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Mercedes-Benz E350 (21 Reviews)
At or about 15000 miles the accelerator stopped responding. The car could only accelerate by using the cruse control lever. Took the car to West Palm Beach Mercedes. Ten days later It was ready for pick up. The car drove normally with proper acceleration for one day when on I-95 I was passing a car and moved in front of it at Donald Ross exit when it failed to keep the speed and the accelerator stopped responding. Fortunately an accident was averted. I took the car back to service. This time they kept it for over two weeks. The accelerator works now but when the car is in traffic in slow speed it moves forward with ever so small but perceivable jerks. I did not take the car back to service. The initial enthusiasm and fun to drive a diesel Mercedes is over. It takes me to work and brings me home.
hy i have a mercedes benz e 350 at 2008 year
i like my car put i have a probleme with the intake manifold flip .
what can i do tu repaire it withot tu change the intake manifold cause it so expensive ?
This is an awesome car that I was very pleased with when I bought it. Added the iPod cable and a Bluetooth pod to the car and it works very well. However, the CD Changer. I expected more from Mercedes-Benz on this one. So, a CD is stuck in the Changer and when I took it to the dealer to have it removed, they said the ONLY option was to purchase a new CD Changer for $ 995.00. I was kind of shocked. So, now I have this beautiful Mercedes who's trade in value just rocketed downwards... how can I trade this car with a broken CD Changer... I will try a 3rd party who knows this stuff to see what happens..... thanks for reading...
Bought this 2011 E350 last month. 42k miles. She's a beaut. I have owned Merc diesels in the past and was looking for a Bluetec, but settled on the V6 4Matic. I love this car's looks, everything about it. I've missed having a Mercedes for a number of years. I owned an 'E' class in the early 80's that was a 4Matic and almost bankrupted me for that very reason. This go round, I purchased an extended warranty up to 100k miles. The Comand mouse knob had to be replaced under warranty. That's about the only thing I could find wrong. Someone stripped the car of the owner's manual (I'm sure it's on EBay now) and the first aid kit. You know what a car is worth when there's an EBay demand for the owner's manual. At any rate, this car gets a lot of compliments and I love it.
Purchased 2006 E350 with 55K miles in 2009. Loved the ride and the handling. Great car for my sales job. At 110K miles in 2011, car began to shimmy on a cold start. In later weeks, the car would shake violently on start up. Was told that it was a "balance shaft rotor", a small part about the size of a lipstick case deep inside the engine. Apparently for 2006 and other similar years this part was made of a softer metal. It would warp over time and cause the out-of-balance shaking to where the car was undriveable. Had 3 estimates from $5500 to $7000 to remedy. Bit the bullet and had it repaired by a buddy in Cleveland for $4500 who shot this video of the project Great car, but emotionally taxing repair. Good luck.
So far I am very pleased with my 2011E350. When I step on the gas hard my neck snaps back and every car in my rear view mirror disappears. The sound system rocks. I wish it would have come with leather interior though. It's in the shop now for what I suspect is a failed gateway module. To be contd....
Bought car brand new in 2005. Have the same issue as others with Engine Check light due to balance shaft gear wear, requiring pulling the engine and replacing the balance shaft - at a cost of about $5500.
I love my has a great ride, appearance, is reliable and comfortable. For the past few weeks, it has had an unusual problem. I drive to shop or do errands. After returning to the car (apx 20 minutes), I start the engine and it immediately turns off. A second try is necessary to get going. The dealership has no idea why this happens and their service manager and service technician have witnessed the problem...but somehow they can't reproduce it and don't know how to fix it. I am open to helpful suggestions.
This is my third Mercedes (wonder why I did not learn my lessons) and my last. Car is great when everything is working. However, reliability is a big issue.

At 36K miles, 5 years old, engine light came on with code 1200 and 1208. It requires the whole engine to be removed to replace the balancing shaft. This is a common problem on E350. MB even have a service bulletin for this repair. Knowing MB's reliability issues, I had purhased the factory extended warranty. Otherwise, I will get hit with a $5000 repair. Engine light came on again 2 weeks after the repair. It is at the dealearship at the moment. Not sure what it is this time. I have 18 months warranty left and will definitely sell the car before the time comes.

