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Mercedes-Benz 300SE (12 Reviews)
1991 300 SE 4 door

The car rides like a tank...unstoppable great car... a/C PROBLEMS AND SUNROOF off track...
6 cylinder great engine M103-- my only complaint is right rear floor has water getting there somehow...
195,000 miles.. was $55,000 in 1991 when new. has most of any help you might need.These guys are experts far away from NY..but they sell parts..
Where on long island can someone fix this car is beyond me besides the dealers (crooks)
I love my Mercedes Benz SE 300.
The only problem i had are with the window regulators (Front Passenger, Rear Passenger). They was both working but didn't work with the one touch option because the gears was strip. Richmond,VA
Love this car, I have owned many cars over the past 45 years.This one with the exception of a few small problems has been the best. 193,000 miles, still running strong,looking great, and getting one believes the age and the comfort is beyond compare.I'm sold on M.B.
Car is garbage. Wiring harness falls apart. All of them need to be given, not sold, to scrap yards.
how do i remave the water plump
having problems with the sunroof. It opens when I unlock my doors
so far so good with my 1993 Mercedes 300SE. Bought it from 2nd owner. It has 189,000 still running smooth. The overdrive didnt work when I bought it . Do believe the shifter is the issue. Something may be stuck inside there. rear main engine seal leaking tiny bit of oil. Interior in nearly perfect condition. paint still very good. Trying to figure out Overdrive issue...Any suggestions email
the design is truly classic.Beautifully solid and quality car.
One of the best Mercedes ever made. This is my third Mercedes, the 1990 300 SE, and I am about to spent $4000 to get a paint job. Car runs great and I have only 160000 miles. The design is truly classic.
Elegant lines going to a great front end. Can't wait to see it like new and drive it for the next twenty years.
Beautifully solid and quality car. Every line on its body has purpose, nothing is clumsy or mediocre. Nice extras like all the little map lights, leather everywhere, everything that is wonderful about this car makes up for the things that take alittle extra money or time to maintain.
A well maintained 300SE will last a million miles, a neglected one will be a money pit. Make sure you buy one that wasnt mistreated.
This car has one of the best transmissions ever made.
Hundreds of safety features, windows roll down if car is submerged. They will never build this kind of quality again.
i love this type of cars its solid and relaiable
This is my first S-class Benz I love this car.
It is 16 yrs old and does need some minor repairs,which aren`t to expensive.I just sometimes have to sacrifice some thing,sometime to pay for them.
I would rather push an old Benz than drive a new Ford.