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Mercedes-Benz E550 owners review and rate their Mercedes-Benz E550.

Mercedes-Benz E550 (7 Reviews)
First M-B and at only 550 miles, many differences quickly noted, compared to previous new cars owned. A plus is the extensive efforts made to control fuel consumption with the V8 engine. Body gaps are small, even, and better than on the 2014 S550 car I cross-checked fit and finish with.

The COMAND control system; and separate function control buttons are a convoluted mess that days of studying the several owner's manuals only partly overcame. Only part of the problem is caused by the number of options. Much is simply due to an immature level of melding various sub-systems into one, easy-to-use ergonomic control system.

Road noise is excessive on rough deteriorated asphalt roads, the kind we often drive on. The ride with air suspension is good, but not great. On smooth roads it is smooth and quiet. On rough roads the ride deteriorated more than expected, as I had previously observed on a Hyundai Genesis V8 with steel spring suspension, and on a Hyundai Equus with air suspension.

The engine is a sweetie: powerful, not too thirsty, and with great torque at low RPM. It is, in my view, the single best reason to buy this car. Note that other German V8 cars also have strong engines, as does the supercharged Jaguar and the Porsche Panamera, most at higher cost.

Seats are not good for my medium size, but may better fit others. My back aches after less than two hours of driving.

Zero repairs have been necessary, which is not always the case with new cars.
Rotors replaced at 10K of normal driving. No warning light indicating brakes were compromised. Dealership initially blamed us for driving down steep declines (we don't). It was covered under warranty. We have really enjoyed this 2012 E550 Coupe, especially with it's cool little V-8. You can't brake out of every traffic situation, sometimes you need responsive acceleration, and it has it to spare. But, how ironic that a car manufacturer whom advertises it's stellar safety features, would produce a vehicle with faulty brakes! Go figure??? I suspect that parts are coming from China, not Germany.
I wish the speedo needle was RED like the AMG's. The Nav. system is not what I would expect from Mercedes. A Garmin responds better. Automatic headlights are fantastic.Steering a little over power-ful.When we first got the car after one month the AC blew cold on the left and heat on the right.Turn the car off, and it would go back to normal.We took it back to the dealer three times, they could not duplicate the problem nor did it set any code.This finally got fixed after a year and a half.Then down shifting going up a hill slowly a terrible clunk from second to first.They could not duplicate this problem as the dealership and general area is on the level.I told them to keep the car and have someone take it into the hills. The following day they claimed they could not duplicate the problem, but there was now new soft wear to program the transmission control module. Amazing how they got this today,and this is SERVICE?
2011 e550. New brakes (pads and roters) at 35000 miles. MB could give a shit, just blows you off. why would a rotor go bad. I had a 74 240 and its rotors a probably still good. I am enjoying my last MB. About a year to go on the pitiful waranty and then it is off to Lexus. Oh, I have been driving MB's for over 50 years. Dave Cates.
I have a 2011 e550, within the last 18 months took it in 14 times due to different problems. I drove the dealership loaner more than I do my car. I bought this car brand new because I want peace of mind but in contrary I have nothing but headache and frustration. After I brought the car home, the first three months I was having problem with starting the car. IT WOULDN'T START. Roadside assistance had to come and get me several times at different places. A few weeks later a module of some kind fell out of the seat, I was told that never happened and they were shocked to see it. Then the brakes squeaked, four brakes had to be replaced after only 8,000 miles and a month ago, the same problem occurred but this time Mercedes wouldn't do anything about it. They completely blew me off. Their response was the problem is annoying not life threatening. Today my car is in the service department again, it's the problem with suspension. Valves leaking caused air compressor to blow out and this is the third time within the last twelve months with problems related to suspension system. For God's sake, this was a brand new MERCEDES, supposedly a world renowned brand. Mercedes won't stand behind their products. It's very disappointing, its might as well labeled MADE IN CHINA. I just got a RECALL letter for suspension and steering, fuel pump, and airbags defect. Great.
In two years 5 RIMS and tires replaced due to minor pot hole dents. Rims are very expensive and are different sizes for front and back
In two years three Air Conditioning condensers have blown due to moisture/condensation. There is no solution. This is fourth one. service Manger is recommending get rid of the car before the warranty runs out
Milegae 36,0000
This is my 8th MB. I have driven them over 1 million miles. This car is the finest I have owned.