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Mercedes-Benz 500SL (6 Reviews)
Seriously awesome car. One of the last real Mercedes before the cost cutting accountants and Crysler took over. Feels like its made out of a piece of stone, the quality is awesome and it's seriously quick. I've had Bentleys, Porsches and tuned Sierra Cosworths and this is as good as any of them. The only problem is that it is a total money pit. Parts are really expensive and it's a very complex car, certainly not for back street mechanics or even main dealers for that matter. It has all the computers and sensors but a very basic diagnostics system so repairs can be an expensive process of elimination. Might be more reliable if I drove it slowly but I seem to get possessed every time I get behind the wheel. Need to sell it before I go bankrupt but will never regret owning the best 500sl!
I just had a major problem my car just started blowing blue-white smoke only when I give it gas to take off took it to the shop my mechanic is pretty much like the engine is gone val seal but all my transmission fluid gone out of car also but I check all my fluids two days ago all was fine then yesterday it started smoking no los of power need some kind of help I think mechanic is trying to get me in with another engine to spend money. HELP!
have problem with transmission do not shift ,stay in fist
As our family (kids and grandkids) walked out of the local pizza restaurant, we passed a red 500 SL. My husband and I have been shopping to replace a 96 mini van with 280,000 miles on it, and have looked and tried about every car out there. Go for gas mileage? comfort? But imagine his surprise when we gave him a set of keys and told him it was his! He is in heaven, and I will drive that minivan to 400,000 if I have to, to keep that beautiful Mercedes for him.
Bought this car from Mercedes dealership in Omaha about a year ago and love it. Certified mileage 27,400 and the vehicle is in mint condition inside and out. The sticker price of $99,750 in 1992 came as a shock and is the reason why this baby performs and looks like a world class sports car. The only problem that I have is the fact that this 500SL spends most of its time in my garage, which is 5 or 6 months in the winter and if there is even a hint of bad weather the rest of the year. I have only put less than 1,000 miles on this dream machine, but they have been the most enjoyable miles I have ever driven. If you can afford one, run do not walk out to get one.
I have been a Mercedes Benz Owner since The Early 196'0 And I can not Fault The Quality of The Mercedes, This is the first Mercedes SL 500 Convertable, that I now own, amongst 2 other Mercs which I currently own, I Find The SL 500 lots of fun to Drive, and highly recommend the Vehicle to any-one who belives in SAFE PRESTIGE MOTORING.
It is a Great Car/ Performs when you require it to perform, It is also a Great Looking Vehicle.
Once you own one I strongly Believe that you will never Look Back, EVEN PRINCESS DIANA of the United Kingdom owned This Same Model .if its fit for a Princess I believe it tells many stories..
Many of T.V. Personalties and Movie Stars have also owned one of These Models.
I would not part with mine for All the Money or Replace it with A Imitation Japenese Vehicle, and State that it is one of The SAFEST ROADSTERS in the Market.
Kind Regards