshaft position sensors brought out the dreaded "check engine". Bill=$1175. Power steering pump started leaking. Bill=$450. Never buy a mercedes without a warranty. This r350 is a "German nightmare". Mercedes has lost it's engineering glory of those days at least on this one. Be careful.
I bought a Mercedes R350 on recomendation by my father in law. After 3 years I have realized that this was maybe the biggest mistake I could have made. This car can not be described as anything, but rubbish. The famed German engineering is a myth and this car is a poor example of what they perceive as quality. Sorry to say this, but my family will never have a German car in our driveway. This car has a good ride yes, but that is where it end. We are told not to buy Japanese, but after the experience of this rubbish I will be moving on to a Japanes product as I believe that I will have so much more to enjoy.
I bought this 2006 R-350 with 30,000 miles on it. The car is great to drive and is great looking, the problem is that the car is a money pit! It is now out of warranty and has 60,000 miles on it. I just had it into the dealer to get a once over to 'fix' a variety of leaks and issues for the small price of $1800. Now 6 months later the transmission seems to have failed and now I am being told it will cost between $6000 and $10,000 to fix it!!
Take my advice- DO NOT BUY ANY USED MERCEDES!!!!!
Unless it is fully covered by a factory warranty.
Then make sure you get rid of it BEFORE the warranty expires!!!!
I am just absolutely shocked that such a (supposedly) high quality would have a transmission fail at 60,000 miles. Sure,if I was drag racing with the damn thing yes, maybe. But all we do is drive it back and forth to school. Just a shame!!!
This is my first and will be my LAST MERCEDES!
I have an infiniti FX-35. Guess what, I have driven the hell out of this car and it has needed to go to the 'workshop' how many times??? ZERO!!!!!!!!!
AVOID any used mercedes like the plague. I'm sorry to say this but your bank account will thank you.
The front end is so low to the ground every time I go in a drive way or out the bumper comes off?? Does anyone else have this problems>
The engine is great, transmission great, Suspension and the different selections are great. The few things that are not top notch is the steering, I can not feel the road with it, the "power steering" system over compensates pressure to turn the wheels, thus I do not feel it in the steering wheel. And the "Sport" and "Comfort" has unnoticable difference except sport enters 1st gear and comfort does not.

For the engine size and mpg it has good power. I get 24mpg highway.

Quality build. I plan to keep it for ever. I have 40,000 miles so far.
Bought this one used with 18k in 2007 now have 80k miles. Recent intermitent issues of unknown origin result in power loss at low rpms. Air ride susepension leaks on fron driver side. Pano roof rattles incessantly after three attempts to fix at Plaza Motors. Misc trim and window/door gaskets have fallen off. Numerous electrical issues - parking sensors are constantly beeping (stoplights, stop signs) more burned out light bulbs on this car than the previous ten that I have owned. And while my wife disagrees I would say that this 3.5L is not nearly enough engine for this heavy car.
Overall a very nice driving vehicle though and a bargain on most used car lots.
My wife's car as well. I love driving this car though. We've had it for a year now, purchased from the Auction as a lease. Still has manufacturer warranty. More comfort ride than our Honda Odyssey and more pickup too. People forget that most Mom's drive short distances and with frequent stops. So a car with more torque will get better gas mileage. That has been the case here compared to the 19/28 odyssey, and this 13/19 R350. In Real MOM driving conditions, the odyssey got 12mpg, and this has been getting 17mpg. We love it! Only issues has been that this car's computer detects EVERYTHING. If a light is low, a tire low, weight too heavy, you name it. Most are self explanatory but some are vague. Got a message once that just said MALFUNCTION in red. I took it to the dealer and they said that the car was hot and the springs malfunctioned by 1/200th. Nothing noticeable, but of course we panicked. Great car overall, makes me want another Benz.
Confortable driver seat and responsive vehicle.
Passenger seat is a tad narrow and stiff.
Major complaints: Problems with electric system, particularly electric sensor.
With 66k miles on the odometer, no issues whatsoever. Life is too short not to drive a Mercedes.
This is my wifes car and she loves it, best most user friendly car she has ever driven. Traded in an ML 500. I think I will look for a R63 for myself