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Mercedes-Benz ML350 (21 Reviews)
I bought a 2012 ML350 bluetec in 2015 with 38,000 miles. The driver's side seat belt does not always work and the cigarette lighter does not work at all. The rear brakes had to be replaced at 52,000 miles at a cost of $800. Now, at 68,000 miles, the oil cooler is leaking and will cost over $5,000 to repair. The vehicle is out of warranty and the extended warranty I purchased will not cover the oil cooler repair. If anyone else has had to repair their oil cooler, please share what it cost to repair. Otherwise, this vehicle drives like a dream and gets good mpg which is the reason I purchased the vehicle in the first place. My second reason for buying this vehicle is my mistaken impression of Mercedes Benz quality, durability, and reputation. I am disappointed.
This car has been nothing but trouble and a money pit. I have spent over $5000 in repairs in the last 2 years. Would not recommend this make and model to anyone. Had issues with crankshaft and alternator-replaced twice. In the shop now becuase check enging light came on again..waiting to see what is wrong and how much it's going to cost.
I bought a 2005 ML 350 brans new special edition and it has not given me trouble at all so far. Now it does have a steering wheel fluid leak that has been the main fault that was repairable. The car has been working like a dream so far compared to any car of that age. It has run 188,000 km.
Overall I really liked this 2013 ML 350. Mine was loaded with xenon lights, Harmon Kardon sound system, and keyless go. Definite musts. The only real gripe was the tendency of a smelly AC system due to bad design that permits mold to grow in the system. Changing the air filter is only a temporary and expensive fix. Only drove it 25000 miles so it was not too bad but actually got a 2015 model - so hoping this does not happen in this SUV.
This is my second ML350 and these cars are unreliable and very costly to repair. The parts prices are outrageous and brakes and rotors' prices are just ridiculous. Struts, mounts and engine mounts are $3500. The dealer, Mercedes Benz of San Diego was terrible and fixed nothing. I will not buy another Mercedes truck again. BTW, my 2008 CL65 with 21,000 miles needed front brakes and rotors and a suspension hydraulic hose broke. Total repair bill $5,000.
If you buy a Benz be prepared to buy an extended warranty or you will bleed to death slowly.
I have a 2012 ml 350 blue tec. Engine oil cooler seal failed @ 51000 miles. Warranty would not cover, 50000 mile warranty. 60000 miles blue tec heater had to be replaced. After complaining merc benz decided to replace at no charge. Suv drives great and has plenty of power
I bought a 2005 ML350 in early 2013. Still drives like a dream. The only cons are that the check engine light came on 8 months after purchase. I took it to an auto parts store that ran a test that said it has something to do with the gas tank - air leaking. I still had the original cap so I bought a new one and reset the battery - it came back on and recently the SRS light came on. Both are annoying but minor. I had to change the lights but everything was original. It's only been a year but it was already 8 years old when I bought so can't complain so far. The service D code came on, I changed the filter (original) and had an oil change, the only problem now is that I have no idea how to reset the code. All in all I must have picked a lucky one compared to other reviews.
I bought a 2005 ml350 with 72K miles on it in 2011. It checked out fine.
About 8 months later the service light come on and I get a 3K bill. Belts, water pump, play in right wheel, rotors and breaks, etc, etc.

4 month later and the car starts to shake. Back to dealer. The fixed the injector stuck open, buttoned it back up and noticed a knocking noise. What is going on?? Oh, you'll probably need a new engine but it'll cost you 2K for us to confirm that. WHAT??
So, I'm at a loss and totally disappointed. I'll avoid MB like the plague. Buy what you want, but you have been warned.

I have a 2009 preowned ml350 with 32k miles It burns a qt of oil every 3200 miles The dealer is telling it is normal I dont believe it . I have a 2001 S430 with 124000 It does not burn a drop of oil
I have a 2005 ML350 with 110k. I am now replacing the rear shocks for the 1st time. My issue with this Suv is, the A/C unit. It was replaced 2 years ago and the new one really struggles to perform. You would think "Mercedes" everything should work great. I am sorry to say, not on this Suv.
you are right about Bruce Bennett. Take your money and run. What a disgrace. Business people not. Seems like take the cash and go back to Florida is the feeling . I feel the same way you do. Something should be done!
2011 ML350 Premium Package 1 .......

