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Mercedes-Benz S600 (15 Reviews)
this is the worst Mercedes ever, it is a shame on Benz. I've been paying on horribly expensive repairs since I bought it.
I have 1996 Mercedes Benz S600, 4 door sedan model. The A/C compressor died at 45,000 miles, cost for the unit is $3000.00 excluding labor charge. The battery died at 40,000 miles. The interior are full of plastic. The passenger visor hinge which contained a mirror broke and every time the car went through potholes it rattle and made a lot of noise. The electronic fuel gas gauge got stuck and showed 1/4 tank after a complete gas fill up, the electronic fuel sensor was bad, I have to hit the dashboard several times real hard to wake it up before it functioned properly. This is a piece of junk made in Germany, it created more headache and expensive repair than to be be able to enjoy the car. Please just don't buy it, it caused a lot pf headache rather than enjoyment.
This is the second S600 in my 71years.BEST RIDE,ROCKET POWER
This is a high quality automobile. It is a rocket of a sedan and a lot of fun to drive. It runs dead silent and so smooth and quiet I am constantly checking the tach at stoplights, to see if engine is running.
Very comfortable and driver friendly for long trips or dailey driver.
The car has issues with the ABS suspension and I am of the opinion the Factory should volunteer a complete recall with R&R on these cars. Manfacturer design id FLAWED. It works, but is overly fragile. HOWEVER, it is worth overlooking for the rest of this cars positive features.
If you want to $urvive this car financially, stay AWAY from the dealers. Most all of the issues have become known, and "remanufacturers" have stepped in with quality rebuilds and 30% - 50% of list. Used parts are OK in my book as well, if they are pre-tested. USE ONLY TOP PREMIUM FUEL and ALL SYNTHETIC OILS and FLUIDS. Change all often. DO NOT "horse" the transmission or rearend with burnouts. The car WILL self destruct in minutes... do not buy a used one from a "younger person" for this reason... If it doesn't have factory wheel on it... PASS.
I own a 1995 S600 Coupe and I have had NOTHING but trouble with this car. I bought it for a road car to travel back and forth from Northern California to Southern and I don't think there has been a single time I haven't had something go wrong with the car. One of the things that has happened since the beginning is after driving the car for about 4 hours the air turns off and will not work again. I've taken it into the dealership (I average at least 4 times a year) over and over again and they can never find out why because it always works fine then (because they need to drive it for 4 hours straight). Anyway, just by chance once I stopped at the rest stop for just about 5 minutes and when I restarted the car the air came on again ice cold and strong so now after years of dealing with this problem I know I have to pull over stop for a few minutes restart the car and I'm good to go for the rest of the trip. I have replaced almost every gasket and part on this car for unbelievable amount of money-except for the comfort and look of this car unless you are a Mercedes mechanic or a lotto winner run like hell away from this car it is a MONEY PIT!!!!!
I bought my 2000 S500 used about 2 years ago. It had on the clock then 115000 miles, now 160k. So far in cost, $35.00 dollars for a crank sensor. I know at least 15 to 20 other folks that have these and they report not a problem out the norm. One person has over 190k an still going strong. Yes I do agree, to have bought one of these brand new, I would not spend that kind of money. Here's a suggestion(s) if someone out there is looking to get one of these vehicles. Make SURE to get the CARFAX on it. If the vehicle has been checked regularly, recalls taken care of, you should be fine. DON'T go buy a extended warranty. First fine 2 to 3 RELIABLE foreign mechanics that know these vehicles inside out. I have 4 just in case. Oil changes every 5000 Mobil 1. You can push it to 7500, but try to stick to 5000. And lastly. If you do have issues with your car, buy the parts ONLINE!!! DO NOT GO TO MERCEDES!! There mark up is ungodly. If you take care of any car, it will last forever. If you don't stay on top of ANY luxury car and don't have money to fix it when things go wrong, it's not the car, it's you.
its a piece of junk
MB should be ashame or robbing people without a gun, this car has been the worse of the worse, two coil packs, and then a engine, and then alternator, and the abc system is down know which was recall i do not have any more money to put in this lemon i am retired i have to live also all new plugs and new computer and new starter, fuel pump i could go on and on this is the worse benz i ever own i hhave a 1983 500 sel not a problem at all what the hect is wrong with these i wish i had never bought this cancer i will start a campaign to discredit allthese cars not quality made as the older ones i will see if i can get some help on this abc system and wii get rid of it wright away, and just drive my 1983. it is so sad they rob you when you buy and the dealers continue to blood suck you as long as you let them, i would love to tell the world about this car only buy to burn or you will be broke if you are rich, burn the car and keep your cash i paid for my lesson and you can not get any help at all from the car maker its a damn shame blood suckers i am very disapointed whith this car like the whole economy do not buy this junk they are putting out i will buy american, not a benz thanks for letting me tell you like it is
It's hard to believe how difficult this car has been to deal with -- Mercedes should be embarrassed. Even my mechanic has empathy for me as this car has been a lemon from day one. On the upside, it is absolutely gorgeous. It is in the shop every month for the past two years. Luckily, I have an aftermarket warranty. Most problematic areas: 1) ABS/suspension 2) center console cup holder (design flaw -- i've gone through 4) trunk motor 5) seat systems, etc.
This car was great until the warranty ran out! We only have 51k on our 02, and it has cost me 10k in the past few months. For the money we spent on this car we are disgusted with the repair cost. The dome light is $1,100, the coil packs, and module just cost $5,200!!!

I think Mercedes should give us a SERIOUS credit for trade in on a Benz that isn't a complete JOKE!! They built a car with their brand name that is a failure. If it didn't say Benz none of us suckers would have spent well over $100k. They really need to do something for the original purchasers.
OMG! where do I start, piece of crab car the only thing its good for is the name and looks, thats it! I have spent over 12K on this car from ignition coils to ABC suspension to god knows what, very disappointed! stay away from this vehicle. I had to buy another vehicle an AUDI, I dont want to take the chance with another BENZ!
Absolutely stunning vehicle! I do have empathy for those who abuse or fail to properly maintain such an amazing vehicle but the only problem i've ever had with her is the Wiring Harnesses. All of which have been replaced recently at an expense of almost 10k. Once they work out that problem the car will be absolutely amazing!
they nead to recall all s600 for the abc suspantion
This car has a serious problem with their electronic systems. I am having a continuous problems with sensors. Serious problem with cars suspension and automatic balance system. I spent close to $30,000 for the repair cost and still have the problems.