MB doesn't seem to care about reliability. The 3 generations of C and E class I have owned, there are problems one after another. MB needs to hire the engineers from Toyota or Honda.

I have owned Audi, BMW, Acura and currently a Toyota and a Porsche. MB is the least reliable and expense to repair.

Do yourself a favor, keep a MB only if it is under warranty and you have free time to visit the dealership frequently. If your dream car is a MB, watchout, it can turn into a nightmare.

I have a 2006 E350 and need a Schedule C Maintenance Check-up. After consulting the owner's manual, it is difficult to determine exactly which items need to be checked. Can anyone provide a list of Schedule C items to be checked?
I purchesed a 350cdi BE two months ago. The car had done 43000 km. at the time. Nothing but trouble since then. Been to the garage 9 times, and still not ok. Still under factory warenty, but the dealer says the car now runs as it is soposed to !!!??
The problem is: vibrations in the 2000 rpm. area. Strange vushing sounds from the engin when gun´ed. Sounds like air is released under high presure. I have had the injectors replaced, new enginemounts fitted, new airmass meter fitted. But still the same. The car pulls fine, but is so unrefined.. not what you would expect from a car in this pricerange. Have had Audi and BMW diesels before, and newer experienced so many problems. My wife drives a BMW 118d, and it has a smoother engine sound than my v6.... No wonder the 231hp engin only lasted 2 years before MB changed it to the 265hp version, which runs much much smoother ( borrowed one for a week whilst mine was in for the 7 time in 3 weeks. ).
I have had this care for 3+ years now. shortly after i bought the car i went into the dealership and i was told that i issues with the engine belt or something like that. i called warrenty dept and they would not cover the repairs. After going on line i realized that a few people had the same issues. I had purchased the car and taken it to the dealer ship to have it checked and i was told its in excellent shape.
I spent over $4000 dollars in repairs .. mercedez Benz has really bad customer service.
I have been experiencing four dead batteries within the first thousand miles (dealer replaced battery). Key recognition issues, which also had to be replaced. Obviously, there are issues draining the batteries overnight, and I driving the car every day doesn't make a difference. Massage chair started malfunctioning, and continued running after shutting the car off. On a few occasions, we would start the car and it wouldn't go into reverse or drive until you shut the car off, locked the doors and started all over again. Unfortunately the car was service 21 days out of 30 at the dealership. Hopefully, Mercedes-Benz can fix these problems. Overall, I'm a little bit disappointed with the reliability aspect of this vehicle and certainly didn't expect this at all. On the other hand, we really love this car!
I love the looks of the car. The BlueTec diesel gets great mileage. Had a rattle in the driver's seatbelt assembly repaired and one of the center wood panels replaced due to a loose anchor. There is a known problem with the keyless entry, but no fix yet. Sometime the car cannot recognize the key when you touch the inside door handle. Also, sometimes the car will not start with the pushbutton requiring you to remove the button and insert the key. This can be a pain, but happens infrequently. Hoping MB comes up with a fix soon..
I believe this is the best car on the road. I traded this in just a month ago for a 2010. It is so great.
This is the best Mercedes you can get. (other than the s-class) It is much worth the money. I love this car!
my car has died 4 times in two months been in the shop and they want to give me something to charge the battery. They claim that I don"t drive the car enough to keep a charge. Not happy with the 2011 E350 at all
I jokingly said I'm going to trade my Tacoma TRD for a Mercedes. I entered the lot and drove a 2007 E350 but it ran sluggishly so i passed as it seemed like it was running like a lemon. Found a sport package model with all the upgrades for $32,000 at a sister dealership. Test drove and purchased as it was an amazing car. Certified @20k miles, 2 years old, and over 50% off MSRP? How could I NOT buy it! I think certified is the way to go as I am loving this car more and more everyday and I have had it a year now. it is fast, agile, and looks classy. CD changer and stereo kind of suck if you like bumping systems you will need to drop a sub in the trunk and bounce it through the ski pass through. Every time I walk up I think damn this is a nice car then I get in with a smile because it's mine.
Great car for the money.
Heating system some times difficult to adjust to prefered settings.