I traded in my 2006 Volvo XC90 and upgraded to the ML 350 and what a great descion it turned out to be. I love this SUV it is not only comfortable to drive but the hands free is wonderful!!!

Great SUV and will definetly buy another...
Mercedes dealership unable to diagnosis check engine light (code associated with fuel line). Replaced gas cap after nothing was found on a "smoke test." No defect codes are found. Recently replaced purge valve, but light is back on and dealership advises to replace "charcoal cannister." If that doesn't work and still no defect code, then something with gas tank is their final suggestion. All this with the only symptom being the check engine light (runs fine) and no actual diagnosis.
i bought 2003 ml 350 brand new. here is story. 145k miles and 6 time brake pads
change and 3 times rotors. brake only last 25k miles. rear drive shaft worn out and replaced.. head gasket leaks. in past leaky pwr steering pump leaked and replace. again once pwr steering columb totaly replaced. wind shield pump out of order. very costly repair. Compare to brand new 2005 lexus es. brake job done at 110k miles. not a single time any
any other issue. and has 121k miles.
Have a 05 ML 350 special edition Silver /Gray with 3,200 miles.I am looking to drive for a every long time.Seeing all the reviews tells me that I will be happy with my purchase.
I don't know what other vehicle you can drive in Texas for 36,000 miles without a water pump, and I don't encourage ANYONE to try it, but I can verify it's been done. About 55 miles each way, twice a day.

And before that, I broke the radiator on a beach. 20 or so miles, without damage then and it was about 95 degrees on that day.

One last thing...people complain about dealer maintenance, and schedule A's and B's are expensive. But if you add it up, you can go 10k to 12k miles between Mobile 1 0-40 oil changes. So that it costs me 10 oil changes at ~150 per equals about 1500 per 100k miles. If you add up the 40/per for each oil change at 3,000 miles, you pay MORE for that maintenance than you do in a Mercedes?! (Note: this includes A service but not B service; that costs more but they check and replace almost everything.)

Again, I don't know a car built six years ago that you can drive for 230k miles without multiple repairs. I'm shooting for 500k miles.
Overall nice car, I like the handling.
When you think Mercedes, you think luxury and reliability (generally speaking). However, I have not had any of this with this car. At 54,000 miles, I have had 3 brake jobs (rotors replaced TWICE!), of course the front rims get dirty within a day or two of driving (design flaw), drivers seat replaced due problem with seat heating (hot spots), motor for rear seat heating and a/c had to be replaced, when changing where I wanted the heat or a/c to come out (vent, defrost or at feet) the dial would not work. I could not change. A broken arm had to be replaced. The smooth ride that I had when I purchased the vehicle has become extremely rough. When I brought it to my dealership (Globe Mercedes in Farifield N.J.) they stated that the ride was normal and that they found nothing wrong. I brought it back to them 2 weeks later telling them that they must be mistaken because I KNOW there is a big difference in the ride. I took a test drive with one of the technicians and he said to me "It does seem pretty rough". However, when I came back the to pick up the vehicle, my service manager( Bill Waggoner) said the ride was normal and that nothing could be done. Both cigarette lighters don't work (have hardly used them at all) and it's not the fuse. Had a small leak in the coolant compartment and now a power steering issue (which is the reason I am on this site).
I really like the steering on this vehicle... makes good turns vs. other SUV's I've driven. Mine now has 80,000 miles on it and just replaced a headlight at an independent garage - only $14 ! I'm sure the Mercedes dealer would have charged far more. Probably need a new water pump very soon... but other than that, I've had no problems at all with this vehicle. I enjoy the smooth ride, too.
I have a 2005 ML in the past month i have spent over $2000 front/rear brakes w/rotors which seems to be an issue with this model, power steering pump, now its riding very rough possible struts or springs. Not very happy with this car for the money i have the Special Edition very expensive. Have a little over 60K miles, this is my 2nd ML I dont think there will be a 3rd, will try LEXUS next time.
Very expensive car to own. All repairs cost double what you would expect to pay.

Brakes go quickly (every 10k-15k miles). My AC compressor required replacement at 75k.

Ridiculous engineering jacks up repair cost. For example, my REAR seatbelt sensor went out, which meant that the FRONT passenger airbag would not function. Tell me why those are tied together?

Another example: a broken wire in the heated seats (causing a hot spot) required the complete replacement of the drivers side seat. It was apparently impossible to get to the broken wire.